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Brazil Box Office Thread

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1    Star Wars: Episódio VII - O despertar...    33.686.000
2    Jogos vorazes: A esperança - Final    1.824.000
3    No coração do mar    1.529.000
4    Pegando fogo    1.046.000
5    Olhos da justiça    645.000
6    Bem casados    557.000
7    Quarto de guerra    411.000
8    Victor Frankenstein    328.000
9    O último caçador de bruxas    325.000
10    O clã    305.000


(Local currency)

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10 hours ago, Napoleon said:



SW7 had 1,9 million admissions estimated.


Avengers 2: 2.618.068

Furious 7: 2.258.980

Mockingjay 2: 1.579.243

Jurassic World: 1.478.791


Mockingjay 1: 1.975.832

Iron Man 3: 1.837.064

The Avengers: 1.638.294

X-Men Days of Future Past: 1.269.731

A better start than Avengers and IM3 is amazing, particularly with an economy in crisis!

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17 hours ago, Napoleon said:

I went to a store today and there were lots of toys of Finn available, while the other characters were sold out. Are people still racist these days? :ph34r: He's such a great, likable character. Shame.

I wouldn't say great but I liked him. Racism is a possibility, but isn't that weird in a country where a bit less than 50% of the population is white? Black & mixed people don't watch Star Wars? ^^

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To recap with updated figures, the Top 10 plays for SWTFA through Thursday are the UK ($82.9M), Germany ($41.3M), France ($36.5M), Australia ($29.2M), Japan ($23.8M), Mexico ($15.1M), Russia ($14.9M), Spain ($13.9M), Italy ($12.9M) and Brazil ($12M).




It made $2.7M last weekend (Thursday-Sunday), so it made more than $9M from Monday to this Thursday? It can't be right.


In my city there weren't even showtimes yesterday at night, everything was closed after 6PM for Christmas Eve (don't know if it was in the whole country).

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