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  1. YLF

    BlacKkKlansman (2018)

    That literally happened though. You know this is based on a true story, right?
  2. When I went to the advanced screening for crazy rich asians it was a packed and every demographic was present in theaters. It wasn't even mostly asians.
  3. YLF

    Jem and the Holograms | 10/23/2015

  4. Just getting home from the screening in LA. I honestly thought from the trailers this movie would be cringe/cheesy, but to my surprise its actually a really good rom com. One of the best if not the best ive seen in the past 5 years. I almost teared up a couple times. After the movie ended Awkafina and the guy that plays the gay stylist in the movie came out and did a short Q&A and threw some souvenirs to people in the audience. Additionally, some of the collider people were in the audience as well and the only reason I noticed them is because they raised their hand to ask questions during the Q&A. I had a good time. I might even see it again. The girl next to me kept crying/whimpering the entire time so I couldn't really hear some parts.
  5. At the AMC about 25 mins away someone refunded their ticket which is a good seat. So I guess im going to go tonight by my lonesome!
  6. Theres one seat left in the very front should I go an see it? Ive never sat in the front before lol
  7. Theres a "girls night out" screening of this today at 8PM at a variety of AMC theaters I just found out about. They are all pretty much sold out with like one seat avail per each theater. So annoyed I didnt know about this earlier? I wouldve used A-list to get tickets. SMH
  8. YLF

    Monday Numbers: MI6 - $4.46M

    lol no you had to pay to see it at AMC. They showed it in their dolby theaters only yesterday.
  9. YLF

    Monday Numbers: MI6 - $4.46M

    Will there be any numbers for BLACkklansman advance screenings held yesterday?

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