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  1. There shouldn't even be a doubt about the Allen/Farrow thing. He literally married his adopted daughter. And Ronan Farrow too has claimed that he had seen creepy things like Allen making Dylan suck his thumb while she was in bed. I think Depp is making shit up as well. Trying to involve Elon Musk in it just screams of desperation and money grab. And if he were a woman, the dudebros would have demanded to know why is she making some of these accusations only now.
  2. Bad take alert. Also see the similarly misguided "MJ should be nothing more than a pretty face/trophy girlfriend for Peter Parker" argument. I couldn't put it more articulately and succinctly as Patty herself: Patty has been vocal about her love for Lois Lane. So to fashion Steve after Lois makes perfect sense for her, and is brilliant on multiple levels. You get a great male character modelled after a woman character, which rarely happens, if at all, letting him play a role often belittled and frowned upon (that of a supportive love interest). The fact that he also serves Diana's characterization by giving her a human anchor that makes her human in turn makes his usage that much more ingenious. So of course Steve had to return if he's Diana's Lois Lane. Patty's favorite superhero film had Superman turn back time to bring Lois back after all.
  3. Yeah, I got the same impression too. Ryan Murphy is petty and most of his work have serious undertones of misogyny (and this is coming from someone who really appreciated Glee for being there during a time when LGBT kids really needed something like it). Not at all surprised he'd come for Patty for such a harmless dig. And he's being hypocritical as I highly doubt the next season of AHS would be named 1984 if it hadn't been for WW84. So the Orwellian reference is facetious af. Hope Patty and co. sidestep starting a mudslinging competition with this shmuck.
  4. We can blame Rickon for his pointless existence as a character.
  5. Every Stark who died deserved to die for not reading the fine print (and sometimes the print was in bold and red). Every Stark who survived adapted in one way or the other. Anyway, Sansa better take that throne.
  6. It's just arguing semantics as they have repurposed the whole thing to be explicitly Aladdin/Agrabah themed now. Also, folks in the Japan thread confirmed Aladdin was the highest grossing Renaissance film in the country.
  7. Uh, there's a whole Agrabah section in DisneySea rofl Atlantica and Agrabah are two of the most prominent attractions there.
  8. The top 5 Renaissance films (Mermaid, BatB, Aladdin, TLK, Mulan) have their own inbuilt fanbases around the world (unlike Dumbo). Also, for all the handwringing over Aladdin's date, it was always much better than Dumbo's release date. Not only was Dumbo sandwiched between two Marvel juggernauts but it's also sandwiched between two critical/potential BO smashes in Us and Shazam! And no summer days for legs either. The weak reviews were the last straw.
  9. Bolded parts are Disney's deliberate decisions. I was a kid who was the perfect TG during the zenith of the Renaissance Era. In the 90's, Disney was generating far more Aladdin content and media than for BatB (arguably the best Disney spin-off animated series, sidescroller game, VG games, 2 DTV sequels). Then 9/11 happened. And Aladdin merch/content reduced in number. That's when I guess Disney realised they needed to highlight BatB too (seeing how it was the only animated BP nominee after all). This also coincided with Belle's rising prominence in marketing thanks to the early 00's then fledgling but instantly popular Disney Princess brand. So it made sense to better position her franchise.
  10. It feels like a bizarre time-warp. Nick out here giving us Lizzie McGuire: The Movie style theatrical features in 2019.
  11. To avoid scratch marks from Cheetah I think it had been revealed at Comic Con that Diana would be donning armor of some sort. It wasn't confirmed to be the Golden Eagle one though. Hopefully there is a more Greco-hairdo featured as well, similar to these designs by Cliff Chiang and Tony Aros respectively. Those curls and ringlets would be right at home in the 80s. And I think Gal could pull off the look. Grace Randolph had tweeted a spoiler about Cheetah this week. Dunno how legit, but found it interesting.
  12. They accidentally started playing Hobbit during my second viewing of Frozen and everyone in the theatre had the biggest freakout
  13. Never realized this before but... is that Idina Menzel herself singing the Vuelie in the trailer?
  14. I knew Us would explode, but at this level? Woot! Here's hoping Peele gets his wish of adapting Gargoyles to live action big screen. THAT would be his TDK trilogy. Perfect marriage of artist and material.

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