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  1. NTTD was at least £2 more than the standard ticket price at most chains, I think Spider-Man was only £1 more (2D IMAX at my local Cineworld was £17.99 a ticket for IMAX 2D NTTD, whereas IMAX 2D Spidey is £16.99).
  2. Really enjoyed this, I’d probably put it below the first two but about on par with 4. The “For Wes” dedication was lovely too. While I’d be happy to see another Scream 6 from the same team, I almost hope they leave it a few years, I quite like the idea of a new Scream every decade or so that picks apart the horror trends of the last decade. I’m sure Paramount will be wanting to pump out another a lot sooner than that though, not that I’d be complaining.
  3. They really weren’t. A few had $40 million as their high end, but the vast majority have been saying $20-30 million. Anything above $20 million is a win.
  4. Glad you enjoyed it! Can’t wait for my 10pm showing tonight!
  5. No way in hell this gets a 12A in the UK with “strong violent and disturbing content”. It’ll be a 15 unless they cut it.
  6. It’s worth watching for Parker Posey alone!
  7. I feel like it was well received by the fans at the time, particularly coming off of Scream 3, it’s just that not enough of those fans went to see it. I always feel like Scream 3 gets slightly unfairly dunked on, it’s the weakest, but it’s still entertaining, and any film that manages to get away with lampooning Harvey Weinstein’s behaviour while also being produced by Harvey Weinstein deserves at least a bit of respect. He must’ve been fuming that he couldn’t complain about those plot points without outing himself!
  8. I don’t see a problem at all with a take on the Riddler that is reminiscent of the Zodiac killer, it’s one of the main things that piquing my interest in this film. I mean let’s face it, they both taunt their would-be-captors with riddles. It’s hardly an out of the realms of possibility stretch…
  9. The people hating on it have clearly never seen the creepiest/nastiest scene from Zodiac…
  10. I feel that it’s more that Spider-Man is red hot right now. I like Holland, but I don’t think we can say he’s bankable just because of the performance of his Spider-Man movies.
  11. If they follow the games exactly, when THAT episode of the TV show airs…it’ll be a fun day on the internet! Completely agree on TLOU2 though, both games are probably my absolute favourite games, but the story on the second one is an achievement in storytelling regardless of medium. The way it plays with your emotions and makes you feel conflicted (particularly in the second half) is very cleverly done.
  12. I can’t really think of any reason why Across the Spider-Verse would need to be PG13, the first film managed to feature adult themes while still being kid friendly. The worst thing they could do with something as bright and colourful as Spider-Verse is to go darker with it. It’ll be fine as a PG.
  13. I’m already seeing bus stop posters for this all over the place in the UK. Unusual for it to be this early, but it’ll certainly raise awareness.
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