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  1. Way better. Perhaps these scenes weren't ready when the trailer came out (to be fair neither were the ones in that trailer) More excited now.
  2. Both sentences aren't mutually exclusive. The globes can have a huge boxoffice effect and still be considered a joke. It's a big platform for the award contenders to reach general audiences (that's why it's such a big draw), both the globes and the audiences tend to choose the most popular stars / movies no matter if they're the best ones so of course it has a big effect. Now I would say that the Oscars can be considered a joke too considering how often it's more about campaigning and narratives than actual merit, but it does have more prestige. But award shows in general fall into one of these 2 categories anyways.
  3. If anything, the Oscars prove each year that Hollywood is nowhere near as "progressive" as the media would want you to think. Of course there's always some made up controversy with the media fishing for clicks (and Film Twitter fishing for likes) but the industry (and audiences) ends up loving great films without caring about the politics.
  4. So sad about J.Lo Hopefully Parasite wins, foreign films being main contenders needs to become a trend.
  5. Yeah but if I were Feige I'd still be upset about these movies having any connection to the MCU. I did love Venom so I might give this a chance, but this is how MCU's timeline gets fucked up like the X-Men did (it would've at some point anyway)
  6. No offense to Margot since it really isn't her fault but her nomination for Once is an insult to the film industry. It really proves how the award season is more about name recognition and campaigning than actual quality.
  7. Netflix should be worried about this. If they can't make a 1) universally acclaimed 2) Scorsese film 3) starring De Niro, Pacino and Pesci a BP frontrunner, then the talent will start noticing. At least they had the whole black-and-white spanish film with complete unknown actors (even in Mexico) thing going against them last year. Of course the dont need to win anything for audiences to notice that there's a lot of Netflix films in the awards season, but at this point the only major category they might win is supporting actress? They'd be more than fine if they can get back-to-back director winners, though.
  8. I disagree with this. It is true that most people watching the movies aren't "fans"(maybe casual fans, something they don't care about that much but would still choose it over something they're less familiar with) but we live in an era where people find everything online. And guess who are the ones discussing SW (or any other brand) non-stop? Fans are the ones that rush to find out anything before everyone else. So if they go to a Thursday preview (that's not including other markets opening earlier) and dont like what they see, a considerable size of the audience that's on the fence will read about that the same night. That's not even counting pre-release negativity about bad trailers, bad designs, troubled productions, etc. It's harder for the studios to spin things now considering everyone has an opinion and a platform.
  9. I wonder if SW will ever be able to recover in China. They gave it a chance with TFA and it's been complete rejection after that. I know that at some point Disney will detach the brand from the Skywalker saga and that brands can come back from death but damn.
  10. Looks like it could've made money if the 2016 disaster didn't happen. Now I'm not so sure, but it wouldn't be the first time a movie is able to overcome that feeling. I gotta say that I admire Finn for cashing in that Stranger Things money so effectively.
  11. I was the one to defend the lead actress because we don't know her actual circumstances but WHAT THE FUCK? - Great trailer. This will explode OS (not only in China)
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