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  1. Interesting F2 increased 177% in MTC1 but just 140% in MTC2. But MTC2 was holding better during weekdays. Way lower increase than kids flicks does during this time. Jumanji finished at 178163/818511 2563171.41 in MTC1 . OD MTC1 definitely under indexed. MTC2 finished at 184201/678738 1964574.00 and so had a stronger increase from thursday previews where MTC1 finished ahead of MTC2(in tickets sold). MTC1+2 finished around 1/3rd of OD number which is overall in line.
  2. SW9(T-6) MTC1 Prev - overall 5358 shows 366249/881017 5439991.57 +8721 MTC2 Prev - overall 3137 shows 241807/455383 3039570.00 +5672 MTC1 OD- overall 5431 shows 292283/1103272 4469443.03 +11031 MTC2 OD - overall 4640 shows 226984/753840 2508458.00 +9583 MTC1 D2 - overall 5367 shows 241958/1092835 3529700.62 +8544 MTC2 D2 - overall 4591 shows 185451/745714 1996539.00 +7473 MTC1 D3 - overall 5194 shows 142265/1056904 2074260.22 +5105 MTC2 D3 - overall 4580 shows 105245/749434 1091843.00 +5222 Really good increase compared to yesterday.
  3. Previews seem to over index. I have to take that into account while giving a range. knives out over indexed big time as well. Well its a learning experience.
  4. You are talking about predictions. They dont have to be perfect. BOM report mentioned industry expectations of 40-50+. So there is a wide range. Plus movies have gone below and above estimates constantly. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  5. Quick Update on Jumanji 2 OD PS MTC1 OD PS END - overall 4184 shows 53056/814697 822140.32 MTC2 OD PS END - overall 4042 shows 48671/659955 539587.00 Very good compared to where it was yesterday. Based on how strong walkins were today, I am thinking this could triple by end of day tomorrow. So could hit low teens true friday and may be high teens to 20m OD. With a strong saturday I could even see 60m OW in play but feeling good about 55m OW.
  6. Jumanji 2 Previews FINAL MTC1 Pre END - overall 2095 shows 71262/408434 1098869.44 MTC2 Prev END - overall 3007 shows 66631/466296 781097.00 Phenomenal finish. Especially at MTC2 where almost 50K tickets were sold on final day. This is why I would say dont react to early PS for these movies. It should hit 5m Prev unless its sold tons of kiddie tickets plus other MTC and rest of the country not covered by the 2 MTC does not rhyme with above. I would say range is 5-5.5m previews. Let us see how things go.
  7. SW9(T-7) MTC1 Prev - overall 5270 shows 357528/870603 5315830.04 +6373 MTC2 Prev - overall 3123 shows 236135/454177 2973564.00 +4081 MTC1 OD - overall 5414 shows 281252/1100007 4317374.90 +8994 MTC2 OD - overall 4554 shows 217401/742972 2410921.00 +6576 MTC1 D2 - overall 5354 shows 233414/1090392 3413505.29 +7234 MTC2 D2 - overall 4511 shows 177978/735929 1917647.00 +4140 MTC1 D3 - overall 5184 shows 136160/1054921 1988682.60 +5526 MTC2 D3 - overall 4493 shows 100023/740067 1039860.00 +5273 Slightly down from yesterday
  8. MTC numbers are showing 21% drop from yesterday. Let us see how things go.
  9. After 2-3 days of very tiny drops, friday so far is at 23%. Let us see where it ends and how weekend holds. Anything sub 20% is good. 15% or below is great.
  10. I never thought it will make just 2.5m. Those are people tracking 1 city/few theaters and extrapolating numbers which could sometimes work but other times could be way off. This was always expected to have great finish to its PS(I had said that last week). its bcos of its core audience(Latinos/minorities) who are not the most PS heavy audience.
  11. I just reran for MTC1 its up to 53523 at 4PM. I can see it hitting as high as 75K by shows end with huge walk ins. Nothing surprising as we have been expecting Jumanji audience to be driven by walk-ins. 5m previews.
  12. 11AM at just MTC1 Jumanji has sold another 8500 tickets for previews. its at 36616/407256 and could cross 60K+. MTC2 is at 23922/467257 and should cross 40K. With great Walk-ins even 5m previews can happen. Let us see how things are this evening.
  13. why is it releasing on wednesday. I dont think China has any holiday next week? @Olive
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