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  1. Looking at the sales at Disney Springs.... the 3:30 Upside sold at least 100 seats the 4:45 Dogs Way Home is sitting at 44 sold. they are really going to regret putting DWH in the huge 583 seat auditorium and only giving Upside a 160 seater. looking ahead, 7:00 Upside, 114 sold, 7:45 DWH, 68 sold. and that’s at the Disney World theater where family films have an advantage.
  2. Understandable, but Rodriguez hasn’t had a hit in forever, his franchises all hit brick walls at the box office and this feels like his last chance before he has to start over like Shyamalan did.
  3. IN. Just barely, though. I don’t think the move out of Christmas means anything negative about Alita, it’s entirely because Dark Phoenix is a trainwreck. The only real competition it has that weekend is Happy Death Day 2U and I have both movies exceeding expectations.
  4. If Alita bombs, which I honestly doubt, Cameron won’t take the blame. Robert Rodriguez, however, will. If it tanks, everyone will say that Rodriguez was handed what should have been a sure thing and blew it. He would be sent straight to movie jail, sharing a cell with Robert Zemeckis. I would be very curious to find out how much the budget is, and how many times more it is than the largest budget Rodriguez ever had. I don’t think he ever had one north of $50 million, but I could be wrong.
  5. People always ignore the fact that the second movie in a Star Wars trilogy always drops 30-35% from the first one and TLJ had another juggernaut playing at the same time. Besides, Poppins is already holding way better than the last Rob Marshall directed musical featuring Emily Blunt and Meryl Streep that Disney released at Christmastime
  6. Felandria

    Happy Death Day 2U Over $100m Domestic.

    I mean, they have seemingly turned it from horror to Sci-fi Comedy, seems pretty different.
  7. Felandria

    Happy Death Day 2U Over $100m Domestic.

    I only barely have it over $100m, mind. i just get the vibe that this one might play broader. I almost went with Welcome to Marwen Under Welcome to Mooseport.
  8. It’s the boldest yes realistic one I can think of. Full Disclosure: I haven’t watched the first one in its entirety, but that fantastic trailer has me pretty hyped for the sequel.
  9. If Marvel get a hold of Steinfeld, she could be a decent Jen Walters/She Hulk eventually
  10. Poppins was fantastic. Disney Springs is, as expected, going whole hog with it this weekend. Looking at Friday, six total screens out of 24, including the Dolby, the 583 seater and one of the two 300+ seaters, and 24 total showtimes. They only have three screens for Aquaman and 12 total showtimes, claiming the other 300+ seater. Two screens for Bumblebee and one each for Marwen, Mary Queen of Scots and Second Act, of course. Otherwise, they’re cleaning house, Green Book is gone as is everything below it except Favourite and Deadpool (which is gone after Monday anyway), second biggest surprise is no GB or Star is Born, biggest surprise is Grinch still has six shows a day on Tuesday and after.
  11. One other thing, I had noticed some reviews mention TRON Legacy as a comparison point, which confused me, but after seeing the movie, I get it.
  12. I really liked it. i was super bummed we didn’t get any swag like the Jumanji people did.
  13. They’re likely adding the showings from last weekend into the Thursday number.
  14. It seems pretty certain the main reason Alita was moved was because Dark Phoenix is a mess and Fox wanted to keep that Valentines Day slot. They killed two birds with one stone.

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