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  1. Dolittle is headed for a big drop today. Ticket sales are down around 57% at MTC1 and 63% at MTC2 and with discount tuesday not sure what does that say for its gross. yesterday MTC over indexed and today it could go other way. Still it will flame out very quickly at this rate. I am stopping tracking. Bad Boys dropped under 18% at MTC but overall drop in $ will be higher due to discount tuesday. Relatively BB sold 3.65x tickets as dolittle in MTC1 and 3.09x in MTC2 (Dolittle seem to do better in MTC2).
  2. Update (T-2) Gentleman MTC1 - overall 421 shows 4255/57093 56923.20 MTC2 - overall 570 shows 1245/74286 14128.00 Turning MTC1 - overall 416 shows 1759/54031 23591.81 MTC2 - overall 585 shows 736/75614 8035.00 Dismal PS overall. Gentleman should win this one though neither one would even hit 1m prev or double digits.
  3. I dont know. its just slow. It could be my internet(DSL). I am switching to faster broadband soon. I will try to debug it when I have some time.
  4. I dont have any update for BB(probably early morning as my scrapper is super slow) but Dolittle seem to be flat today compared to yesterday at MTC. That is quiet good. At least to me Dolittle has over performed compared to how horrible its PS was.
  5. LOL. if finishing at 125m is a disaster and embarassment, disney should stop releasing movies in Japan 🙂 As Corpse said, its higher than all other hollywood movies and could still beat Weathering with couple of good holds. Last week it was coming after a holiday weekend when sunday BO was boosted. Next weekend its drop wont be so bad. I would say 125m finish.
  6. Turning Previews MTC1 - overall 249 shows 962/34030 12629.85 1/20 3PM MTC2 - overall 447 shows 428/61480 4652.00 1/20 3PM Gentleman Previews MTC1 - overall 268 shows 2656/38861 36276.47 MTC2 - overall 386 shows 824/53646 9329.00 As I said nothing much to its PS though Gentleman looks like having bigger previews. I will revisit on wednesday to see if either one looks like breaking out.
  7. by wednesday night we thought 50m+ 3 day was possible. @Menor also extrapolated the same from PS data. But it went above that. walk ups have been great for this every day so far. That shows it has potential for a good run. next 2 weekend openers look weak to me and so it should have a good run. 175m+ should happen.
  8. I have not looked so far. I doubt these movies will have huge PS this early. most of the action will happen wed/thu. Since you asked I will take a look and revert back.
  9. Based on MTC I am seeing BB sunday at 18.25m !!!! if it over indexes as canada does not have a holiday, its looking at a YUGE increase from estimates. Dolittle seem to be on par with estimates. MTC1 is holding up better(17.5% drop) than MTC2 (22.5%).
  10. definitely its not that important. hope the exams went well. take your time and hope you dont get IP Banned doing it 🙂 @ZackM also said its possible and so may be one of you have it working before biggies this year. Bad Boys itself broke out way higher than optimistic prediction and hopefully there are many more.
  11. I agree. As I said if pulse existed we would not have so many folks providing extensive tracking data. Do you think you can get get MTC3 to work or that is a hard nut to crack?
  12. its early but Bad Boys aint dropping 38%. its gonna go up quite a bit. Of course fri/sat could get adjusted downwards with actuals and so one can never say where the weekend actual would be but 60m+ for shoo.
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