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  1. It's really unfortunate that it's most likely going to miss both #3 Domestic and #3 Worldwide by not having about $20 million bigger domestic gross. Incredible run either way but it would have been really cool to reach #3 Domestic, #3 Overseas and #3 Worldwide.
  2. IW is $10 million away from beating TLJ's Worldwide gross with it's Overseas gross. It's also $10 million away (USA + Overseas) from TRIPLING Justice League's worldwide gross. By the end of it's run, it would rank #9 Worldwide, with it's Overseas gross only. A stunning, historic overseas run.
  3. ''TLJ went to interesting places...'' The biggest problem is that it really went nowhere. I'm not a fan of Star Wars, i have no nostalgic loyalty to Luke Skywalker, i'm first and foremost a film fan. I went there expecting a bold film and the film gave me the worst of both worlds, it thrashes the saga in it's supposed subversiveness and yet 30 minutes before the end, it jarringly course corrects and brings back the old status quo in a thoroughly unsatisfied manner. Kylo is a deranged psychopath who kills his father at the end of the first, Kylo is a deranged psychopath who ''kills'' his mentor had he not been a hologram, and would have killed his mother at the end of the second. Rey is a improbably skilled, smart, lucky do-gooder that learns everything on the fly and she does exactly the same in the second. The less said about Finn and Poe and their lack of development, the better. The only thing that changed between TFA and TLJ, is that Kylo is the Supreme Leader instead of Snoke. That's it. Everything else including the island scenes, the should-have-been-cut Casino scenes and the endless ship chase scenes, which is more or less 3/4 of the film, belong in a TV show where you have 12-20 episodes to fill it with some plot points that are fundamentally useless to the grand scheme of things. Had RJ had the conviction to stick the landing i would have applauded the effort and most likely really enjoyed his take. As it is, he managed to both piss of a huge portion of the fans and yet apart from killing Snoke, he did nothing to further the trilogy let alone the franchise, only confirming the boring evil Kylo vs precious Rey showdown that we already saw in TFA.
  4. Some people never learn do they? If someone said after Iron Man 2 and Thor that The Avengers would make 1,5 billion he would have been ridiculed to no end. Just a reminder that the solo films before the Avengers had the following Worldwide grosses: Iron Man $585 million The Hulk $263 million Captain America $370 million Thor $450 million Iron Man 2 $624 million Except Iron Man, none of these had great reviews nor great word of mouth, which obviously means that it'll be an unbelievable success if it makes $800 million. $1 billion is a pipe dream. $1,5 billion? Go get some fresh air. If someone said last year that Black Panther would beat The Last Jedi domestically and would give it a run for it's money Worldwide, that person would have been deemed a troll. And yet here we are. Name me a franchise that has culminated with it's 19th film that combines dozens of superheros against a villain that has been build up and teased for 6 years. I'll wait. There's no precedent to something like this, just as there was no precedent to the first Avengers. I feel obligated to say that the last thing i would describe myself would be a Marvel fan. Which doesn't prevent me from having a huge admiration for their world building and meticulous planning. We're in uncharted territory here fellas, and anything can happen.
  5. I haven't loved a single MCU film. I've liked Guardians 1/2, Doctor Strange and the first Iron Man. I LOVED Black Panther. It has joined Spider Man 2 and The Dark Knight as great films, not just great superhero films. The score, the acting, the costumes, the rich tradition and customs, the villain, the writing...the total package. Just my .2
  6. Doctor Strange was visually stunning and pretty tightly edited and written, so it really doesn't matter whether it's an A or C list hero, what's important is how it's made. Strange's trailers were like Inception on LSD while Justice League looked like an unfinished CGI mess by the same director that delivered BvS which was a tremendous disappointment by any standard. I'm approximately 2140 times bigger Batman fan than MCU fan, but i went to see Strange at the cinema, had a blast, while i didn't bother to see Justice League after wasting my time with BvS and Suicide Squad. You would think that after Guardians made more than any Superman and XMen film, that studios would understand that brand name by itself means nothing without something interesting to hook the audience but i guess not. Let's still label Thor, Mister Doctor and Guardians C and D level while giving the A characters a terrible treatment and then wonder about the results.
  7. Following this Box Office run is like following the rest of the NY Giants' season. The season is already over, it's only a mere formality and a bit of curiosity whether they win another game or not (and whether JL finishes with $665 or $690). At least there's always next season for the Giants.
  8. Marvel would have been fine either way but i'm incredibly happy for a singular talent like Waititi getting such a huge gig and delivering on every level.
  9. Domestic: $183,658,239 36.7% + Foreign: $316,800,000 63.3% = Worldwide: $500,458,239 A really magnificent run considering it's not a sequel, it's not in 3D, it's doesn't have any stars, little to no dialogue, and it pushed art-as-a-Hollywood-blockbuster as much as it can. 94 on MC, 93% on RT with a fantastic 8,7/10 average, $500 million and a big awards contender. I'd say, the film is a success.
  10. The Dark Samurai

    Top 60 films in Europe by ticket sales since 1996

    Update for Star Wars the Force Awakens: 63,181,004 tickets sold, making the film the third biggest after Avatar and Titanic. Kind of crazy that no Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter film sold as many tickets, even though Star Wars is generally considered to be not too popular outside USA. Outside of the slight underperformance in China, an absolutely historical box office run.
  11. The Dark Samurai

    Transformers: The Last Knight (June 23, 2017)

    Without China: TF1 $672,490,963 TF2 $770,466,403 TF3 $958,694,079 TF4 $784,054,072 TF5 $320,981,649
  12. 2008 The Dark Knight 94% 2009 Wolverine Origins 38% 2016 Batman vs Superman 27% 2017 Logan 94%
  13. Parker's character in the first two Raimi films is fantastically written. He makes mistakes but has a sense of humility and doesn't let authority cloud his mind. He never trusts Osbourne, he declines his offer for a job even before he knew he was the Goblin, he questions Octavius' equations when they have dinner and saves the day when he realised before everyone that experiment was going wrong. On the other hand you have Marvel's misguided, idol-stricken, indoctrinated idiot that takes Stark's word for granted and accepts to risk his life for no reason whatsoever except he was blackmailed to do it. (Come with us or i'll tell your Aunt.) Then he proceeds to fight Cap and Co. and just parrots what Stark told him proving he's as gullible as they come. Spider-Man is fiercely independent in every single version the character, whether Lee's version or the Ultimate one. This kid is like a wannabe gangbanger who tries to impress the gang leader against the other gang so he can get in. Like i said, hopefully i'm wrong but everything from the pre-production to screenplay leaks has led me to believe that i'm going to dislike this version as much as Webb's.
  14. Holland's highly caffeinated take on Spider-Man just doesn't do it for me. He acts shocked at everything unusual he sees, even though he's literally half human half spider in a world where superheroes are public, along with alien invasions and Norse Gods. Being Stark's errand boy for no logical reason except to shoehorn the character into Civil War and now Stark being the one who makes the costume and the upgrades? He's taking the role of Uncle Ben in Peter's life and that's just not Spider-Man. Not for me. Spidey's my favorite character so i paid to endure Webb's carbon copy + his follow up abomination, and of course i'm seeing this in cinemas but i have no excitement at all. Hopefully i'm wrong and this is great.

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