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  1. LOL This nerdette is on a mission to "destroy" Captain Marvel...
  2. ...that Snyder did not direct it. Just kidding, Napoleon!!!! You know I am on your side, buddy!!!!
  3. Damn...with that Friday #, Alita will most likely not even reach 100 million in the US. Buh bye sequel.
  4. I am torn about these splashy biopics. I love them, but I hate them. And my hatred comes from knowing that, for the most part, they take huge liberties with the true stories of the main artist in order to make the film more cinematic, more palatable to mainstream audiences, less divisive etc. Anything too controversial will be sugarcoated, anything too "unsavory" will be sanitized, and all (or at least most) complexities of character will be filed away to come up with a tale that more closely adheres to traditional crowd-pleasing narratives. And I get it...I get it,,,the want to make money. I get it. I doubt that we will ever see a big-screen Madonna or Whitney bio-film, because the most interesting aspects of those women have to do with neither one being a saint, and there is no way that Madonna herself and Whitney's family will allow a film to be made that shows them warts and all, with all the good qualities and the ugly side of their personalities.
  5. She is annoying as heck. If the makers of Alita are really doing that, does she really think they are doing it of kindness and altruism and not because they are trying to drum up some buzz??
  6. Are you seriously saying that if CM opened with 139 million and grossed 849 million worldwide it would be a failure? Come on...you are giving thr trolls more ammo to crap on the film if it does box office that is as solid as they come. If those numbers are a failure, then Wonder Woman (103 OW, 821 global total) was one of WB's biggest flops of all time, right?)
  7. LOL U ar going to go into hybernation when this opens to 125-130 or so, right? You have been pushing this "200 OW" narrative since day one, and you know it is not gonna happen.
  8. I am totally amazed at how much vitriol and vileness a superhero film can inspire just by the simple fact of its star having a vagina. There is a certain subsegment of comic book fanboydom that needs to be dragged to hell and imprisoned there forever.
  9. Unfortunately for Chadwick, there is no denying that he was oddly the least memorable thing of the film. Everything from the villain to the Dorah Milaje to the costume design got amazing notices while he got a collective "eh, he was ok" reaction.
  10. One of the reactions says "surprisingly fun and funny script" (????). "Surprisingly"???? When has an MCU film not had a fun, funny script?
  11. But when you say, oh so confidently "Oh, here we come with another 90 % plus score" and it doesn't end up being like that, even if it is just below, you open yourself up for the detractors to start their crap. If it's "all good in the end," the best thing would be "another fresh RT score, here we go"...
  12. All the "200 million OW, One billie worldwide, 99 % fresh rating!" predictions only help fuel the haters when the film gets decent-yet-unspectacular ratings/scores/box office.
  13. Wasn't that what everyone predicted of IW? And that got even more rapturous first impressions than this. Let's just chill...
  14. Alita is the # 1 movie on the land and Umbrella Academy was just released and is getting lots of real-world positive buzz (akin to what happened to Sandra Bullock's Bird Box). It's no surprise that their success is fueling the books' sales... I would wait until after the film shows actual legs before getting your hopes high for a sequel...

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