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  1. Damn. Can we please get Feige to DC? (No, this is not a Fanboy War thing. Just a sorta-joke because I truly want the DC heroes to converge in a well planned, well crafted, well received connected universe. I want to see the DC heroes get the cinematic treatment they deserve [and yes, I know that Wonder Woman and Aquaman were awesome....but I still wish that those characters had been able to interact in a GOOD Justice League film])...
  2. THANKS. Not for me (I want to be spoiled), but I have seen too many spoilerish posts here already and that is not cool. I assumed that an event like EG would elicit a no-tolerance policy for spoilers (even with spoilers tags) on any thread EXCEPT the specifically tagged for SPOILERS.
  3. I loved that it gives off a throwback vibe of the kind of action film that were superpopular in the eighties and nineties, which is definitely alright with me.
  4. Some of the shots of the clone Will are amazing. Like WTF...he really looks like a younger Will, with a thinner neck and everything. I was like, "WTF, did the producers time travel to 1998 and shoot some scenes with the younger Will???"
  5. And I want both CM2 and WW184 to get decent reviews too and gigantic box office so nobody calls their first films "flukes" and just so both characters get at least three films each with the current creative teams (we both know that they both will eventually be rebooted; there is just too much money to be made). And also because I want to see Brie and Gal fighting Deathbird and Silver Swan in a future CM and WW film respectively, dammit.
  6. I am one of the people who did not even think it could reach 400, but I admit that it was partly to my silly wish of CM not outgrossing Wonder Woman domestically (since worldwide CM had already beaten Diana, I wanted my dear amazon to keep the domestic crown at least). But it is just stupid. At the end of the day, they are both triumphant movies and both have certainly dispelled all those idiotic narratives of "audiences don't care about female superheroes" that Hollywood loved to perpetuate.
  7. I actually would like if CM reached 450m. Seems like a nice round number, but it is still awesome, that at this point the origin films from two superheroines have outgrossed all the origin films from all male superheroes except Black Panther.
  8. Despite my reservations and problems about some elements of its content, the MCU has certainly built an incredibly successful, incredibly well-liked business empire and laid a blueprint for how to create cinematic narratives that audiences trust, love, and support. As an old-school DC fan, I am not gonna lie: it still stings that my favorite comic book characters have not gotten (yet) a well constructed interconnected narrative, but I am hopeful that the future brings something akin to what Marvel has done so well.
  9. I totally forgot that BP actually dropped incredibly well when IW opened. So what is the expected final domestic tally for CM? 415m? 420? Does it have enough fuel in the tank for 450? I mean, at this point, despite my initial misgivings, I am not going to underestimate CM anymore. For all we know, the next few weeks of EG domination could all fuel super-minimal drops or even actual increases for CM...
  10. Is Endgame really going to kill the two other superhero films in theatres this weekend? Maybe the spillover biz will entice people who can't get into EG to choose CM or SH! as alternatives to satiate their CBM cravings.
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