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  1. YLF

    US WEEKEND THREAD l 7.4M Previews

    Can we wait until we get actual numbers before being snarky? Yikes. It might underperform, it might over perform. Only time will tell. Its been trending for what 3 hours now on twitter? it rose up from trending between 5-8 to being number 1 in the US. Thats pretty good for an original movie. The WOM will only catch on. There is more positive buzz than negative for the movie.
  2. YLF

    US WEEKEND THREAD l 7.4M Previews

    People were really responsive to it in my theater. After it ended I heard two groups of people say it was "amazing." I know anecdotes... are anecdotal, but I wanted to rebut the claim that audiences aren't liking it.
  3. Okay, thanks, I didn’t see the post.
  4. I’ve seen people ask him before, so I decided to respectfully ask since I’m curious about the number. If he is unable to provide the number that’s fine. I’m not demanding it.
  5. @Charlie Jatinder any early update on the Thursday number for US?
  6. One thing to consider is that at least near me the US screenings that are selling the fastest are the premium ones: Dolby, Imax, etc.
  7. Rotten tomatoes doesn’t just consist of American critics?
  8. What do you guys think US cinemascore will be?
  9. WTF is a "teaser rate" lmaooooo
  10. lol I went to look to see if he actually did. he ate chocolate pudding
  11. yeah and he never really said anything about the whole ordeal publicly I don't think. So you know he was on James Gunns side. Also, James gunn was supposed to replace the Russo bros for avengers movies since they're moving on. It would've been a huge loss for him

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