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  1. I know BvS is trash and everything, but at least Snyder had a vision. I think it's really sad how JL destroyed everything he had planned and at the same time couldn't please anyone that hated his vision. It was a complete lose-lose situation that WB led themselves into, dragging both Snyder and Whedon with them.
  2. I think WW will end up making WB lose more money that it would have if it bombed. Gal Gadot's WW is so universally loved that they literally can't reboot the whole universe, thus losing billions of revenue that a well-received DCU would earn. So they just gotta stand there watching her conquer the world while their other properties stay in development hell.
  3. Just saw this and don't understand the reception. It's a great movie, with good execution and a really interesting concept. Of course, it had potential for something better but that doesn't make it a bad movie. I think that was its biggest sin, being released after so many genre-changing movies but it's not its fault that horror is on a renaissance.
  4. She looks like Tatiana Maslany in the cover. The other pics look awesome, though "Skrulls at the beach" is giving me TV budget vibes (I'm sure they'll look better closer to the release)
  5. I don't think anyone's saying it could actually win. A nomination for BP is the thing that people are rooting for (and it actually deserves it) Popular film win + BP nom would let everyone (most people, there's still the whole MCU is trash bandwagon) satisfied.
  6. One of the rules should be getting at least another nomination. That way you'd see studios campaign hard for the tech categories (and maybe even have them in mind when greenlighting them, aka better budget)
  7. Y'all acting like FS isn't eligible for most categories or like the franchise hasn't been nominated already. The Oscars have been a joke for years and the ratings freefall keep proving it. But MCU is killing cinema amirite? (I've never seen a FS movie but y'all trying to discredit every movie that's somewhat a hit or has over $20m budget is not cute)
  8. This will backfire SO bad if they don't nominate BP in both. And you know, they could've stayed relevant had they not been so snobby. Why not push for Zootopia or Inside Out, both of which are universally acclaimed, for BP? How many comedies have been contenders in the last decade? Get Out, Dunkirk and Logan did well for blockbusters, La La Land and Fury Road too. But there are some hits that are indeed better than the bland shit they choose to nominate each year. If they're gonna have them indie choices, they gotta settle for the small indie crowd. Also, fuck that they're not TV all the categories. If people wanted to to watch Jimmy Kimmel they would watch his show, not the Oscars.
  9. Yes, let's use a huge breakout (3rd biggest DOM at that) to say there's not a pattern. This is so smart. This also has never been used to mock another huge hits (It, T:R), right?
  10. Venom has huge potential. Too bad he's at Sony and without Spider-Man
  11. I was sure this would be great and breakout. A shame tbh because that trailer was amazing.
  12. It looks better that I could've imagined. Still can't hear shit, though .
  13. Disney current run (and specially MCU) has made people think every sequel increases. Fallout is increasing (though not a lot) thanks to great reviews (and RN/GO reception). That's a win itself. The fact that the franchise is not collapsing is good enough (though not the best case scenario)

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