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  1. Yet to watch the second episode, but Harley Quinn debut episode >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Todd Phillips' Joker And no, he's not a "strawman antagonist". Just depicted as being truly, madly, deeply in love with Batman.
  2. WB marketing just needs to play it smart through January for this to explode. Drop the new trailer in early Jan, then if they are confident about the quality, drop the review embargo about two weeks before movie release, and then plaster the more glowing critics quotes all over the final tv spots/billboards/posters/digital ads.
  3. How did I not know about the existence of this film until now?
  4. Rofl I think THR may be legit and WB got Deadline to shoot down their scoop. The Deadline article emphasizes how the sequel is an inevitability too. It seems to be just sushing things until awards season is done. WB have a real problem with leaks.
  5. This film reclaims the franchise for women though. Maybe if the marketing had been more clear about that. But I still think it's mostly because Full Throttle was a weak note to end on for the previous series, the current trio of actresses are either up and comers or in KStew's case, need to have had another franchise under her belt to win back her following + the looming Frozen 2 is overshadowing every other female-led movie in the marketplace right now.
  6. Moana would have done better at the BO, if not quite Frozen-levels, if it hadn't been cut short at the knees by Sing, coming hot off the first SLoP (2016 was easily the height of Ilumination's popularity). There were multiple markets like DOM and Japan where Moana was gaining WOM but then Sing just came along and hurt it. Still though, the soundtrack at least has been killing it since. There was one of those Teens React YouTube videos where they had to guess the highest selling Disney songs on Spotify (or was it iTunes?) and both How Far I'll Go and You're Welcome were in the Top 3(!) after Let It Go.
  7. This film's releasing near 7 years after the start of this thread. To put things into perspective, this thread was started before the release of the first Frozen. WB making Kid Daphne wear the Wonder Woman costume in a film coming out just 3 weeks before WW84 is corporate synergy at its finest.
  8. King killing Eddie just to fuck me up every time the second half of the book gets adapted.
  9. Meh, how's it worse (or as bad as) the trend of milquetoast to downright awful biopics that exploit real-life figures and reduce their complexity and nuances to little more than caricatures (and in worst case scenarios like BoRhap, the lesser said the better)?
  10. It's great that the original comic creators are finally starting to get the recognition and respect that they truly deserve. Especially women creators. Fox's treatment of Apocalypse creator Louise Simonson was trash. Did she even get a mention in X-Men: Apocalypse's credits? I don't think so.
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