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Eighth Grade l A24 l July 13, 2018 l Bo Burnham directs l Huge Sundance hit

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I swear it feels as if Burnham was watching “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” one day and said, “What the hell? This isn’t what middle school was like!!” Whereas other filmmakers would diminish the realities of middle school by pandering to a younger demographic, Burnham grounds the entire story in reality. He isn’t hyperbolic with his characters, but he perfectly portrays character types that we’ve all known in middle school. The way his characters talk to each other is real and akin to people that we’ve most likely encountered in our lives.


Check out my review of Eighth Grade Here: http://www.rendyreviews.com/movies/eighth-grade-review 

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On 6/26/2018 at 5:55 PM, That One Guy said:

Rated R for language and some sexual material


don't you love it when films about eighth graders can't be seen by eighth graders

Good now I can watch it without feeling ridiculous

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2 minutes ago, lilmac said:

Bill Simmons podcast on The Ringer has a great interview with the director. Still not my cup of tea but I can see this surprising folks. $17-$20m OW is not out of the question. 

This will not even come close to a $17-20M total (in all likelihood) or reach more than 400 theaters.

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2 minutes ago, lilmac said:

I’ve said this before - this movie has the real potential to breakout. Might even reach the teens this weekend or come close. There’s buzz that doesn’t necessarily  get picked up by mainstream media. Thoughts?


I would be genuinely surprised if this had a large PTA increase from last weekend, which is what would happen if it were to hit the teens.

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