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SURVIVOR PANDORA Episode Seven: "Swashbuckle Swagger"

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@AN9815 @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @NannerManCan @Reddroast @YM! @ZeeSoh


*We begin our episode in the barracks. ZeeSoh pulls YM! aside.*


ZeeSoh: So apparently, NannerManCan put every item and their mother’s item on Cap…

YM!: Yep, you are precisely correct.

ZeeSoh: We should’ve known better than to underestimate him.

YM!: Right. He’s a whiz with a forklift, after all. He was a threat hidden in plain sight.

ZeeSoh: There he is… Let’s confront him together.


ZeeSoh and YM! walk up to NannerManCan.

ZeeSoh: You’re in the soup now, NannerManCan!

NannerManCan: There is no NannerManCan. There is only Mean Mojo Monty.

YM!: …Mean Mojo What Now?

NannerManCan: Mean Mojo Monty. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to try that Blue Raspberry Icee that everyone’s talking about.


NannerManCan walks past them, leaving them speechless.

ZeeSoh: He’s clearly tried that Icee before! Sometimes I’m gullible, but not this time!

YM!: You’ve got a point… But I don’t think NannerManCan’s the type to play pranks on us.


Confessional – NannerManCan: How grateful I am to experience the world of humans and Na’vi Avatars! I’ll stay in the body for as long as this body’s host allows it! (His left arm grabs his head, and his right arm holds the left arm down. His eye twitches.)


NannerManCan walks up to The Dark Alfred.

NannerManCan: Hello, fellow ghost! My name is Mean Mojo Monty. Who might you be?

The Dark Alfred: Uh… “The Dark Alfred.”

NannerManCan: I must compliment your ghastly scent! I would describe such a scent as… “grassy,” or “earthy,” or likewise! Keep it up, kind sir!

NannerManCan walks away as Alfred stares in shock with his mouth hanging open.


Meanwhile, DAJK and Reddroast talk to each other.

Reddroast: Thank you for helping us vote out Gokai Red. I know he was on your Weeping Willows tribe and all, so it probably wasn’t easy.

DAJK: I didn’t mind at all… (winks to camera)

Reddroast: I think you and I could help each other in the long run. What do you say we target other duos?

DAJK: Wait… Who said we were a duo?

Reddroast: Beats me. But regardless, if we target duos, then one player goes and the other stays, right? It can help us conquer a numbers game such as Survivor!

DAJK turns and fixates on Fancyarcher and AN9815, who are busy playing Dance Dance Revolution together.

Fancyarcher: Left, left, front, left, back, right, hold… Perfect score!

AN9815: Dance Dance Revolution is a million times better when you’re playing with your best friend!

DAJK turns to Reddroast and grins.

DAJK: I think I see what you mean…




We cut to a pirate ship, where each player stands on their own wooden plank.


SLAM!: Welcome to the challenge, folks! Due to budget constraints, we have repurposed Gokai Red’s pirate ship for this challenge!

YM!: But… The explosion…

SLAM!: Explosion ’smosion! Our team was able to fix it up in no time!


SLAM!: Now. Your challenge is to be the last one standing on your wooden plank. Who’s ready to play “Last One Standing”?!

AN9815: Wait. Where’s Ethan Hunt?


Cut to Ethan Hunt, who’s standing at a pirate’s food stand and munching on a bag of hushpuppies.

Ethan Hunt: Yo Ho Hushpuppies. (munch)

 SLAM!: Looks like Ethan Hunt has elected to eat hushpuppies, an admittedly sumptuous seafood side-dish, instead of playing the weekend challenge. This means that he’s taking one strike against him, and the next time he doesn’t play a weekend challenge, he will be instantly eliminated from the game!

Ethan Hunt: (munch munch)


The challenge begins.

SLAM!: On your marks. Get set. GO!


The players stand intensely on their planks.


Fade to Ten Minutes Later…


Fancyarcher: This is easy! All we have to do is stand here!

YM!: You say that now, but in pretty soon, your legs will cramp up.

NannerManCan: By the by, I do like these legs, very much so…

ZeeSoh: Don’t lock your knees, folks!

AN9815: Aah! (unlocks his knees)


Fade to Thirty Minutes Later…


Reddroast: Is it just me, or is getting hotter?

The Dark Alfred: Now everyone else understands what it means to get baked!

Fancyarcher: This is harder than I thought! 🥵

DAJK: (sweat drips from his head)

ZeeSoh: I need to cool off… (ZeeSoh drinks two blue raspberry icees.)

