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  1. Yikes my extrapolation was horrible. Somewhere I got the math wrong. Anyway HK Sat -147957/783630 2016545.65 4854 shows. Its below Friday but mornings will be way stronger. Let us hope it has good walkups to come close to friday BO. I would say 17-18m range at this point for HK Saturday.
  2. BW final week was good just not great. Terrible final week would be NTTD. It just fell apart final few days. Great to me was Venom 2. That accelerated huge and final day walk ups was crazy strong. I dont think any MCU movie with so much early Pre sales can match. That is to me not a negative. That shows how popular these movies are. BW sold over 82K tickets for previews at MTC1 on its day of release. That is not bad at all.
  3. it had an excellent start and so its great at this point for sure. Plus average ticket price is an important factor to extrapolate as ticket prices are going up for Eternals. Let us see how things go. runrate wise its below BW at similar point but that is negated against increased ticket prices. Plus BW did not have ontario market in its release week. Let us monitor how things go. MTC2 start was weaker than BW but let us see if it has caught up. @Menor hopefully provides an update today.
  4. Eternals MTC1 Previews(T-19) - 48004/360866 856529.98 1821 shows OD(T-20) - 29000/718285 521687.32 3543 shows I am not able to get MTC2 numbers anymore( @Menor) but at MTC1 Eternals is still up around 16% in gross but bit below in admits for previews. I dont have Friday data for T-19 but a week later data was like below. Higher average price should help Eternals in regards to comps for sure.
  5. Every thread is supposed to be about MCU. If you want to crack the whip ban the mention of it. I just responded to a really annoying post. I will not respond anymore for sure.
  6. That is ok. There are enough elements to excite the younger audience here. Have some nostalgia for keaton batman wont hurt at all. He was ginormous and seen everywhere at that time. By the time flash opens the older audience will be less hesitant to go to movies for sure.
  7. I would not worry about the competition. if the movies is really good then markets can handle multiple movies. there are enough pieces to hype up a flash movie. Especially if Cavill also makes a cameo. I would also love to see some lantern even if they dont reveal who the actor is.
  8. That is because you are a marveloonie. keaton's batman was so popular in late 80s it was ridiculous. At least for 6 months of so it dominated the news space everywhere. That summer was also crazy BO space where OW record was broken 3 TIMES. batman was the 3rd one and broke the previous record holder(Ghostbusters 2 just a week ago) by whooping 35%. Tobey is the most popular spider-man looking at how big his movies were but Andrew is not in the same ballpark as Keaton or Tobey. I like the teaser. It worked big time. Final shot with multiple flash and Keaton in su
  9. If there is a deal that addresses fundamental issues and we dont have a strike, its fantastic. But I will believe it when I see it. As multiple posts addressed, media will be used to spread misinformation to put pressure on IATSE. They should NOT yield to these tactics. They must ensure all the issues addressed like reasonable pay, meal breaks, reasonable work schedule and ridiculous new media stuff is taken care. For now I would not quote Variety/HR as source of truth. They are ridiculous source of propaganda. @john2000
  10. Dune MTC1 Previews(T-6) - 42026/245690 769591.34 1212 shows OD(T-7) - 44056/536928 791809.52 2647 shows Let us hope it accelerates into next week and has a good finish.
  11. HK Friday MTC1 - 279910/742704 3932827.76 4622 shows. It actually finished tad more than 5% ahead of Bond at MTC1. Still wont be that strong in canada. MTC2 looks stronger than Bond as well. I could see studio estimates go up to say 21.5m.
  12. I am thinking 12m previews/90m OW and so my number is outside your range. I am willing to bet its not coming anywhere close to 150m.
  13. https://www.murphysmultiverse.com/rumor-the-mandalorian-secret-invasion-and-many-more-productions-to-shut-down-for-90-days-due-to-iatse-strike/ So 90 day delays are planned. I guess post production delays are more fluid.
  14. LOL at optimist. There is no way AMPTP will yield that easy. If that were to be true, this strike wont happen. If the strike happens, they are prepared for long break. I hope external pressure ensures a good deal for IATSE. I second posts requesting donate links for IATSE. #IASolidarity Also awesome news from UK. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/nothing-undermine-iatse-action-uk-153541506.html Multiple countries have shown solidarity with IATSE. So studios will have little option moving work to other locations.
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