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  1. Much better. I am very happy. This seems to play well almost everywhere. Anyway I am back after a long day and just checked. Its definitely increasing today. Since it did 10.5m friday, a 10% increase would mean 11.55m. Let us see where it ends up. MTC1 148869/820252 1837689.84 4623 shows MTC2 - 136.5K(DBOX adjusted). 4319 shows (about 1.43m).
  2. JC MTC1 Sat PS 50962/647061 533667.68 4222 shows. I am impressed saturday PS is on par with Friday. I think its set for a saturday to have a small increase. MTC2 is tad above 45K(DBOX adjusted).
  3. JC finished at 148729/822496 1953180.41 4334 shows at MTC. There is not much of late walk ups during COVID times. MTC2 is around 138K(DBOX adjusted) and so combined you are looking at 3.4m. Sticking to 9.5m true friday and 12.2 million friday including previews. I think it has potential to stay flat or go up a tad tomorrow. Rock/Blunt should help. Let us hope it does enough to hit 30m for the weekend.
  4. You could be right. Plus there is rock factor. He is a draw for sure. Let us see how things go tomorrow. Anyway at MTC1 JC is at 132574/822461 1719238.30 4334 shows. MTC2 is tad below 119K tickets(after fixing dbox issue) at around $10 average ticket price. JC is holding slightly better at MTC1 than MTC2 when compared to SJ OD. I think its doing better than what I saw in the morning. I would say 9.5m true friday for now.
  5. Considering families are the major reason for saturday boost and with Delta there is an impact(we saw BW getting hit bad on saturday which is unprecedented for MCU movie), why would it be even a surprise forget about being shocked.
  6. Credit to WB for pulling in Gunn when he was briefly fired from Guardians 3 movie. I am sure they will offer him big money to direct further DC flicks. Get him to make the next Justice League :-)
  7. Not sure. From BO perspective wont make a huge difference. I was covering all big markets even back then.
  8. It needs to add more shows. Will not happen until tuesday/wednesday next week. At least at MTC1 I see it go up as its filling up. SS Previews(T-6) MTC1 - 22413/229051 388334.95 1089 shows. On Jungle Cruise the pace seem below SJ for now. Its just under 75K at MTC1 and at 70K at MTC2. Thinking around 300K between 2 chains and around $3.2m. SJ2 did 4.7m between 2 chains. I am sticking to 9m true friday. Let us see if that goes up.
  9. I dont think Jungle Cruise will have same level of walkups as F9. Still should do well considering Rock/blunt. MTC1 Friday Start 58131/822139 788998.12 4311 shows. I would say 9m friday for now(minus previews). Edit; MTC2 is at 52346 tickets(after reducing DBOX overcount). So the ratio between the 2 mtc shows its playing at the same level everywhere. So MTC1 ratio will be lower.
  10. Jungle Cruise Previews MTC1 - 44690/284488 679716.78 1496 shows 40% of tickets sold today. Thinking ~2.7m previews.
  11. Its not just Scarlet. Pixar animators are not happy either. Normally they get paid if the movies do well in BO but with direct to D+, they get nothing. Disney can eat the loss as part of investment into D+ but its hard on folks who work on these movies. So I hope Scarlet gets her payout. Anyway she is done with MCU and there is no cost to suing Disney. https://www.indiewire.com/2021/04/pixar-staff-slams-disney-moving-films-streaming-1234633910/
  12. I will then stick to MTC1. We will only know once we get ratios post previews.
  13. Just ran MTC2 and I am getting 8438/213921 114040.10. I guess its sold post your run. But way weaker compared to MTC1 for sure.
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