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Gods of Egypt OS Thread | US$98.7M International / US$128.2M Global

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It's $24.2M OW OS. Deadline reports:


Opening in 68 international markets, the Alex Proyas-directed swords-and-sandals pic launched with $24.2M, coming in slightly lower than pre-weekend projections I had heard in the $25M range. Some rival distribution execs, however, told me they weren’t bothering to track it. Still, it has a bit more muscle overseas as is typical with this genre. Gerard Butler is one of the names oft-cited by foreign sales agents who gets deals done in the international space, and the offshore talent here also includes Australia’s Brenton Thwaites and Game Of Thrones‘ hot Dane, Nikolaj Coster-Wadau. The biggest overseas play was Russia ($3.5M) which was expected as auds there tend to go for this sort of fare. But it fell short of comps like 2007’s 300 ($5M), 2010’s Clash Of The Titans ($12M) and 2014’s 300: Rise Of An Empire ($8.4M) and Pompeii ($5.6M). There has been significant devaluation of the ruble in the past year and a half, and Gods Of Egypt came in at the same level as more recent comp The Last Witch Hunter on a local currency basis. Russia was the biggest market in which the film opened this frame, followed by Brazil with $1.9M. The Philippines was a No. 1 bow. Indeed, the Gods found respect in parts of South East Asia where audiences tend to like their movies heavy on CGI and straightforward action that doesn’t get too cerebral. There were also No. 1s across Central America and Eastern Europe. The rollout on this film is very staggered with Korea coming on March 3, followed by China on March 11, and France and Germany in April to coincide with school vacations. China could significantly help here: Witch Hunter made $27M in the Middle Kingdom and Pompeii erupted to just under $16M. There is currently no UK date.

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Gods of Egypt earned an additional $26.4 million from 73 overseas markets this weekend thanks in large part to China's $20 million debut. The overseas total stands at $80.5 million and the worldwide total is $107.8 million.


Source: BoxOffice.com



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Gods of Egypt added $6.2 million from 74 markets this weekend, taking its overseas total to $98.7 million -its sights sets on hitting $100 million by Monday. China remains the top global market with a $32.6 million over two weekends. The film has grossed $128.2 million worldwide. 


Source: BoxOffice.com

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