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  1. So 1.81b this Sunday. It just needs: 70m DOM (670m total) 60m China (360m total, see thread) 60m OS-China (970m total) All of them sound reachable. TFA is dead unless Solo doesn't hit it and start getting better legs OS (700m Dom, 370m China, 1b OS-China)
  2. Similar opening with similar legs (summer weekdays + non-holiday OW) is a win for DP2. Now if OS doesn't increase that'd be worrying.
  3. Marketing was amazing. I went from not seeing this on theaters 2 weeks ago to bringing some friends on opening night.
  4. Global Top Movies of All-Time (Admissions)

    The MCU is the only one with 3 Top20 entries. Biggest franchise of all time confirmed.
  5. Russo Tier: 1. Infinity War 2. Civil War 3. The Winter Soldier Top Tier: 4. The Avengers 5. Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2 6. Guardians of The Galaxy High Tier: 7. Ragnarok 8. Homecoming 9. Iron Man 10. Black Panther Mid Tier: 11. Age of Ultron 12. The First Avenger 13. Ant Man 14. Dr. Strange Meh Tier: 15. Iron Man 3 16. Thor Low Tier: 17. The Incredible Hulk 18. The Dark World 19. Iron Man 2
  6. I rewatched Ultron last night and this stuck with me Plus Tony's visión + A4 set photos with the "The Avengers" suits. Given that Ultron was basically a Phase 3 promo, this is totally paying off big time. (I also wanna see Wanda/Clint relationship paying off because House of M rules)
  7. Tuesday's Numbers: AIW around 6M (Asgard 2)

    That would make sense if IW plummeted from CW or if Superman hadn't grossed +500m adjusted
  8. So yeah, a good Freddie movie is not happening. It doesn't matter if Malek is great. And Queen fans are ruthless, they've destroyed every attempt to keep the band going (until Adam finally won them over) so I dont think this will be any different.
  9. You guys act like audiences are completely dumb and know nothing about movies. Most people going to watch JL knew this was in the same universe as BvS/SS/WW. Im sure it would've bombed way harder without WW goodwill (and WW would've done BP numbers had it come after well received films)
  10. At the time, that would've made TFA open as the 117th movie WW. While 858m is Enough for 62th. 117th domestic is at 248m so TFA domestic and WW debuts were equally huge. While 62th is 318m so that's how absolutely massive its WW debut is (despite ALSO breaking the domestic record)
  11. So 640m OW + 17m from Russia + 200m China = $858m on opening weekends. What's the closest movie to that record? I remember F8 opening everywhere
  12. BP needs 2x this weekend to reach 700m. Seems like a lock even with DP2.

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