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  1. The Classic Conversation Thread

    Oh bullshit!! Every black person on this damn site defended it when it happened and thought it was just great, but today's news story of this breaking out and all of a sudden, everyone has an attack of Morality and is condemning this when you didn't beforehand..
  2. The Classic Conversation Thread

    No.. No one is answering my question because as always, I struck a chord with this that even people like Cmasterclay can't possibly defend this and you know it.. You can't condemn people from today's violent outbreak and not do the same for the BLM that incites violence ALWAYS and I've posted proof that they do and are no goddamn better, but as always, Millennials will find a way to spin this shit and say it's Ok for them to do so.. Bullshit on this..
  3. The Classic Conversation Thread

    No.. I don't condone it, BUT I also don't see you and everyone else not condoning when the Black Lives Matter Group incite violence and people end up dead because of it and you know it's true.. Shall I post proof of this AGAIN??? http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/07/dallas-police-ambush-officers-killed/ Well?? Go ahead?? Defend this shit?? I fucking dare you to???
  4. The Classic Conversation Thread

    And what does this make the Black Lives Matter Group??? Answer this??? What does this make the Black Lives Matter Group that instill violence every time they protest and you're Ok with this??? I'm going to keep fucking asking this until the question is answered correctly and not some bogus Liberal crap either???
  5. The Classic Conversation Thread

    Instead of taking a shot at me, how about answering my fucking question?? How is this any different than what the Black Lives Matter Groups do when they protest that always ends up in violence and you're all Ok with this Bullshit, but condemn this???
  6. The Classic Conversation Thread

    Dude. You still haven't answered my question: Why do you and everyone else think it's Ok for the Black Lives Matter Groups to instill violence when they protest(and they do and everyone here knows it so don't deny it) and you and everyone else are Ok with this, but are bitching up a storm today about this??? Why??? Doesn't that make all of you hypocrites???
  7. The Classic Conversation Thread

    How is this any different than when Black people protest over something and violence breaks out ALL THE TIME when they do so??? How so??? Shall I give an example as to how the Black Lives Matter Group isn't any better than the so called "Nazi's" you're referring to??? http://www.nationalreview.com/article/437694/black-lives-matter-hypocrisy-cheering-violence
  8. The Classic Conversation Thread

    Why??? I really don't get you sometimes you know that??? You're as wishy washy as they come and in some aspects, you're actually worst than the girls you've broken up with.. I think your Ego gets the best of you and you like the idea of breaking up with these girls for no other reason other than you sound like a dick towards them.. How close am I to the truth of this Ethan???
  9. So ANNABELLE 2 will gross close to 40M this weekend??? This franchise is on a serious roll right now..
  10. You need to sit down some day and watch the Conjuring and the sequel.. Both are very well done.. Seriously..
  11. The Classic Conversation Thread

    What a great day so far.. Visa gave me a considerable increase in my credit for being on time with my monthly payments and good enough to where I'm starting to consider purchasing a HD TV to leap forward into 2017 like everyone else.. First up though is vacation next week, then when I return, I'll consider shopping around.. I don't need anything really fancy to where I'm going to spend a fortune and put myself in debt.. I'm looking to spend around $1000.00 and not a penny more..
  12. The Classic Conversation Thread

    So this is what happens after 6 girls dump you???
  13. WEDNESDAY NUMBERS | Dunkirk 1.96M - WW 0.28M

    So I was thinking: What if DUNKIRK were Directed by Steven Spielberg??? He did such a great job with SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, How would he have fared with this in comparison to how Nolan made this???
  14. You and Ethan should get an apartment together and share expenses..
  15. The Classic Conversation Thread


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