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  1. One of these things is not like the others
  2. @cookie change the director of starlight to Rodney rothman. (Add alex Hirsch as a director
  3. I'm willing to keep temple run there for a 50/50 spilt
  4. @Blankmentsim willing to make a deal on temple run
  5. 1 of the 2 animation features is a pg 13 space opera being described as a spiritual successor to the voltron movies
  6. Next up is Gundam. It is going to be based on The Iron-Blooded Orphans story. Gareth Edwards will direct
  7. First off is. Monday Night War Based on events from 1995 to 2001. The film follows Eric Bischoff (Domhnall Gleason) an executive who tried to take on the WWF. Todd Phillips will direct
  8. Horizon Entertainment's three y7 mystery films will be announced tonight
  9. Hey can someone help me get to the CAYOM telegram group? i have the app.
  10. Here is my y7 films with release months Mystery animated film 1. January/Febuary One Piece II: Battle for Alabasta. May Scoundrel July The Monday Night War November. Mystery animated film 2 Canadian Thanksgiving/columbus day Mystery event film December
  11. Horizon Entertainment's y7 schedule is coming tonight
  12. @4815162342 you are on to something with Mackenzie Davis as an action star
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