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  1. I hope they don't release another Avengers trailer but release a Thanos-only teaser instead. Thanos is a huge draw already.
  2. Remember how BOT predicted <2.1x legs for IW because there was no way it'd be less front loaded than CW?
  3. 200 OW with Thanksgiving to soften the 2nd weekend drop and the holidays to boost its late legs (+ basically every 200m opener & animated movies having good legs) would mean a massive total DOM. BATB and I2 look more realistic but it really isnt that far off anyway.
  4. Not talking about the same, but pretty smart decision from Disney to announce James Gunn after a week of CM praise and Endgame trailer. The only time when it could've been drowned more is on Endgame's OW.
  5. It isn't bad. There's about 20-30 mins where it gets really good and then it goes back to average.
  6. expensiveho

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    Every comparison points out a massive over performance on OD, which confirms that WD was a big deal.for the movie in China. Outside of that, CM legs dont look that terrible. They're just underwhelming to bad (which makes more sense considering the rating, unlike BP that got awful reception and terrible legs)
  7. To be fair, this is the same standard that the industry has had on DC (it was getting ridiculous right after BvS). So I'm lowkey glad they're doing this for Marvel too. I figure that break even point is the absolute one, like every penny it makes from there is profit. I would think that usually break even is calculated by the studio projecting ancillary (and even merchandise) so that's why we're used to such a low figure in comparison. With everything in mind, Disney should be making money off this with just its OW which is 3x its budget.
  8. The Dark Knight is the only billion grosser to have its direct sequel increasing. Technically, AoU made more than TA at the same ER (which would be impressive getting 4 movies as massive as Avengers increasing each time) but it still decreased in $, so going up and down isn't exactly a good precedent for "there's no reason". I'd say it has a good chance to increase, but holding at least 80% of IW (over TA) should be considered a huge win already.
  9. This is giving me serious Suicide Squad flashbacks. Seems like Disney went all out trying to cut a really effective trailer but I'm still not sold on the actual film's quality. I did go to "Not interested at all" to "yeah I'm seeing this", so it worked.
  10. Bought my tickets. Gonna wait for a little more hype until I buy them for OD too.
  11. May 1st is a huge holiday all over the world, with many other holidays around it in select countries. Better to have that on your first weekdays than on your second. There's a reason why Marvel always released their May tentpoles a week earlier OS.
  12. Russo Tier: 1. Infinity War 2. The Winter Soldier 3. Civil War Top Tier: 4. GOTGv2 5. The Avengers 6. GOTG 7. Ragnarok 8. Age of Ultron Middle Tier: 9. Iron Man 10. Black Panther 11. The First Avenger 12. Captain Marvel 13. Homecoming 14. Dr. Strange 15. Ant-Man and the Wasp Low tier: 16. Ant-Man 17. Thor 18. Iron Man 3 19. The Incredible Hulk Trash: 20. The Dark World 21. Iron Man 2. CM is right in the "I really like it" and "It's ok" line.
  13. expensiveho


    There's a big gap on WW OW between the billion grossers and the 3 ones on the 800-900m range (then come the ones on the 600-800m range and the ones on the <600m range, with GOTG being the only exception to the rule) I think 1.1b is pretty safe unless it collapses, just hoping it can leg it out to over CW.
  14. Anything over this is a huge win, even if SMH looks a bit out of reach. SK is a massive market for the MCU.

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