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  1. This isn't surprising at all. Alot of the pro wrestling business is driven by oversized egos. The Rock has a pretty big one
  2. So I'm rewatching the og X-Men trilogy and I'm kinda surprised that how much it shares with what the X-Men comics and very soon the MCU is going to do with Storm and Jean Grey Also watching the last stand post covid is FUCKING WILD
  3. I mean Johnathan Majors has got a film in the works with a producer from sound of freedom. So it's not just paramount or the other big studios.
  4. Geez Percy Jackson must've been a bigger hit then they were expecting.
  5. It should have happened with EP 2. It never will now.
  6. I mean when the clone wars show came out star wars fans hated it too
  7. For those who don't follow video games: MVC is a beloved series in the fighting game community. To have MVC2 back to buy is a huge deal and perhaps we can get a new entry in the series with the re acquired characters?
  8. If they do Children's Crusade good, it'll do well. And honestly they are going to debut dr. Doom in it. He plays a big role in that event.
  9. So I'm looking at what might not be massive hits but have potential to be decent success es 3 films come to mind. Novocaine The stone/Parker & Kendrick Lamar film Him. The wolf man could be on the list but I'm waiting on footage to get a better feel on the project
  10. I mean the star wars is dead argument has been happening since the holiday special.
  11. It was said in jest. It's a reference to a famous wrestling promo
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