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  1. Does "The Gentlemen" has any chances in comedy categories or somewhere? It got fine reviews, but I don't see it anywhere being predicted
  2. In a year with no many options, do you think "Mortal Kombat Legend's Scorpion's Revenge has a change? It has done well among public and critics...
  3. Ritmo - The Black Eyed Peas (Bad Boys for Life): There's no chance this is getting nominated, but I really like this song Husavik (Eurovision Song Contest) Something from Hamilton? Boss bitch - Doja Cat (Birds of Prey) The song Justin Timberlake and SZA did for Trolls World Tour Probably something from Pixar's "Soul" I really have no idea what could be nominated in this category lol
  4. If "Soul" gets "Inside out" kind of reviews, and with all that's been hapenning lately, do you all think it could have a shot at big categories? Best screenplay or even Best film?
  5. We know for sure no 2020 movie will get to a billion dollars WW, as cinemas won't be open yet at it's full capacity, so do you think by early 2021 we will be getting billion dollar films again? Which will be the first post-COVID film to do so?
  6. So, this is just 3 months away, and there's not even a trailer or something for this?
  7. You're right, I forgot about that one... it probably go a little past 1B
  8. My first predictions for WW Box office of 2020: 1. Fast and furious 9 - 950M 2. Wonder woman 2 - 905M 3. Bond 25 - 880M 4. Mulan - 860M 5. The eternals - 770M 6. Black widow - 720M 7. Venom 2 - 700M 8. Godzilla vs. Kong - 600M 9. Tenet - 530M 10. The new mutants - 480M Birds of Prey - 360M Dune - 300M
  9. Well, Inside out was a masterpiece, and it still got overshadowed by Minions in 2015, so I think there is a big chance that SLOP2 will end up surprising everyone and being bigger than TS4... besides, many Pixar fans don't agree with a 4th entry of the franchise, and TS is no longer a big thing among this generation's kids.
  10. Well, Cinderella is way more popular than Aladdin, and it grossed $543, even with the good reviews... Aladdin hasn't had good reactions so far to it's first images.
  11. Here is my WW prediction for 2019: 1. The Lion King 2.1B 2. Avengers EndGame 1.92B 3. Star Wars IX 1.5B 4. Frozen 2 1.39B 5. Toy Story 4 1.25M 6. The Secret Life of Pets 2 1.15M 7. Spiderman 2 943M 8. Wonder Woman 1984 916M 9. Detective Pikachu 855M 10. Jumanji 3 750M Others: Shazam 746M Captain Marvel 677M It: Chapter 2 634M Fast furious Spin-off 9 620M Aladdin 543M Godzilla: King of Monsters 541M Dark Phoenix 450M
  12. 2 years later, and actually it did score a well reviewd film with Wonder woman
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