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  1. Guys, I had my single does JNJ vaccine today and have slight temperature and body ache. Anyway I dont have energy to post detailed numbers but GVK is up almost 68% in MTC1 and about 50% in MTC2.
  2. Ratio of MTC is lower this week which is good. Did more Regal theatres open this weekend?
  3. I looked at thursday to get a perspective for friday increase. GVK Thursday MTC1 - 32580/415138 410203.00 2358 shows (302 theatres) MTC2 - 32274/444587 340787.32 3219 shows(294 theatres) GVK Friday MTC1 - 63722/929829 761760.00 5406 shows(427 theatres) MTC2 - 64727/594874 710946.47 4163 shows(294 theatres) I expect PWP also to have dropped off big time for obvious reasons. Still let us hope for good saturday increase. At least show counts are not that far off especially in MTC1 where many theatres are closed during weekdays.
  4. Not sure if anyone is interested but GVK looks like dropping close to 70% from last friday. Its up just about 100% or tad under that from thursday. Show count wise its not that far off from last friday in MTC1 and 22% off in MTC2. Of course PWP sales are also way down and I think it wont dominate it as much as last time either. I am thinking ~ 3.3m friday
  5. MTC1 will drop hard tomorrow as many theatres go offline for weekdays. Only plus point will be LA county will start to allow 50% occupancy. Still I expect it to drop 70% while MTC2 will hold much better. But overall drop wont be that good as you expect.
  6. With. If you look at MTC data, minus PWP it dropped worse than that. MTC1 dropped just above 40% and MTC2 dropped about 45%. But PWP held well(MTC1 only 10% drop and MTC2 30% drop), but that wont make up that much considering ratio of PWP to overall BO is still small. On top of that looking at MTC2 drop, smaller theatre chains would have done just as bad.
  7. There are no capacity issues today. Sunday evening demand goes down unless its an uber blockbuster with huge spillover. Anyway GVK Sunday End MTC1 - 154594/930226 1611260.00 5444 shows (428 theatres) MTC2 - 127192/722135 1321972.33 5043 shows (294 theatres) At least it crossed 280K. MTC1 did well with evening shows. Still looking at a big drop. I am thinking 7.7m Sunday. PWP held better than regular shows adding another 200K.
  8. I doubt that. They always put a caveat somewhere that business plans are subject to change. Plus no one pays for HBO Max because Dune will come on day and date this december.
  9. Is this pure theatrical or hybrid release? Its interesting its coming out close to BW. Would it get special deal for say Imax if its pure theatrical?
  10. I wasn't talking about BW. But marvel movies are generally more family friendly than a Godzilla movies. That is their strength. I dont think combo deal will work here as well. Chains wont play if deal does not make business sense. As I said earlier they would give a bigger cut to studio so that they make money through auxiliary sales. Now that is limited and so no deal unless its win win for both the parties. Especially with multiple studios playing ball with theatre chains. Ultimately I expect Disney to play ball as well. I hope so as well for well being of the industry. This is not a time to play bully.
  11. Plus Family movies wont do well in hybrid strategy. Families will hesitate taking kids to movie theatres for obvious reason plus tickets for families wont be cheap. They would rather pay for premium access or wait for it to hit Disney + without premium access in few months.
  12. Disney is shooting itself in the foot with their tactic. Anyway on GVK MTC1 - 107188/929807 1051090.00 5441 shows MTC2 - 90508/729923 924345.45 5144 shows I dont see 300K at this point. Sunday evening BO aint that great. I am thinking 270-280K. I will update tonight.
  13. No. They wont play the movie losing money. It does not help them at all. Its terrible on the part of a studio to squeeze their network when going is bad. Its like owners squeezing tenants when they are out of jobs. Ultimately they go bankrupt and theatres close shop. AMC/Cinemark will survive with studios that play ball. Already WB, Universal and Sony are playing ball. If Disney does not it will be mutual loss for both of them. BW wont gross significant numbers domestic.
  14. No offense but theatre chains are not the bad guys here. They are hurting bad having almost zero revenue since the pandemic began. even though they are open with restrictions, they are not making enough to even pay back debt. Plus the biggest revenue drivers for the chains, food/drinks sales are also not happening if people have to watch movie masked. This is a terrible time to twist their arm. WB did the right thing in giving them a better deal to screen GVK. Disney will have to do something as well. Recent Forbes article AMC has also made it clear they wont play any movie that wont make business sense . As things stand Disney has to yield.
  15. Morning update MTC1 - 65257/927217 703636.00 5396 shows(428 theatres) // 223 sellouts MTC2 - 49924/706241 524100.01 5037 shows (294 theatres) // 178 sellouts PWP - MTC2 is at 2127 sellouts. MTC1 does not have same day booking for PWP and so final update was yesterday. It looks like 10% drop in shows today. Obviously sellouts and PWP sales are way down (MTC1 is off like 40% from yesterday and MTC2 like 33%). Let us see where walk ups take it today. I think 35% drop is likely end at this time(around 300K finish between 2 MTC). But monday drop wont be pretty as again 25% of MTC1 theatres go offline during weekdays. So show count will be 50% off on weekdays. I am not planning to track weekdays for now. I dont have the bandwidth and this wont be interesting either. If its still looking interesting I will capture thursday data to get baseline to track friday/saturday BO.
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