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  1. Didn't a lady who try for the BW job say that Marvel told her she needed to direct only the emotional/talky scenes and the action sequences would be handled by someone else? So it's not like they are compromising after hiring. They are hiring under the assumption that women can't direct action. Having said that, these are such community made movies that I don't know if even the male directors (other than a few exceptions like Gunn, Waititi and Coogler) have a lot of say on every element of their film. Jon Watts literally being hired again and again for being a "team player".
  2. These reviews aren't that surprising for a movie based on the Eternals. They aren't all that. Also, introducing a dozen new characters at once and trying to make them memorable is a tall order, Oscar winning director/writer or not. Even the first Guardians had a far more manageable number of 5.
  3. The thing about Batfleck was that there was potential to bring in an older Batfamily who had been pushed away or walked away from Bruce but eventually came back to each other. There are elements of a really good Mike Flanagan psychological family drama there. However, Snyder's plan was to make Dick Grayson the one to be murdered by the Joker which probably meant he had no plans for the Robins at all beyond dead Dick traumatizing Bruce.
  4. Why'd they have to edit the first two clips like that with Marky Mark meeting Tom at a bar and then Marky Mark with Tom at home undressed? It feels like the start of a Judd Apatow romcom from the 00's.
  5. Leaving out Messiah is kind of like ending Into the Woods at the middle with the deceptive happy ending, leaving out the second part that overtly deconstructs fairy tale tropes. Messiah is where the themes of the story really come to life.
  6. This is the most shameless (and hilarious) spoiling of a surprise reveal/twist by media outlets more than two weeks out from the movie's release. Has such a thing happened before? British media in particular seem to have no chill.
  7. Exactly. A Wrinkle In Time, The Lion King, Rise of Skywalker, Wonder Woman 1984 and even awards fare like The United States vs. Billie Holiday didn't get any "kiddie glove" treatment. People need to shut it with the "critics are a woke cabal" conspiracy theory. Maybe that bullshit is easier to believe than accepting that movies not targeted at you can be good.
  8. So Eros is the God of erotic love and the MCU is about 13 years old right now. Is Harry supposed to represent the MCU's puberty?
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