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OT: Which lightsaber battle do you like more?

OT: Which lightsaber battle do you like more?  

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  1. 1. OT: Which lightsaber battle do you like more?

    • Luke/Vader TESB
    • Luke/Vader ROTJ

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ROTJ has one of the best musical moments of the saga during the climax of the battle (when Luke charges Vader), but TESB's was brilliantly directed. This is a hard call for me.

I completely agree about the music during the ROTJ battle. If I remember correctly, it is the only time during any OT lightsaber fight where music was part of the scene. It is a great piece of music.I have a hard time picking one myself. TESB one was just visually great with the changing scenery and mood. You could tell Vader was just playing with Luke until near the end where you could tell Vader got serious.I love them both
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