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  1. I'd be stunned if anything happens. They didn't care when they shuttered the forum and they won't care with the entire site.
  2. I understand online revenues are suffering, but tying the new site (which the design sucks) to IMDb Pro is ridiculous. What a shame.
  3. Even when this quickly went into production late last year, don't think many thought it would do the business it has. I thought it'd do well, but not like this. Wowsers.
  4. I wonder if Warner might not move The Suicide Squad up to August 2020. They're filming right now and could conceivably have it ready by then. OTOH, they (Warner) could want two DC movies for 2021 and I don't think there's anything ready (unless Shazam 2 gets into production in Spring 2020).
  5. Yeah, I could see that. Wouldn't mind seeing them build up him, Black Manta (who apparently is being set up for the future) and Deathstoke all together (along with Lex Luthor) if DC ever wanted to resurrect the Legion of Doom concept.
  6. Or it's a signal Sirens isn't happening, at least anytime soon or with Ayer's involvement. Anyway, could be a cool villain and I've been advocating they should look at Jason Statham.
  7. She is pretty scary at times, so good choice to play his mom...
  8. New character description: https://thegww.com/exclusive-new-character-description-for-joker-supporting-role/
  9. lol, DC cannot win. If they went the other direction, people would complain it was too dark and why are they taking such a story too seriously... ffs
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