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  1. The fact that Chris Terrio must’ve turned in a 240+ page script for one Justice League movie is mind blowing to me when generally as an aspiring screenwriter you’re told to aim for 90-120 pages. I’m not averse to films having 150-180 minute run times as long as they earn that run time. Lawrence of Arabia, Lord of the Rings and many other epic movies like that fully earn their lengths. I don’t really see an MK movie earning a running time longer than 2 hours (nor does it need to), so I’m really glad it’s only 110 minutes.
  2. Honestly that’s part of the charm, the MK11 storyline was gloriously OTT and about as deep as a puddle, but I loved every second of it. The fact that some of these people seem to think it’s some “epic” story makes me think they’ve never actually played the game. It does weirdly seem to be those people who are clamouring for a 15 hour cut and spin offs for all the characters...they really don’t have much going on in their lives do they...
  3. People on Twitter making a fuss about this film only being 110 minutes long need to get a grip. It’s a silly uberviolent video game adaptation about a bunch of people competing in a fighting tournament, its not Lord of the Rings. We don’t need to see Sub Zero’s origin story to understand that he can turn that random guy’s blood into a bloodcicle. Not every film needs to be over 2 hours.
  4. Definitely. This is a film that would do well regardless. All AMC not showing it would do is push people towards other chains. They’d be stupid not to carry it. This is nowhere near on the same scale, but I remember Cineworld in the UK refusing to show The Hateful Eight, which pushed everyone who wanted to see it towards VUE and Odeon. I saw it at VUE where it was sold out practically all weekend.
  5. I think this will do well theatrically AND for Premier Access. If GvK can open as “big” as it has off the back of two less than great Godzilla films and a decently received King Kong film while also being available day and date on HBO Max, then the Marvel brand should be able to smash it. Premier Access is likely to push some people back to cinemas as they might look at it like “why should I pay that when I can go to a cinema”, and it’s also available at home for those like myself who don’t want to go back to a cinema yet. It’s the best of both worlds, the only fly in the ointment is whether distributors take it if Disney keep offering poor terms compared to WB. If they want to keep Premier Access as a thing, they’d be wise to offer better theatrical terms, at least through 2021. Im thinking $70-80 million opening weekend. As for the trailer, it’s fine. This isn’t a film I’ve been particularly hyped for despite being a Marvel fan, I’m in the bag for it but I’ve not been blown away by any trailer so far. I just don’t find BW that interesting as a character and the flashback to her death in Endgame just reminded me how little I actually felt when she dropped off the ledge. Hopefully this film can do for Nat what WandaVision did for Wanda and Vision in terms of fleshing out her character.
  6. Those two and Millie Bobby Brown (who was absolutely terrible...”we have to help him!!!”....sit down little girl 🤦‍♂️) didn’t need to be in the film at all, you could remove every single one of their scenes and it wouldn’t affect the end result of the film at all. Honestly, having slept on it, the fights almost blind you to how badly written the rest of this is.
  7. Don’t get your hopes up, It’s probably an international video, all of the US centric trailers end with “in theatres and HBO Max, August 6th”.
  8. Enjoyed this more than I thought I would going into it after absolutely despising Skull Island and KOTM (I turned that one off after 70 minutes). The fights are fun and reminded me of Pacific Rim in the way they were filmed, which is a marked improvement on the dull, low visibility, CGI mess fights in what I saw of KOTM. The human element really does let it down though, there’s absolutely no reason for disaster movie characters to be this bland and uninteresting, I mean just look at something like Independence Day or the original Pacific Rim which had memorable and fun characters around the destruction porn. There’s a decent way to tell a human story around these fights but they just can’t seem to crack it with these Monsterverse films. I know people will just say “but you’re here for the monster action”, and while that’s true, I don’t see why we should have to settle for terrible writing just so we can see a giant monkey punch a radioactive lizard. You could cut Millie Bobby Brown, Bryan Tyree Henry and Julian Dennison out of the film entirely and literally nothing would change, they serve absolutely no purpose. Overall it’s mostly fun when the monsters are front and centre, but it stalls drastically whenever they aren’t, and I still think there’s massive room for improvement.
  9. If Beale Street Could Talk and Atlanta beg to differ, he’s a genuinely very good actor when working with the right material. He’s also great in the role of Miles’s dad in Into the Spiderverse, the scene where he’s talking to Miles through the door gets me choked up every time and it’s all because of his heartfelt performance. I wouldn’t judge anyone too harshly for their performance in these Monsterverse films, Kyle Chandler is a great award winning actor and he was terrible in KOTM, but he can only work with what he’s given and we all know that these aren’t exactly the best written films.
  10. One of the best things about watching the 2014 film in IMAX for me was the way they created a new IMAX countdown thing before the film started that ended with Godzilla’s roar. The bass reverberated through my entire body, it was great.
  11. We didn’t exactly see much of her in the trailer so I think you’re making a pretty big baseless assumption there that it disregards her BoP character development.
  12. Got to admit, I never really felt shortchanged by the actual Godzilla stuff in the 2014 film, I know a lot of people didn’t like the way it hid him for the majority of the film but I didn’t bump into that at all, it built the anticipation perfectly so that when he did finally turn up in all his glory it has the impact it deserved. Compared to the CGI overkill that we got with KOTM I’d take the Gareth Evans approach any day. It had a sense of grandeur to it, whereas KOTM just lost all of that and opted for being a big, dumb, loud headache of a film. The opening 20 minutes with Bryan Cranston was fantastic, the emotion that he brought to it really elevated it and as others have said, if they’d kept him around and had him be the co star with Aaron Taylor Johnson it’d have been a far better film overall. As it was, ATJ just felt like a stock character with a generic storyline that didn’t feel consequential at all.
  13. To quote Clint Eastwood himself: Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. I might disagree with Ebert and Kael there, but to say their opinions aren’t credible is just ludicrous. Everybody is allowed an opinion, whether they’re a professional critic or not. Just because they don’t align with my thoughts doesn’t mean their opinion is somehow invalid.
  14. He tweeted the other day about how he’s been talking to Margot Robbie about what they could do in the future too, so that’s a pretty good sign that she’s happy with TSS and James Gunn’s treatment of the character. This is a trailer for an ensemble movie, we’re only going to get out of context snippets. It isn’t the “Harley show” this time either and after seeing James Gunn handle multiple characters in GOTG I’m sure each character will have a decent arc. The GOTG trailers didn’t exactly sell the arcs for any of the characters either outside maybe Peter Quill so I don’t think the lack of story beats for Harley in the trailer is anything to worry about.
  15. “Boicot”....good Lord, they’re not exactly the sharpest tools in the box are they...
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