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  1. The US is fucked and has terrible government. Trump doesn’t give a shit after losing which is expected. The leaders in Congress don’t care and are just approving more judges lol. This pandemic has really showed how terrible the US government is in comparison to other countries in the world.
  2. LA is opening gyms, I’m tempted to go, but the gym isn’t requiring masks and doesn’t seem to be limiting the amount of members that go in. My gym was never really busy before, but it is a pretty small gym. It also seems like cases in la are rising, not going down. What do you guys think?
  3. This looks boring and cliche. Kind of expected this from a black widow movie though. I wonder how well it will do
  4. I actually loved the movie. The dialogue is expected given its a comic book property. The movie is violent and gruesome which I wasn’t expecting. I went in with low expectations, since I didn’t like the trailers... but some of the twists in the movie caught me by surprise. I’m not sure why the RT score is so low, but I can see some men not liking it as well as some feminists... as there isn’t any likable characters in the movie. Which I think is the point.
  5. Loved it. A little slow in the beginning and they become the bosses seemingly overnight lol. But it’s gruesome and violent... which I wasn’t expecting. There are some good twists. I went in with low expectations, so maybe that’s why I liked it so much. A
  6. What do you guys think
  7. I was really rooting for this movie. I like the two leads and the director, but unfortunately the script is utter crap. There should have been good jokes more frequently in the movie. The writing was so awful I feel bad for the cast. They really had nothing to work with. I feel like kumail wrote his lines, because they were the only funny bits in the entire movie and he isn’t in the movie until around an hour after the movie starts. C-
  8. This movie was far more enjoyable than the new mib, I’m so so shocked by this revelation. I thought this movie would be utter crap. I was laughing throughout the movie. I can see people not liking this film, because there are jokes that can be seen as “homophobic,” “racist,” or any other -ist word. I don’t fault anyone who sees this movie and thinks that. Everyone’s sensibilities are different. I just thought the jokes pertaining to that stuff in the film were tongue and cheek. I’m gay and I didn’t take any offense to the gay jokes. It’s an action-comedy and Samuel L Jackson is portraying a h
  9. They did this with clueless. The lead was different from the movie and tv version.
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