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  1. huh? the target of this movie have no idea about the fantasy island tv show, i didnt even know it existed until nowl, at first i thought you were talking about love island reality lmao
  2. lol. i dont think this is the knd of movie her target insta followers will go watch.
  3. is this really coming out in 11 days?? i mean blake has done nothing, she usually goes to talk shows and showcases a lot of different fashion looks everyday, but she's dead in social media these days
  4. how? the original isnt one of the disney greats (BaTb, aladdin and lion king are MUCH more known/iconic)
  5. Black widow, fast & furious and minions only coming close: wonder woman, the eternals, bond
  6. and she had literally every high profile black person hyping her up. rts and likes dont equal sales. ask selena gomez, who has like 160m followers and only debuted with 200k albums sold ww
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