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  1. It takes a real galaxy brain to see Brie praising technology and cell phones and think "oh she's so out of touch with the workers who made those!".
  2. Does anyone have an explanation why twitter views just exploded over the last 1-2 years?
  3. Nobody is ignoring it. I'm specifically talking about the fandom, in this thread, just out and attacking the validity of enjoying the 1998 film. If that's what a person liked, and got them into Godzilla, so be it. Take a different approach than ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK to get someone to watch other Godzilla films.
  4. oh just kill me now with the "twists" such stupid garbage Endgame also doesn't need a 2nd trailer. Just release the after credit scene for Captain Marvel to the general public.
  5. I love Godzilla 98 with all my heart and it will always be my biggest sadness that it didn't get a sequel. I'm being 100% serious.
  6. I would cry laugh if they attached a new trailer with Captain Marvel and casually mention that Shazam is Captain Marvel in the trailer.
  7. Y'all need to add an eyeroll "like" button. Because I would pound that shi* all day.
  8. Just rewatched IW. Pretty great! Hope this can at least try to match it. Regarding the Quantum Realm, while time passes differently there, I don't believe it goes backwards. If it's like Interstellar, the smaller they go, the faster time goes for everyone else, while time would barely pass in the QR. They could just go into the QR and stay until the world repopulates
  9. Ahh, so you want to include two of the highest grossing films of all time as comparisons? Go ahead! I'm sure you won't be embarrassed later. (you'd have to have shame)

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