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  1. Damn. Can we please get Feige to DC? (No, this is not a Fanboy War thing. Just a sorta-joke because I truly want the DC heroes to converge in a well planned, well crafted, well received connected universe. I want to see the DC heroes get the cinematic treatment they deserve [and yes, I know that Wonder Woman and Aquaman were awesome....but I still wish that those characters had been able to interact in a GOOD Justice League film])...
  2. To me, Black Widow should naturally be the leader of the post-Endgame Avengers. She not only deserves it as one of the OG but because her narrative as a character (and her off-screen journey) seems to be a perfect preamble towards her leading the team. I am still secretly wishing that her death is part of a carefully orchestrated plan to build anticipation prior to bringing her back once her film comes out. Or maybe it is just what it is.
  3. I am all for that, but I am intrigued as to how the films will approach the superficial similarities between CM and Monica's powerset and abilities. Then again, I hope that they don't come to the conclusion that they should not be Avengers at the same time because they would be "redundant"; if we really think about it, Hulk and Thor may have different personalities and backgrounds, but they are both essentially the "muscle" of the team (and that never stopped them from being teammates). Monica and Carol may be superficially assessed as "the energy manipulators" of the team, but in close examination, their powers are quite different and can be used in a variety of different ways for each woman. Ideally, my Avengers core team for this new iteration post-Endgame would be Carol Black Panther Black Widow [carrying the legacy of the Original 6) ( ) <----------(^^^those above are the new "big three" of the team) Ant-Man Wasp Rescue (honoring the legacy of Tony) The Falcon
  4. It is fucked up that Black Widow, who is literally the First Lady of the MCU did not participate in that scene. She deserved to be the "leader" there.
  5. Black Widow AND Gamora. Both of whom have a long history of Marvel underusing them and keeping them from reaching their full potential (both onscreen and on toy shelves and ancillary merchandise).
  6. It's a Deux Ex Machina-level gimmick to ensure that Tony is the one character that delivers the killing blow to a villain that is impossible to defeat by a mere mortal. Also helps push the BS narrative of "Tony died a hero, sacrificing his life to save the universe"
  7. So that means that Captain Marvel was really supposed to gross over 600 million domestic, but the male population boycott led to CM "only" grossing 400 million, right? Got it.
  8. Fuck the MCU. No more money from me (and yes, I know: "who cares?") Marvel does have a female problem. And just like I suspected, it was not just Perlmutter. And no, Captain Marvel does not make up for what they did to Gam and Nat.
  9. THANKS. Not for me (I want to be spoiled), but I have seen too many spoilerish posts here already and that is not cool. I assumed that an event like EG would elicit a no-tolerance policy for spoilers (even with spoilers tags) on any thread EXCEPT the specifically tagged for SPOILERS.
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