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  1. Colombia is on full lockdown on weekends. I saw it yesterday and every show but mine's was sold out at my closest theater.
  2. This episode was possibly the best thing Marvel has done and a huge statement against extremists, without taking any "side". That last scene was truly shocking.
  3. I find these kind of posts fascinating. There's a point where you go so woke that you end up going full MAGA. This reads exactly like something Trump would've tweeted. - Anyways, this thread is a mess. Just came here to say I loved this movie, glad they finally got rid of humans and gave full monster on monster destruction. The CGI was really impressive (or was it that I was really excited about everything that was going on?)
  4. Surprised that this is the direction Marvel is going with Disney+. Honestly this is better than anyone could've imagined, Feige deserves everything.
  5. They wouldn't keep doing it if it was a total disaster. Had they felt like theater revenue was already a lost cause for BW and premier access had been a disaster (for Mulan and Raya), they would've gone with a standard Disney+ release that would've reached a bigger audience (and more likely to get new subscribers) as they did with Soul. They must be seeing something that we aren't but Netflix ushered an era of not having to release any kind of number except for the occasional PR release with vague meaningless numbers.
  6. I understand the rationale but fuck Disney for delaying this again. Also fuck Disney for sacrificing Black Widow AGAIN. Also, this is great for Disney+. I'm guessing they release it 3 months after that without extra charge? Kinda hoping they hold it until Thanksgiving.
  7. I feel like this is about to explode, if the opening sequence is as good as they're hyping it then it's a done deal. The marketing strategy has been great (though I've been trying to watch as little as possible) Have they confirmed this one as a limited series?
  8. I hope all of you are preparing your essays for Endgame's re-release because Disney will keep milking this "battle" for a loooong time.
  9. I feel like this has 0 hype, it'll be interesting how Marvel starts handling these releases so close to each other. (Shouldn't be a problem since not even Endgame was able to drown Spidey)
  10. I've seen so many "Save Martha" memes lately. Kinda sad because this was the mega-hit the franchise needed.
  11. I think they tried to go with "Diana tried to cheat after losing the chance to win" but was poorly executed (like a lot of other stuff in the film) I actually thought they were trying to encourage people to not give up and find solutions to fix your mistakes and was kinda shocked it finished like that.
  12. This is really tone deaf. The World Bank estimated yesterday that between 24 -35 million people will remain in poverty just in Asia thanks to this Covid-19 recession (just imagine when we add Africa and Latin America). This is ~30m people.who will keep struggling to get food and shelter on a daily basis, not paying attention to the economic crisis would be truly irresponsible.
  13. People trying to take political advantage of this don't fully realize (yet) how bad this is going to turn no matter if your country is right/left - capitalist/communist or whatever. Every healthcare system is crashing / will crash. Yeah, China fucked up by covering this up for a whole month. Yeah, Trump fucked up by terribly underplaying this. Yeah Italy/Spain/UK/Latin America fucked up. See the trend? It just shows how humanity isn't ready yet to handle a pandemic crisis, and honestly this is the first time in history that we could've been.
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