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  1. You out a lot of words not people’s mouths to cope with the bad reviews this has gotten. I haven’t seen anyone call Eternals this massive bomb. It’s the worst reviewed MCU since Dark World but no MCU film has been commercially rejected. This won’t. It is more of disappointment than bomb
  2. 2023 seems like a very quick turnaround. WB has so much already set for that year (Wonka, Shazam, Furiosa) and Barbie shoots early 2022. I wonder if something moves
  3. It's interesting looking back at the Best Picture winners and their followups: 2020: Nomadland (Eternals) 2017: The Shape of Water (Nightmare Alley) 2016: Moonlight (Beale Street) 2015: Spotlight (Timmy Failure lol) 2014: Birdman (The Revenant) 2013: 12 Years a Slave (Widows) 2012: Argo (Live By Night) 2011: The Artist (The Search) 2010: The King's Speech (Les Mis)
  4. Cinemark annoyingly did not get French Dispatch this week. Antler Thursday previews begin at 6pm with an additional 845 show. Last Night in Soho only has 1 Thursday time. On Friday, MHA has received tons of extra screenings and additional auditorium. Soho retains XD
  5. You’re not going to make another club about it flopping instead?
  6. This sounds like Fan Service: The Movie But you know what? We deserve it! Who cares. We were under quarantine for a year. We haven't seen Tobey in 14 years and Andrew in 7. Eternals is the big MCU film that's trying something different, this is the classic MCU film. Unless the movie is just bad, it's a nice Christmas gift for us. I really want a glimpse of the Spider-Men in the trailer whenever it releases. But if they do truly hold off until the film, hats off
  7. There is sometimes a divide between domestic critics and international ones when blockbusters are... "brainy" but Eternals just seems more messy and bad than divisive and polarizing. People will use the "dense" defense but just sounds simply like Zhao was trapped by exposition and the need to introduce dozens of new characters. And the film falters as a result. Ah, well, noble effort
  8. It’ll probably be PG-13 with appeal across children and teens and enough edge and wit for adults. Bigger budget Frances Ha/Mistress America
  9. Could MHA challenge for #1? Dune will be 14m, possibly lower. I think MHA will top Soho despite Soho being in 2000 more theaters
  10. Seriously, why do you even post here if all you’re going to do is be antagonistic and combative? For the sake of your blood pressure, it cannot be healthy
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