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  1. I'm really psyched for this. That soundtrack is off the chain. Boys noize's mix of it is out of Spotify now.
  2. Definitely an eclipse effect
  3. GxK's IMAX share isn't really that big so I don't see it being affected much by losing the screens next wknd. It should hit $200M but it's looking like it might be a crawl.
  4. Lol for some reason Dune Part One has been at #1 on YouTube movies where I'm at for two straight weeks now.
  5. It seems that Dune is getting an extension until May 7th now?
  6. I hope you're right. These Easter dailies have screwed up my projections lol. I'm expecting Dune to have exceptional weekend holds through this whole month.
  7. Dune Tuesday is disappointing. Hope it levels out by the weekend. I guess I was just expecting movies to stay flat or have tiny increases. These drops are kinda hefty.
  8. Even with Monday being Easter, this drop seems a bit steep for Tuesday
  9. $30M global wknd with $74M to go until $700M. Seems likely.
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