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  1. So, most of the important potential contenders for this year that I've seen so far have made this season feel really dissapointing, not that those are bad films, but I feel like I've seen nothing new, the same messages about racism and injustice that we've seen in tons of films before, and many films dealing with the same subjects and using similar formulas. I feel like this year's award season has focused so much on delivering strong and relevant messages for today's society through character studies that they forgot to actually deliver some story or bringing something different to the table, that they end up being completely predictable films. I know this has been a weak year due to COVID and many films had to be postponed, but imo there were some great films with great reviews that somehow got completely overlook this year, like The Gentlemen, Clouds or Uncle Frank, those would've probably added some variety into this season. Anyways, here's my rank of the potential contenders I've seen so far: 1. Soul 2. Sound of metal (The only films that actually care to tell a story and to add something different to the table, and sadly, the least likely to get nominated) 3. The trial of Chicago 7 (Interesting film, nice acting, but yet, completely predictable and not very different from other trial films, basically just relevant because of the huge cast and the associationg with 2020's riots) 4. One Night in Miami 5. Ma. Rainey's Black Bottom 6. Mank
  2. As Fast as I Can Best Picture Best Director (Alfonso Cuarón) Best Ensemble Best Actor (Jaeden Martell) Best Actress Best Supporting Actor (Leonardo DiCaprio) Best Supporting Actress (Julianne Moore) Best Original Screenplay Best Original Score Best Original Song (Go, Maroon 5) Best Cinematography Best Film Editing
  3. Thank you! ☺️ Yeah, I really enjoy it, I'm already editing my post to make it longer as I've seen most posts here have long synopsis, and I just want my film to be a success, so I don't want to miss any steps for promotion or award recognition 😎 I expect to release some more films. I think I'll name my studio "Roco Productions"
  4. I'm new at this, so please tell me if I'm doing this right and what should I do next to help my film 😰 Title: As Fast As I Can Director: Alfonso Cuarón Genre: Family, Sport, Crime Release Date: December 6th, Year 8 Major Cast: Jaeden Martell - Thomas Leonardo DiCaprio - Lewis Dev Patel - Joe Thomasin McKenzie - Ellie Halle Berry - Trainer Taylor Julianne Moore - Katie Theater Count: 3,100 MPA Rating: PG-13 Runtime: 116 mins Production Budget: $30 Million Original Song: Go by Maroon 5 Plot Summary: *Video and picture montage of Thomas family as he is growing up with upbeat music for background, including home recordings of competitions at parks and schools, and of the trophys he has won, and the last one being a clip of them watching TV of the Olympic games and getting excited with it, then the film title appears on screen* Talented young athlete Thomas (Jaeden Martell) has shown a huge love for athleticism since he was a little child and has got an incredible talent, winning most leagues and championships he has participated on, always with the support of his parents Lewis (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Katie (Julianne Moore), and his sister Ellie (Thomasin McKenzie), but what he has always dreamed of is going to the Olympic games. "Remember Thomas, this race is really important, you've got this!", the countdown begins, and we see the family cheering and screaming in support, as Thomas races and starts to gain advantage over the other athletes, at first he seems to be struggling a little, but after a few seconds, he goes ahead and wins it, the family goes to a restaurant to celebrate, as all conversation goes towards the race, Ellie tries to talk a little about how she did good on her tests, but she gets little attention from the rest of the family, so she keeps on topic about the race. *Katie is in the hospital, non-explicit mastography scene, then in the waiting room, and then in medical consultation, the doctor is talking to her, then she is driving silently in the car and parks over and starts to cry, when she gets to the house she talks to Lewis, he hugs her hard, so after a long family conversation she gets support from all the family and decides to start chemotherapy. *Lewis goes with Katie to the hospital, as she starts the therapy, he holds her hand and hugs her. Back in the house she is puking in the bathroom.* *Lewis talks to Katie and Thomas that the monetary situation is critical and they talk about what stuff they could sell to get some money, they decide to sell Thomas car* *Another scene of Thomas racing, this time, with the family watching, Katie is looking a little bit more deteriorated, while the race is on, she starts coughing and faints, as soon as Thomas looks, he stops racing and runs towards them and they take her to the hospital.* One day at the hospital, Katie talks to Thomas and tells him how proud she is, and she makes him promise her, that he would keep on doing what he loves the best he can. "I only hope to be alive for the time that you achieve being a worldwide winner". Sadly, she dies a few days later. After her death, Lewis showed support to his kids as a lovely father, but at lonely times during the night he starts drinking until falling asleep. A couple months letter, Thomas receives a letter from the National Olympic Comitee informing him that he got accepted as a candidate for preliminars. He looks at the letter, and then looks at a picture of her mother. Ellie enters the room and takes the letter from his hands, and reads it overwhelmed with joy for his brother. The only problem is he is required to pay for expensive uniforms, a professional trainer and travelling across the country, but the family spent most of their money with Katie's therapy. When he knew about all the money that was required, Lewis told Thomas that they wouldn't be able to afford it, Thomas didn't seem okay with it and they started discussing louder and louder until the screams came in. They all had been through a lot, so they couldn't help to have all of their feeling they had silenced before to come out in that moment, and hurtful things were said by both. Katy tried to control them both, but they wouldn't listen to her, so she started crying, as Thomas went on to his bedroom, and Lewis walked out the house to a bar nearby. So Lewis gets a deal with a criminal drug group leaded by Joe (Dev Patel). As Thomas keeps on winning with the support of his sister Ellie and his trainer Taylor (Halle Berry) he gets closer to the Olympic games, while his father gets more involved with the criminal group, putting Katy and Tom's lifes at risk.
  5. When would you think it would be a better date for this one? At this point VOD or streaming seems like a strong possiblity tbh
  6. It's only 4 weeks for the release date, so if they're delaying they should be announcing it soon...
  7. Does "The Gentlemen" has any chances in comedy categories or somewhere? It got fine reviews, but I don't see it anywhere being predicted
  8. In a year with no many options, do you think "Mortal Kombat Legend's Scorpion's Revenge has a change? It has done well among public and critics...
  9. Ritmo - The Black Eyed Peas (Bad Boys for Life): There's no chance this is getting nominated, but I really like this song Husavik (Eurovision Song Contest) Something from Hamilton? Boss bitch - Doja Cat (Birds of Prey) The song Justin Timberlake and SZA did for Trolls World Tour Probably something from Pixar's "Soul" I really have no idea what could be nominated in this category lol
  10. If "Soul" gets "Inside out" kind of reviews, and with all that's been hapenning lately, do you all think it could have a shot at big categories? Best screenplay or even Best film?
  11. We know for sure no 2020 movie will get to a billion dollars WW, as cinemas won't be open yet at it's full capacity, so do you think by early 2021 we will be getting billion dollar films again? Which will be the first post-COVID film to do so?
  12. So, this is just 3 months away, and there's not even a trailer or something for this?
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