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  1. -$B movies by year: •2019: 9 •2018: 5 •2017: 4 •2016: 4 •2015: 5 •2014: 1 This year sucks ass; probably worst year since 2014.
  2. 2nd biggest opening in Sweden and biggest opening in Denmark and Norway according to BOM.
  3. So like $1.2M~1.5M above Rogue One's first Sat. 20% drop on Sunday would be 176.4M for the weekend. Would need a 2.83× multiplier for $500M (TLJ had a 2.82 multiplier).
  4. 3So pure Friday increased 22%ish from previews compared to the 32.6% increase of TLJ. If this has the same pure Friday to Sat and Sun ratio as TLJ, then it'll gross 182.9M. Not bad
  5. Previewz will be 47M if proportional to Endgame. Do you think the TRoS next 3 days will fall below 78% of Endgame's adjacent days based on the current momentum?
  6. What's the ratio of tickets sold at MTC 1/MTC 2 to the gross? Like if a movie sells 100K tickets in previews, what would b the approximate gross of the previews
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