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  1. Oh. That long-range tracking does mess things up. If it opens in that range, it'll be "expected", If it opens below it'll be a disappointment and it would have to break out BP-style to go above that (which is an unrealistic expectation) I was hoping for a $110-130m at most. But at least it means that buzz is really high.
  2. But literally both mean A LOT. It has been proven time a time again. - LOL at people trying to use Solo as a comparison, everyone knows that SW presales are a completely different and people here were very worried about how low they were for a SW movie. If you try to extrapolate SW presales to an average movie, even TFA looks like an underperformer. Are people being dense on purpose with this movie?
  3. If they had ignored that, Twitter would have complained about erasure and sanitization or whatever they felt like it.
  4. It is a worrying sign when it doesn't happen, though.
  5. Who would've thought that this would be the one that benefited more from the award season?
  6. New trailer is all they should've showed in the first 2.
  7. Brian May and Roger Taylor are the ones getting the most profit. Especially because they're getting music revenue too (which has been huge at streaming since the movie opened)
  8. Roma has it on lock now. The only other movie that's still running is Green Book.
  9. Best movie of the year won. Faith in the Globes restored.
  10. I think it's a marketing problem. Every non-SH DIsney movie has failed to reach its full potential since Beauty and The Beast. (Maybe TLJ wasn't bigger DOM because of its divisiveness but it was certainly a marketing failure OS) They do know how to milk merchandising from all the movies, but the way they've been treating the movies themselves hasn't been half as good as WB or Universal, especially OS. But they're still the biggest studio by far so I don't think they'll worry unless the MCU starts falling apart.
  11. Just saw this. It's barely competent and it kinda works if you don't think about it. I'd rank it just behind WW from the DCEU. James Wan was great in this, the visuals were pretty to look at, though some of the VFX were on BP/WW 3rd act disaster level. The action sequences were wonderful. Kidman was amazing, her storyline was the only "great" part. I did enjoy Momoa but everyone else was pretty mediocre/bad. I also like how they didn't kill OM or BM. I like villains to be there for more than a movie, something that the MCU has been terrible at (or that FoX-Men milked way too much) The most entertaining part is that this movie is everything that DC fans claimed to hate about the MCU, and how the world is SO willing to support DC that movies like WW and AM have great reception even though they're barely above average. Marvel can't really compete with the DECADES of dominance that DC had.
  12. expensiveho

    Frozen 2 over 1,5b WW

    I think not decreasing is the best case scenario for this. Still +$1b should be locked.
  13. Sunflower keeps getting bigger. Maybe it'll help a little with late legs and home video?
  14. http://www.ibtimes.com.au/meghan-trainor-broke-despite-all-about-bass-success-1416634 Artists don't make a lot of money off music, or at least can't rely on it to pay their bills. They mostly get money from touring (still music related) or endorsements. We see high profile artists releasing new music as an excuse to tour again (like Madonna, Beyonce, Taylor Swift) or to keep their name somewhat relevant for their perfumes/makeups/clothing lines (Britney, Rihanna, JLo, Katy Perry, etc) Also, labels keep pushing upcoming artists so they can keep paying them pennies, which they wouldn't be able to do to a household name. It sucks but that's how the industry works now.

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