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  1. You mean the same Alita thread where they’ve been debating chocolate for two pages?
  2. Love that they’re still holding a lot back (Not counting who they show in the lineup at the end), watching this on opening night not knowing where it’s going beyond the first half hour or so is going to be wild.
  3. I doubt GoT will affect any films in any significant way, the people interested in watching both will make time to see both over the course of the weekend. It’s not really an either/or situation. Not to mention that Sunday evenings are generally the quietest part of any given opening weekend anyway, particularly when you get past 9pm.
  4. The CinemaScore rating is an A, that doesn’t exactly say “mediocrity” in terms of WOM.
  5. I might be wrong, but those tweets scream like ultra right wing trolls trying to create a narrative to me. Like “if I tweet this, people might believe it and go out to watch it themselves”, the same way people were trying to create the narrative that Disney had forced all cinemas to show only CM before cinemas updated their showing times on Monday. Considering the film has been out for a month and only pulling in $3.2 million this weekend (down 55%), I doubt this “Alita Challenge” is packing out auditoriums.
  6. The refurbished Odeon Leicester Square Dolby Cinema in London is asking for £81.50 ($106!!!!) for two tickets to sit in their “Royal Box” for tomorrow’s evening showing. And it’s sold out. Those people must be made of money.
  7. It’s not just around a big release either, If you check the Twitter of some of the main cinema chains on a Sunday/Monday afternoon, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find some gullible person asking “WHY AREN’T YOU SHOWING ANY FILMS FROM FRIDAY?! ARE YOU CLOSED?!”. Its always worth a chuckle.
  8. That isn’t what is happening there, those cinemas will be showing other films this weekend. Cinemas update their listings for the weekend on a Monday/Tuesday, other films will be added when the cinema updates their website. The reason why Captain Marvel currently appears as the only film showing from Friday is because it’s been available for prebooking for a few weeks. Its hilarious that people seem to think Disney have the kind of power to force a cinema to pull every other film though. Come on guys...
  9. The people suddenly criticising Brie Larson without having even seen the film are so transparent. You literally never heard anything but nice/good things about her as an actress and person until she took the role in this film, and then all of a sudden she’s being criticised for “never smiling” and being “obnoxious” for daring to try and give female members of the press a fair shot alongside their male counterparts (note how it’s “alongside”, not “instead of” like some of the reactionary idiots are claiming). Also, I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: Show me a Marvel movie trailer or poster where the main character isn’t being super serious or looking off into the middle distance with a look of concern on their face. Oh look, you can’t. If she was smiling all the time it’d look goofy as hell, particularly when there’s stakes involved. Should we start criticising RDJ and Chris Evans for not cracking a smile in the Endgame trailer? Of course not. Does it mean those 2 minutes are completely reflective of the entire 3 hour film and nobody is going to make a joke? Nope. I really can’t wait for this film to come out just so we can stop debating crap like this ad nauseum.
  10. Hilarious that they’re trying to defend the art of cinema all of a sudden. When I worked there, films came second to concessions sales... Roma wouldn’t have done well at a multiplex anyway, it’s far better suited to art house cinema audiences, and it played in those cinemas for quite a few weeks (anecdotally, it played at my local Curzon on and off for at least a month).
  11. Purely anecdotal, but I haven’t had any issues with YouTube all night, and it’s fairly normal for their viewcount to lag on new videos. I think people have been getting a tiny bit carried away here. Not to mention that while it was trending on Twitter for a few hours, its not had anywhere near the amount of mentions as Avengers Endgame got (the highest I saw was 78k before it dropped out of the top trending list, Avengers was much higher than that and trended at number 1 for much longer). I do think this film will be a fairly sizeable hit, but at the risk of angering Pokemon fans, i think people should try to keep their expectations in check.
  12. I think it will, but not to the extent that some in here are expecting.
  13. The people that have review bombed Captain Marvel on RT have done it in such a stupid way and made it blatantly obvious that it’s been manipulated (dropping to sub 40% within a week when the film isn’t even out yet is undeniably ridiculous), so they’ve completely undermined themselves anyway as they can’t even try to make out like it’s a legitimate general consensus the way they did with TLJ, since everybody can clearly see it’s been fake review bombed. I’d love to see the unmanipulated TLJ score, I’m sure there’s plenty of people out there who genuinely disliked it and they’re fully entitled to their opinion, but I think the score would be a lot higher without the childish incel idiots dragging it down (and please, nobody try to engage me in discussion about TLJ, I think we’ve all had enough of the circle jerk discussion around that film). RT should do away with the Want to See and Audience Score system, take away the trolls’ platform. At this point it holds no genuine value other than to give them a place to shout their sexist/racist vitriol. The only time it’s ever brought up anymore is in instances like this where the system is seeing heavy manipulation. These trolls really are pathetic wastes of space, and I can’t wait to see Captain Marvel make all the money in the world just to shut them up.
  14. SnokesLegs

    Happy Death Day 2U | Feb 13 2019

    It’s a shame this has underperformed, it really is genuinely a good film, and I’d actually say I enjoyed it more than the first, but I would agree that the marketing let it down due to it looking like a rehash when in fact it’s anything but and goes out of its way to go against your expectations, to the point where it is more of a comedy drama than a horror. Although I suppose the marketing department might have been concerned about alienating the original film’s audience by marketing a horror sequel that is no longer a horror, so I get why they marketed it the way they did. I loved it and hope they manage to make a third.

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