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  1. Cheetah Probably confirms the theory that all the other DC Comics characters/franchises exist as fiction in this universe
  2. Unless they are super spoilerish, I've assumed BOT lets you post BTS images. Colin F. is still unrecognizable
  3. That's simplifying what Gavin Feng was saying. The Russos themselves have gone on record saying Feige wanted to do Civil War because DC was doing BvS. So it's apparent his strategy can be recalibrated (like all good strategies should be) as and when factors like market competitors and evolving consumer tastes demand it. Feige is notorious for his (understandable) desire to be THE trendsetter in the ever evolving superhero movie landscape. He has said he wished Marvel had been the first to make a successful female superhero movie before Wonder Woman (to his credit, he genuinely did seem to have been pushing for Captain Marvel years before it actually came out, but Ike Perlmutter's sexism was what prevented such a film from releasing during the first two phases of the MCU). I feel Eternals by Chloe Zhao is also a response to DC announcing New Gods directed by Ava DuVernay which actually seems to be working in Marvel's favor as NG got delayed. Also, Lord and Miller said they originally wanted to include Maguire/Garfield/Holland in Into the Spider-Verse but Sony told them it was too early to do that. When they heard what DC was planning with The Flash, it may have served as an impetus to finally do their own multiverse with Spider-Man 3.
  4. Naah, Zendaya confirmed her MJ is the MCU's "recreated" version of Mary Jane Watson in Variety Actors on Actors interview with MJ Rodriguez.
  5. I want her back only if she is super unlikeable and keeps claiming that her Peter Parker and her MJ are the best versions in the multiverse "coz they came first". Kirsten Dunst MJ: The multiverse has a black MJ??! Zendaya MJ: The multiverse has a Karen MJ? 😒
  6. Sony probably hopes to milk 3 trilogies out of him (the current high school era, then a college era and then an adult era) so there are still six movies left after this one.
  7. Plot of One Moment In Time, one of the worst Spider-Man stories of all time (ironic considering it was supposed to do damage control for the story it was following up on, One More Day, which is also equally terrible). I could imagine an attempt being made to erase people's memories of Spidey's identity by tapping into reality manipulation but it all goes wrong and leads to the Multiverse of Madness. Or WandaVision sets up the events of both Spidey 3 and MoM and the secret identity is restored at the end of Multiverse.
  8. Guess who's campaigning for WW84 to go on HBO Max by giving random suggestions? 😂
  9. The token female of this group is probably going to be Spider-Woman from the Olivia Wilde directed solo but it would be great to have an Emma Stone played Spider-Gwen or even a Spider-MJ either played by Zendaya or Kirsten Dunst.
  10. Seeing some of the posts on this page, I thought I accidentally wandered into the Flash thread. Looking forward to 2 more years of this stuff 😐
  11. BTS Army will end you if they see this blasphemy. I agree that the West's idea of Bollywood musicals is cringey though. I hope the song is better than this And ESPECIALLY whatever this shit was supposed to be (coz Bollywood it ain't):
  12. Good for Kelly and glad that they are already referring to this as a Disney Princess film as opposed to the dumb, half-assed contrarian claims they made during the initial promotion of Frozen and Moana.
  13. Also, the FilmSelect account has racked up near 4M views for the trailer on their channel. There are other unofficial channels like KinoCheck and JoBlo that have 600K views on an average. When I search for the trailer, the official channel appears third. The views are incredibly diluted.
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