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  1. @charlie Jatinder any idea how much total Detective Conan made in China by the end of its run? Thanks
  2. Revised predictions from Jan to Aug. January 2020 Bad Boys for Life – Domestic: 65m, worldwide: 220m Dr. Doolittle – domestic: 75m, worldwide: 145m February Birds of Prey – Domestic: 175m, worldwide: 475m Sonic the Hedgehog – Domestic: 75m, worldwide: 295m The Call of the Wild – domestic: 65m, worldwide: 220m March Onward: Domestic: 265m, worldwide: 585m Godzilla vs Kong – Domestic: 100m, worldwide: 450m A Quiet Place 2 – Domestic: 160m, worldwide: 370m Mulan – Domesti
  3. About the marketing, Uni did launch a teaser in cinemas, and for the lack of online trailers, this piece explains why they are shortening all their campaigns for F9, Bond and M2,, https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/19/business/media/hollywood-blockbuster-marketing.html Also Hobbs to F8 is a -25% if i recall right, so that drop gives M2 more than 130M going by that equation.
  4. Universal seems to be applying this to the main movies they think can do well, such as FF9, Bond and Minions 2. I think,, as per the article,, they will not going to release a M2 trailer before March 2020.
  5. I don't think Trolls, Scoob, Spongebob will all make over Minions. Feel like people are being influenced by the Pets 2 performance and their dislike of Minions probably too much. True Pets 2 did bad, but had crazy competition and DM3 dropped -21% from Minions in a similarly weak summer 2017. I think Pets was never meant to be a franchise, while DM, like Jumanji this year for example, is an example of an IP that audiences are OK with as being a franchise. Even Shrek 4 didn't drop that much from Shrek 3, despite the poor ratings. Ice Age 5 is an interesting comparison but I d
  6. Yes I'm talking total gross for all in each franchise, not average per film.
  7. I was talking about the total gross per franchise, average gross per film for sure Frozen is higher.
  8. But DM grossed 3.7 billion so far worldwide, Frozen will be at 2.8 billion by the end of F2's run. If they make F3, it will be close between them.
  9. But I feel DM had better stay in conciousness of the public in a way Ice age didn't. I don't really buy the SLOP 2 = Minions 2 thing. Just because they're from the same company does not necessarily mean they will have the same fate. Not sure if they are really comparable since they are two differant IPs. Even Pets 1 (and 2) flopped in merchandize if i remember correctly so it didn't have long shelf life Pets 2 also had a terrible releasing date and tons of family competition (TS4, TLK, Aladdin etc)
  10. Weren't you projecting 200-220 for M2 dom ? What do you think it will get world wide ?
  11. Given what Universal had announced for Bond (trailer 4 months before the film) and FF9 (trailer coming also 4 months only) and what Pixar did with TS4 (trailer only 4 months before), I don't think we will get an M2 trailer before March 2020.
  12. They released a teaser in cinemas with TROS. The compact campaign for Minions 2 and FF9 was apparently already planned by Universal before SLOP 2: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/19/business/media/hollywood-blockbuster-marketing.html
  13. SLOP 2 made 6x its budget (430 vs 70m). I wouldn't say that's bad on that scale, when IT2, JUM3 and others won't reach that budget to gross multiplier. Bad on SLOP 1 scale, yes though
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