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5.5 "The Creator's Game"

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5.5 "The Creator's Game"


As you can assume from the title....something interesting is going down this week as we wind out the first third of the season with an explosive bang. For now, just focus on these questions.




1. Predict Thor: The Dark World's weekend gross as a percent of the overall weekend top 12 gross (e.g. if Thor 2 makes 50 million and the weekend top 12 gross is 150 million, your answer could be 33%, 33.3%, or 33.33%.)


2. Predict the difference  Thor: The Dark World's opening weekend gross and Thor's (2011) opening weekend gross (65.72 million)


3. Predict Ender Game's weekend percent drop 


4. Predict the combined gross of Last Vegas and Free Birds as a percent of their combined gross last weekend (32.14 million)


5. Predict Gravity's total gross through the end of the weekend

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So problem question of the week this week was lucky number 2. Over 90% on everything else if actuals are to be believed (Although to score less that 90 on questions 1 and 5 would have required a brain malfunction of the highest order this week I think).

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My laptop is broken for a week at the least until I go home. I have to rely on university computers in the meantime so I can't find time or place to score and run the game for at least a week until I get it fixed. So unfortunately I havr to postpone for like a week. So sorry guys. I really disapprove of this myself.

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