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  1. Last Monday it was at 880K+/-.. Will it increase this week?? You are projecting way higher.
  2. They are following very closely overall. Thanks
  3. Wow.. Good. Also think last week College Football suppressed the numbers.
  4. It will pick up from 18.. Avengers are coming for promotion. Presales will also pick up from 18.
  5. Oh good.. CM will also get some boost this weekend OS due to Easter.
  6. Shazam has fallen behind CM.. Did CM got boost or something? Anybody have any idea.
  7. Yeah, This movie is going to do bonker numbers in China. 450M seems very good prediction as of now.
  8. China is going to love this movie. I think around 275M+ OW.
  9. You all should open Brie Larson hate club. If you think marketing is Identity politics boycott Marvel Studios.. Why are you all obsessing with everything Brie Larson says? Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo are more political than Brie and you have him as your Avatar. What a hypocrisy?
  10. This GOT episode was filler. Arya is low-key flirting with Gendry. Dany is becoming more and more unlikeable
  11. Detective Pikachu is a family movie, I totally expected presales to be much lower than they are. I am still optimistic about 200M+ OW.
  12. I know this is a fanboy thread.. But I didn't know there are bunch of misogynist @Hades also participate here. I have seen him multiple times commenting about Brie looks, Smile etc..
  13. Avengers Endgame Saturday is going to be massive. I think it can hit 92M+
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if Endgame is already above Infinty war total tickets sale for weekend in some presales heavy area.
  15. Making your opinion facts is such dramatic. There are many people out there who love CM just because you found it Medicore doesn't change a thing. Make as many conspiracy theories as you want. When CM2 outgross CM we will talk again.
  16. For me CM was veey good.. I liked it a lot better than many MCU movie. The general consensus is very positive as far as I have seen in Real life talking to people face to face.
  17. Some people on weekend thread thinks they are god or something.. 😑😑😑
  18. I am going to watch Missing Link on Wednesday. Let's see what's Laika is cooking. Kubo was very emotional, I liked it a lot.
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