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  1. I worked at Cineworld when they had the In The Heart of the Sea mystery screening. Having ingested the film and set up the playlist the day before, I knew what it was, so it was kind of hilarious to see so many people come in that night wearing Star Wars shirts and Jedi themed clothing expecting it to be TFA...the reaction at the BBFC card was spectacular.
  2. The Matrix has been sold out at my local over the last few nights on a mid size screen, so much so that they’ve been considering putting on the sequels according to a friend who works there.
  3. What? He literally uses his Spidey-sense (or “Peter-tingle”) to fight Mysterio near the end when he realises that he can’t trust his eyes due to the illusions...
  4. Loved Hereditary, probably my favourite horror film of recent years, but having just watched Midsommar, I’m really not sure how I feel about it. It’s supremely weird, and I mean that positively and negatively at the same time. It’s one that you probably need to let sink in a bit before coming to a judgement. Florence Pugh is fantastic though, and the cinematography and direction are both stunning. I’ve seen reviews say it’s more accessible than Hereditary, but I strongly disagree, I cannot imagine this going over well with general audiences at all.
  5. So the cinema that I went to tonight to watch this re-release/expansion (the usually reliable The Light in Sheffield, UK) advertised the fact that they were showing the 188 minute version of the film...and then played the normal version with nothing after the credits. The customers in the sold out screen were not happy! 😂 I just enjoyed seeing the film again so just laughed it off and left the cinema, but I feel sorry for the staff who are going to be working there this weekend if the complaints the usher received tonight are anything to go by. This clearly sold out because people were there for the post credits bonus footage.
  6. Avatar 2 will be released through Disney though, and you can be sure that they’ll want to market it in the best way they can. Avatar is theirs now. Technically speaking, Endgame is a sequel to a film they had nothing to do with too. Iron Man 1 was Paramount.
  7. Not necessarily, I suppose it depends on how well it does over the weekend. But if you’re wanting to make sure you see it, I’d make time this weekend. Personally I’d be surprised if it sets the world on fire, once word gets out properly about what the 6 minutes of footage contains I’d be surprised if it was much of a draw. From Disney’s perspective, if this doesn’t push it over Avatar (and honestly, I doubt it will) I’d be surprised if they made another push, purely because I’d imagine they’d rather market Avatar 2 as “the sequel to the highest grossing film of all time”. Saying that has more of a ring to it than “the sequel to the second highest grossing film of all time”.
  8. All of the major cinemas around me in Sheffield (UK) are showing it Friday to Monday and then dropping it in time for Spider-Man on Tuesday.
  9. The part that really stood out to me was when Charles turns to Storm and says “you stay here, I’ve lost enough people I care about”. Even though we’d seen no evidence of a friendly relationship between the two up to that point in this current timeline.
  10. Ditto ‘Bad Times at the El Royale’. And he was just about the only salvageable part of Ghostbusters (2016). He’s good at comedy.
  11. Just got back from this...oh dear. I honestly think I preferred The Last Stand...at least that one didn’t throw continuity inconsistencies at you every 5 seconds that completely take you out of the movie. Still, it’ll probably give Deadpool some ammunition to use whenever they get around to making DP3. Jessica Chastain’s villain has to be one of the most underwritten villains I’ve ever seen. She’s just...there. A very disappointing end to a series that meant so much to me growing up. Just pretend Logan is the end and skip this. The second weekend drop is going to be ugly.
  12. This is definitely where they fell down if you ask me. The trailers pandered to the core fans who will show up to watch giant monsters fight, but they didn’t give the GA enough reason to turn up in terms of the human element. I still maintain that Godzilla (2014) opened as high as it did because they sold it on Bryan Cranston’s character emotionally losing his wife in the trailers. KotM didn’t give you any human characters to care about in the trailers, it had a few people squabbling about what to do with Godzilla and Millie Bobby Brown doing her tired “staring off into the distance while looking concerned” schtick. There was no hook beyond “big monsters fighting”, and that’s just not enough.
  13. I don’t get this line of thinking, are you not here because you enjoy watching/discussing box office? I loved Happy Death Day 2U And was pulling for it to do well, but when it bombed I didn’t feel “burnt out” and leave the board. Accept it and move on, one Godzilla film underperforming isn’t reason to leave. It’s disappointing if you’re a fan, but it’s not something to feel down about. If you enjoyed the film then that’s all that matters, and you’re getting Godzilla Vs Kong regardless of KOTM’s performance.
  14. Yeah, pretty much everywhere north of London it was 18-22 degrees. Nice, but not really hot enough to stop people going to the cinema. Nowhere near last years extended period of scorching summer temperatures.
  15. When they consistently make as much money as they do, it seems that a sizeable portion of the movie going population thinks that there’s space for 3 per year. Again, this is people voting with their wallets, they wouldn’t make 3 a year if there wasn’t the demand for it.
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