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  1. I want to see widows again tonight, but it’s sold out at the three local theaters near my house.(front row is available at some, but I can’t do that lol)
  2. Wasn’t there supposed to be a storm in some states? People were saying that yesterday(or earlier this week I can’t rememeber) wouldn’t that be the reason why every movies numbers are so low and having big drops?
  3. Widows was amazing sudhegehwhaha but I can see why it got a B on cinemascore. The movie you get just isn’t as advertised. Still amazing nonetheless.
  4. It’s a family film it’ll do better over the weekend and next week. Kids still have school Friday ya know....
  5. YLF

    Boy Erased (2018)

    Great movie. Excellent performances by Nicole kidman and the lead actor. I never heard of this story before and apparently it is a true story. It made me glad my parents are not zealots and would have never thought to send me to one of these “camps” or “centers.” SPOILER: The scene where he was raped was really hard to watch and jarring. If it happened like that in real life what a weird way to make a move on someone? They both genuinely seemed into each other to go to raping him.... just no. B+
  6. Thats from nov. 9th. I just looked under latest tweets about it. Im not saying that there's not going to be ANY negative reviews. every movie has people that dislike it. but it seems there more positive than negative reviews on it.
  7. WOM is just awful on all social media platforms: Im not even cherrypicking. These are all recent posts by people about widows.(within last 1-2 hours) I obviously am not going to peruse the entire twitterverse.
  8. idk if you twitter search widows there's mostly praise from non-critics. I haven't seen the movie yet, and am seeing it this weekend. I hope it lives up to the trailer.
  9. YLF

    Suspiria (2018)

    Lmaoooo my thoughts exactly. Don’t really know how to feel
  10. YLF

    Suspiria (2018)

    WTF did I just watch the movie is unbearable long, too.
  11. Has there been any test screening or advance screening buzz on this movie yet?

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