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  1. first one was bad and i was shocked at well it did considering that and that it had been online for months. the shallows >>>>>>>>>>>>>
  2. wiig hasnt had any starring hit since bridesmaids... sad. i dont see this changing that
  3. i didnt count released movies. obviously hobbs and pets 2 will make it soon
  4. that looked like super cheap animation to me?? like some straight to tv show animation
  5. oops i forgot joker, and i'm uncertain about angry birds 2 but i'll leave it as it is now edit: took off adams family after watching the horrible trailer. wont edit anymore as of 8/8/2019
  6. Ok this is a bold club, but i'll say: it 2 ad astra maleficent 2 gemini man joker frozen 2 jumanji 2 stars wars all gross over 350m ww
  7. nah, i think it'll do around 500m at least.
  8. I could say midsommar would appeal more to teens-people in their 20's due to the characters being college students going on a trip... they seem similar commercialness wise...
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