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  1. A quick look at the math shows that China and S. Korea accounted for over a third of the OW international total, and the weekend to weekend drops there were indeed dreadful at 85% (!) and 75%, respectively. But their % of the intl pie is now much smaller, so going forward it will be more about Latin America, Australia, and Europe where it's holding up better.
  2. Or if Suicide Squad is really shooting from Sept-Feb, I could see them moving that from it's August slot to a spring of '21 date, opening up August for Black Adam, New Gods, Supergirl, or maybe even the urban legend known as The Flash Movie.
  3. Crow? You should treat yourself to some of the finest beer you can find. You came damn close on your prediction and held to it even when things seemed to be unraveling Thursday afternoon. (And I'll wager anything this is going to get even closer to $60 by the time the finals come in.) High fives!
  4. Sugarhouse Cinemark 10 In Salt Lake City. Premium, luxury recliners. Shazam looking very strong here, where both major newspapers gave it 3.5 stars out of 4. Totals as of 5:02 EST 3:55 PM (3D) 32/104 Standard 4:35 PM 41/60 6:30 PM 38/47 7:00 PM 86/104 7:40 PM 47/60 10:10 PM 13/104 10:50 PM 4/60 Total: 261/539 48.4%
  5. Shazam should be fine in the long run and hopefully make a nice little Worlds of DC for itself, but while the optimist in me would like to agree with your second part... eh, Paddington 2 would beg to differ.
  6. Spiderverse is a great comparison. Or maybe even Batman Begins. I just hope there are some screens left after the EG tsunami arrives.
  7. Scott Mendelson said today in his article on the Forbes site that it lifts at 6:30 P.M. on the 23rd.
  8. He liked both WW and AQ. Felt like WW had higher highs than AQ but also a weaker third act. When it comes to superhero stuff, at least the DC entires I've followed, I'd say his tastes very much line up with the general audience.
  9. Well, didn't time it out, but for the me film falters after they ditch Mera's watercraft and during the whole desert sequence that follows. It's not a huge part of the movie, so maybe calling it the 'second act' is an overreach, but the momentum definitely slows before bouncing back nicely in Sicily, and yes, I agree, the Trench and where that takes us was a definite highlight.
  10. Never underestimate those drunk, half-breed surface-dwellers! 😎
  11. My two cents: Aquaman has a great 1st and third act, but it rather dries out in the middle, so B+. Wonder Woman never falls below good, is often great, and occasionally even transcendent (No Man's Land, Steve's sacrifice.) Plus, the chemistry between the two leads is far better than AQ's. Solid A, and would have been an A+ but for all the slo-mo. And I won't be at all surprised if in three month's time we're all talking about how Shazam is the best DC film. Got a good feeling about this one...
  12. If it ends the weekend over $925, it's hard to imagine a path forward where it DOESN'T cross $1 bil. Definitely one of the most unexpected box office stories in recent memory.
  13. I'll bite, and I speak as someone who has seen AQ three times and is thrilled at its b.o. performance. I thought the trailers for MPR were fantastic... nostalgic, yet somehow fresh and new. Emily Blunt. Freaking 95-year-old Dick Van Dyke. The hottest guy on Broadway in a generation, LMR. (Who, I assumed wrongly, was going to be doing all the music.) The awards chatter prior to the film's release. But mostly, as someone who saw Mary Poppins at age seven, when the whole world seems a riot of magic and wonder, I just naturally assumed that all my baby boomer cohorts would be chomping at the bit for this like no other movie in recent history. As far as I was concerned, $400m was a foregone conclusion. I'm still shocked at how wrong I was.
  14. Oh man, 10,000 comments on there and I'm at work. What did he say?

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