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Congratulations ChipMunky

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After five years of running the Derby I decided it was time to bring on some help.


 @ChipMunky is now a 'Derby Moderator'.  His duties will be helping me run the Derby game at https://derby.boxofficetheory.com/ and moderating the Derby forums.


Looking forward to another 5 years of Derby.







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So :hellothere: ... I'd like to think :thinking: I may have had a hand 🖐️ in this somehow...:rock:



Andy meet Chip.🤝 Chip meet Andy.


Maybe you 2 could work together someday?

Just thought :thinking: I'd break 🔨 the ice, cause....

that's what I figured  :yoda: this ⬆️⬆️ conversation meant? 


Ha,ha, ha!!! 

CONGRATS  :cheekkiss: on the new gig  @ChipDerby!!!

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