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  1. Hereditary had an opening day of 5.18 which beat out Witch’s 3.3. Hereditary’s previews were 1.3. Weekend around 13.6. Considering what others this thread have been saying, 1m Thursday for Green Knight is on the table, no? Could it go higher? That would immediately make it A24’s biggest opener I mention these because A24 and I’m not sure Green Knight has any reasonable comps? Jungle Cruise has obvious Thursday comps (Cruella-1.4, Christopher Robin-1.5, etc) but this thread seems to think higher with 2m or so
  2. A week ago I thought BOP numbers but now I’m thinking 25-30 OW and 55-65 DOM finish which puts it lower. BOP made 117m internationally pre- COVID, WW84 made 120 during COVID but 25m was China, Black Widow made 160 so far. I’d estimate 90-100 overseas. So 145-165 WW total
  3. It’s astounding to me a raved superhero movie like Suicide Squad will flop. The reviews will be major. It’s almost unfathomable a great version of this doesn’t light up the box office. Even though it didn’t explode, another well-received DC movie like Shazam didn’t flop at least. Just a major L for Warner Bros
  4. A24’s brand + film hipster crowd. The reviews are very good which helps. And also small auditoriums, here at least. So it’ll probably be frontloaded I do think it could open/near 10m, though? The Thursday numbers I see indicate 1m Thursday so high-single digits for weekend with potential if it’s not young/presale heavy
  5. Green Knight is selling out my Thursday AMC—albeit, it’s 1 showing in smallest auditorium but there’s only a few seats left
  6. Yeah when/if Suicide Squad flops, the primary reason is not Delta. If anything Jungle Cruise over performing would actually be impressive and somewhat indicate delta cannot always and strictly prevent families from theaters
  7. Green Knight has sold same number of tickets for Thursday at my Cinemark; 4
  8. It’s weird because like I said, I’m excited for more solo stand-alones but the next few DC movies except Batman.. are not lol. Maybe Black Adam will surprise? Too bad Batgirl isn’t hitting theaters
  9. I’m not tracking yet but my Cinemark has 6 Jungle Cruise showings on Thursday. Only 4 tickets sold
  10. Blonde was rejected. I don’t know if Macbeth was (or even submitted) personally
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