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  1. The only other tv-to-film I can think of that really broke out was that first Sex in the City movie, but that was a while ago. I think DA has a bigger demo than is widely assumed... I know a lot of under-30's who are actually hyped for this... but I can't imagine it's going to hold strong past the first few weeks. It'll make a lot before then though.
  2. Salt Lake City 9/14 update for next weekend, Ad Astra v Downton Abbey. Sugarhouse Cinemark luxury theater, 5 showtimes each, Astra in the big auditorium. Preview night Ad Astra 2 Granthams 57 Friday Astra 10 D.A. 130 Saturday Astra 6 D.A. 110 Total Astra 18 (easiest computation this year) D.A. 297 Game, set, and match to the aristocracy. (Sunday is also selling well except for the 9:30 show, which is of course too late to be out anyway. 😴)
  3. WOW. Uncharted territory. Congrats to all involved and to WB for having the balls to greenlight this. Oct 3rd can't get here soon enough!
  4. Just got out of a screening In Salt Lake (absolutely loved it... funny, terrifying, and without a doubt, one of the most emotional horror films I've ever seen) and the evening walk ups were HUGE. I actually thought about taking a picture because there was literally a line out the door, and I can't recall that ever happening before. I think the WOM on this is going to be great. 9/10 and I can't wait to see what Andy M does on his next picture. 🏃‍♂️
  5. Gotta be next week. They're letting It 2 take center stage this weekend, and then I'll bet Joker goes on sale either Tuesday or Wednesday, after the Monday Night screening at TIFF.
  6. It Chapter 2 Final Report for Salt Lake City. Cinemark Sugarhouse, 3:40 local time, 8 screenings. 5:00 PM 61/104 6:00 PM 38/62 7:00 PM 48/63 7:30 PM 30/62 8:40 PM 75/107 9:40 PM 44/62 10:40 PM 38/62 11:15 PM 24/62 Total 358/584 = 61.3% 73.7% of Lion King = $141.2 OW 177% of Once Upon =$71.4 322% of John Wick = $183.19 354% of Godzilla = $169 192% of Pika = $104.9 Pennywise started strong and finished strong here in SLC. Comps are all over the board since I don't have any R-rated horrors to compare to, but the two that appear to make the most sense are OUATIH and oddly, Pika. I'll stick with an OW in the $95-100 range.
  7. In Salt Lake City It 2 was up 22% yesterday from Monday's cumulative and is running at a slightly faster pace today. It has now passed every other comp I have save for TLK. I haven't tracked daily moves before but given how high it was to start the week, those percentage moves seem pretty solid. The one outlier I have to my $90-100 OW forecast is Once Upon. That comp will probably wind up in the $68-72 range.
  8. We'll find out more about Just Mercy on Friday, but based on what he's heard, Jeff Sneider seems to think it's one of the few locks for a Best Picture nomination, and may even be the favorite.
  9. Yeah, given that it's making its North American premiere at TIFF Monday night amid more hoopla and J. Phoenix's acting award, sometime between Tuesday and Friday of next week would seem like a good bet.
  10. Yep. Anything above 70 is going to be great for its box office prospects, IMO. There are probably a fair number of people who already know the story who were holding off buying tix until they saw the reviews. Bet we see a bigger than usual uptick in sales these next 24 hours.
  11. Pennywise interim report for Salt Lake, three days before previews. Sugarhouse Cinemark Luxury, six screenings, all 2D. 201 tickets sold, close to 50% of capacity, although more showtimes will undoubtedly be added. All comps are against the NEAR FINAL sales for preview night. 250% of Dark Phoenix = $82 mil OW 200% of Godzilla = $95.4 181% of John Wick = $102.8 49% of TLK = $95 272% of Hobbs and Shaw = $163 😂 Salt Lakers love their horror films it would seem. Even if IT didn't sell another ticket between now and Thursday, it would still be projecting an OW of $90-95 once you take H&S out of the equation. Will check back in on Thursday, but the clown is definitely smiling out here.
  12. Out, but not by much. It'll suffer from its association with SS, but I think it will get good reviews/WOM and have a nice run. And if it does deliver, one of the biggest beneficiaries will be Gunn's SS in '21. $82/225
  13. Salt Lake City report for It 2, 12 days out, Sugarhouse Cinemark, 6 showtimes, all 2D. 104/463 22.5% 140% of Hobbs and Shaw, 94% of John Wick, and 103% of Godzilla just a few hours before previews. It 2 has exploded in SLC the past 48 hours. If this pace continues, it should easily surpass every other movie I've tracked this summer aside from TLK. (I didn't track Spidey because of the mid-week release date.)
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