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  1. Midnights look huge for H&S. Almost 30m. May be PS multi will be huge for this and we still see 250m OD.
  2. SOny does not want Disney to produce. They are happy to budget the entire movie !!! IF anything they want to pull him out of MCU completely at some point.
  3. it appears corporate owned characters have 95 years of Copyright. So we could see Superman in MCU in the near future(the version that was created 95 years back and not updates after that 🙂 ). Batman 1939 version becomes public domain in 2034. Spider-man wont be in public domain for a long time. 95 years itself is ridiculous. That said having a public domain character has not helped other studios make successful Jungle Book or Cindrella(or any fantasy characters).
  4. Sony did not go to Disney with a deal, It was initiated by Marvel. Sony initially declined and then accepted it. I dont see any reason for them to renegotiate. its not as if Sony makes any $ out of any Disney movies where Spidey is there.
  5. I would agree. there should not perpetual hold over any property. That way studios are not incentivized towards making only franchises.
  6. What’s with all the chatter about Feige doing it for “Free”. It was in Disney interest to get Spidey in MCU. I don’t think Sony gets paid for having Spidey in Avengers movies. Deal was Spidey in MCU movies and in exchange MCU actors in Spidey movies. Feige obviously wanted full creative control and it was mutually beneficial. Post far from home, disney obviously wants more than usual share Marvel studios gets from Spider-man movies but Sony showed them the middle finger. This nonsense will tide over for sure. Question is with Feige not being in the 3rd movie of this iteration, is it still set in MCU. Sony should rather do a Multi-verse movie with different Spideys rather than directly make the 3rd movie. Another question is would Holland still act in further avenger movies(not that Disney has even announced any for next few years). I doubt disney would purchase Sony for Spider-man. They did not purchase Fox for XMen or other Marvel characters. It was mainly the investment in Hulu, Sky and Star and other TV networks to build IPs for streaming. Big consistent money is in streaming and Disney now owns Hulu and ESPN and now starting their own streaming as well. Long term Disney should not care much about Spider-man as they have other characters and still have not shared plans to add Fox’s Marvel characters yet. And How do you plan for a Avengers movie without Iron Man and Captain America as well.
  7. Sony confirmed the news. https://www.polygon.com/2019/8/21/20826443/spider-man-marvel-studios-kevin-feige-sony-pictures-reason Does this confirm that this movie wont be in MCU? its just saying Feige wont be lead producer.
  8. There is no way Disney acquires Sony after Fox. They are already too big. Plus Sony is big enough to survive on its own. If anything I could see someone like Google or Amazon or Apple acquire a studio for the contents. That said Disney could outright try to buy back Spiderman rights. Pay Sony 10B or something like that.
  9. I am glad this happened. Not a huge fan of MCU Spidey movies. Spidey-Verse live action directed by Raimi will be HUGE.
  10. it does matter where it ends as it already exceeded expectations big time without major help from China.
  11. IT Chapter 2 AMC Empire 25 Almost a week later and still barely sold anything since last week. Almost nothing on 2D. Overall not expecting much until week of release. At this point its not looking like a big increase is happening.
  12. Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $421,276,037 42.1% + Foreign: $579,900,000 57.9% = Worldwide: $1,001,176,037
  13. it would have happened if it did not suck so much. That has been the power of this brand. Meh film grossing so much money. If it had JB level of reviews/reception it would have grossed 2B WW.
  14. I looked at IT 2 at AMC Empire 25 after a week and I dont see a huge movement. This needs a push via a new trailer plus prominently marketed at Fandango/Atom etc. That said it has huge amount of shows(34 overall). So if it accelerates close to release it should still have huge previews.
  15. Movies are not the biggest factor. Disney stock moved big time once details of Disney + was released.
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