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  1. I've seen so many "Save Martha" memes lately. Kinda sad because this was the mega-hit the franchise needed.
  2. I think they tried to go with "Diana tried to cheat after losing the chance to win" but was poorly executed (like a lot of other stuff in the film) I actually thought they were trying to encourage people to not give up and find solutions to fix your mistakes and was kinda shocked it finished like that.
  3. This is really tone deaf. The World Bank estimated yesterday that between 24 -35 million people will remain in poverty just in Asia thanks to this Covid-19 recession (just imagine when we add Africa and Latin America). This is ~30m people.who will keep struggling to get food and shelter on a daily basis, not paying attention to the economic crisis would be truly irresponsible.
  4. People trying to take political advantage of this don't fully realize (yet) how bad this is going to turn no matter if your country is right/left - capitalist/communist or whatever. Every healthcare system is crashing / will crash. Yeah, China fucked up by covering this up for a whole month. Yeah, Trump fucked up by terribly underplaying this. Yeah Italy/Spain/UK/Latin America fucked up. See the trend? It just shows how humanity isn't ready yet to handle a pandemic crisis, and honestly this is the first time in history that we could've been.
  5. It was kind of disappointing because I had huge expectations. I still liked it and it's definitely solid.
  6. I really loved this. It does have some huge plot-holes that take you out but it doesnt matter at the end
  7. Completely agree with this. I don't think I ever posted in that thread (and just read it a few times, didn't find it to be really that toxic) but this is.... unpleasant.
  8. The studio did overestimate her popularity by making her the only hook of the movie. I didn't recognize any of the girls and even the soundtrack is full of trendy new artists that aren't a draw yet (except Halsey perhaps) For a movie whose only selling point is "Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn" I'd even say these are good numbers.
  9. Do we have a confirmation on who's the villain? Now that we know about Wanda twins on a alternate reality, I would love if she was the actual villain trying to "save" her family no matter the cost. Of course it would still have a happy ending with everyone alive and good, though.
  10. I have not read or seen anything about this movie anywhere. I do hope it's good because I'm seeing it either way
  11. Maybe just anecdotal, but I couldn't see this on theaters because it played for like 1 or 2 weeks without any significant promotion (which says a lot because I was looking forward to see it and didn't even know when it opened). Same thing happened with Hustlers (I did get to see on its last screening which I found out like 2 hours before it and luckily had the time) which is even more ironic since JLo is so big in Latin America. So distribution does play a big factor when it isn't one of the Big 5.
  12. Way better. Perhaps these scenes weren't ready when the trailer came out (to be fair neither were the ones in that trailer) More excited now.
  13. Both sentences aren't mutually exclusive. The globes can have a huge boxoffice effect and still be considered a joke. It's a big platform for the award contenders to reach general audiences (that's why it's such a big draw), both the globes and the audiences tend to choose the most popular stars / movies no matter if they're the best ones so of course it has a big effect. Now I would say that the Oscars can be considered a joke too considering how often it's more about campaigning and narratives than actual merit, but it does have more prestige. But award shows in general fall into one of these 2 categories anyways.
  14. If anything, the Oscars prove each year that Hollywood is nowhere near as "progressive" as the media would want you to think. Of course there's always some made up controversy with the media fishing for clicks (and Film Twitter fishing for likes) but the industry (and audiences) ends up loving great films without caring about the politics.
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