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  1. Children below the age of 15 do not share personal experiences of that depth irrespective of the social standing of their pack (and Pennywise appeared in a clown form to just 3 kids if I'm remembering correctly, while for the rest the appearances were representations of their personal fears which led them to believe they were hallucinating). The lower rung packs are not necessarily formed out of choice but necessity due to a harsh pecking order. In a town like Derry which discouraged its residents from speaking of its evils, the children would be the most vulnerable and have an inability to share their feelings. Even the adults were manipulating the children to keep silent. "Do those boys know you are my little girl?" wasn't just a declaration of dominion over Beverly by her father but him also trying to ensure she didn't reveal his abuse to her friends. The Losers were the ones to finally reject the silencing due to their experiences and perceptions, but that didn't mean they were invulnerable from the start. It was believable that an external factor like Beverly could finally get them to talk. And she too needed something tangible like a bloodied bathroom to prove herself.
  2. Children have an uncanny ability to put up a facade and not share their experiences no matter how traumatic, in fear of not being believed and then ridiculed of. Least of all share them with their peers. Even Beverly didn't initially tell the boys what happened and just showed them her bathroom, waiting for their reaction. I liked it because it is realistic and shows how lonely and vulnerable children can be even when they were in a group. When they finally opened up to each other about their experiences, it was a therapeutic process and the first strike against It and all of their respective personal demons.
  3. Eddie has always been one of the characters I could most relate to in fiction and Jack Dylan Grazer absolutely killed it. Interested in seeing what he does in the future.
  4. And maybe that is part of the reason It isn't performing like a typical horror movie. At least one character in the film strikes a deep emotional chord with most members of the audience, which enables it to stay as an experience with you much longer than the typical fright film stuffed with funhouse jump scares and nuance lite characterizations. The main appeal for me regarding this story wasn't really the monster but the themes of childhood trauma and the relationships children share with their parents and how that impacts their relationships with each other. And this cast of kids is way superior to the one from the mini-series. No comparison whatsoever. Muschietti changing the "greatest fear representations" It appears as for the kids as reflections of their respective psychological issues as opposed to standard monster movie characters was also incredibly effective.
  5. That would probably have been its last week but it essentially got a re-release in late January or February for Oscar season. I remember coz a couple of fanboys were fretting at the time over how that would count as "two separate runs" and the second run not being as impressive as the first run would tarnish TDK's spectacular run in the history books.
  6. 4x looking likely. It's foolhardy to doubt the Goddess And it most probably passed 819M WW today so chances of beating SM1 to be the highest grossing superhero origin worldwide got brighter too.
  7. Another Donner Superman tribute (Barry wearing Young Clark's jacket)

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