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  1. Hunt was actually playing stronger than Bloodshot at Disney Springs, last I had checked, the two shows of Hunt had outsold the SIX showtimes of Bloodshot. unless we think Bloodshot is more prone to walk ups?
  2. Onward is solidly in my top 5 Pixar films. along with Incredibles 1, Toy Story 3, Ratatouille and Nemo.
  3. Oof, Jumanji and Doolittle both down 200k from what they were estimating for Sunday.
  4. I definitely think the Jim Carrey factor is something to take into account, this feels like a return to form for him after a very long drought.
  5. I dont think even the most pessimistic of us had Cats in NINTH place on Christmas Day
  6. It’s almost like Last Jedi dropped around the same, percentage wise, as Empire and Clones. Get outta here calling it nonsense, from a historical perspective, it was totally valid.
  7. At one point Jonah Hill was in line for the title role and DiCaprio was going to play the lawyer Sam Rockwell plays. now THAT version may have made money.
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