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  1. Well, if we get really technical, both Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel were "prequels in spirit" to BvS and Infinity War. Now, seriously...I don't think the prequel thing will negatively impact BW. If audiences connect to the story and WOM is as good as WW's and CM's, it will be a smash regardless. At least I hope so. As for She-Hulk...I just adore her. I can definitely embrace a full-on comedy take that has a solid balance between superheroics and legal shenanigan
  2. LouisianaArkansasGeorgia

    Sunshine, Light, and Joy -- Bring Fun to the Forums

    LOL DOes it mean that 50 % of the board members will be banned out of existence that weekend? LOVE It!!
  3. Nooo! She is overdue for all the crap that the old MCU regime put her through. I just hope that she ends up having the last laugh, and that even if she doesn't reach the box office heights of Wonder Woman or CM, she does extremely well. A Black Widow film cannot be that expensive to make, right? I don't see why it cannot be done for the same amount that Shazam! was made or even less. So, a global gross of 600 to 700 million would be phenomenal.
  4. So now the two major female-starring superhero movies to come out in this CBM renaissance have grossed 400 million plus. What other superheroine has the potential to do this? I think that Black Widow may do it, not just because Marvel Studios knows how to synergize their films and turn them into must-see events (like they did with CM) but because I genuinely feel that Black Widow/ScarJo's cinematic journey has built a pop culture narrative that will make her solo film a highly anticipated event. I also think that whomever ends up being the first black superheroine to make it to the big screen in a solo vehicle (whether it is Storm, Vixen, or even the new Black Canary) could get enough buzz to make it. In any case, kudos to CM for this milestone. Where is the superhero fatigue???
  5. And nobody said that a love interest is necessary. However, it will happen. In fact, I bet you (again) that at least the first film of every eventual series/trilogies/whatnot of Wonder Woman and Superman they make ad infinitum will include Steve and Lois. You will see. It is not necessary, but there will always be a place for our favorite metahumans to fall in love with a mere mortal. And I am sure that, just as superheroes themselves are a great wish fulfillment fantasy, Steve Trevor and Lois Lane are themselves a different type of wish fulfillment fantasy.
  6. See, it doesn't matter what we think: in the end, Lois Lane has been in every single Superman movie that started every new generation's series of Superman films, and so will Steve Trevor be in every Wonder Woman film that starts every new iteration of cinematic WW stories; you can bet your bottom dollar it will happen. No, he is not "essential" to her character, just like Lois is not essential to Superman, but as long as movie studios bank on superheroes being humanized by their love stories and their interactions with a human 'avatar', there will be room in our screens for Diana's and Clark's classic love interests: and their names are Lois Lane and Steve Trevor, whether we like them or not.
  7. Did anyone here watch the Birds of Prey TV show? What did you guys think of it? I thought it had some interesting elements and some things that I felt were cringy, but all in all, I am glad it was made.
  8. Imagine living in a world in which little girls and little boys (or girls) of color can also look up at a movie poster in which they see themselves and engage in wish fulfillment as powerful female superheroes/superheroes of color. Imagine living in a world in which slowly but surely, superhero blockbusters about all kinds of people are becoming a reality. Not everyone may see it now, but the box office and critical triumph of Wonder Woman, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel are soooo important and so worthy of examining. These three films are not just three more CBM hits, but a genuine instance of films that have changed the game. Hopefully, Birds of Prey, Chang-Shi, The Eternals [and if I have my wish, Vixen and A-Force] will continue cementing the financial and artistic feasibility of superhero blockbusters starring people who are not male, hetero, or white. And hopefully, Wonder Woman 1984 will build on Wonder Woman's box office and quality to become one of 2020's best loved box office behemoths.
  9. As a huge fan of canonical Wonder Woman history, I am glad that Steve Trevor will always be a part of Wonder Woman. And thankfully, Chris Pine was an audience favorite in Wonder Woman, and the relationship between DIana and Steve was undoubtedly the heart of the film. I bet that every eventual Wonder Woman reboot we ever get will include Steve Trevor, and that is fine with me.
  10. How many billion-dollar grossing films have Clarke or Dinklage starred in?
  11. Wait...JAMES GUNN accused someone else of being a creep? James Gunn accused someone of being a creep. Let that sink in.

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