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THE FLASH | 163.2M overseas | 271.3M worldwide

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2 hours ago, GOGODanca said:

anytime you can compare your presales to the batman who was coming at a time when like half of theaters were closed, what a massive spin

He was comparing it to The Batman when it’s presales were lagging behind it as well lol. 

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2 hours ago, GOGODanca said:

O/U $70m INT OW?

Yeah probably around that mark for the O/U. I would like to be surprised but the asian markets have it on really bad presales. Italy is a poor europe barometer for supers stuff but in my area it's doing terrible. I am just not feeling a big OS debut for this one.

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"Presales" here, "advanced tickets" there, "seat occupancy" etc, sure that's interesting but in reality I just want to see real numbers and real data from the opening weekend


But in case of failure as it seem what could be the reasons? The first "multiversal" movie of the DC with heavy marketing, fine reviews and two Flash, two Batman, one Supergirl and a few cameo and appearances which makes less than 500M WW?

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2 hours ago, MG10 said:

But in case of failure as it seem what could be the reasons? 


DC burnout, Ezra being a criminal, stuff from Snyderverse ( Snyder damaged the brand a lot ), Gunn's reboot being revealed even before the release of The Flash.


I think WB should celebrate this movie not being rotten on RT. 


WB should write off The Flash, consider Blue Beetle and Aquaman 2 as elseworlds movies.


The real reboot starts with Superman Legacy. 

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