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  1. expensiveho

    Mary Poppins Returns OVER 400M DOM

    What the fuck? Oh boy.
  2. When do we find out if the oscar buzz is real or just marketing? GG noms? It'd really suck for Black Panther, I've seen it in a lot of "experts" short lists (I know some will start with the "fanboys are delusional", but it's even more delusional to think that awards are about the "best" movies, when is just who does a better campaign) but since Disney is never an awards contender (outside some techs noms and animation/songs) I highly doubt they could successfully campaign 2 films. Still, the sky's the limit for this movie if it also becomes an awards contender.
  3. This looks great. I was kinda worried about it but now I'm hyped. Hope Aladdin trailer does the same for me.
  4. It's kinda odd what they did to Queenie. Like... are we supposed to feel something about her switching sides? JK assumes that we're fully invested in the character. I'm pretty sure she thought that holds more weight than it actually does. Also, Leta's sacrifice is completely meh. Like, she barely had screentime and suddenly we should care about her death after a monologue. JK should've either get rid of these characters or give them an actual story. You know, earn these moments.
  5. I feel the exact opposite. This movie could've been spread out as the sub-plot for at least 3 different movies, centered on Newt and co. Pretty much like FB1 had its own story with all the Credence stuff lurking beneath it. That way, we could've been more invested in the characters and many moments would carry more weight.
  6. Just saw this. It's a mess, but it can be redeemed in the future if (when) all the choices made finally pay off. It definitely doesn't work as a stand alone film. Just setting up future films ( I guess that's why critics weren't too kind). Reminds me a lot of Age of Ultron, which definitely looks better on retrospective, but back then it was just trying to set up too many things that it forgot about its own plot. That said, I think it had a good execution (acting, direction, cinematography, VFX, etc were on point). The weak link was the screenplay which, again, I'm sure it'll make more sense when the saga is over.
  7. Oh. What's up with all the nonsensical ideas suddenly working? This is about to break out. Looks good.
  8. The fact that there's 0 controversy on this movie (in this outrage era!!) after the movie opened shows how good they handled it, only praise from the audience. Of course, there were some trying to start the "slut shaming" outrage but it never had momentum and there was a lot of controversy prior to the movie (people wondering about straight-washing) but all of it cleared after people saw it.
  9. I think "everyone" is the word you're looking for.
  10. More like the 4th one. Meaning the 3rd one has to be a TASM2-level trainwreck. I'm pretty sure WB would still be ok with the 5th losing money if it means keeping JK happy for that HP sequel.
  11. Can't believe y'all take the bait every single time.
  12. Wow if this ends up out grossing TASM2. Just shows what a trainwreck that was.
  13. It looks like Disney was worried enough to fast track its own streaming service and spending 80 billion dollars buying Fox for it. The fact that you guys keep undermining Netflix sucess because you don't understand it is just laughable. If every media company (+ other giants like Amazon and Apple) are spending so much so they have a chance to compete with Netflix on streaming it must mean something, but what do they know, right? Also, Netflix big movies are just starting this award season (and let's not forget the 2 mid-sized hits it got this summer with "All The Boys I've Loved Before" and "Sierra Burgess is a Loser" that made Noah Centineo a social-media star). They're just starting with their movies strategy, already conquering TV (it literally ended cable, taking away customers and awards prestige, and networks are sinking faster each year)

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