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  1. 1. Little Women 2. 1917 3. JoJo Rabbit 4. Avengers: End Game 5. Joker 6. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 7. Toy Story IV 8. Downton Abbey 9. Rocketman 10. Parasite 11. Shazam! 12. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood 13. Echo in the Canyon 14. It: Chapter 2 15. Ford vs Ferarri 16. Lighthouse 17. Fiddler: A Miracle of Miracles 18. Knives Out
  2. Can't speak for Knives and Frozen... yet... but Neighborhood is really special. Weird (the storytelling is much more unconventional than the trailer suggests), brave, and very moving. It will absolutely find a place in my top 10 for the year.
  3. Not quite that level in Salt Lake City, but pretty similar. Thursday night is really solid, Friday day is weak until late afternoon when it ramps up again, and Saturday is an absolute sea of red.
  4. That Good Liar number is just laughable, the latest of WB's fall bellyflops. Fortunately for them, it only cost $10M, with WB on the hook for 3/4 of that, so basically just a few days give or take of Jokah's profits. Looked at in the aggregate, they're going to report a really nice 4th quarter, but when you parse out the details, it's shocking how many they've missed on. Still thinking Richard Jewell has breakout potential for year end if it gets solid reviews.
  5. Salt Lake Cinemark Sugarhouse preview night report for Ford vs Ferarri and Charlie's Angels. 3:45 PM local time. Ford v Ferarri, 4 showtimes. Total tix sold- 74/310 23.9% Comps 137% of Rocketman = $35.2M OW 73% of Godzilla = $35M 67% of John Wick = $37.9M Charlie, 3 showtimes. Total tix sold- 12/186 6.5% Really nice comeback by FvF on the final day, and I'm guessing with those stellar reviews and the relative lack of competition for the adult market this could be setting up for a leggy run through the holidays. I'll go with an OW of $36.5 and a final of $110M. Charlie's trajectory hasn't shifted at all since tix went on sale. It's just dead, the latest example of "Why go to the theater for a non-event movie when you can just stream it in four months?" I'll go with an OW of $10.3 and a final of $25M. Will update on F2 presales this weekend.
  6. If Jewell is anywhere near as good as that trailer... 👍
  7. It seems like every day the gulf between the 'haves' and the 'have-nots' grows bigger. Since my last report, Charlie's Angels has doubled its preview night presale at Salt Lake's Cinemark Sugarhouse... from 1 to 2. Ford vs Ferarri has sold one additional ticket today and is now up to 29 despite having two additional showtimes added. Joker, Frozen, TROS, and Jumanji for the win and everything else perishes. I fear A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood will be the next casualty. 😪
  8. Salt Lake Preview Night update for Salt Lake City Cinemark Sugarhouse, Ford vs Ferarri and Charlie's Angels. Ford vs Ferarri Two showtimes (but neither is ideal; 6:00 and 9:25 PM) Total tix sold 20/214 Charlie Three showtimes Total tix sold 1/186 After Doctor Sleep I feel gun-shy about predicting anything anymore, but FvF has good awareness around here and I could easily see it doing Rocketman or Downton Abbey numbers. Charlie is absolutely stillborn, but if PWF can open to $12M I suppose this can too. Will update Thursday afternoon.
  9. Really enjoyed Doctor Sleep once the damn thing started. The problem was it took forever to do so. 10-12 minutes of ads and 3-4 trailers and sundry corporate housekeeping, and suddenly a 12:10 screening doesn't start until 12:35. The trailers I don't mind (Richard Jewell really looked great on the big screen) but the other stuff... Makes me wonder if the people in charge of the major theater chains actually ever go out to movies themselves? 😒
  10. I was just about to ask a question about theater counts. I thought I recalled that after the BOM redesign fiasco someone said that The Numbers was now showing that. But I don't see that info anywhere (other than the daily box office chart.) Is there a link like BOM used to have that shows counts for the upcoming weekend?
  11. Doctor Sleep finally woke up in Salt Lake today and now has a Thursday night presale roughly equal the combined count for Last Christmas and Midway. Midway is a very distant third behind the first two. I didn't even bother looking at PWF. Based on what I'm seeing here, a $23-25 OW for Sleep definitely seems doable.
  12. The top three are all languishing in Salt Lake, but they look like EG compared to Playing With Fire which hasn't sold a single ticket yet for tomorrow night's previews.
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