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  1. I can’t help but think it backfired on them somewhere, because James Gunn is claiming on Twitter that the cast “accidentally leaked it early” when it appeared as an advert on YouTube before any of them posted anything. I think someone at WB or YouTube pressed the button early.
  2. Probably for exactly that reason, get people talking about it by making them work to find it. Anyway, here it is:
  3. Good trailer, I think I preferred the first trailer, but you get more of a sense of the story in this one. Really looking forward to this.
  4. Why would any film production company agree to that though? If it bombs, it bombs. Whether the circumstances contributed to it or not, there’s just no business sense in Legendary greenlighting a sequel to something that may underperform. Lets just hope for the best and that it doesn’t bomb.
  5. I rewatched it on 35mm in the cinema when they re-released it for the 20th anniversary, it holds up insanely well. Outside a couple of effects shots involving the squid machines, you’d think it was a new release.
  6. It’s a shame that the younger weekend crowd aren’t embracing it, it’s genuinely fantastic and really makes you understand the horrific toll that dementia can take on someone. This and Sound of Metal are two of the most empathetic films I’ve seen in a very long time.
  7. Honestly this is the only film this year that is likely to tempt me back to a cinema. Can’t wait.
  8. This excites me greatly, one of my main problems with Reloaded and Revelations is that you know exactly what they’re going to be going into them (although I did enjoy them for what they were, even if they were a considerable drop from the first), I hope they manage to nail a bit of the mystique of the original film. There’s nothing quite like that blind journey you take on first watch of the original.
  9. There’s a big, big difference between In The Heights (which evidently had low interest on Max too) and something like Matrix 4. People seem to forget that Godzilla Vs Kong did just fine all things considered, it’s legs were impacted, but it’s still done relatively well in cinemas. Likewise, Conjuring 3 seems to be doing well despite the hybrid release. I think if anything is still going to do well doing the hybrid release, it’s franchise films.
  10. To be fair, given ViewerAnon’s “naughty, naughty” response, it’s probably under some kind of NDA. Test screenings for big movies happen all the time way in advance and barely cause a ripple because people can’t (or shouldn’t) talk about it.
  11. Should be fun seeing casual cinema goers mix those two up!
  12. HBO Max viewing figures are the only thing that will settle that. If it was disproportionately huge for Max then it obviously hurt it theatrically, if the viewing figures were weak then it’s definitely a case of overhyped demand. We’ll only know that if WB release the numbers which you’d imagine they’ll do to try and save face if it got good numbers. If they stay quiet then we know it didn’t do well there either.
  13. I feel like it’s more that none of the trailers really made a case for why we “needed” to see the film. I watched and enjoyed Hamilton last year on Disney+ (Although I wouldn’t have paid to see that in a cinema) and I like Lin Manuel, but the trailers for this left me cold and I never really saw what the fuss was about (I feel like a similar fate awaits Last Night in Soho which feels more like we’re in for a Scott Pilgrim 2.0 style BO performance rather than Baby Driver). Plus, maybe after a year of struggle, people are turned off by a film about struggling against gentrification. I know this
  14. I don’t even think HBO Max hurt In The Heights as much as some people are suggesting, for it to have underperformed by this much I think that just says that there really wasn’t that much interest in it in the first place. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was weak on HBO Max as well. It’ll be interesting to see those figures if WB release them. This was definitely an example of Twitter hype not representing real world hype.
  15. I always thought the hype for ITH was disproportionately skewed to online film circles, outside Twitter I’ve never heard anyone talk about it. It’s not Hamilton.
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