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  1. Saw it yesterday with a very enthusiastic crowd. Loved it, my favorite live action they've done so far.
  2. Breaking the OW once is amazing. Twice is something special but 3 times(in a decade) is something really really special and doing it in back to back years by such a wide margin is just astonishing.
  3. My god when everyone came out those portals not only did I have goosebumps but I have never seen an audience in my life react the way they did. It was god-tier.
  4. Yeah while it's an objectively a good movie, something about it doesn't do it for me. It's one of my least rewatched mcu movies. I see why it's legs were weak.
  5. Chris Hemsworth saw GOTG and wanted a Thor movie like that. Ehh. I agree with some of you about Ragnarok. It's cute but it doesn't make my top MCU films list.
  6. This is how I'm feeling sadly. I'm shocked how much I don't connect with Rey or Finn. Kylo Ren is the only one who seems interesting enough though but I'm still not amazed by him. Love bb8 though.
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