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Welll guys heard from a good source that Arrow is going to cross with the movie universe

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The actor of Arrow is very very good and hes already cross over in the games... Would you want this merger to have him flat out be one of the stars of JLA and of course even have Arrow as TV series and movie.. Who knows. The possibilties are endless... Perhaps even the new crossover Flash series

may see his day in the movie universe.


Im loving this. Im pretty sure Disney will also push the envelope of TV and movie universe being one era... This is going to be great for us the fans... Im sort of miffed that Justin didnt get his shot at a big arrow series that would be the first cross  breed TV series into films.. But Stepen Amil Rocks. :)


So its all good and his portrayal of Arrow is the kind of gritty performance and seriousness that could transcend well to DC Movie universe in epic fashion. Also who would you like to see from DC universe

appearing. Im hearing Henry Cavil of Superman is one of the first big cameos coming


Man oh man will that be grand to see SUpes on Arrow  :)... Share your thoughts

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I hope that it will be played by Stephen Amell. They are following marvel is that instance trying to keep the same person for specific roles, but DC has trouble finding the right actors and always changing them around.


Saying that I have noticed that the TV actors do not get changed around, so it should be the same guy.




Check out a pilot episode of MovieSnaps at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSLsyJTyEdk

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