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  1. @CJohn The Hustle is almost at 4x it’s reported budget WW. who would have guessed it would turn out to have been a better financial investment than the majority of the tent poles thus far?
  2. Has anyone confirmed those rumors about Ryan Reynolds, Keanu Reeves and Kevin Hart all having roles in Hobbs and Shaw?
  3. $67,905,602 This is the remaining gap between Endgame and Avatar when you count the original releases and exclude the Avatar Special Edition Rerelease.
  4. Been casting a live action Emperor’s New Groove in my head. Thinking Zoe Saldana as Yzma and Dwayne Johnson as Kronk. Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family as Pacha. but wracking my brain for a good Kuzco.
  5. Every time I hear someone say how surprised they were by how good Karen Gillan was in Endgame, I’m just like y’all forgot about Jumanji?
  6. Notably, over at Disney Springs, they stuck Uglydolls in theater 14, known as the death theater. Its not next to any other theater, it’s off to the side on the left wall It’s the one where they usually stick either the weak openers or the ones that bombed in the first week and got demoted, it’s where you tend to find things like Johnny English 3 or Fahrenheit 11/9 Suffice to say a kids movie getting shoved there is bad, since kids movies seem to do better than usual at Disney Springs
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