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Cast Actors For Heroes/Villains

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Sean Bean - Graviton, Kang


Kristen Bell - Moonstone


Aldis Hodge - Black Panther


Cumberbatch/James Ransone/Urban/Owen/Oded Fehr - Dr. Strange


William Mosley - Andreas Von Strucker


Camilla Belle - Andrea Von Strucker


Brendan Gleeson/Christoph Waltz - Doctor Faustus


Amber Heard, Alice Eve, Malin Akerman, Milla Jovovich, Hilary Swank - Ms. Marvel

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I know it isn't realistic, but I'd like to hear Claudia Black as a voiced character (I think she doesn't really take the time for filming bigger roles due to her family/children), as I think she can do interesting things with her voice. And might even get some game-fanatics to go and watch a movie.

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