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  1. Yeah, this is what Evans is returning for. Probably RDJ too. It's going to be a quasi-Avengers movie like Civil War, except with alternate universe versions. Interwebz already buzzing about Nazi Cap. Will Feige go there?
  2. Yay! Hopefully it keeps selling well into 2021 as well, at least to warrant a Harley Quinn sequel that's hopefully more in vein with the animated show co-starring Poison Ivy.
  3. Assuming this happens in a hypothetical situation, how will it be jointly controlled by Comcast and AT&T? Any prominent examples of subsidiaries of two different parent companies merging that serve as approximate comparisons?
  4. Warner/Universal (WU? Wuni?) merger incoming? https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/hollywoods-2021-investor-forecast-outlined-in-analyst-report
  5. It's a fine Elseworlds concept, a Wonder Woman who is more Athena/Kali than Aphrodite, the direction Patty chose to go with.
  6. But they keep liking it which is the reason DC has less of an incentive to explore its other characters. Also, Cavill going around claiming he is still Superman as far as he's concerned but also not exactly cooperating with the studio (case in point, the Shazam cameo) doesn't really help for Superman. At least Affleck was clear about his decision to leave, allowing Reeves to recast.
  7. They were at 73.08M total at the end of Q3. If I'm calculating this graph right: https://www.statista.com/statistics/250937/quarterly-number-of-netflix-streaming-subscribers-in-the-us/ They had added up to 4M in 2020 till their Q3, so assuming Q4 brought in one more million, they are a little over 74M now.
  8. It's a new COVID peak compared to Tenet's time of release (and also, Tenet was not simultaneously available on streaming). I feel like most people who were watching this in theatres watched it on opening weekend. Anyways, theatrical BO is not even the biggest game for AT&T when it comes to WW84. It's those HBO Max subscriber numbers.
  9. Other than the fact that BoP and WW84 were led by Robbie and Gadot who had appeared as Harley and Diana in previous DCEU films, were they really shared universe films at all? At least to any extent where it made a difference? What's the solution? Dump all DCEU actors? That's not going to go down well either.
  10. That logic would have made sense if Aquaman which very much was a DCEU film (at least more so than BoP and WW84) and was the very next film after Justice League hadn't gone on to make 1.1 Billion +
  11. Aquaman and Shazam had more shared universe elements than BoP* and WW84 though, so it's not like the shared universe references are something that definitely drag the quality of the movie down. *I personally enjoyed BoP as much as Shazam but talking about the general RT consensus.
  12. That terribly unnecessary Egypt plot point had Geoff Johns written all over it. This is the last film where he is on the writing team, right?
  13. TBF the announcement promo had the subject to change disclaimer displayed pretty prominently so they knew the repercussions of it.
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