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  1. This movie was so, so great. I loved it so much.
  2. ChipMunky

    Derby League 5

    Going to finish in 5th, JUST behind @BobDole
  3. ChipMunky

    Crazy Rich Asians over 150 million club

    Not only are we ahead of the curve, we're also way, way behind the curve.
  4. My original prediction for Alpha was $11 mil.
  5. Lights Camera Action 91.16 PanaMovie 89.68 Derby Average 89.49 ChipMunky 89.29 TalismanRing 88.86 The Fast and the Furiosa 88.70 Zeverly Hills Cop 88.59 Simionski 88.15 Empire 87.90 Litio 87.76
  6. ChipMunky

    Crazy Rich Asians over 150 million club

  7. It has 17 mil, actually (unless you add up every trailer page with < 500k views?) And the main trailer still only has 75k likes. That's a ton of fake views.
  8. Every single item you post regarding Alita has little to no traffic. The turd will be dead on arrival.
  9. LOL I was looking at the derby averages for this post. And the reason Alpha was RIDICULOUSLY HIGH... @AndyLL predicting $135 mil.

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