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  1. Just curious: does dragon ball count as a foreign film?
  2. YLF

    Best Actor Predictions 2018

    Are you guys going to watch the critics choice awards? Does this have any implications for the oscars? Lol
  3. YLF

    Monday numbers 1/7 - Aquaman 2.605M

    Im still mad about the Widows erasure for the awards lol. Never will get over it. The actors/actresses aren't even being nominated...
  4. YLF

    Mary Poppins Returns (2018)

    Charming movie. B
  5. The academy cares about Americans watching it LIVE on tv. Including aquaman is not going to have people watching it en masse. The top 2 movies domestically made over 650M+ and both will be nominated. They are both superhero films. I think they got it covered.
  6. YLF

    Vice (2018)

    The stylistic choices the director makes in terms of the editing make this a subpar movie.The acting is phenomenal though, and I would recommend seeing it just because of that. The movie would have an engaging scene that would quickly transition into satirical picture/meme/music/madness lol. If the movie did not include that element I would've rated it higher. Those parts really took me out of the film, and for such a serious topic was not needed. B-
  7. YLF

    Wednesday numbers

    are the spider numbers good?
  8. its amazing how long it trended on twitter yesterday. it was practically the entire day. For an ORIGINAL movie and not a franchise.
  9. I doubt they move it because its the women empowerment day or something

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