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5.5 "The Creator's Game"

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I need to withdraw from the game my friends for personal reasons. I am really sorry to do this, but I have to deal with family issues right now, so I don't have the time I need to play this game. 

That's alright. Disappointed to see you go as I had been rigging it to see you to the finale, but it's all good and well.

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A Farewell


Many players have left us this season, from Challenges to walk outs. Perhaps few sting as much as this. In a farewell ode, we see veteran of two prior seasons ChD leave us for the duration of Season 5. ChD, captain of "ChD's Covenant", withdraws from the season after time catches up to him. With that, we see ChD off and wish him well in his ventures, wherever they may take him.


-The Creator

I'm a team of one!!!! YAYYYYYY



help me

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