DAJK: (stares daggers at ZeeSoh)


Confessional – DAJK: ZeeSoh may not have Cap by his side anymore, but he is a strong player in his own right. I should keep an eye on him… And maybe plot his demise as well. (smiles)


Fade to One Hour Later…


Intern: Uh… Nobody’s budging, SLAM!

SLAM!: Then we’ll have to improvise.

(SLAM! pulls out a megaphone.)

SLAM!: Attention all survivors! Because you all are clearly holding on for dear life, I’d like to introduce a special guest! Anyone who jumps off their plank will have a chance to get this Grammy winning recording artist’s autograph! To tempt you into losing the challenge…




We’re bringing out Rihanna!




AN9815: Ooh! She’s my favorite singer! Today I played “Umbrella” on Dance Dance Revolution!

DAJK: DAJK, I want you to stay, but…

The Dark Alfred: I love her tunes, man!

Fancyarcher: How’d they bring her to Pandora?!

NannerManCan: I simply must meet this Rihanna!

Reddroast: Talk about a diamond in the sky!

YM!: This challenge was fun while it lasted!


Everyone but ZeeSoh jumps off their planks, swims to Rihanna, and claims their autographs.


SLAM!: This means that…


ZeeSoh wins immunity with 83.42%!


ZeeSoh: Yeah! Let’s gooooooo!

Ethan Hunt: Hey, uh, can I get an autograph?

SLAM!: You didn’t play the challenge, so no.

Ethan Hunt: Okay. (munches in sadness)

NannerManCan: My! This is the first time my ghostly eyes have seen a girl in centuries!

Rihanna: Oh! Well, I’m honored!

NannerManCan: I would love to listen to your excellent pop music! I’ve never heard it before!

Rihanna: I’m working on a song for an exceptional CAYOM film. Would you like to come listen?

NannerManCan: Why, of course!

(They hold hands and walk away.)

YM!: Rihanna, wait! 🥺




With NannerManCan missing, the other Survivors confront SLAM!...


ZeeSoh: All right, SLAM!. Time to fess up. NannerManCan’s been saying some weird things.

The Dark Alfred: Yeah, man! He called himself Mean Mojo Monty and told me I had a ghastly scent!

Reddroast: (to himself) That’s one way of putting it.

SLAM!: All right. I’ll explain what happened:



NannerManCan picked Mystery Barrel #1.


As a result, NannerManCan’s character is possessed by a ghost nicknamed Mean Mojo Monty.


Our team of paranormal investigators gave us this sketch of the ghost:




Because he’s possessed by Mean Mojo Monty, production considers NannerManCan too dangerous and unruly to bring to Tribal Councils. This means the following:


-       His ability to win weekend immunity is frozen.

-       His ability to win Tuesday immunity is frozen.

-       His abilities to play Coinsterdam and earn coins (other than boosts from his Rewards Card, and that ifhe’s bought one) is frozen.

-       His ability to buy and use advantages is frozen.

-       His ability to cast votes at tribal council is frozen.

-       Other players’ ability to vote him out at tribal council is frozen (i.e., NannerManCan will be safe from elimination this week, and a determinant number of future weeks).


We are offering a prize of five coins to player(s) who wish to help remove the ghost of Mean Mojo Monty from NannerManCan.


To earn these coins, you must play what production calls the Mean Mojo Monty Challenge.


Here how it works:


When you’re sending your weekend challenge predictions by 11:59 PM PST next Thursday, all you need to do is tell me you’re playing the challenge in a message included with or alongside your predictions.


For this challenge, NannerManCan’s goal is to keep himself immune from elimination by fending off other players’ attempts to save him. To do this, NannerManCan will pick one specific film by early Monday. He will pick the film that he believes he predicted more accurately than the others.


Other players must have a prediction score on that specific film that’s higher than NannerManCan’s score to earn the five coins and save NannerManCan from Mean Mojo Monty. But beware! If your score is lower than NannerManCan’s score, then you’ll receive a -5% penalty on your total average score!


NannerManCan keeps the effects of the Mean Mojo Monty twist until at least one player beats him in the Mean Mojo Monty challenge. If no one saves him, then Mean Mojo Monty will go away on his own when there are five players left in the game.


Good luck with Mean Mojo Monty challenge!


Anyway, here’s the



(Concession Stand | Tribal | Weekend Challenge)


Twist Info

I will send everyone Dilemma Questions on Saturday. These are a set of five questions, and I will ask them one at a time instead of all at once.


Also, remember that a previously eliminated player might be returning to the game through the Revolving Door Twist!



