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  1. Aquaman is going to have a better tomato score than Mary Poppins. What a world! The KING!
  2. What if this... IS the reboot of the franchise? What if the events of this film lead directly into the reboot...
  3. ChipMunky

    Aquaman - Over $354,000,000 Domestic

    This club is now closed. Good luck to us all. I think this is actually going to be really close. In: @ChipMunky @Random2 12/22/17 @CaptainJackSparrow 02/26/18 @KeepItU25071906 02/27/18 @Warmaster506 03/03/18 @MrGlass2 04/18/18 @Lothar 04/19/18, 11/21/18 @fabiopazzo2 04/30/18 @Steele131 08/07/18 @Napoleon 11/21/18 @AndyK 11/26/18 @YourMother the Edgelord 11/27/18 (Was Out 12/22/17, 04/18/18, 07/13/18, 11/21/18) @TMP 11/27/18 (Was Out 07/19/18, 11/22/18) @bangbingchan 11/27/18 @MCKillswitch123 11/27/18 (Was Out 12/22/17, 11/26/18) @VTKajin 12/07/18 @TigerPaw 12/07/18 Hope it makes it to spite @Steele131 specifically.
  4. Love that there is a rule against trolling and poisoning the well. This forum seems great.
  5. Lord... You said WW won't make $1b worldwide because it's not a female Marvel movie. This implies only female Marvel movies make $1b worldwide.
  6. That looks nothing like Sonic. The hell
  7. David Sandberg responded to my tweet with an exclusive clip. BOT getting directors to respond with reckless abandon!

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