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  1. Disney paying media outlets to under-report the gross, to get our expectations lowered. Then they wham us with a $40 mil OD. Star Wars has been saved.
  2. If Deadpool goes to the low end of estimates, that'll hurt.
  3. I see CR getting to around $240 mil or so. But I think even with Solos struggles, it should just pass that.
  4. I predicted $125 mil for Solo. And then at 11:45 PM last night, I updated it to $88 mil.
  5. Seriously. That account is the worst. The dude is an idiot.
  6. Black Panther > Infinity War Domestic Club

    Baumer has really low expectations for "incredible".
  7. John Wick 3 | May 17 2019

    Found this old John Wick tweet...
  8. Hasn't he only done 6 films this decade, in no worse than a supporting role? Popper was decent. I missed Wonderstone. KA2 was forgettable, but he was decent in it. Dumb and Dumber To was not good. Never even heard of Bad Batch. Dark Crimes is really his only starring serious role since The Number 23?!!? I'd still say he's a pretty decent dramatic actor.
  9. If IW avoids a 50% drop this weekend, it will be by far its best drop its had.
  10. Thursday numbers: AIW - $3.44M Final

    Looks like Skyfall, Man of Steel?!?!, and 2 of the Hobbit films all had midnight previews AFTER the TDKR shooting. But that's only 4 films. None since those, that I could find.
  11. Thursday numbers: AIW - $3.44M Final

    I don't know if any movie has done straight up midnight showings since TDKR.

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