The Concession Stand is officially open for business!


Every week, a subset of items will be on sale. Buy a quick boost now, or wait for something better down the road!


Blue Raspberry Icee - 3 Coins (Gives your weekend predictions a boost of 3%; this can also be used on another tribemate of your choice.)

Cactus Icee - 3 Coins (Decrease a specific player's prediction average by 3%.)

Rewards Program Membership Card - 5 Coins (Grants you eligibility for the Rewards Program—One Time Purchase)

Popcorn Bucket - 6 Coins (Doubles your vote at tribal council.)

     - each player can use one bucket per tribal

Nacho Tray - 7 Coins (Copy another player's average score and use it as your own.)

Sour Patch Kids - 8 Coins (reduce all of a specific group of player’s individual predictions averages by 1.5%.)


Message me to buy any item you want, any time to want to buy it. To tell me that you're using an item you've bought, message me by the corresponding prediction deadline of the weekend challenge or tribal council you'll be using it for!



Because it's the merge, everyone will be attending Tribal Council (except for NannerManCan because of Mean Mojo Monty). All players must send me a message with the player they wish to vote off Pandora. However, there is hope. The second immunity challenge is also listed below. Winning the challenge will make you immune from elimination for this week.



Armageddon Time

Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile


Ticket to Paradise


Votes are due by Wednesday at 7PM EST.

Second Immunity Predictions are due around Tuesday, November 8th at 11:59 PM PST.

(I recommend giving your vote alongside your second immunity predictions; you can always change your vote before the vote deadline if you change your mind!)


Good luck to all of the Mountain Banshees!




Here's the films you'll predict weekend grosses for next week:

The Banshees of Inisherin

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Black Adam

One Piece Film: Red


Ticket to Paradise



Predictions are due by Thursday, November 10th around 11:59 PM PST. Good luck!



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@AN9815 @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @NannerManCan @Reddroast @YM! @ZeeSoh


Hello everyone!


I would like to make a slight adjustment to the new Mean Mojo Monty challenge.


Instead of NannerManCan picking the film by early Monday, I want him to pick the film by the Thursday deadline instead.


I was wanting Mean Mojo Monty to feel like a “midboss” of sorts but I think picking the film by early Monday would make for a broken, unbeatable situation. With Thursday as the deadline, it would probably be a fairer twist!

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@AN9815 @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @NannerManCan @Reddroast @YM! @ZeeSoh


There's still a smidgen of time to get those Tuesday predictions in if you still want to! And the vote, of course, is due by 7 PM EST. I want to roll an announcement into this reminder. It's a minor announcement so I don't feel any need to do an "after the tribal" announcement for this.


As you may know, players have been granted coins and advantages from eliminated players throughout the season. This is what production has dubbed the




Players were given the option to pick which players they wanted to give coins and items to, or they could send them at random.


We have reached a pivotal juncture in this game. As a result, the Thanksgiving Comes Early twist is closed. With the exception of tonight's Revolving Door event, eliminated players will no longer give coins and items to players still in the game. After this week, anything in their pocket goes out of the game with them.


Good luck tonight!

Edited by SLAM!
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@AN9815 @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @NannerManCan @Reddroast @YM! @ZeeSoh




SLAM!: Welcome to tribal council! We're fast-forwarding past the voting phase this time 😅




SLAM!: Does anyone have any advantages they would like to play? Now's the time!

YM: (looks around)

Reddroast: (bites nails)

The Dark Alfred: ...





The Dark Alfred: Sorry my dude, but tonight, the Hunt's gotta bear the brunt!

Ethan Hunt: I see how it is...

ZeeSoh: If I may!





ZeeSoh: I got a hunch that vote was you, Ethan! I gotta get you out of here, especially after what happened to Cap!

Ethan Hunt: Now I know where the challenge beast stands...

Reddroast: SLAM?






Reddroast: I don't feel safe tonight. I'm playing two cactus icees against Ethan Hunt.

Ethan Hunt: (laughs to himself)

Fancyarcher: It's now or never!







Fancyarcher: Here's three more where that came from!

SLAM!: Wow! That's a whopping 21% decrease against Ethan Hunt!

AN9815: I wanna change the subject to something more...



AN9815: Corny!




SLAM!: AN9815 has doubled his vote with a popcorn bucket!

Ethan Hunt: On the subject of corn...




Fancyarcher: Wait. What?

Ethan Hunt: That's right. It's a Refillable Popcorn Bucket.

SLAM!: Ethan Hunt won this by opening Mystery Barrel #6! Don't panic, he only gets one more refill.

