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Cinplex Odeon: Tuesday pricing all week

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From August 25th to August 31 all movies at all Cineplex Odeon theaters will be at the Disount Tuesday prices.


Considering there are no new movies of note coming out this week I guess they are trying to get butts in seats.


I might go and see a few  movies again like Wonder Woman or Spider-Man and maybe something like Ingrid Goes West that I couldn't bring myself to pay full price for.

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Thanks for the heads up! Can't believe I haven't heard of this yet. Meh, the email is probably in my junk folder somewhere.


Theatres may be getting desperate, but Hey, I'll take it!

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39 minutes ago, DAJK said:

This usually happens every year does it not?

How the hell do I not know this?


Actually, I guess you can't blame me for living under a rock at this time of the year every year.

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