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  1. Venom's first two acts were pretty spectacle-lite for superhero fare. Having said that, looks like Joker is something else altogether. It doesn't need to make gargantuan Venom numbers in China to be successful though.
  2. Yeah, I forgot that that was the movie where Iago switched sides. But considering it was just a move to get Gilbert Gottfried to be a part of the tv show (since they were losing Williams), I don't think it would matter if we never saw Iago in the live action verse again (assuming Will is going to return for the sequels, along with Naseem Pedrad's Dalia who wasn't a part of the OG animated gang).
  3. King of Thieves is as it competently combines the Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves story with Aladdin, with elements of King Midas thrown in. It works very well as a Middle Eastern equivalent of a Pirates-y swashbuckling adventure. Return of Jafar OTOH is a hot mess that they should avoid. Would be more interested if the second movie involves Shirabad, Jasmine's mother's kingdom in the film (hinted to be in South Asia), and then end the trilogy with King of Thieves. I want to point out though that there were many storylines from the spin-off television show that were far superior to the DTV sequel movies. That's another source they could look to for inspiration when it comes to the live action sequels.
  4. People want an Incredibles 3 to complete the trilogy. Did anyone ask for a TS4? In that context, this is somewhat of an overperformance. If it had middling reviews and stiffer competition, a <90M OW could've been on the cards.
  5. So you mean to say... he was a diamond in the rough?
  6. The line of Scooby shows and direct to video movies hasn't stopped at all though. There was even a Scooby-Doo/Batman animated crossover movie recently. There was probably more original Scooby stuff in the 2010s than there was in the 90s.
  7. LMAO this revisionist history when you were throwing shade at the movie since Week 1 of its release when it was still far from becoming a phenom and there were barely any stans. Receipts:
  8. No. Anna's story is a deconstruction of the classic Disney Princess tropes and it is weightier than Enchanted which tried the same thing but in a more light-hearted manner.
  9. Anna >> Rapunzel Heck, Rapunzel is just a rehash of Ariel without the lover girl angle (well, that too happens in the second half and like Ariel, Rapunzel needs to be rescued by her male hero in the final act too).
  10. I don't know what's more surprising: the underestimation of Aladdin's popularity as an IP or Disney goofing up early Aladdin marketing.
  11. Speechless is just another one of those cases where the right piece of media struck an emotional chord with audiences when they needed it the most. Not surprised at all with its success.
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