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  1. Yikes it sounds convoluted. Unless Cavill makes a appearance, we can say both affleck/cavill or gone from the DCEU. That would be unfortunate. Cavill's potential was never realized.
  2. it was a serious drama and not big budgeted action movie. It ended up beating even endgame in few markets !!!! its OS-C is simply crazy.
  3. Batman is not that popular in OS markets. At height of Nolan trilogy, TDKR grossed tad under 650m(of course without 3D). This with uncertain environment 400m OS would be good. Domestic 250m+ is great. what is more important is the reception. If that is strong, sequel will have much bigger potential.
  4. sub 10% drop after a discount tuesday? I doubt if there any more holiday effect.
  5. I strongly disagree. Despite the variant not having same impact as Delta its definitely a huge deal. Its R0 numbers are so bad that its causing hospitals to shutdown units which to be is not trivial. We hit 1 million cases today and that will have big impact at hospitals if they are ravaged as well. That said I doubt movie theaters will close state side though some capacity constraints could be in play if spread continues rampant.
  6. MCU. There is a ceiling for Spiderverse. Morbius could open close to 50m and then crash faster after that.
  7. I dont think this movie needs any more trailers. Just do few tv spots close to release. I liked that this trailer focused on Bruce Wayne than Bats or Riddler/Penguin. Definitely excited for the movie. Will be there OW.
  8. Avatar would be interesting. Jim Cameron should not be underestimated for sure. That said I am expecting Marvel to dominate Top 5 again along with Avatar. Batman and Aquabro etc in 6-10. Only movie that could surprise its way to Top 5 is Jurassic whatever. I did not like either one of the new movies but they are very popular and could bring in the young crowd for sure.
  9. Thank you @ZackM for tracking NWH for 11 days. That is a lot. Some of the details you provided during OW including hourly and region breakups were awesome. I think @charlie Jatinder or Empire can provide extrapolations from inside view of BO data anyway.
  10. Spiderman is more popular than any other MCU character in Japan. so NWH could go higher than endgame considering how well it has done elsewhere.
  11. That IMO is ridiculous. Its overall BO is already at crazy levels. Looking at its share of overall 2021 BO, I doubt any other movie would come close.
  12. That was very good. I think its finishing around 5% below yesterday. late shows would be slightly worse compared to yesterday.
  13. I am sorry to say from a bigger perspective, canada does not matter that much. At best it would be another 5m or so. But impact to US BO is huge. As @Eric Smith mentioned its lack of older and very young kids at theaters that is limiting the potential of NWH. In my viewing on a holiday there were few of them but not enough like pre pandemic screening of even SW9. I definitely saw an impact and I live in a county with 81.1% across all ages fully vaccinated and 51% with booster dose. With Omicron in early ramp, things wont get better in next few weeks.
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