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  1. I was really rooting for this movie. I like the two leads and the director, but unfortunately the script is utter crap. There should have been good jokes more frequently in the movie. The writing was so awful I feel bad for the cast. They really had nothing to work with. I feel like kumail wrote his lines, because they were the only funny bits in the entire movie and he isn’t in the movie until around an hour after the movie starts. C-
  2. This movie was far more enjoyable than the new mib, I’m so so shocked by this revelation. I thought this movie would be utter crap. I was laughing throughout the movie. I can see people not liking this film, because there are jokes that can be seen as “homophobic,” “racist,” or any other -ist word. I don’t fault anyone who sees this movie and thinks that. Everyone’s sensibilities are different. I just thought the jokes pertaining to that stuff in the film were tongue and cheek. I’m gay and I didn’t take any offense to the gay jokes. It’s an action-comedy and Samuel L Jackson is portraying a hyper masculinized character. So, it’s kind of expected. Im guessing this is the reason for the low RT score. Ive seen plenty of tweets from critics espousing that it’s so racist, sexist, islamaphobic, and homophobic. The only thing I will say is it actually does depict Muslims in a bad light. The other stuff were for comedic relief. I give it an A. I guess mostly because I was pleasantly surprised.
  3. They did this with clueless. The lead was different from the movie and tv version.
  4. OUT. I think there will be controversy closer to release based on the Cannes press conference
  5. This movie is awesome and I love will smiths rendition of Arabian nights. I’ve been listening to it on repeat. I’m shocked how much I liked this movie. Seeing it in Dolby I think enhanced the experience when they were doing their musical numbers
  6. Since surprisingly no one is posting the reactions... I guess I will.
  7. I haven't seen any negative reviews from the social media reactions. They have all been positive. And most of them were skeptical about the movie based off of trailers that ended up actually liking it.
  8. Lmao that female detective was awful at acting especially in her first scene at the apartment. It reminded me of Disney channel kid actresses when they first start out
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