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  1. Harry's sexuality wasn't relevant yet it was shoehorned not only once but twice. This notion that it's only irrelevant if it's under the LGBT umbrella is really worrying. But again, if it wasn't such a big deal then why pander with an off-screen coming out? Just to keep collecting money from us. No, she can't have it both ways (and at least not even expect a minor backlash) And btw, you don't see Feige tweeting "Killmonger and Black Panther kinda hooked-up but it's complicated so let's not address it at all"
  2. While pandering to us. It's complete bullshit if they don't even acknowledge that he's gay. Even a BATB-esque wink will be enough for this movie (if y'all wanna use the "there's still 3 more movies")
  3. I love how Marvel is getting better at side characters. This, BP, Ragnarok and SMH did a great job at that, plus GOTGV2 & IW being ensemble movies. This was good. No "holy shit" moment, but it was hard after IW. Everything seems to work. I'm just mad at the lack of Pfeiffer and the fact that they were just chilling while the world was being attacked by Thanos. I know they HAD to put Scott in the quantum real (because A4 plot) but they should've found a cleaner way.
  4. Imagine thinking 10 years ago that a movie starring Ant Man and The Wasp opening over $80m would be seem as a disappointment for some.
  5. I'm not sure this is the right thread for this, but it never ceases to amaze me how the Staff only reacts to someone calling out a sexist (racist, communist, homophobic, etc) comment and not the sexist (etc) comment itself. Banning delicate matters doesn't look good (in the way the staff is doing it), especially if the movie's lead actress is the one bringing it up. But to each their own I guess.
  6. Just saw it. It was sold out on Saturday so I had to wait until today, theater still packed and lot of lines outside when I came out. It was really immersive, well-paced and Jack Jack was fucking great but damn... that felt like a TV episode, yes it's good but it just came and went. Maybe that's how people feel with FD and MU? It's gonna be amazing for the kids, though. Ready for the spinoffs.
  7. expensiveho

    Dr. Seuss' The Grinch | Nov. 9 2018

    Wow. It looks like shit and only has 1m views. I know they're amazing with marketing, but they need a BIG late push. Perhaps it's too early for anything Christmas-related.
  8. TLK is the only movie with potential to pull TFA(Dom)/Avatar(WW). It would've to break out in China, though. That's a total wild card, since I think Latin America and the rest of Asia will be huge. If not, wait another 5/10 years for a possibility.
  9. Top3 Pixar OW are all over 3.6x too. OW breakouts also tend to have longer legs for their genre. 600 is LOCKED.
  10. The signs were there for a breakout. Yet people kept saying "110-130m". Gonna be a fun ride until TLK opens (with "only" 210-220m predictions)
  11. Deadpool can be in his own corner like the Netflix and ABC shows (except he might actually show up somewhere). It also gives Marvel to play darker with some less known characters that could never fit the main MCU.
  12. expensiveho

    An Upset is Born : A Star is Born over Venom OW/DOM

    Venom OW > ASIB DOM
  13. To be fair, BP looks very expensive up until that point. It's probably a movie that needed a good $275-300m like The Avengers movies. But given it was the first solo movie from a C-list character it's a wonder it got +200m
  14. expensiveho


    No matter how hard it decreases, it won't go below 1.4b (and that's still ridiculously massive) Unless China denies its release or something.

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