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  1. New York has been one of the few states doing adequate tests, identifying hotspots and taking actions. As long as they keep doing that, they can catch any major breakout before it gets out of control. After all one cannot keep it closed for ever waiting for case count to be zero. But not sure its going to make major difference to box office overall considering its outside NYC and max capacity is just 50. One reason NYC BO is big bcos it has huge screens that constantly sellout or comes close. So BO wont be interesting until this dies down. I dont see that happening in the near future.
  2. I did not track. I expect bigger drop as well. Probably at least 40%.
  3. Fyi(if anyone is interested) this week it dropped mid 20's in MTC2 and high 20's in MTC1 on friday. Today it held very strong. 10% drop(week to week) in MTC2 and 13% drop in MTC1. It appears there are few day time shows during weekdays. So it increased 63% in MTC1 and mid 80's in MTC2.
  4. This movie wont release this year. They could rather open Dune.
  5. its quite small. I did look yesterday and MTC1 show count has gone down a lot while MTC2 held extremely well. Tenet Day 22 MTC1 - 10268/161438 133K (977 shows) (-30.5% weekly drop) MTC2 - 1196 8/182506 143K (1255 shows) (-7.5% weekly drop)
  6. Good decision. They could also slow down production for now to avoid risk(getting the production team infected). What's the point of making multiple mega blockbusters if there is already a backlog. This new date to me looks safe to realize maximum potential for this movie.
  7. Tenet Day 16 MTC1 - 28009/426976 294K (2637 shows) MTC2 - 23214/31717 259K (2184 shows) Better increase than last week compared to meh increase yesterday. Saturday to Saturday drop around 25%.
  8. Tenet Day 15 MTC1 - 16492/374857 191K (2319 shows) MTC2 - 13724/251680 154K (1754 shows) It did not increase as much as last friday as show count dropped 20%. I guess last week it added new markets but nothing new this week. Next good hold will require rest of California/New York to open and not sure when that will happen. Anyway its looking at around 30% drop
  9. Tenet Day 14 MTC1 - 8100/316244 87.5K (2008 shows) MTC2 - 5880/199523 62.5K (1401 shows) @charlie Jatinder Around high teens weekly drop. Let us see how 3rd weekend hold is.
  10. Tenet Day 9 MTC1 - 38530/522693 385K (3356 shows) MTC2 - 30333/375398 333K (2641 shows) it dropped only mid teens in MTC1 and low 20's in MTC2 compared to last saturday. But overall numbers are low plus there were more theaters that opened. I could see theaters in Orange, CA doing very well and they were not open last weekend.
  11. To me that sounds logical. Joker was so huge everywhere that its no brainer to make a sequel. That said there is no mention of sequels being part of DCEU universe. But how can they make them without Batman is the question. I dont think they can do another Multi verse movie with another actor playing Batman. Or keep the movie during Batman as kid years and bring in Gordon and others. But I doubt it will have the same hook. 1st time around it was about his origins as agent of chaos. There is nothing new without Batman. In theory they can have Battinson verse being part of Joker verse and make a Batman vs Joker as one of the sequel. But there is nothing new to sell as we have had 2 batman/joker movies(both of which were uber blockbusters) already. It needs a new hook. Plus Joker was R-rated movie. Only Idea I can think off is Killing Joke. May be they will create something totally new not even seen in DC comics.
  12. Tenet Day 8 MTC1 - 24279/457893 279K (2917 shows) MTC2 - 20011/335365 222K (2389 shows) low 30's drop from last week.
  13. I will update this evening for sure. Tenet Day 7 MTC1 - 10055/360027 109K (2237 shows) MTC2 - 7483/261987 75K (1830 shows) Tenet was down 67% in MTC1 from Monday(Labor day) numbers and 70% in MTC2 from Labor day numbers. Let us see how friday numbers are. I am expecting smaller increase considering weekdays were not that much depressed like it is normally in September post Labor Day.
  14. Sorry. I stopped tracking. The numbers were not interesting. I can look again tomorrow but its too small to extrapolate. With big markets closed shared of the MTC is lower. if California and New York opens then it gets interesting. I am hoping the next big budget movie is more interesting to track. But post Tenet I am thinking studios will push back on their blockbuster. I would not release Wonder Woman 2 next month for sure. Move it to next spring hoping things are better.
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