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  1. He liked both WW and AQ. Felt like WW had higher highs than AQ but also a weaker third act. When it comes to superhero stuff, at least the DC entires I've followed, I'd say his tastes very much line up with the general audience.
  2. Well, didn't time it out, but for the me film falters after they ditch Mera's watercraft and during the whole desert sequence that follows. It's not a huge part of the movie, so maybe calling it the 'second act' is an overreach, but the momentum definitely slows before bouncing back nicely in Sicily, and yes, I agree, the Trench and where that takes us was a definite highlight.
  3. Never underestimate those drunk, half-breed surface-dwellers! 😎
  4. My two cents: Aquaman has a great 1st and third act, but it rather dries out in the middle, so B+. Wonder Woman never falls below good, is often great, and occasionally even transcendent (No Man's Land, Steve's sacrifice.) Plus, the chemistry between the two leads is far better than AQ's. Solid A, and would have been an A+ but for all the slo-mo. And I won't be at all surprised if in three month's time we're all talking about how Shazam is the best DC film. Got a good feeling about this one...
  5. If it ends the weekend over $925, it's hard to imagine a path forward where it DOESN'T cross $1 bil. Definitely one of the most unexpected box office stories in recent memory.
  6. I'll bite, and I speak as someone who has seen AQ three times and is thrilled at its b.o. performance. I thought the trailers for MPR were fantastic... nostalgic, yet somehow fresh and new. Emily Blunt. Freaking 95-year-old Dick Van Dyke. The hottest guy on Broadway in a generation, LMR. (Who, I assumed wrongly, was going to be doing all the music.) The awards chatter prior to the film's release. But mostly, as someone who saw Mary Poppins at age seven, when the whole world seems a riot of magic and wonder, I just naturally assumed that all my baby boomer cohorts would be chomping at the bit for this like no other movie in recent history. As far as I was concerned, $400m was a foregone conclusion. I'm still shocked at how wrong I was.
  7. Oh man, 10,000 comments on there and I'm at work. What did he say?
  8. It still blows my mind that it's 2019 and the phrase "biggest opening of all time for a DC title" is being used for... Aquaman. Who woulda thunk it?
  9. Superman Returns is underrated. It was way too slavish in some respects to Donner's original, including lifting some lines verbatim from that script, and it once more offered up a Lex whose motivations made zero sense (although Spacey's inherent creepiness did elevate the character), but it also had a HUGE amount of heart, and some scenes were shockingly beautiful and iconic: Clark watching lovestruck as Lois ascends in the elevator, the scene where Superman regains his strength from the sun, the plane rescue... it's a well-crafted film, just not quite brave enough to go all the way and be its own thing.
  10. I've often thought that the ultimate superhero event film would be one where Disney and WB collaborate on a multiverse tale where the three Earths we're most familiar with collide: the Earth where there are only Marvel superheroes, the Earth where there are only DC superheroes, and our Earth, where 1 and 2 are fictional. I would love to see truly gifted filmmaker take that on.
  11. Yes, and that first sad Christmas with Alfred trying, and failing miserably, to convince young Bruce that there really is a Kris Kringle. If that doesn't scream out "heartwarming AF," I don't know what does. 😂
  12. Yep, pretty sure we'll be seeing more SH films taking advantage of that holiday corridor in the years to come. I wonder how certain that Dec 25 2020 date is for WB's Sherlock Holmes with RDJ and Law? Because if Reeves starts shooting The Batman this summer and WB is feeling really confident about it, one could conceive of a scenario where they might choose to pit their marquee character against Avatar 2. I think both could prosper, but I doubt any other tentpoles would want to jump into that dogfight. Summer '21 still seems more likely, but clearly, AQ has paved the way for future SH holiday releases.
  13. They're not even remotely true. All those movies were big because they were excellent films, but with commercial success you always get the "if the masses loved it, it must suck" crowd (or perhaps it's current variant, the "it only worked because it appealed to..."( fill in the blank of whatever group you feel threatened by). It's one thing to say you didn't like something; that's totally cool and it's a part of what makes talking films fun, but to condescendingly pronounce that someone's enjoyment of a film could only come from something as reductionist as their race or gender is both ridiculous and insulting.

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