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  1. Going to theaters is all I have, this is making me so sad. Every Thursday night was like a therapy session and I miss it. I thankfully and safely got to experience New Mutants and Tenet. With Wonder Woman moving, I have nothing to look forward to. Hopefully the Nov releases stay but... Maybe Kajillionaire will expand here when it opens and I can see. But I’m not risking everything for Broken Hearts Gallery. I just want this all to be ok
  2. How low will Broken Hearts Gallery go? Under 2m opening, right?
  3. I bet WB is really regretting that Dune trailer drop this Wed now i really hope Wonder Woman doesn’t move but I’m afraid
  4. 20m including two Canada weekends and 4 additional domestic weekdays is awful. Obviously this would be a different story if NYC and LA were open but this is a bad start. It’s sad because international numbers are on fire and I want more movies this year. I hope WB doesn’t move WW84 but I feel like they have no choice
  5. Dude you keep posting this every time the movie is discussed here. It’s over. It had an underwhelming opening. Accept it now, the industry will.
  6. Nah, Tenet isn't hitting VOD anytime soon. It'll just stay in theaters until they open in NY/LA whenever that is. I imagine it'll still be playing in October no matter how weak the opening is/bad legs are. WB won't pull it and theaters currently have no product This will probably discourage other studios from releasing this year. Maybe WW84 stays and Bond/Black Widow since they're committed and can rely on international markets.
  7. I enjoyed Tenet and it's great to be back in a theater but the film has glaring flaws that prevent it from greatness. It's not consistently engaging or "fun" as something like Inception. It also ends on a whimper instead of a bang like most Nolan films. In my theater of about a dozen, the reaction seemed mixed. WB needed a better than expected OW for the good buzz and goodwill. It's a movie that will play better on the coasts than it will to middle-America where theaters are open
  8. It’s underwhelming in North America with no timetable for NA/LA openings. It’s already disappointed in China
  9. Tenet’s really tracking for a weak opening domestically. It’s going to be at a total of like 22m come Sunday. That’s quite weak since it’s counting Canada and weekly previews.
  10. Well, a 13.5m weekend adding the previews of about 4.3m puts it at 17.8m. I can't remember the estimates last week from Canada.. wasn't it speculated like 3-4m here? So about 21-22m Sunday total with all these factors. Really weak since it's below the 25m conservative tracking.
  11. 20m+ 3day would normally be a win, but Tenet has advantage of 4 additional days (which should amount to 5m+) and Canada. And then Monday's Labor Day gross. Should be closer to 40m, definitely over 30m
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