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  1. Nope. If I am not wrong WW finished 5.6 and SMH finished 6.1( in the scale of Civil War at 10).
  2. keysersoze123

    Release Schedule

    Obviously they moved Wondy 2 with SW9 opening in Dec 2019. I thought shazam has April 5th date. May be Suicide Squad in summer 2019 if they start shooting next year. Hopefully 2020 brings in flashpoint(batfleck's last movie if he is bound to contract) and Green Lantern. I wonder if Joss Whedon is still making Batgirl. There is also Nightwing movie which if I am not wrong has a director. Matt Reeves will need to make a trilogy with new actor. I hope they recast immediately post JL.
  3. 1B should happen even with JL opening next week. This is simply awesome. I am hoping for breakout in Brazil and Argentina.
  4. Please do it. You would be doing the kid a favor. He is wasting his time getting ruffled about this.
  5. As I posted in China PS thread, I think 100m for JL can happen with above average WOM. Its PS will be ahead of Thor for sure. So with 100m in China I see it hit 550m OS for sure. I cant see it below Suicide Squad for OS-C. Mexico Cinepolis issue has resolved and so that would be a big market as well. Latin America and Asia will play a big role along with commonwealth (UK/AU) and France which is SH friendly. I see this beat BvS even in markets like Russia and Germany. I am optimistically predicting 600m at this point with better run than BvS.
  6. PS at 6 days and 11 hours to go is at 1.86m. It will definitely be ahead of Thor 3 and accelerating. If I have to make a huge leap of faith prediction(cannot narrow until monday EOD), I would think 30m PS will happen for JL. So I think it can do 120m OD and 400m OW with decent WOM. That would mean 100m in China even if its hit hard in weekend 2. But there are lots of ifs and buts and so let us wait and see how things go.
  7. keysersoze123

    Russia Box Office

    HOw's thor doing. Will it gross at least 1B rouble?
  8. Thor's OS performance has been great. It has lots of mileage left over there. A good hold this weekend could put 900m in play. Domestic it will have a decent hold this weekend. Next weekend it will be hit hard but will get a good boost during Thanksgiving week(plus double features with Coco). Then it will have a good run till holidays. Movies with strong reviews/WOM tend to play strong and late. Thor has that benefit. So domestic run will be better than norm. So for it to hit 900m it needs 330-340 Domestic/560-570m OS. Not easy but definitely not impossible. Most probably finish is around 850m.
  9. I am not a huge fan but I did it see it on discount tuesday for $6. Otherwise have to pay like $13(this is for digital 2D). I think it will be the norm going forward.
  10. I was posting those numbers. This is fairly normal. Initially the sat number is around 60-70% of OD. That will go down as release date approaches. Only PS that matters is for OD. Rest of the run can be extrapolated from that and WOM.
  11. Tuesday boost was extraordinary and so this is not bad. Better to look at Monday to Wednesday drop. With Veteran's day coming up its friday increase would be huge.
  12. Thor Sat was around 2.65m and sunday around 2.93m. PS slows down over the weekend.
  13. AT last JL PS if off the mark. Almost caught up to Thor PS. Should exceed that tomorrow. Where it will end up can be confirmed by Monday. We were able to extrapolate for Thor by that point.

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