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  1. I mean with we got a film covering Merlin's origin accurately or a Percival movie they'd probably get Fox News frothing at the mouth for months on end. I'm not really worried about it
  2. Trigger is doing 2 of them?! At least the elder doesn't use the same character design as one of their past projects
  3. Ok the Thunderbolts are a team of anti-heroes and villains led by Gen. Ross (the team is named after him)... They mostly do wetwork missions... Think Suicide Squad but without the implanted explosive that will kill them and a lot more red costumes
  4. John David Washington has joined the cast of Fantastic Four as Reed Richards/Mr.Fantastic
  5. Give me: tekken Street Fighter Fire emblem And I'll fix dragon ball
  6. Gareth Edwards (rouge one, Godzilla) will now direct Fantastic Four. Chris Mackay has brought in to direct a original y10 film
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