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  1. Ultimately I don't think it matters. General audiences don't pay any attention to whether something carries the 'certified fresh' emblem. Hell, most of them don't even read the reviews. They'll just take a quick glance at the fresh percentage and go from there. As long as AQ doesn't take a historic nosedive, I think we can safely say at this point that the reviews aren't going to be a huge factor in it's box office. Maybe neutral to mildly positive.
  2. A Star is Orm


    Fantastic, thanks for the update. Is there a Taiwanese website like Maoyan where you can track box office and audience scores?
  3. How's the buzz/critical response to Aquaman in Brazil one day before the opening?
  4. He actually liked the movie a lot and said it was the best, or 2nd best DCEU (there were so many tweets flooding the web last night it's hard to keep them all straight) so I don't think he has any particular ax he's grinding here, just talking off the top of his head. Congrats to China for starting the wave... hopefully Brazil, Mexico, the UK, and all the others keep it going tomorrow!
  5. Yeah, a 65 on MTC would probably translate solidly into the 70's on RT. BR is currently at 49% on MTC and 62% at RT, while Creed 2 is at 67% on MTC and 83% on RT. All Aqua has to really do is get a 'fresh' rating and it's off to the races, but hopefully it will land somewhere between 75 and 80.
  6. Katie Walsh‏Verified account @katiewalshstx @katiewalshstx There are so many moments in AQUAMAN where you’re like, “wait, what happened to his shirt?” and for that, I am thankful. Film critic for the L.A. Times. Also said in response to the A.V. Club critic, who described the film as "utter nonsense, and largely my type of utter nonsense," that she "scream-laughed in delight multiple times." 😂
  7. I agree. With RDJ's Doctor Dolittle moving from it's April 12th slot and Hellboy a minor player at best, Shazam should have a strong second weekend hold assuming it's received well. And if Aquaman hits in America like it's done in China, that's just added momentum for the brand, which would greatly benefit a lesser known property like Shazam.
  8. A Star is Orm

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    Aquaman total, 5232.63, has literally not budged a point in the last several hours on Maoyan even as others on the list have been steadily selling. Glitch in the system?
  9. Yep. I know several women who are pretty neutral about the genre as a whole who are totally hyped about this movie for the same reason.
  10. A Star is Orm

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    BOOM! For a change, DC fans can actually look forward to the audience score. 😂 Hoping for a Maoyan that settles at 9.2 or above.
  11. Thanks for providing these. Good to see The Mule maintaining its pace in spite of the competition. 🐴
  12. A Star is Orm

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    POTUS, what was Aquaman's final presale number for today? Did it make the 50% bump?
  13. One of the best movies of 2018. Saw it last week and have been talking it up to all of my friends.

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