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Winter Game SOTM 5 - Time to get back on the multi-uddered green milk space cow...

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I need to get back on track with the SOTMs, so here is a fun one:


This SOTM is both simple and easy. Isn't that nice? 


All you have to do is name up to 5 Box Office Markets (That either the forum or reputable website can track with ease) where Frozen will outgross Star Wars. That is it. 


Oh right... scoring. 


If Frozen Outgrosses Star Wars in your chosen market. Receive Star Wars' percent or Frozen's Gross rounded up to the nearest integer divided by 2 and multiplied by 1000 points. 


If Star Wars Outgrosses Frozen in your chosen market. Lose Frozen's percent of Star Wars' Gross rounded up to the nearest integer divided by 3 and multiplied by 1000 points. 


That all looks needlessly complicated, but here is how it would look as an example. 


Fred predicts 2 regions:  Brazil and Spain. 


In Brazil, Frozen grosses 80M and Star Wars grosses 40M. So Fred will score 40 / 80 x 100 / 2 x 1000 = 25,000 points.


In Spain, Frozen grosses 45M and Star Wars grosses 60M. So Fred will lose 45 / 60 x 100 / 3 x 1000 = 25,000 points. 


If this still hurts the brain, basically the closer the two grosses are to each other, the more points you will win if Frozen in the higher gross, but also the more you will lose if it is the lower one. 


Or... Abstain for 2000 points. 


Deadline is this weekend deadline, 


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