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  1. I roll my eyes so hard when I visit this forum... anyway WB wasn’t won the year since 2014, and DC hasn’t won the year since 2008. 2020 will change both of those.
  2. I don't understand why you even come into this thread, @WittyUsername. You clearly hate HQ and will never like her no matter what they do with her. So... why torture yourself and us over something you dislike?
  3. Almost everyone on this site has been on here for YEARS. And y'all still listen to test screening reactions? You kidding me? Good lord.
  4. Just for anyone who doesn't know, Chris Sylvia works for a major theater chain, so he sees a lot of stuff early at trade shows, etc.
  5. I don't want a new box office site. I'd rather The Numbers just take the reigns and adjust their site for better compatibility.
  6. Thank you! Can't believe I won. I'm humbled.
  7. Lord they're going to sneak the teaser trailer on to all the Star Wars prints, aren't they? Brilliant.
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