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  1. Hopefully Gunn stays tamed and doesnt to get too weird if the movie is rated r.
  2. Keep up the great work Todd!

  3. Imagine if the theatrical cut made sense. Would have broken all the records. No movie will ever reach that hype. It had decades long hype.
  4. People watch them once and forget about them. Most forgettable movies of all time. Excluding avengers one of course.
  5. Give this man a manual. What are you blabbering about? Character studies are new to CBMs get outta here.
  6. "Phillips didn’t call the programming director of the Venice International Film Festival and ask for “Joker” to be in competition — they were simply invited and accepted." In the Golden Lion acceptance speech, Phillips said a early cut was seen by an executive in WB Italy and she sent it to the director of the festival. Then the film was invited.
  7. I know. But the discussion was regarding comicbook movies. I know. But the discussion was regarding comicbook movies.
  8. I'll just say, in my opinion, Joker takes on a character study about a mentally ill man to show the callousness of soicety. That is very new to CBMs. The fact that is dark and serious is an aspect of the movie, but it is not defined by it. As for the blatant award campaigning, I mean it was invited to Venice. Phillips did not ask to be invited, they just were. Logan was never even up for discussion, as awesome it was. Have a good day.
  9. I would respond, but "not offering anything new" and "Simmer" suggests to me that you are trolling me.
  10. I think JL was more Wheaton than snyder (though I doubt either could adequately portray Barry). And yes Ezra has said he is excited and back for the film. His character tone will change though.
  11. What are you saying here? Are you really attempting to undermine Joker's triumph at Venice? Lmao. I will be suprised if another CBM enters Venice, let alone ever wins the golden lion again. Enjoy the moment. CBMs will never get more legitimized. In a decade, people will look back at this era as the one that killed the value of cinema.
  12. Again no meaningful gold. If awards for design are that important, then f me suicide squad is better than citizen kane. Nice try at trying change what I said. Meaningful categories do. TDK deserved to win best picture. Looks like I hit a nerve. If that were the case, then How green is my valley is better than citizen kane, green book is better than the roma, and slumdog millionaire is better than TDK. Deserves finds truth and worthiness amongst the Acamedy's BS.
  13. Again no meaningful gold. And dont bring up the dark Knight. We both know that Dark knight deserves more oscars than BP.
  14. FF9 and WW84 are almost guarantees. Eternals is likely. Bond is 50/50. Tenet is the wild card.
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