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  1. The Cinemark Theater that I track in Salt Lake City has a virtually sold-out prime evening slot for In the Heights opening day, but 1/4 of those seats were gobbled up by the theater's mandate for 'safe seating.' Curious to see if they will open them back up for sale. They did away with the mask mandate late last week for folks who are fully vaccinated.
  2. At the rate these case counts are climbing, that's probably a pretty accurate picture of what opening day will look like.
  3. Ditto. Same thing here in Salt Lake City. That was one of the most memorable movie-going experiences I've ever had.
  4. Study out of Britain's Cambridge and Greenwich Universities the other day concluded that routine face mask usage by 50% or more of the population could reduce R below 1. Yet here in America, this common sense solution has become a political lightning rod. It's really baffling.
  5. Whether they are or aren't in reality, you can pretty much guarantee that within 72 hours of Tenet's opening, some of the lovelies on twitter will be tweeting stories about how somebody's buddy went to see it and the next day they woke up deathly ill. It's the Age of Misinformation.
  6. I knew this was profitable, but $74 mil? That's far more than I would have guessed. Hopefully they can get the sequel into production before the year is out.
  7. They suspended the season?! Holy shit, I hadn't heard that. And oh man, Tom Hanks. That really sucks. He's a part of every movie-lover's extended family. Fuck this year.
  8. NBA game tonight in Ok City canceled as the players were on the court for warmups.
  9. Apropos of nothing, but can I just give a shout out to whoever does the captions for these topic headings? They are consistently amusing, and even more welcome in these days of dreary box office and real world headlines. Well done, good sir or madam! 👏
  10. Monday afternoon Salt Lake City Report for Bloodshot, I Still Believe, and The Hunt, preview night and OD combined, Sugarhouse Cinemark. Bloodshot (8 screenings)- zero tickets sold. I Still Believe (6 screenings)- 8 tickets sold. The Hunt (7 screenings)- 6 tickets sold. Brutal.
  11. I'd actually love it if it led to a re-release of Sunset Boulevard, which I've only seen on the small screen. More Billy Wilder is always a good thing!
  12. Trump, at a rally in Colorado last night, expressed outrage that a movie from S. Korea, who we're, quote, "already having enough problems with," won Best Picture, and then added, "Can we get Gone With the Wind back, please? Or Sunset Boulevard?" to much cheering from the crowd.
  13. Can't speak for Knives and Frozen... yet... but Neighborhood is really special. Weird (the storytelling is much more unconventional than the trailer suggests), brave, and very moving. It will absolutely find a place in my top 10 for the year.
  14. Not quite that level in Salt Lake City, but pretty similar. Thursday night is really solid, Friday day is weak until late afternoon when it ramps up again, and Saturday is an absolute sea of red.
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