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  1. The international trailer has a better opening than the US trailer, but the “dickwad” line is censored really badly so that he says “loser” instead... Trailer was fine though, nothing mind blowing. Although I wasn’t overly fussed by the Homecoming trailers and ended up really enjoying the final film, fully expect this to be the same.
  2. I didn’t like it at all, the tone and pacing was very odd and it almost seemed to be going for “anti-comedy” with how dry it’s humour was. It’s a weird one, because I can’t fault the performances, production design and cinematography, but the whole thing just fell flat for me.
  3. I wouldn’t write off Happy Death Day 2U so easily. Not saying it’s going to be some massive smash hit and it’ll probably fade quickly, but it’s probably looking at $20-25 million on opening weekend, not exactly “weak”.
  4. I’d be very surprised if they skipped the Super Bowl for the Oscars. The audience difference is massive, with the Super Bowl getting 100 Million+ viewers compared to the Oscars which are dropping year on year with around 20-25 million viewers. Super Bowl spots aren’t really about “needing” to advertise, it’s almost more about bragging rights that they’ve got a spot that they’ve paid millions of dollars for. I’d bet on Captain Marvel, Lion King and Endgame being Disney’s main Super Bowl trailers. Yes, unaided awareness for Avengers is massive, but they’ll want as many eyeballs on it as possible if they want to go for the opening weekend record again.
  5. Have the people patronisingly asking Brie Larson to “smile” ever actually seen a Marvel movie poster before? Literally all of them have the main character scowling off into the distance, even the more fun stuff like GotG and Thor Ragnarok. The same generally goes for the trailers really too, I don’t think Chris Evans cracks so much as a smirk in any of the Captain America trailers. I know the reason for this is sexist morons, but you’d think they’d try to be less transparent...
  6. If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of thousands of cinema managers across the US screaming in anger about having to notify customers that they’ve had to cancel showings... Seems foolish to push it back, they still would’ve had a week to build hype after SXSW. Although I suppose it gives it a bit of breathing room moving it away from the second week of Captain Marvel.
  7. Very much this. The best Visual Effects award generally goes to a film that you’d least expect because the effects are so well done that you’re not even aware that you’ve been watching something that isn’t real. You can’t say that about Willem Defoe riding a very obviously CGI shark. Not saying it looks bad, but you’re never fooled into thinking that it’s real. I remember seeing a VFX reel for The Shape of Water that blew my mind because they’d created an entire street using VFX, but watching the film you’d never have guessed that it wasn’t an actual location. That’s far more impressive from a VFX standpoint to me than the finale of Aquaman.
  8. I think they’ve made the right decision to go with something quirky with more of a hook like Detective Pikachu first. I doubt an adaptation of the games or anime TV series would have the same box office potential as this does with general audiences. Personally speaking, I’ve never been a fan of Pokemon, but I think this looks fun and definitely plan on watching it, whereas I’d have absolutely zero interest in it if it was an adaptation of the games/anime. I’d imagine that there would be a sizeable amount of the GA that would have a similar opinion.
  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just ASIB for a week, that’s normally the case when it’s one of those “for one week only” stunts. ASIB is re-expanding next week too, presumably to keep it fresh in the minds of BAFTA voters. Either way, it’s highly unlikely that they’d put Aquaman back in IMAX at this stage, it came out 4 weeks ago and as has been mentioned before, it didn’t exactly warrant holding onto the IMAX screens in the first place from a box office perspective, as it wasn’t anywhere near close to selling out after the first weekend. The UK hasn’t welcomed the film quite as warmly as the US and China seem to have. I’d imagine it’ll be ASIB exclusively for a week, and then Glass will be taking over.
  10. Cineworld IMAX screens seem to be going with Bumblebee next week, and with A Star Is Born getting a totally needless IMAX release on the 11th, I highly doubt they’ll be putting Aquaman back in IMAX.
  11. Your Unlimited/Limitless ticket counts as a full priced adult ticket in terms of box office takings. Cineworld/Odeon essentially covers the cost of the difference. They hope that that their membership customers will spend money at concessions on the overpriced food and drink, and for the most part, that’s exactly what people do. Cinemas make more money from the food and drink than they do from the films they exhibit.
  12. Just saw this and it’s the best Transformers film since the 1980’s. Hailee Steinfeld is great, and It actually has a comprehensible plot with likeable characters unlike the 5 Bayformers films (compare the parents in this film to Shia Labeouf’s idiotic hyperactive parents in Transformers 1, it’s like night and day). It’s clearly not going to make as much money as Dark of the Moon or Age of Extinction, but hopefully it makes enough to convince Paramount to continue the franchise in this direction rather than going back to whatever they want to call the mess that was The Last Knight. I saw this with my girlfriend who hates the other Transformers films (hate is probably putting it lightly), but she absolutely loved this one which just speaks to how much of a step up this one is.
  13. Having seen the trailer now, that seems like a tenuous link to make. The character is upset, it makes sense for them to show her crying, so they show the reaction. Doesn’t mean they stole a “money shot” from Get Out as the context of the scene is completely different. Anyway, loved the trailer, can’t wait for March 15th!
  14. Also, if you’re looking at Christmas Eve, it could just be down to the cinema closing early. The majority of cinemas around me are closing early tomorrow (like they do every Christmas Eve) with the latest showtime being around 7pm, so it’s possible that the “missing” showtime is just that they’re closing early and the 5pm (or thereabouts) showing is the last one they could fit in.
  15. They’ll be keeping MPR for morning/matinee IMAX showings as that’s likely to be where the film does the most business from families and older people, especially during th holidays. Bumblebee will do better in IMAX from the evening showing. For comparison, Aquaman’s IMAX showings during the day were practically empty last weekend, it was during the evening that it started to fill up. The missing 4th IMAX show at your cinema is likely either a programming error, or they’ve pulled an MPR showing to replace it with Aquaman or Bumblebee and they’re just waiting on confirmation to go on sale from head office. And yes, Bumblebee is getting IMAX from next Friday, sharing the screens with MPR.

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