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4.10 "The Last That Could Be Done"

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New episode.


Season 4, Game 10


Deadline: Friday, June 21 at 8:00 P.M. Eastern (7:00 P.M. Central)


Predict the following:


1. Predict the combined weekend per theater averages of Monsters University and World War Z


2. Predict World War Z's Saturday percent share of its weekend gross (e.g. 10 million on Saturday and 30 million weekend gross would be 33%, 33.3%, or 33.33%)


3. Predict the per theater average difference between The Bling Rings pta last weekend ($42,879) and its per theater average this weekend.


4. Predict Man of Steel's weekend percent drop


5. This is the End's budget is reported to be 32 million. Predict the difference between its total gross through the end of the weekend (as a percent of its budget) and its second weekend gross as a percent of its budget. (EXAMPLE: If it is at 40 million through the end of the weekend, that's 125% of its budget. If its weekend gross is 8 million, that's 25% of its budget. 125% - 25% = 100%. 100% would be your answer)

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Whatcha talking about? I see The Bling Ring...lol.

Oh... Sorry. My eyes must've tricked me


Yeah... Sure... You can't fool me that easy, fool.

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Only now did I realize you asked for Saturday percent of share instead of Friday. No wonder I did so low on that question -.-


I nearly nailed Friday...

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I think I did very well this week. Nailed Bling Ring. Almost perfectly accurate. Everything else went well. Even MOS. 

more than 99.55% accuracy on Bling Ring question?  :)

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4.10 "The Last That Could Be Done"


A New Legend Will Be Born


We remain at a crossroads in the season, and the Top Ten is about to be determined. There are 11 players left...and more than one will be going home this week. Among those 11 players, only 3 retain Legend Power Chips. CEDAR used his own chip but now possesses his partner Riczhang's chip. Goffe still maintains a little of his point-collector chip and thus continues to absorb the points of the players who are eliminated each week. And DoctorWho, despite having used his chip to bring Numbers to his team, has now acquired Alfred's power chip. So three Legends left out of an original seven. 


But this week, another Legend will be revealed. It's coming soon.


In the meanwhile, Alfred still has a shot to regain his Legend Chip, or to take another chip. He may venture again into the Legend Challenge to earn another Legend Power Chip, or he may face his elimination there. Doc made this bold move last week and came out a strong survivor...and the winner of that Challenge. Riczhang, too, may choose to return to the Legend Challenge and take another chip, but Riczhang is poised in a superior position to most of the other players: as a fellow "Shadowkiller", Riczhang is allied to the top dog Legend CEDAR, who still retains one more chip...which he'll be cashing out this week, most likely. 


Each team this season has had a Legend at some point other than "The Gold Seekers". But Jay and veteran ChD have done well for themselves over the course of the season, even without a Legend to back them. Their success shows that the Legends may not be all they're cracked up to be: they are not the sole winners of this game. Just because someone is not a Legend does not mean he cannot win this game. Even the newest players of the series are showing some tremendous skill that rivals some of the Legends: Chasmmi has stepped up to become one of the biggest players in the past couple weeks, even outperforming his own Legend teammate Alfred. In many ways, Chasmmi's strength about equals Alfred's, despite Alfred's greater experience in the game. And of course, Numbers proves to be the most impressive of the newcomers. Despite having just had all his points stripped from him, he has managed to be one of the top dogs all season long, leading "The Equation Sensation" to three consecutive victories. Numbers has been allied to two Legends this season: Goffe and DoctorWho. In both instances, Numbers has proven to be the better competitor in the pair. Should Legend status be granted to Numbers, he may rival CEDAR and could probably have taken on Totem if he had chosen to remain alive. 


Unfortunately, this episode is going to be a really trying one, as some unexpected eliminations and other events are about to go down. Before we get to any of that, though, let's take a glimpse at the scores this week:


The Earth Shakers

24Lost: 91.95% +4 (+1 3rd team, +3 90%+)

4815162342: 93.74% +6 (+2 2nd individual, +1 3rd team, +3 90%+)

DoctorWho: 90.16% +9 (+1 3rd team, +3 90%+, +5 won Legend Challenge 2)

AVG: 91.95% +19


The Equation Sensation

Goffe: 92.33% +10 (+3 90%+, +1 highest Question 3, +6 stole Schumacher's points)

Jim Shorts: 85.25% +4 (+2 85%+, +1 highest Question 1, +1 highest Question 2)

AVG: 88.79% +14


The Destroyers of Evil

Alfred: 86.92% +2 (+2 85%+)

Chasmmi: 91.13% +3 (+3 90%+)

Spaghetti: 92.46% +4 (+3 90%+, +1 highest Question 5)

AVG: 90.17% +9


The Gold Seekers

ChD: 92.68% +12 (+2 2nd team, +3 90%+, +7 won Challenge 9)

Jay Salahi: 93.19% +6 (+1 3rd individual, +2 2nd team, +3 90%+)

AVG: 92.94% +18


The Shadowkillers

CEDAR: 92.66% +15 (+3 1st team, +3 highest Legend, +3 90%+, +1 highest Question 4, +5 won Legend Challenge 1)

Riczhang: 95.15% +13 (+5 1st individual, +3 1st team, +4 95%+, +1 highest Question 5)

AVG: 93.91% +28




"The Shadowkillers" have finally won again. The team originally consisted of three Legends, but now it's down to one. Acsc was eliminated, and Riczhang had his Legend chip stolen the same week. But CEDAR possesses one more Legend Chip, and it's very deadly. CEDAR will use it this week, and all hell shall break loose.


But another Legend wishes to cash in on his Legend chip now. Actually, it's not even his chip to begin with. DoctorWho already used his own Legend chip two weeks ago, but last week, he acquired a new Legend Chip from Alfred after defeating him in the Legend Challenge. Now, DoctorWho is ready to activate that power.


ALFRED'S LEGEND CHIP (used by DoctorWho): The use of this Legend Chip allows the Legend in control to withdraw from the game for a set period of time. In other words, the Legend goes back to the limbo stage from whence he originated at the start of the season. DoctorWho, like Alfred, was in this limbo stage in the first episode of the season, but Jim Shorts jerked him out of it in the second episode. The limbo stage ensures that a Legend cannot be touched...he is safe entirely from the actions of the game. Now that DoctorWho has decided to use this power chip, he will be exiting the game for a few weeks, thus ensuring that he will have a spot in the Top Ten. While this may seem selfish as he leaves his teammates to fend for themselves, it is not entirely to benefit himself. A side-effect of the chip is this: the Legend must forfeit all his points. In this case, DoctorWho didn't have that many points to relinquish. Had he used this chip last week, he would have had more points. But this week, he acquired 9 points...which he must give up to his teammates. So those 9 points will now be divided between 24Lost and Numbers, to help them fight off the Challenges. DoctorWho is now gone from the game, until his chip runs out of fuel, or he decides to return.

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