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  1. This has a lot of buzz around me. Even my coworkers have been talking about this non stop.
  2. This skywalker finale oddly doesn't feel like an event film. With IW & EG those felt like event movies you HAD to go see. It felt like everyone was talking about those films. You would think the finale to the most iconic star wars family would break the OW record. I can't believe how much this was fumbled here.
  3. Saw it yesterday with a very enthusiastic crowd. Loved it, my favorite live action they've done so far.
  4. Breaking the OW once is amazing. Twice is something special but 3 times(in a decade) is something really really special and doing it in back to back years by such a wide margin is just astonishing.
  5. I think my local theater will have to start adding even more showings for Thursday because I just don't see the current slate being enough. This theater usually gets a lot more walk ups for the mcu. So far... 3 showings for Imax 2D 5 showings for Real D 3D 18 showings for regular 2D 1 for Dolby 1 for the 5pm fan event All of these times are either sold out or 99% full with just a few handicap seats left and some front row.
  6. All the Imax 2d and 3d showings and regular 3d times near me are sold out. Only a matter of time before more showtimes will need to be added. I expect regular 2D to be gone very very soon as most are already almost sold out.
  7. My theater is packed and the traffic here is on par with Infinity War's last year. Busiest is Been since that movie. My crowd seemed to love it, great reactions and had huge claps at the end.
  8. Saw it tonight and really REALLY loved it. I wouldn't be surprised if this film becomes some people's favorite Spidey movie to date, it's that good. It has the laughs and some very good emotional moments. A very balanced movie. It's got heart! My screening LOVED it and the applause was huge. I hope it does really well at the box office because it definately deserves it. I'm planning on seeing this again when it gets officially released.
  9. Finally got to see this yesterday and it was pretty good. Really enjoyed it. Loved Tom Hardy's performance.
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