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  1. Yes, this was my alt I mentioned in another thread used for checking tracking. This is my mobile account while u/StarWarsMemer is my computer one Edit: @StarWarsMemer*** I use Reddit way too much
  2. Following the growth rate of other movies proprationally on the respective drops of legs from other movies. Its unfortunate, but the legs of TLJ were bad compared to TFA
  3. On eiga, TLK is 3.6, TS4 is 3.8, and Aladdin is 4.1. On filmark, both TS4 and TLK are 3.9, and Aladdin is 4.2
  4. It opened in Poland this weekend, which is the reason it didn't drop.
  5. According to BOM, TS3 got $30M post-Obon, but that had amazing drops. I think Corpse probably changed prediction.
  6. Meh start for The Lion King. Surprised that it's below Far From Home. It'll probably have a 12× multiplier so ¥8B is possible
  7. TS4 should pass TS3 tomorrow. Hope it reaches Shrek 2
  8. $23M OS-Japan is lowballing (40% drop). Also, Incredibles 2 grossed ~$50M from the markets where TS4 didn't open yet. Im predicting $1.11B.
  9. Weathering With You dropped 17.5% week TS4 dropped 16.8% this week.
  10. I don't think so. Just because they were made by Miyazaki, it doesn't mean that they have to do the same numbers. I think a 20% decrease similar to Harry Potter 1 & 2 is more likely.
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