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  1. Hear me out: Charlotte Lawrence made an original song for Birds of Prey. Charlotte Lawrence is the daughter of Bill Lawrence, creator of Scrubs. Bill Lawrence is very good friends with Scrubs star, Zach Braff. Zach Braff is dating Florence Pugh. Florence Pugh for Poison Ivy.
  2. When I see comments regarding trailers or movies as "laughably bad" but it's not for stuff like Cats and Dolittle... it's almost ALWAYS for female led films.
  3. This sucks ass. Dr. Strange is one of the few MCU movies that actually got better the more I watched it. I'm sure they'll hire a director who will fit right in the Marvel mold.
  4. OS grosses for DC films: MOS - $376~ mil BvS - $543~ mil SS - $421~ mil WW - $409~ mil JL - $426~ mil AQ - $811~ mil SZ - $223~ mil I'd think BOP is much more targeted at OS audiences than Shazam was. Could it possibly reach Man of Steel? Maybe! I'd see a 20% fall from Suicide Squad (overseas) as a decent target, which is $337 mil. So $337 mil + $150 mil (at least) puts it at $487 mil. I'd be shocked if it finished under $500 mil WW (unless it's not good)
  5. I was talking more domestic. WW, yeah I'd say $500 mil would be a good target for a huge success. But even over $400-450 mil would be really good, imo.
  6. It's targeting people who wanted a good Harley Quinn/Birds of Prey movie. So... a lot of people. Not every movie is tied to a previous movie. They don't really address SS in any of the ads. I think the expectation should be somewhere between Shazam and Justice League. If it finishes over Justice League, that should be a huge success.
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