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  1. During the initial wave of 30 reviews, it was dropping close to 70 but then abruptly bounced back and headed towards 80. Could increase again over the next batch of 30 reviews.
  2. I think it did lose its certification for a little while. Or I could be thinking of another movie.
  3. The first Fantastic Beasts got a glowing consensus prematurely AND got certified even though it was on the border (and then fell below the border to such a level that its certified halo had to be taken away).
  4. Manual. Some "borderline" films like Jumanji had to wait it out longer than 81 to be certified. But WB movies have more leeway.
  5. Which mod with zero chill threw this goofball comment into this cesspool thread?
  6. I don't think the Collider gang could come up with their own opinion even if their lives depended on it. *That's not to say everyone with a less flattering opinion of the film is in the wrong and everyone fanboying over it is right. But eh, Collider peeps have been "playing it safe" and just agreed with other, more respected critic opinions for years now.
  7. Word bank for next few weeks' box office articles dive splash net fish fishing wave emerge swimming high tide low tide tails typhoon (best case scenario) cyclone (best case scenario) damp squib (worst case scenario)
  8. LMAO what shit is the RT page on. I saw the 29 reviews/72% earlier on, refresh it and now it's back to just 18 reviews (75%)

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