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  1. I saw Way Back at 430 and theater had about 20 or so people. Surprising amount of younger adults. I think it lacks enough basketball to satisfy the mainstream who isn’t expecting something so dark and gray
  2. Onward was honestly decently full during my 6pm showing. About 3/4. The film itself isn’t amazing but the ending is surprisingly effective and heartwarming. Lots of laughter throughout from the kids
  3. Onward has been selling really well at my AMC, but most do. 32 for the 6pm Dolby. 24 at 845. 5 for the 7 IMAX My local Cinemark never has heavy traffic with sales. So far 7 sears between the 6 and 7 screenings
  4. Tickets on sale for Bond with all day Thursday screenings
  5. Bloodshot tickets on sale but no Thursday showings. Sony must be skipping again like they did with Fantasy island
  6. Literally 0 sales for Invisible Man/Onward at my local Cinemark. But presales are usually weak here The other Cinemark in the town has 0 Thursday tickets sold for Invisible Man. For Onward, just 1 for the 6pm IMAX At AMC, Invisible Man currently has 10 tickets sold for the 7pm Dolby showing. 0 for IMAX 730. The 6pm Dolby opening for Onward has sold 5 tickets, the 845 has 3, and the IMAX 630 has 2
  7. The Photograph is selling well both Thursday and Friday here. I think it will open higher than Fantasy Island (or is that already expected?)
  8. Yeah but Joker is a dark and heavy character study. Birds of Prey is fun and action packed. I really enjoyed the movie and hoped at least A-. When I saw on Thursday the theater didn’t seem to be into it sadly
  9. It’s unprofessional for Deadline to criticize the movie IT ITS BOX OFFICE WRITEUP
  10. My Cinemark currently has 3 total seats sold for Sonic between 2 showtimes. The AMC is better. 6 for the 5pm. 18 for the 730
  11. The 6pm was not even half full. The 4pm Bad Boys opening day was more crowded. Muted audience reaction. More male than female I noticed too bad because the movie is fun and definitely top tier DCEU
  12. The Invisible Man showtimes are listed at my theater. Go on sale soon. 2hr6min runtime
  13. Deadline projects 50-55m and mentions the advanced sales are ok but not stupendous
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