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  1. I think it's pretty amazing how 3/5 of the DOM Top5 is MCU. And none of them are The Avengers, I remember people talking about how SH movies in general would never reach those heights again (especially in the BvS and CW times)
  2. Yeah. Even one that doesn't look like RDJ. When the MCU eventually starts declining, they can always soft reboot the old sub-franchises and keep the ones that are still working. Seems like Marvel introduced both time travel and multiverse exactly at the right time (highest popularity with great reception)
  3. First time someone calls Carol Danvers "Captain Marvel" I wonder if they're just gonna roll with it lmao
  4. To be fair, that first hour is really awful. (Same with ROTJ's first hour) But (in my case) seeing that after how much film has evolved takes 95% of its charm away. I understand why it was so mindblowing back then. ESB somehow managed to still be THAT movie, though.
  5. Do we know if any sequel has ever been #1? Hard to imagine that would be possible in a pre-Jaws world.
  6. Looks like straight guys like female superheroes that don't smile in the trailers after all
  7. I agree with this too. They were criticized for these things and they slowly fixed it until it wasn't a problem anymore. There are still some people who say "BUT THE WINTER SOLDIER AND RAGNAROK ARE THE SAME MOVIEEE11!!", though.
  8. I think it's pretty overlooked that it also passed Walt Disney Co's The Force Awakens and Walt Disney Co's Infinity War this weekend.
  9. Why? You can't apply MCU's goodwill across their whole universe boosting their lower tier projects, to a standalone DC film. We haven't even seen Sony or Fox succeed with unknown Marvel properties either. If anything, they have managed to turn huge IPs into financial failures So it isn't a "CBM" phenomenon (or even Marvel's), it's a MCU phenomenon.
  10. Is EG performing well according to the post-OW expectations? I know it's doing far better than people expected before release, but it seems like it's holding really close to Detective Conan, so I would guess it's holding really good?
  11. In Colombia, as of May 1st, Endgame had 3.07m admissions (over 500k above the industry estimates) beating IW previous first week record of 2.17m admissions. It also beats lifetime total (Adm, LC & $) of Avatar. It was also reported that May 1st was the biggest day in Colombia, beating April 27th record (so EG's biggest day might have been that day, or at least really close to Saturday)
  12. Trying to make sense of time travel is wasted time because 1) It's impossible Or 2) The human race as a whole hasn't been able to understand it (which again, would mean you can only travel forward) The only thing important in these movies is how consistent they are within the movie. And Endgame is pretty good at that, no amount of nitpicking or comparison to other movies can change that.
  13. Infinity War proved that CW didn't perform as an Avengers movie, but at EG's rate I don't even think Ultron was an Avengers movie either
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