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  1. I do agree that the GA won't notice it by themselves (I mean, a lot of people have no idea Aquaman or WW are not Marvel, or which one is DC or isn't) but we can be sure that the media will let them know. Everything related with this movie will have a paragraph about how this isn't MCU anymore and Marvel fans on social media will troll it despite Holland being universally loved. I also wouldn't be surprised if everyone tries to spin it as a disappointment no matter if it does SM:H numbers or even slightly better. We saw how the media went hard against Snyder's DC (they ended up being trash so they were kinda right, but everything was blown out of proportion)
  2. Honestly this is why I loved the movie. It wasn't scared of going there. The homophobic attack was gruesome and visceral (I saw some warnings on Twitter and still was a bit triggered by it), it didn't try to soften it for audiences. That plus the violent husband, the rape references and the kids being killed felt brutal but they also didn't look like just shock value. - As someone that didn't read the book, I thought this was way better than "Chapter I" and my only complaint is that the scares are indeed a bit repetitive.
  3. If Sony is putting 25% out and Disney is putting 30% out, this just means they're publicly negotiating and it will surely get resolved. If Sony numbers doesn't include a raise for Feige and Disney does, then it might be a little harder.
  4. TASM2 barely broke even, and with the downward trend the character was on and the awful reception, the third would've bombed (pretty much like Apocalypse to Dark Phoenix). With them barely making money off Spider-Man and Bond, Sony was in deep trouble since all their other franchises were bombing/done. Now Sony profited from Marvel's goodwill to catapult SM again (including Venom and ITSV) and got a surprise hit in Jumanji so they're in a way better position. Sony makes more money giving 50% of Holland's SM that what they were making with 95% of TASM1/2 (Marvel made more profit from that one that what Sony did, so 50% still benefits Sony )
  5. Just like yesterday was a Sony PR move. Sony did have to get ahead because audiences like Disney more. But if the 30% is true (which could've been lowered to at least 25%) it's completely reasonable for both.
  6. Is it the logical choice, though? According to Deadline (I know they don't know shit most of the time but it's the best source we have) TASM2 got $70m in profit, with ancillaries included. If the 5% deal is true, then Marvel still gets 35m (5% off 700m, as far as I know that was the deal for every Marvel character including Fox and Universal) so basically they got 50% of the profit anyway. Now, I'm sure FFH got a way bigger profit considering it grossed far more and had a smaller budget, so even with 50/50 Sony benefits more from working with Disney that doing it themselves. Of course these are a lot of assumptions, but Sony just seems confident that they can make Spidey work even though they haven't in a while. They did have ITSV and Venom (which I loved but we all know the sequel is going to fall hard) so it was the best time to negotiate. Either way I hope they meet in the middle because this is making money off Marvel's brand trust.
  7. Yeah, it's not like they've abducted high profile actresses FOR MONTHS recently. No big deal. You can be both a big fan and a victim. If you've been brainwashed all your life and don't know any better I'm pretty sure anyone would think the Chinese government are the good guys. Now you could argue that the Chinese are happy without the western standards of human and civil rights but that's a whole other discussion. Now I'm not saying she doesn't support it, I'm saying that someone cast in such a big movie with a big corporation behind her would think twice before inserting herself in a controversy she could've easily avoided (and that one would think Disney would be aware of). So she's either very dumb, reckless and has no team behind her or was forced.
  8. Oh, ok. You keep repeating she's an American citizen, is she in America right now? Are all her family members in America right now? Are all her friends in America right now? They fact that you're naive enough to think she would be able to flee, after refusing a direct order for an all powerful communist regime and that even if she was able there would be no consequences to her family and friends, says enough about your lack of awareness of how these guys work. I strongly recommend you to stop speaking about topics you have no idea about and save your Superman/Captain america complex for more fitting topics and especially for democracies.
  9. I know you thought you were doing something with this post, but you just sound tone deaf. Criticizing people's actions under a dictatorship IS victim blaming. Don't forget that every chinese citizen is a victim of this too. You don't go out and tell to a woman whose husband beats her up "well you should've done something about it" when you literally have no idea what it's like. There's things we have to do under communist regimes in order to survive, no matter how famous or "powerful" you seem to be. I can understand HK being upset because they can lash out at whoever they want, given what's happening to them. But everyone else is acting dumb thinking this is some movie where the "good side" always wins at the end. That's not how life works.
  10. This makes me wonder if Ant Man could've done better if it wasn't under Avengers shadow all the time. This is completely anecdotal but I saw CM 3 times but SM just once even though I liked it way more. It was just exhausting after all the EG hype. Let's hope Marvel stops scheduling movies right after Avengers. (Though they might even go 4 movies a year so they will)
  11. Exactly. HK reaction to these celebrities comments is completely emotional and understandable, even though they must be aware of the circumstances it must be so infuriating and disturbing. But some people in the west already trying to "boycott" this when they have 0 knowledge of what's happening is truly a disgrace.
  12. It's almost as if people from different parts of the world have different beauty standards. That'd be crazy.
  13. I saw it last night in Spanish (after seeing it OW in english) and it's much better. IMO one of the biggest flaws of this movie was its voice acting (especially Beyonce and Donald). It went from 5 to 6.5 for me. Still not great but definitely enjoyable.
  14. I think it will likely stay flat with Latin America and China making up for the Japan losses. (I see it at least increasing from 50m to 75m in China, a healthy increase even if it doesn't "break out") Now if it pulls a TS4 in Japan (aka decreasing far less than everyone thought) then the sky is the limit.
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