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  1. Dwayne johnson is annoying on twitter when he has a movie out. I dont even follow him and I always happen to see his ridiculous tweets somehow
  2. This documentary was good. I wish it was more focused on all the twins that were separated and finding people that were adopted from the Jewish agency that were not aware of their twin. Also, delving more into the adoption agencies scandalousness wouldve been more intriguing. I personally didnt care about the triplets story. The adoption agency and the twin experiment was the most intriguing part. B+
  3. its harder to sneak into movies with reserved seating lol
  4. Well I did... shoot me 😛
  5. Good now I can watch it without feeling ridiculous
  6. Terrible movie. I didnt see the theatrical cut and saw this at a screening when the movie was longer. I wont bother seeing what they ended up with. 3/10
  7. I think im going to cancel my moviepass membership. It was fun while it lasted but no longer worth it with the random surcharges. I understand limiting people to viewing a movie once, but charging people to use your service that you said would be $10 a month to watch movies is egregious. I looked on the moviepass reddit page and people are getting the surcharges for indie flicks, too.(sorry to bother you) It makes the service somewhat useless since I have a list now. After 3 surcharges you will be paying a higher monthly fee than a list or close to that price.
  8. that sucks. dolby is awesome and makes a list so worth it
  9. LMAO so its just popular/blockbuster movies
  10. They probably changed it because A lot of people at my screening told them it was too unrealistic. EVERYONE at my screening disliked the movie. When they came up to me and the person next to me asking if we liked it and we said no... they said jokingly something about exceeding the amount of dislike/no responses allowed lol.
  11. good choice. do your AMC's have dolby?

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