Reddroast: (shudders)



Reddroast: I'm worried that I might be going home. I have to play this tonight.




SLAM!: Reddroast found a Water Bottle in Mystery Barrel #2. The Water Bottle is this season's equivalent of the Immunity Idol.









SLAM!: All right. So after all that advantage craziness, let's see who won Tuesday Immunity! The winner...


would have been YM! (with a score I won't reveal...)


What happened is, YM! typed 920k for Armageddon Time. It makes more sense in my head if YM! meant to type 92k instead of 920k. However, if I manually change it to 92k, YM! wins. I'm not sure how I feel about a corrected prediction leading to an immunity win, so I decided to give the "immunity win" to the 2nd placer, since they didn't mistype their predictions. From now on, please don't mistype your predictions, or at least correct it before the tribal council... A mistyped prediction could lead to your doom next time!


Anyway, Tuesday immunity is going to...



AN9815 with 76.39%!


AN9815: Boom-shakalaka!



SLAM!: Time to reveal the votes. First vote:


Reddroast (does not count)


Second vote:


Reddroast (does not count)


Third vote:


Reddroast (does not count)


Fourth vote:


Ethan Hunt


Fifth vote:


Ethan Hunt


Sixth vote:


Ethan Hunt


Seventh vote:


The Dark Alfred


Eighth vote:


The Dark Alfred


Ninth vote:


The Dark Alfred


The player voted out of Survivor: Pandora...








(Everyone gasps.)

The Dark Alfred: Maaaaaaan!

Ethan Hunt: You can't kill me that easily. You see, the 'hunt' means... I'm the predator. Not the prey.

SLAM!: Alfred, please bring me your torch.

(The Dark Alfred brings the torch to SLAM!.)

SLAM!: Alfred? The tribe has spoken! (snuff)

The Dark Alfred: Bye you guys!


The Dark Alfred is about to take off. Then—


Intercom: All players to the airfield. All players to the airfield.

SLAM!: Oh yeah, I forgot, we need to do the Revolving Door twist.

The Dark Alfred: Can we air my goodbye confessional anyway?

SLAM!: Might as well.

The Dark Alfred: Boo-yah!


Confessional - The Dark Alfred: Looks like I might be going home, muchachos! But hey—SLAM! never found my secret stash! Heh heh heh...




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10 minutes ago, SLAM! said:

What happened is, YM! typed 920k for Armageddon Time. It makes more sense in my head if YM! meant to type 92k instead of 920k.

It was supposed to be 92k, sigh. Posted it late at night.

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@AN9815 @DAJK @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @NannerManCan @Reddroast @YM! @ZeeSoh


Everyone stares at the REVOLVING DOOR.


SLAM! and @The Dark Alfred stand at the door.


SLAM!: All right, Alfred. It's time to see if your score beats the score of the eliminated player who's standing behind the door. Now... Please walk through the Revolving Door...


The Dark Alfred walks in...






and GOLDENHOUR36 walks out!


Goldenhour36: Let's put the fiend in friendship!

(Everyone's jaws drop!)


SLAM!: Welcome back to Survivor: Pandora! In the meantime, good luck in the next weekend challenge! As a reminder, the films are:


The Banshees of Inisherin

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Black Adam

One Piece Film: Red


Ticket to Paradise



Predictions are due by Thursday, November 10th around 11:59 PM PST or at least before the announcement of Black Panther's preview number. Good luck!


Ethan Hunt: (under his breath) You all tried to get me out... Ha ha ha... You guys are dead meat!

(The folks who put Icees on him all shudder.)




Edited by SLAM!
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@AN9815 @DAJK @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Goldenhour36 @NannerManCan @Reddroast @YM! @ZeeSoh


:ph34r: Hey, I'm a ninja, I'm looking for my shurikens, if you can find my shurikens I'd appreciate it, also please remember to get those weekend predictions in by tonight at 11:59 PM PST or at least before the announcement of Black Panther's Thursday premiere number, thanks :ph34r:


Oh, and here's me stealing Apollo 10(1/2)'s ineligibility for that Oscar category, cuz that Linklater film's staying eligible whether you like it or not :ninja:

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@AN9815 @DAJK @Ethan Hunt @Fancyarcher @Goldenhour36 @NannerManCan @Reddroast @YM! @ZeeSoh


Crunchyroll's being mean, they're not revealing their actual for One Piece. I need the weekend actual this time because there's certain aspects of the results that are "a little too close to call" without the actual. I'm sorry guys, the episode might come tomorrow morning instead...

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