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  1. Didn't know "standalone" means continuing WandaVision's story and building it up for Doctor Strange 2 😅
  2. He's still one of the most moral characters in the story and Red Son doesn't compare to dumb shit like Brightburn or a straight up evil Superman like in The Boys.
  3. If it hadn't been for BvS, I would have been interested in Superman vs. The Elite where The Elite are kind of the flipped, villainous versions of The Boys and Superman is actually the real deal unlike Homelander. BvS tried to do it, but it could only go to a certain degree without vilifying Batman, who was in the role of Billy Butcher, too much (also, it was more pre-occupied with setting up the Justice League). As things stand now, I think maybe the next outing for Supes would be an alternate universe take on Superman: Red Son. Wasn't a big fan of the original story but last year's animated movie adaptation was really strong, save for the climax (but that can be fixed). As it was an AU story, it was freed up of all the constraints that BvS had when it came to the characterizations of Batman, Superman and co.
  4. She also played Queen Hippolyta in the Wonder Woman 1977 TV show.
  5. Even Captain America is easier to write as he is a reflection of something exterior, like the concept of America and its various systems. It's why subjects like America's role in WW2, government corruption, and the rights of citizens fit him like a glove. Superman is a reflection of something very internal, the potential of humanity to be true and just.* That's harder to pull off without coming across as cheesy. I mean, you can just make a Superman as a laser blasting tank movie too but people will come for you then too. *"the American way" was added later to his slogan by the radio show during the World War 2 era, it's not necessarily one of his core values.
  6. History in the making. First CBM to come out in the last remaining dump month. (Yeah I know Bad Boys, but Morbius is no BBFL)
  7. Yeah, this is what Evans is returning for. Probably RDJ too. It's going to be a quasi-Avengers movie like Civil War, except with alternate universe versions. Interwebz already buzzing about Nazi Cap. Will Feige go there?
  8. Assuming this happens in a hypothetical situation, how will it be jointly controlled by Comcast and AT&T? Any prominent examples of subsidiaries of two different parent companies merging that serve as approximate comparisons?
  9. Warner/Universal (WU? Wuni?) merger incoming?
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