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  1. This has a lot of buzz around me. Even my coworkers have been talking about this non stop.
  2. Finally watched it. I'm so surprised how little I care about these new movies and miss George Lucas touch.
  3. This skywalker finale oddly doesn't feel like an event film. With IW & EG those felt like event movies you HAD to go see. It felt like everyone was talking about those films. You would think the finale to the most iconic star wars family would break the OW record. I can't believe how much this was fumbled here.
  4. Saw it yesterday with a very enthusiastic crowd. Loved it, my favorite live action they've done so far.
  5. Breaking the OW once is amazing. Twice is something special but 3 times(in a decade) is something really really special and doing it in back to back years by such a wide margin is just astonishing.
  6. My god when everyone came out those portals not only did I have goosebumps but I have never seen an audience in my life react the way they did. It was god-tier.
  7. Yeah while it's an objectively a good movie, something about it doesn't do it for me. It's one of my least rewatched mcu movies. I see why it's legs were weak.
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