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5.5 "The Creator's Game"

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5.5 "The Creator's Game"


Box Office Alliance has always been a game of chance, fate, luck, competition, and fortune. Each season witnesses new bursts of energy and dedication from its many players. With the changing seasons comes changing focus, and this season marks a transition to a different format of gameplay and ultimately to the grand showdown we've been waiting for. Nothing has been constant over the course of five seasons. There have been a number of changes, from the way in which players are paired onto teams to the ways in which players have been eliminated. We've seen transitions in teh format of the game each season, and we've witnessed the emergence of new and important facotrs that influence each season as a whole. Players have come and gone. Some have been around for a while, yet others have been quick to depart. Yet no one person has been around for the entirety of the game. After nearly 70 episodes, we have been through a lot together, but no player has appeared in all episodes, and only a couple have been present all five seasons. So to declare one person the star of Box Office Alliance seems difficult, and it is. For that reason, we cannot say that one player is the upmost best player of the series. There are a variety of top dogs, but even among themselves, they constantly compete for the top spot. Quite often, it is a different player who gets it each time. But all are worthy, and Box Office Alliance has shown us that there is a lot of skillful people out there, and I am glad to have them on board for this game. They have made it the success that it has become.


At this time, I would like to take a look at the results of our most recent game, delayed to technical difficulties.


Alfred's Alliance

Alfred: 89.23% +5 (+1 3rd individual, +2 2nd team, +2 85%+)

Tower: 88.64% +5 (+2 2nd team, +2 85%+, +1 highest Question 5)

AVG: 88.94% +10



Chasmmi's Circle

Chasmmi: 85.62% +4 (+1 3rd team, +2 85%+, +1 highest Question 3)

Films: 87.46% +3 (+1 3rd team, +2 85%+)

AVG: 86.54%+7


ChD's Covenant

ChD: 0.00% -1 (_1 1st strike)


AVG: 35.14% -1


The Equation Sensation

Goffe:93.34% +13 (+5 hgihest individual, +3 1st team, +3 90%+, +1 highest Question 1, +1 highest Question 2)

Jim Shorts:90.74% +9 (+2 2nd idnividual, +3 1st team, +3 90%+, +1 highest Question 4)

AVG: 92.04% +22


The Shadowgods

Olive: 84.36% +1 (+1 80%+)

Gizmo: 65.28% (placeholder) -1 (-1 1st strike)

​AVG: 74.82%


Tawasal's Gathering

Tawasal: 80.26% +1 (+1 80%+)

Fmpro: 80.26%  +5 (+1 80%+, +4 won Challenge 5.4)

Grim22: 80.26% +1 (+1 80%+)

AVG: 80.26% +7

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5.5 "The Creator's Game"


The Ventures


But The Creator has always been here.


This week, each Team Captain will compete in The Ventures. What is on the line is not the fate of their team, nor of their lives...but of those who have already passed. The Creator has placed a Resurrection Stone in play for the Ventures this week. Who-so-ever shall win shall be able to resurrect one, or perhaps multiple, of the eliminated players who have gone so quickly these past few weeks. So, without further ado, here is this week's Ventures:


Predict the following

1. Catching Fire's Wednesday gross


2. Thor: The Dark World's Wednesday per theater average


3. Delivery Man's Wednesday percent change (specify + or -)


DEADLINE: Thursday, November 28 at 5:00 A.M. Eastern (4:00 A.M. Central)



Remember, only the Team Captains need to answer these.


The winner will also determine who goes into The Challenge this week...but "The Equation Sensation" will be immune as they scored highest.

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The Ventures


The Team Captains went in for another Ventures this week. What was on the line? A Resurrection Stone. The Team Captain that won would come to possess a Resurrection Stone that he could use to bring back a teammate or anyone who has passed on already. Below are the scores for the Team Captains.

















JIm Shorts:




It was tremendously close, much closer than anticipated. Alfred came out of left field and stole the Stone from Jim shorts, who likely intended to use this as a prime moment to Resurrect his partner Numbers, who was eliminated a few weeks back. Instead, Alfred is in possession of the Resurrection Stone...it is his to use with as he pleases.

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A Farewell


Many players have left us this season, from Challenges to walk outs. Perhaps few sting as much as this. In a farewell ode, we see veteran of two prior seasons ChD leave us for the duration of Season 5. ChD, captain of "ChD's Covenant", withdraws from the season after time catches up to him. With that, we see ChD off and wish him well in his ventures, wherever they may take him.


-The Creator

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