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  1. BatB majorly made money because the fangirls and boys rushed to watch the actress who played one geeky heroine play another one from their childhood memories. It also released in a perfect time about 4 months after the disillusionment of Elections 2016, where people were really in need of more empowered heroines, and Belle was one they were always familiar with. I still can't believe that tripe passed 500M domestically lmao
  2. I don't see much difference. Both are on the gaudier side, with a darker and duller tint for their night scenes than their respective animated movies. The glimpses of Gaston and the town scenes at the end of the BatB trailer look a little better but then again it is more than a minute longer than the Aladdin trailer.
  3. Venom and "Damaged" forehead tattooed Joker were plenty mocked too. Didn't stop those two films from making a killing at the BO (and Suicide Squad didn't even have China).
  4. Passing the first one would be enough of an outstanding victory for this considering what a phenom the OG was. As of now, this has the best chance of foiling Panda's all 2019 movies under their predecessors club IMO. Which is amazing in many ways.
  5. They should have continued with the Eisenberg recruiting villains in post-credits theme that they had started in Justice League.
  6. ...did it though? People were complaining about everything from Watson's stilted acting to the sad monstrosities that were the anthropomorphic furniture and Beast's weird face. The only place where I can legitimately say it does better than the Aladdin first trailer is the use of music.
  7. Yeah, that revelation gave the MAGA crowd quite the raging boner on social media last night. Poor Jurnee, can't imagine how incredibly awkward it must be for her.
  8. Funko's official Twitter account casually dropping major spoilers
  9. The first Frozen thread was BO/BOT's most Googled thread if I remember correctly. Single-handedly brought in an influx of new members and refused to die down until... 2016 I guess?
  10. Fun Fact: Since 2013, Elsa and Anna have appeared on the big screen every year barring 2016. 2013/14 - Frozen 2015 - Frozen Fever 2017 - Olaf's Christmas Adventure 2018 - Ralph Breaks The Internet 2019 - Frozen II
  11. If the anti-Ghostbusters 2016 crowd comes for this if it makes 136M OW, I'm blaming you.
  12. The Disney channel didn't even appear yesterday on YT's first results page when I searched "frozen 2 trailer'. In fact, Disney UK was the first official channel that appeared. The views are being split like crazy.
  13. Spazzing out with AndyLL over a Frozen thread. Good times. Hopefully DamienRoc, Frozen Unicorn and the rest of the crew return (with @Claire of Themyscira playing the mandatory antagonist who pops in to tell Elsa stans to shut it ). Also, it's been 5+ years since late 2013/early 2014?

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