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  1. Even Bond will release. Either in theaters or sold to Netflix/Apple/Amazon. Its too expensive to keep them in cans.
  2. I dont think they will move beyond this summer. Its already an year late and it costs money to hold. Let us see if there is any SB ad next month. That will show studio's confidence about the release date.
  3. I am disappointed by low usage in CA. They should do better than 27% used. There is no way to schedule even for > 75 year old. I got a mail for my dad from Kaiser but as of now they are saying supply is limited and wait several weeks before appointments can be scheduled online. I dont understand who is sitting on the doses. NY/IL have done much better while the best states have been smaller states. WV/ND seem to have used 3/4th of their doses.
  4. I stopped looking after day 2. Day 2 was 77240/79400 at MTC1/2 which is around 30% down from day 1. I dont think it will have extended run anyway.
  5. Not possible as its very PS heavy with limited walkups possible. Wonder Woman 1984 12/25 MTC1 - 109178/421216 868285.00 2269 shows MTC2 - 104708/364867 1067404.94 2440 shows
  6. Data as of this morning Wonder Woman 1984 12/25 MTC1 - 91155/415981 711334.00 2217 shows MTC2 - 88276/361085 896007.49 2394 shows 12/26 MTC1 - 29696/392803 245009.00 2000 shows MTC2 - 32344/365452 321516.31 2406 shows Heavily skewed towards OD sales. Let us see where it ends tonight.
  7. Nah. AT&T have too much debt already. This would be one of the big tech companies with too much cash. Apple/Amazon/Netflix would bid it up. Let us who wins it.
  8. Wonder Woman 1984 12/25 MTC1 - 44203/339370 380622.00 1646 shows MTC2 - 47281/331716 490690.87 2142 shows 12/26 MTC1 - 15771/329112 136559.00 1595 shows MTC2 - 16791/341532 170091.53 2209 shows So day 2 is only 35% of OD PS. But OD PS is doing very well. This does not include private watch shows.
  9. I think Roku has a strong platform and basically is a bridge to everything that is happening on streaming world. They have moved from selling cheap hardware to basically ad and licensing play. Their trailing top line is double what was by end of 2018. That said I was looking at it since it dropped from 50 to 16 back in late 2017 and never bought it as I had the wrong perspective looking at it like a hardware play. Anyway HBO Max need to be on all platform for its growth. ROKU is the number 1 among streaming OS.
  10. I will try look at PS beyond OD but it will skew heavy as christmas will be the biggest BO day for this. Plus more folks would see in HBO Max which will kill its BO for sure.
  11. Fingers crossed critical markets have vaccinated enough folks to make full theatrical release for this. This could be the 1st big movie post COVID as it has until May. This could also be a movie with minimal markets releasing early as they will look for optimal dates looking at vaccination levels of the market.
  12. I am hoping Biden administration will be more aggressive with its rollout. I am hoping anyone who wants to be vaccinated should have the option. Then I am hoping this number can go up a lot. There will be anti-vaxxers who will not help spreading rumors about vaccine killing folks !!!
  13. Wonder Woman 1984 12/25 MTC1 - 24155/276615 220442.00 1322 shows MTC2 - 30973/318767 323439.38 2045 shows its selling few tickets for sure. This does not include private watch shows as they are not reserved tickets. I can see there are several sellouts among those but they are only maximum 20 patrons per show. Dont think that will make a huge difference to overall BO.
  14. oh yes. That is 2-4x the number sold. Sometimes there are group booking like 4 seats in a row. Then they block 2 seats o either side. Otherwise 2 seats booked then 2 seats blocked on either side.
  15. it does not include them. Let me check. They are mentioned separately.
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