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  1. Considering WB went to such efforts to redo it with a new director, I’m willing to bet it’s worse if anything. It doesn’t make sense that they’d shelve a superior version of a film that was all but completed.
  2. That’s not an uncommon warning at all, when I used to be a projectionist we’d regularly get DCP’s delivered with an epilepsy warning note. We’d then have to display a notice at the box office and on the auditorium doors.
  3. It seems to me that the main complaint from people who didn’t like TLJ was its treatment of the established character of Luke. But with Rian’s own characters that he’s built from the ground up in his own trilogy, this wouldn’t really be an issue. I hope he gets to make his SW trilogy, he’s a great storyteller and director, I saw Knives Out yesterday and I firmly believe someone who can make a film as entertaining as that deserves another chance at SW.
  4. Presumably he was tied up working with frequent collaborator Sam Mendes on 1917, plus Cary Joji Fukunaga preferred to use someone he’s worked with in the past on the score (he recently worked with Dan Romer on Netflix’s Maniac, great score too so I have faith he’ll turn in a good Bond score).
  5. Unless every single character dies at the end of TROS, there’s always going to be the possibility that they could pick up a new storyline with them a few years later. I mean you could theoretically continue Lord of the Rings past returning to the Shire if you wanted to, there’s enough surviving characters and potential threads you could pull from, but it doesn’t mean that they will. TROS was written as an ending, in much the same way Return of the Jedi was written as an ending.
  6. For all we know, that could be Waltz’s only scene. I highly doubt that Blofeld will be the main villain in this, they’re just keeping a sense of mystery around Rami Malek’s character by not showing him too much, they basically did the same thing with Waltz in the Spectre trailers.
  7. Playmobil was released back in the summer in the UK and it did abysmally. It barely even registered. The $5 ticket price is probably their way of trying to entice parents looking for a cheap cinema trip considering nobody wants to pay full price for it. I doubt it’ll work.
  8. Looking at the presales for this at my local Cineworld (Sheffield, one of the busiest in the UK) for opening night and between the two prime time evening shows it’s sold 5 tickets between them...it’s also in the smaller auditoriums due to Star Wars taking all the big screens. I’m sure it’ll be fairly walk up heavy, but even so...
  9. John Carpenter’s Halloween (2018) score was pretty fantastic with some great new atmospheric music along with a re-done version of the classic theme.
  10. I’m hoping that since it’s been spoiled all over Twitter, they don’t hold back the plush toy version of that Mandalorian character from UK stores, my partner would cry tears of joy if I can get her one for Christmas.
  11. Is that seriously a thing? This is a universe where people can literally use an unseen mystical force to do things that no human could ever do, and they’re getting annoyed about...jet packs? Technology that’s been used in both the PT (Jango Fett) and OT (Boba Fett). I wonder if the same people were upset about a scene involving jet packs in the latest Mandalorian episode...I’m guessing not.
  12. I think it’s more that it would send a confusing message to anyone who watched it. It’s like “oh here’s another version of a film that we put out a few years ago that the majority of viewers didn’t like, but this one also has a cliffhanger that will never be followed up on”. Personally, I don’t think it’s worth the effort on WB’s part to do anything, sure it’d please the fans who are loyal to it, but they’re in the bag for all the other DC films they put out anyway, it’s not like the people who are part of this campaign will not turn up to The Batman, and the rest of us who have no interest in watching another version of JL will skip it.
  13. Agreed, and it’ll be nice to be able to look at a post related to Warner Brothers on social media without it being trolled with that bloody hashtag in the comments...
  14. If TROS opens below TLJ, certain types of people are going to be absolutely insufferable in the days following opening weekend. I just hope that the legs end up giving us a higher final total to shut them up.
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