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  1. It'll never happen but it'd be interesting to see how Wes Anderson would handle a $100m+ budget film.
  2. I don't think The Last Duel would have done well at any time. I suspect Disney wanted released quickly so they can put it on Disney+ in December. I imagine House of Gucci will do very well though although that's a Universal release. The French Dispatch did solidly, it's not as high as The Grand Budapest Hotel but that film was released in a quieter month.
  3. That's a solid debut although not as high as Blade Runner 2049 which did £6.1m although TBF BR2049 didn't had a lot less competition. I think NTTD may have won Fri-Sun as Deadline reports it fell by 46%.
  4. I imagine if Dune part II is greenlit, it'll be released October or November 2023 rather than December.
  5. Halloween is a movie that it'll make a profit from domestic alone so the OS numbers are just gravy. Universal probably weren't happy it got smaller auditoriums in the UK but there wasn't much they could do with such a crowded release schedule.
  6. The French Dispatch seems to be solid business, it has been screwed over in terms of film times due to opening in such a busy period.
  7. I suppose to use a more recent equivalent would be The Inbetweeners Movie which did really strong business.
  8. £5m four days is looking very likely. I've been to Central London a few times for various reasons and it's nice to see it busy again and I never thought I would ever say previously.
  9. £983k is pretty solid for Dune, I think it'll be a close call for number 1 at the moment.
  10. Boss Baby had a seven day opening plus previews, it's not a like for like comparison.
  11. I do wonder if Venom 2 would have cracked £6m had it opened in September? I think it might have done given how Shang-Chi fared.
  12. I think Bond will win Fri-Sunday but depends on how severe losing IMAX and other PLFs has on its numbers.
  13. I think Sony will be happy with Venom 2's performance considering Bond is still strong.
  14. £7.25m for Venom with so much competition would be hugely impressive,
  15. I agree, it's a great experience. Not to diss the multiplex audiences but it was nice to be in an audience who actually wanted to see the film and not be on their phone.
  16. What's the betting that House of Gucci makes more on its opening day than Last Duel does for its OW?
  17. Dune will be fine, it doesn't share the same audience as Venom 2 anyway and it's selling pretty well presale wise.
  18. I'd be very surprised if Venom did £10m OW considering the first film did £8m over five days.
  19. The BFI IMAX is not showing Venom 2 which isn't too surprising, I suspect NTTD had a three week clause since it's filmed in IMAX. Cineworld LS has it in IMAX for one evening showing with Bond taking the earlier showings, I'm surprised they didn't just put Venom in the Superscreen and have Bond in IMAX for another week.
  20. I'm pleasantly surprised how well Dune is selling, it's pretty packed at the BFI IMAX but even the likes of Everyman have solid presales for it.
  21. Considering cinemas didn't reopen until May, that's pretty impressive.
  22. I think Branagh might work as M although I wouldn't mind a new female M played by say Olivia Colman. Not sure if the Broccolis would ever hire him as a director though, they tend to pick directors who aren't traditional action directors. It depends on how Meg 2 goes but I wouldn't mind Ben Wheatley directing a Bond film.
  23. There's a fair bit of competition with Ron's Gone Wrong and Boss Baby 2 but I'm sure families won't mind having more than one family film to choose from.
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