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  1. So ANNABELLE 2 will gross close to 40M this weekend??? This franchise is on a serious roll right now..
  2. You need to sit down some day and watch the Conjuring and the sequel.. Both are very well done.. Seriously..
  3. So I was thinking: What if DUNKIRK were Directed by Steven Spielberg??? He did such a great job with SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, How would he have fared with this in comparison to how Nolan made this???
  4. If I had to guess, I'd say YES, if for anything because we live in more cynical, bitter times and the average Rom Com is probably too sappy for today's audience to get onboard for.. I can only imagine if PRETTY WOMAN were released today and how the Feminist's would have a field day with this movie...
  5. Can you just be happy the movie made what it did and stop trying to instigate some sort of confrontation over it??? It's over.. I acknowledged I was wrong, so now what??
  6. Change the title to reflect WW hitting 400M cause I honestly didn't know it did.. I was wondering why Baumer gave me the WTF gif earlier regarding this.. Congrats WB!! You have something other than BATMAN to go with who can use a much needed rest...
  7. I seem to recall when BvsS came out, how that movie took the proverbial ass beating in the reviews and the overall domestic wasn't as high as many thought it would be, this is more what I'm referring to in "slump" and YES there was a point where no one did seem to care about WW in favor of everything having to be about BATMAN, then MOS got a taste of it and no one really knew if this was going to be good or not, especially at 1 point with a Director bowing out of the Production to be replaced by Ms. Jenkins??? Either way Cochofles, it's doing fantastic and I acknowledge it..
  8. Yeah I admit at 1 time, I honestly didn't think it would cause of the slump DCU seem to be going with, but Congratulation to Patty Jenkins and many more adventures hopefully to come with Diana Prince.. Let's hope when the time comes, CAPTAIN MARVEL hammers it home as well..
  9. Why??? How do you know this??? I actually think people like you are going to be shocked at how well this does next summer and have heavily, HEAVILY underestimated this.. I guess it'll take a trailer to silence people over it, huh???
  10. WONDER WOMAN is so close to 400M Domestic that it would be absolute robbery if this somehow missed 400M for as close as it is, but it has happened.. At this point, I'd fudge it just to ensure it at least crosses it..
  11. I'm voting for "Other" like MEG which is being heavily underestimated.. I truly see this being a Summer JURASSIC WORLD Type of Breakout.. We shall see next August..
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