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  1. The difference between Deadpool, It, and WW, IN MY OPINION, is that Deadpool/It both exploded and overperformed on opening weekend. While WW did not. We saw what a female led CBM could do with Captain Marvel. WW84 should at least match that on OW. And from there it all depends on quality, obviously. But there is plenty of room for growth.
  2. I literally just want to run the Derby. You didn't have to make a whole thread just for me.
  3. In regards to that line specifically... something about the whole thing is perfect. "I'm the one they should be scared of. Not you. Not Mr J. Because I'm Harley freaking Quinn."
  4. Again, nobody should have a problem with the marketing focusing on... the most marketable character in the film. We all (know) Batman is going to be about Arkham Asylum... but the trailers should center around Batman. ANYWAY... Gail Simone has implied/stated she was pretty involved with the films development. She's one of the premier Birds of Prey writers for the comics. So... I'm sure the Birds of Prey will have a heavy role in the film.
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