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Top 10 DC Extended Universe Moments

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This is my hot take on the list (will be going through each entry separately, and wheater do I personally agree w/them being there or not):


10 - Not only do I agree, but it should be waaaayyyy higher. My favorite scene from Man Of Steel, a movie that I really don't love, but did have some nice moments here or there, and this was just... utterly beautiful to witness. It humanizes Superman in a way that hadn't been done before (without losing the aura of the character), it looks absolutely stunning and the score only adds to the power. All of it is awesome.... besides the incredibly annoying overuse of zooming in.


9 - Also should be much higher. The representation of arguably the biggest complaint I have w/Man Of Steel through the eyes of Bruce Wayne. Very well shot, emotionally resonant, and set up Batman's motivations pitch perfectly.


8 - YASS, FAORA. One of my favorite comic book movie villains ever. While I could do with a little less destruction, or ESPECIALLY the stupid amount of product placement, the action itself during this Smallville fight sequence was overall pretty great and Faora owned every single second of the screen. Agreed w/this one.


7 - Besides the flight and the rescuing of the bus in the flashback, this is the sequence that best captures Superman in MOS. Surprisingly emotional and truly representative of the hopeful, never say die attitude of the world's greatest hero. Visually spectacular as well, and the Christopher Reeve easter egg is the cherry on top of the cake. Agreed w/this one, too. Shame that the big climactic fight w/Zod didn't live up to this, but whatever.


6 - It's the best scene of Suicide Squad, I'll give them that, but there's a bunch of scenes from BVS and even MOS that resonated w/me more. It would make my list, but definitely below #6.


5 - Hell fucking no to this one. Zod's monologue is powerful, and the visual effects are incredible and awe inspiring, but that's the extent of my praise. This scene is Ground Zero for MOS's issues.


4 - While I don't like how Superman pretty much starts the fight because Batman shouts "I understand" at him really close.... and the Martha ending is stuuuuuupid, I will say that the fight itself is really cool and a dream come true for this fella right here. So yeah, agree w/this one, no question.


3 - The opening shot of Kal-El's birth is terrific, the overabundant subplots... not that much. Though I do like Krypton's look (even if I do think it looks too similar to Pandora, but ehh), and it does set Zod's motivations decently. But ultimately, I would personally kick it out of the list.


2 - Even w/the brutal nature of what he ended up doing to some of his victims, this scene is fucking perfect and my personal favorite DCEU moment pre-Wonder Woman. It felt like Batman from the Arkham games had come to life, and I geek-creamed at that sight.


1 - I mean.... ignoring the Doomsday debacle, Wonder Woman's entrance and the sight of seeing the trinity united is a beauty (even if I wasn't as captivated as the movie wanted me to be about it), so yeah, I'll take it. Definitely not as #1, though.


Obviously, Wonder Woman has quite a few list-worthy moments, and even pre-Wonder Woman, there are a few I'd pick over some of these (like the bus scene when Clark was a child in MOS, or the beautiful interpretation of the death of Bruce Wayne's parents), but for the most part, it's a decent list imo.

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