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Your favorite scene in each of the movies

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Found pretty hard picking just one for HBP and POA while I struggled to find one I liked substantially better than the others in COS, DH1 and DH2.


Tagging @Noctis because he's the second biggest HP stan around here :ph34r:

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Nothing for me compares in either book or movie form to the entire scene in the graveyard in GoF.


That's my favorite scene in both mediums in this series because it is just amazingly written and narrated by Voldemort in the books, and is appropriately foggy, dark, grim, and terrifying in the movie. So glad I got to see it in LieMax last year again.

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SS - Mirror of Erised

CoS - Basilisk/Chamber

PoA - Buckbeak's Flight/Time-travel sequence

GoF - Graveyard/Voldy's Resurrection

OoTP - Possession/Ministry Battle

HBP - Cave/Wandlit Vigil

DH1 - Harry & Hermione Dance/Godric's Hollow

DH2 - Statues/Courtyard Apocalypse/Prince's Tale



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Sorcerer Stone: No favourite scene as such but Wizarding World recognising Harry felt good and Harry being in awe of it.


Chamber of Secrets: Chamber


Prisoner of Azkaban: Time Turner & Whomping Willow


Goblet of Fire: Graveyard scene


Order of Phoenix: Final Battle between Voldy & Dumbledore


Half Blood Prince: Liquid Luck, Cave, Everyone lifting their Wands on Dumbledore death and You Dare Use My Spells on me.


Deathly Hallows 1: Seven Potter, The Journey, Dobby is a Free Elf.


Deathly Hallows 2: Piertotum Locomotor and Protective Spells, Snape's memories and Harry getting up after Neville speech. 



All Potter films had great 3rd act. All of them. Deathly Hallows just like Endgame peaked in start of 3rd act but still ended better than Endgame for me.








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