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  1. for sure. There are no articles anywhere about big jump in case counts in Nevada. That is more than total testing done 🙂
  2. 1% for India is humongous 13-14m. even with 10% needing hospitalization would overwhelm the system. Plus systematic increase in number of deaths. That news will come out for sure.
  3. Nah. Aint happening. I feel many Indians seem immune to pandemics as they are constantly living in conditions prone to pandemics. By now healthcare system should be so overwhelmed that it cannot be hidden. Unlike China, India is still highly connected socially.
  4. it would be bad if UK PM does not recover. who would be next in line to become PM. Trump on the other hand is finding new lows day after day. There are no words to describe the horror we are seeing.
  5. Thank god Newsom at least takes personal responsibility on lack of testing and promised to ramp up 5x. But it will take few weeks 😞 The governor said the backlog has been reduced from 59,900 down to 13,000 tests currently awaiting results. However, he stressed the importance of expanding the scale and type of testing the state provides in order to achieve better community surveillance, provide data in real time and prepare people to eventually return to work. Among expanded testing will be a serum blood test created by Stanford University that will enable detection of coronavirus antibodies. https://sfbayca.com/2020/04/04/sfbay-covid-19-update-newsom-announces-testing-task-force-santa-rita-inmate-tests-positive/
  6. I would blame trump if California was on par with other states. but the numbers are way below other states. Why cant Newsom work with all the start ups/tech companies to ramp up testing. Several weeks ago Verily(google company) have started testing in few counties. They have the resources to scale it across the state. its just matter of Prioritization from the local government. Its time to stop depending on Trump and tackle this head on.
  7. I can say that majority of adults are extremely careful about social distancing. I go to Costco once a week, most adults wear some kind of mask and maintain distance. Only few folks who seem to be in a hurry seem to forget. Plus most stores allow only few folks at a time to avoid crowding. Most public parks also maintain distancing. That said its not a substitute for testing, contact tracing and isolating positive cases. I just dont understand why Newsom does not make that a priority. There are so many biotech's based on CA who have the infrastructure. I guess they are worried the real number will be so scary that they want to bury their head in the sand than finding out the facts 😞
  8. Update today was they have 500K tests available but since Roche came 1st hospitals/labs dont want to change now. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/04/03/coronavirus-testing-which-states-are-doing-the-most-covid-19-screening.html
  9. I hope long term this forces critical supply chain to be in your own country. But 3M has been egregious in selling it to highest bidder and got bad publicity recently(they were trending yesterday after FAUX news went after them). So not surprised by Trump's action. That said I wont be surprised by this having negative repercussions for US as most of 3M production is outside US. That said why does 3M have to export from US to other countries and then get from China to US !!!!! Makes little sense.
  10. @ThanosTheHedgehog Good increase but it needs to ramp up huge from this. i am especially bummed by HORRIBLE testing rates in California. Current Pos/Neg total is just 35K. NY is 7.5x that number despite CA having the bigger population. Also company like Abbot which just got 5 min test approved is based out of California
  11. That thankfully wont happen here. Stupid concept. if contracts are not sacrosanct then there is no point in having it. Sadly in developing markets it seem to be true and so lots of arbitration happens outside the country.
  12. Probably OS release will be week earlier as happened many times before. i doubt Disney will need to follow Endgame playbook of releasing everywhere on the same week. Problem with last week of April is Memorial weekend is too late in its run and if OW is not big that will have a big impact on overall BO.
  13. Nah. Still cannot override earlier contracts with other big studios. This is not just between Imax and disney.
  14. I expect theaters to open during summer though I am not sure it will be ready for blockbusters with theaters selling half or less than that for tickets and will do fewer shows to avoid crowds overall. I dont see either Tenet or Mulan release as planned but we wont know until June for sure.
  15. That wont happen as Disney would want it to release on Imax. All the dates above were reserved by Disney earlier and so it makes logical sense to move to those dates. That said I am not sure if Avatar sequel will release on time with delay in production. Jim takes his sweet time to get his movies ready and so I could see it delay to 2022 and so everything moves a year(including SW trilogy) and so next christmas will be open as well.
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