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  1. Too early to predict. As we are in 2nd week, BO is more driven by walk ins than PS. So early numbers will be warped. PS is down 64% compared to last tuesday but drop will not be that big. if I have to give over the top guess(which could be way off), I am thinking half off from last week. So somewhere in low 7's. But I will update in around 12 hours and that should be fairly on the point. of course Charlie could give a number before he goes to bed 🙂
  2. WOW. Tyranny is here again. For the new folks, Tyranny used to be the key guy in all the OS threads in old mojo forums. He has stats for everything. Welcome back buddy. I hope you stick around.
  3. Good ideas @PorthosLet us wait for SW9. for now we barely have sellouts until close to showtime.
  4. I have look at the scraped data. Fandango used to say the screen number(like A1 to A25 at empire 25) but AMC site itself did not show the data. But the scraped data should list the screen number somewhere. Problem is a mega PS movie could sellout shows very fast. So there may not be time to even scrap it. One way is ahead to time get data on screens and see how things stand when we run. But there is no full automated way at this point. But Let me think on this. If SW9 tickets dont start to sell until Frozen 2 opens we have time.
  5. for Malficent and Zombieland around 5 minutes. Joker takes between 15-30 minutes depending on network speeds. I dont even want to think how long SW9 will take. That said there is other part where I look for new shows and that takes 10-15 minutes. There are around 300 cinemark and 350 Amc theaters with reserved tickets to search for. I am still trying to optimize things(already I run 8 processes in parallel to speed up Joker runs 🙂 ). I have few ideas to get more data like Imax/PLF data at AMC, may be regional data as well. Need some time. I want to do that for SW9 for sure. That should be a monster to track. Though if it has too many sellouts my system will fail. Then the old fashioned way is the best way 🙂
  6. Zombieland (T-3) AMC - 10692/90351(535 shows) + 1793 Cinemark - 4746/72711((678 shows) +1377 It had even better than Malficent 2 but its way behind that movie with fewer shows. Unless it has huge acceleration next 2 days could end up below Gemini Man last week which played very well in Imax/PLF in major cities but almost nothing elsewhere.
  7. Mal2(T-3) AMC - 14872/157789(768 shows) + 1884 Cinemark - 6873/148291(1106 shows) + 1053 Good increase at 2 chains though it did not double at AMC. It almost doubled at Cinemark. Added few shows at both the chains though not as much as what I want to see. We have to wait until thursday for the real action.
  8. AMC/Cinemark seems off 10-15% from last monday. So I would say closer to 8.5m monday. But I will update final numbers in couple of hours.
  9. Italy looks promising and it would be extremely impressive to beat Endgame in an established markets.
  10. Really early. But AMC data till now seem to be inline with Charlie is saying. I did not track cinemark last monday but it seems about 10-15% below last wednesday at the same point. I will confirm late tonight if the trends still hold. For tomorrow I see fewer shows at both the chains(somewhere in 8-10%). So the two holidays today will have bigger impact than discount tuesday. But we should hopefully get better week on week drop info tomorrow. Though I am expecting this friday increase to be much better than last week and so should not worry if we get not so great week on week drops.
  11. I agree. That puts things perfectly for Mal2. It needs major acceleration and lot more shows to be added as well to hit that 3m. At least the momentum is there. I hope to see double the ticket sales for tomorrow from today.
  12. May be slightly lower than that around 17-17.5m range. AMC - 234131/573419 Cinemark -150215/288878(3646 shows) PS for tomorrow is down 2/3 from today but I am expecting better PS to total gross.
  13. That would require a huge burst to at least 50-60K sales at AMC. not sure it has the pace to do that. 3m wont be that bad considering the tracking is lot lower this time around. Should enough for at least 45m OW.
  14. Zombieland(T-4) AMC - 8899/90753 (528 shows) +1072 Cinemark - 3369/67196 (594 shows) + 577 Excellent increase today despite overall numbers still being low. I am hoping it will get more shows added tomorrow. Stick too 2m previews for now.
  15. Mal2(T-4) AMC - 12988/154521 (747 shows) +1015 Cinemark - 5820/140770(1056 shows) +532 Excellent PS day and it is ramping up. I feel its previews will end up > 3m. BTW what were the previews for the 1st film.
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