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SOTM 6 - We will learn about hindsight in 2020...

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    This is a simple one. Predict the top 8 grossing films of January. You must predict 8 or nothing.


    This is the money a film grosses from Jan 1st - Jan 31st. Release date does not matter.




    Predict a film in the correct position - 20,000 points

    Predict a film but 1 position out - 8000 points

    Predict a film but more than 1 position out - 3000 points

    Film is not in the top 8 - Lose 15,000 points


    In addition...


    You may predict grosses for up to 4 films (so 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 films). 


    If you are within $10M get a bonus 10,000 points

    If you are more than $25M away, lose 10,000 points


    (If the film doesn't make the top 8, you cannot win the 10,000 points BUT you can lose the 5000).


    You can abstain for 3000 points. 


    Deadline is usual deadline 

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