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  1. Meanwhile.... Once Upon A Time In Hollywood had the fourth best PTA among wide releases this week.
  2. Wonder how Toy Story is doing, it also expanded big time.
  3. Yeah, Disney Springs realized they screwed up, cancelled an Aladdin and a OUATIH to add two more showings of Good Boys tonight. they booked GB in an 80 seat theater, everything else in 130+ seat theaters, except Angry Birds, which got a 130 AND the giant 500+ seat auditorium.
  4. As if the creepiness Of that review wasn’t enough, it ALSO spoils the most significant plot development in the entire movie.
  5. People tend to forget that even the last POTC two years ago made a good profit it grossed around 3.4 times its budget ($795 million on a $230 million budget)
  6. Damn, even the AMC at Disney Springs does $5 Tuesday’s
  7. Has anyone noticed that, according to Box Office Mojo, Avatar’s number went up too? went up 1.7 million.
  8. Her song isn’t bad, but Elton’s new song is terrific. He’s gonna have a tough choice come Oscar season, though I suspect he’ll lean towards the Rocketman song, since it’s more personal. The man still has it.
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