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  1. Not to mention that even when you’re vaccinated there’s still the chance that you may be able to spread it. I’m not risking the health of my elderly parents and asthmatic high risk partner for the sake of watching Black Widow in a cinema. The return to cinemas will be a gradual thing, not a sudden explosion and that’s why studios are delaying things into the fall. Infection rates in places like the US and UK are likely to still be considerably higher in April/May than they were when Tenet released last August. In the UK we were getting less than 1000 cases a day at that point, today we had over 40,000.
  2. For the minority that have been vaccinated maybe, but cases and deaths are still catastrophically high right now, so I definitely wouldn’t call that noticeably better. The US hasn’t even hit peak deaths yet, we’re far from out of the woods.
  3. Agreed. The majority of people won’t have received their second vaccine dose by April, and there will be plenty who are still waiting for their first. I know that the first jab gives the highest percentage of immunity after 2-3 weeks and the second dose is more of a booster, but it’s still a bad idea to be trying to cram people into movie theatres for blockbusters in April when taking that into account. In the UK we’ve been warned that lockdown measures aren’t likely to change much before Easter, and with our government potentially delaying the second dose by up to 12 weeks, there’s people who have received the first jab already that may not have received their second dose by mid-April. The studios aren’t being silly here, they’re being responsible and realistic. I can’t see things getting noticeably better until June/July, and that’s dependant on everything going right, which is clearly not something that the studios want to bank on and risk another WW84 style performance.
  4. Should be interesting to see what Cineworld/Regal do now considering they were apparently holding out for Bond before reopening.
  5. Decent date and gives Mission: Impossible 7 room to breathe if that film’s date sticks. I’m surprised they haven’t gone for the end of October though given that they normally like to release Bond during half term in the UK to maximise profits.
  6. I’m dubious that this would have made a billion even before the pandemic to be honest. I know there’s the whole “it’s Marvel” angle, but there never seemed to be that much hype for BW. The trailers made it look like a standard relatively generic CBM with nothing particularly special about it, and the fact that it’s a prequel means that people probably see it as less of a priority than if it were the true next story in the MCU. I’d have been thinking Thor Ragnarok numbers around $800-900 million WW prior to COVID, now though, I’m thinking $500-600 million, and that’s me being optimistic. People aren’t just going to rush back to cinemas, it’ll be a gradual thing and it obviously depends on the vaccine situation. No way do we get anywhere near a billion for anything in May, there’s a reason why the Bond producers are allegedly delaying NTTD all the way into November/December, they know a billion is dead for most of this year.
  7. Absolutely loved this, Emerald Fennell juggles the different tones perfectly, going from comedy to romance and thriller (and not necessarily in that order) without it ever feeling jarring, and it’s a gorgeously colourful film too. Carey Mulligan is practically unrecognisable and Bo Burnham isn’t getting anywhere near as much attention as he deserves for his part. I am kind of surprised to see the film getting awards talk though, not because it doesn’t deserve awards, but because this type of film isn’t what Oscar voters tend to gravitate towards. Avoid spoilers like the plague though, going into this blind without even seeing the trailer was a hell of a ride. The ending is just *chefs kiss*.
  8. People have already caught this strain twice, so I wouldn’t bank on natural immunity being overly helpful. The only way out of this is with effective vaccines. Anyone who thinks we’ll be mostly done with COVID by summer is unfortunately living in a dream world. It won’t be as bad as it is right now, but you only have to look at the UK press briefing today where they said that restrictions may need to come back NEXT winter to see that we’re going to be living with some form of social restrictions for the foreseeable future.
  9. With the UK government’s track record so far in terms of getting things right during this pandemic, I wouldn’t hold my breath that they manage to stick to that schedule.
  10. I hope they just delay it again, I really want to see it (I had tickets booked for the April 2020 release date before everything went to hell) but with it being Daniel Craig’s last outing it’d be a terrible shame to see it premiere on Netflix. I’d rather wait and see it on the biggest screen possible, make it the first post-vaccine theatrical event film. Whether EON/MGM can wait that long is another matter though.
  11. There’s a fairly big COVID shaped elephant in the room though. Lack of competition and winter holidays were only going to help it so much. It opened fairly big for the conditions that it opened in, but I’m not even slightly surprised it dropped like a stone. The opening weekend is where the fans turn out, after that you’re looking at casual audiences who are presumably staying at home, and that’s reflected in the drop.
  12. Were people seriously expecting this to hold well domestically? Surely even the people who adamantly wanted to see it on opening weekend on a big screen would choose the significantly cheaper HBO Max option for rewatches.
  13. When it’s an 8pm one, you know it’s going to be big! Prime time, baby!
  14. It’s the Daily Mail...so in “real news” speak it probably translates to something far less sensational like “Mission Impossible 7 currently filming on former military base” but they’ve added made up spin to make it sound like Cruise has gone power mad.
  15. It still blows my mind that WB were able to get exhibitors to go along with that. Who is going to be wanting to watch this in a cinema a month from now? Anybody who wants to watch it will have either already watched it at a cinema or streamed it as many times as they want for a month on HBO Max.
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