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  1. I am amazed that we have clubs for bombs compared to other bombs. Its both this and other one comparing it to American Made(which did badly domestic).
  2. Not so early. there is still time for that. May be week or 10 days to release. Even Wondy was that late.
  3. ^^^^ it held better than what I thought initially and Japan was a big breakout. Even domestic its drop was not as bad as I thought(much better than TF5). May be there will be another one.
  4. $ is lot more weaker than last year. It should not have a problem grossing 1B if it does 400m+ domestic. This will be huge in Asia and Latin America. Should also do great in UK/Aus etc. I would say Domestic - 180/450 ( this is dependent on above average reviews and good reception) OS - C - 500 China - 100-125m( depends on reception again) WW - 1.05/1.075B
  5. Thor 3 PS has not started so far. Neither cbooo nor gewara has listed it for Nov 3. Is the date confirmed and when do PS start. Previously they used to start 2 weeks before release.
  6. So tickets are going on sale either this weekend or monday according to the this blog.
  7. China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    PS has crossed 17m and so 70m rmb OD is possible. I am thinking OW of at least $35m and around $60m finish.
  8. I remember empirecity's not so great review for wondy and people frieking out. Even Z did not love it that much. So lets wait until release before worrying about the reception. IF WB allow early twitter feedback then that will give some perspective.
  9. @grim22 any updates from Deepwang fro SW8 and Thor 3.
  10. I dont see disney winning this at all. its not just about SW or Marvel movies. You need to innovate in this space and I would trust Netflix way more than Disney. If netflix were to lose, it would be to some other innovator who disrupts the industry. I dont see elephants like disney trying too hard. If they push too hard they will lose revenue on existing streams and so they always hedge in their approach.

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