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  1. So looking at recent preview vs. Friday numbers for MCU, it seems like the floor is around 2.75, where IW ended up, so Captain Marvel is looking at no less than $55 million for Friday even with the same Fri-Sat drop as IW, that would be a 42.3 Saturday, then give it the Doctor Strange Sat-Sun drop, the worst one I can find from the last few years, that gives a 28.2 Sunday. So, assuming the worst comps and the low end of the early estimate, the absolute floor for Captain Marvel right now is $125.5m for the weekend.
  2. Can’t believe Dragon isn’t even getting a boost from the theaters that are able to give it the premium theaters they couldn’t last week because of Alita.
  3. Alita was fantastic, my friend lready wants to go see it again. we saw it in Dolby Cinema 3D, and it looked gorgeous. Is this the first time AMC Dolby Cinema has had a movie in 3D? the glasses were different and everything.
  4. Glass is fantastic. Dan Murrell from Screen Junkies said it best, too many critics are confusing subjective criticism with objective criticism. People complain about how it wasn’t the kind of movie they were expecting but Shyamalan had no interest in making that movie. And I don’t think he ever indicated that it would be that kind of movie in the first place.
  5. They bothered moving Alita because it’s a prime release date, it’s where they had the first Deadpool and where Black Panther came out last year. I suspect if Alita hadn’t moved, Bumblebee would have, remember, Fox was putting the $8.00 off tickets for Alita on their Blu-ray’s before they moved, they were committed to December. obviously it was smart to move Alita out of Christmas, but it sure seems more like they wanted to plug the hole left by Dark Phoenix and went with their strongest option in Alita.
  6. People who like the book and people who hate the book generally agree that the movie is better, it fixes a LOT of the problems with the book, gives the supporting characters more to do, balances things better. I hope they make Armada as well, because while the book is worse than RPO, it would be even easier to fix, since the blatant pop culture references are completely irrelevant and can just be removed entirely.
  7. Hopefully by now everyone understands that when they moved Alita to February, it wasn’t because of any problems with Alita, it was because of the colossal botching of Dark Phoenix. Moving Alita away from Christmas was just a bonus.
  8. Looking at the sales at Disney Springs.... the 3:30 Upside sold at least 100 seats the 4:45 Dogs Way Home is sitting at 44 sold. they are really going to regret putting DWH in the huge 583 seat auditorium and only giving Upside a 160 seater. looking ahead, 7:00 Upside, 114 sold, 7:45 DWH, 68 sold. and that’s at the Disney World theater where family films have an advantage.
  9. Understandable, but Rodriguez hasn’t had a hit in forever, his franchises all hit brick walls at the box office and this feels like his last chance before he has to start over like Shyamalan did.
  10. IN. Just barely, though. I don’t think the move out of Christmas means anything negative about Alita, it’s entirely because Dark Phoenix is a trainwreck. The only real competition it has that weekend is Happy Death Day 2U and I have both movies exceeding expectations.
  11. If Alita bombs, which I honestly doubt, Cameron won’t take the blame. Robert Rodriguez, however, will. If it tanks, everyone will say that Rodriguez was handed what should have been a sure thing and blew it. He would be sent straight to movie jail, sharing a cell with Robert Zemeckis. I would be very curious to find out how much the budget is, and how many times more it is than the largest budget Rodriguez ever had. I don’t think he ever had one north of $50 million, but I could be wrong.

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