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  1. Introducing a multiverse to a mass audience, as the #s watching the CW shows is minimal by comparison (where the DCEU was confirmed as one of the worlds with Ezra Miller's cameo) think helps Reeves's The Batman being in a separate world. I do wonder if we'll see a scene from Miller's viewpoint meeting his CW counterpart. Who knows. I could talking out of my a**. In the end, cannot wait to see Keaton in the role again. I suspect we'll see him the suit one time (his first scene re-introduction), otherwise he'll just be Bruce Wayne.
  2. I'd be stunned if anything happens. They didn't care when they shuttered the forum and they won't care with the entire site.
  3. I understand online revenues are suffering, but tying the new site (which the design sucks) to IMDb Pro is ridiculous. What a shame.
  4. Even when this quickly went into production late last year, don't think many thought it would do the business it has. I thought it'd do well, but not like this. Wowsers.
  5. I wonder if Warner might not move The Suicide Squad up to August 2020. They're filming right now and could conceivably have it ready by then. OTOH, they (Warner) could want two DC movies for 2021 and I don't think there's anything ready (unless Shazam 2 gets into production in Spring 2020).
  6. Maybe it's the perspective or the type of camera lens, but they look like cardboard cutouts, lol.
  7. Yeah, he would be great, but they need to do The Riddler and Mr. Freeze right first, their big screen versions were pretty bad (in fact, watching The Illusionist today, Edward Norton would be great as Freeze).
  8. IDK, I think Warner would be high on this, especially if they can keep it to a reasonable budget.
  9. There was one tweet from Deadline saying Neeson was going to play Hawkman. Not sure it was a joke but they removed the story.
  10. Barely more than a year. Wonder Woman 1984 is June, Batman in July. They just need to put out quality work, not rush things. It's all about rebuilding confidence in DC. It started out good with Wonder Woman, faltered again, in a big way, with Justice League, picked back up with Aquaman and kind of leveled out with Shazam (decent movie, so-so box office at best).
  11. Maybe I'm misreading your post, but Birds of Prey (February) and Wonder Woman 1984 (June) both open in 2020. I mean, it's certainly possible but then that leaves only one movie for DC in 2021 with The Batman, unless Black Adam does get going later this year or early next.
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