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  1. I would think the social media embargo would be the same day as the junket, so the 13th, and the review embargo the next day, the 14th.
  2. This is a dumb post. Where they hold a junket means nothing. At all. To spin it negatively is asinine.
  3. The stuff that worries me the most is that they're, probably, still finishing this up. With less than a month left. And now Thor comes in as a huge critic pleaser, which is bound to effect the reviews for this. Yes, I still think this will make more than Thor, and more than $300 mil. But it couldn't be in a worse spot. As of now, I think this will finish right at 60% on RT, with a $140~ mil OW, and a $350 mil total. The only thing that can save this, is if they pulled a miracle out of their ass and made this a great film, critically. If this can get even 80% on RT, I think my $450 mil club has a shot.
  4. I find it odd that the big "money shot" in the last 2 trailers were... him jumping off a car.
  5. Well I know colors/backgrounds usually change. But some of the scenes are pretty drastic changes. Who knows if this was always the plan or not.
  6. Again, the best thing he's ever done, and will ever do, is Green Lantern.

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