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  1. WHO wrote that awful headline. The scene isn't nearly as bad as the crybabies are making it out to be.
  2. Any time you make a movie that centers around a bad guy/villain, you are going to have to be VERY careful, or you obviously run the risk of making the character seem "sympathetic" and "relatable". I'd say most people are going to see him as the villain, but there will be people that are... unwell that will see him as "redeeming", and other people who have seen real people like Joker as grotesque and those people will write articles about how this movie is seen as a hero to those bad people. You really can't win when focusing on a villain, because SOMEONE is going to relate to him and like him. Charles Manson had a god damned cult! What we're hoping for is a movie that doesn't inspire bad people to do bad things. Also, McWeeny is a troll of the highest order. Take it from me. I know a troll when I see one.
  3. I think there was some backlash when that first "Unite the Seven" poster was revealed during the BvS marketing.
  4. Endgame is staring a 60% weekend drop right in the face.
  5. I hope this does well, as I loved the first. And Jolie is excellent in the role.
  6. Jon Favreau is almost guaranteed RT gold. If this got below a 90% RT score I would be SHOCKED. Lion King + Diverse Cast + Favreau + realistic CGI = high marks all around
  7. Didn't anticipate the Endgame boost.
  8. This looks terrifying and terrific. And Grace Randolph is such a troll. People just need to block her.
  9. Clint 100% has a pym particle when he goes back to his family farm and grabs the glove. They literally make a point to say how much of the particle they have left for this test run.
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