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  1. You’d think that Sony would know to avoid Bond considering how big the last 4 were for them…
  2. “Screw humanity, I want a steak” is definitely something I can identify with.
  3. It’s still in this continuity whether it’s 9 years ago or not, and people like me would likely find it jarring. They seem to be doubling down on the “epic conclusion” angle too, so you’d have to think that the creators are hoping that people remember the events of past films, including the gravestones from Skyfall. I’ve never liked that “code name” theory anyway, it always felt like it’d cheapen it. I also can’t imagine anything cheesier than Pierce Brosnan welcoming Daniel Craig into some Double-0 retirement community 😂 it wouldn’t make any sense to me for the Bond from Die Another D
  4. These people really don’t understand the concept of “deleted scenes” do they? Just because extra scenes exist, doesn’t mean that they automatically fit in the movie, if you reinsert every deleted scene into a film it would probably make it a bloated nonsensical mess. Editing happens for a reason, it’s not always some evil studio exec trying to shaft film makers…
  5. I enjoyed this, but I’m a Clint Eastwood fan, so obviously quite biased. It’s quite leisurely paced and light on action, but that’s fine when you consider the age of the main character. It doesn’t deserve the “rotten” rating at all, but at the same time it’s not exactly a film that will create Clint converts, it’s very much for his fans, and I don’t think it’d have set the box office on fire even without the HBO Max release and pandemic afflicted theatrical landscape. It doesn’t have the mainstream general audience appeal of something like The Mule. If you like Clint though, you’ll
  6. Purely speculation in response to the above, but I’ll spoiler tag it just in case: It’ll definitely be interesting to see how they handle introducing the next actor and whether it’ll be a clean slate or if any of the actors carry over the way Judi Dench’s M did from the Brosnan films to the Craig films. I feel like they’d struggle to do that without it being weirdly awkward.
  7. If they were to kill him off that would be incredibly ballsy, but I highly doubt they do it.
  8. Uhhh…hate to break it to you, but we’re about to get what is essentially Jurassic Park 6 next summer. Honestly, if anything, I expect Avatar 2 will actually benefit from the lengthy gap from the first. I think if it’d come out 3 years after the first like most sequels it’d have had a bit of a “been there, done that” feel to it and the box office drop would have been larger, whereas 13 years later they’ll really be able to go hard on the “welcome back to Pandora” angle in the marketing, and it’ll feel less like a novelty. I’m not on the $3 billion train, but if it’s good, I think it
  9. What with the higher prices at numerous UK cinemas and totally superfluous 3D in the US, MGM are really trying to get every penny out of this! 😂
  10. People were shit talking the original too before it came out and smashed every record under the sun, I remember people calling it the “blue cat movie” in a dismissive way. Never underestimate James Cameron movies. I’d bet as soon as the first Avatar 2 trailer comes out, WB will quickly move Aquaman 2. No way will Disney be the first to blink.
  11. UK and Europe, guaranteed. I doubt it opens bigger in the US though.
  12. Yeah that’s in England. The seat selection page still has the “2 seat gap” notice, but it now lets you select seats next to people. Had a look on Twitter and the Cineworld account confirmed to someone who’d had a stranger sit next to them that they’d done away with social distancing. Yeah they’re clearly pinning everything on Bond. They have, but at least they didn’t quietly do it at the same time that people are booking tickets for the biggest film in the UK since TROS, who are all under the assumption that nobody will be sat directly next to them. I
  13. Cineworld just quietly removed social distancing despite it being in place when I booked my NTTD tickets…shady as hell, clearly not wanting to spook people who’ve just booked for Bond and will now get a nasty surprise when some random unmasked mouth breather is sat next to them. Combine that with the greedy price hike, and I think I’ll be going elsewhere from now on.
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