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  1. The theatrical cut of the original was nowhere as terrible as the theatrical cut of Justice League 🤷‍♂️
  2. The reviews say it deserves the rating but after BOP's underperformance, I dunno if it was the best decision to make Harley's next feature R-rated too. Her fanbase skews younger than what DC thinks. 🤷‍♂️
  3. So will this set the record for biggest leap in RT percentages between a sequel and its original film?
  4. Andrew Koji and Rege-Jean are better candidates for Bond. Like someone previously mentioned, Golding is always overshadowed by his co-stars in his movies.
  5. Reeves said Selina Kyle will be introduced before she's in costume but nothing about her not donning the costume later on in the film.
  6. Going by this trailer alone, they already seem to have expanded Chani's role from the books. Lady Jessica OTOH. She's technically the main character along with Paul but these trailers make her seem like Veiled Background Lady.
  7. You'll LOVE Euphoria then. Every episode is narrated by her and each episode explores the backstory of a different character.
  8. No new Sony or Disney release since then. They'll probably debut it for Jungle Cruise next week.
  9. A decade from now when there will be an expose on Jared Leto's cult, there will be members saying they were required to start Twitter accounts asking for more of Leto Joker as part of the initiation.
  10. It's been 7 months since Disney Investor Day already?? Where does the time go? Still hoping this is true. The film will be huge if BTS is in it, even if it isn't in a major capacity.
  11. Everyone knows this is going to be Fanboy Service: The Movie. Doesn't mean it can't be fun like how Space Jam 2 is looking to be.
  12. So now all three main Spidey movie couples have been a real thing at one point or the other, right? Tobey/Kirsten, Andrew/Emma and now Tomdaya?
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