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  1. The Idiots A lovely stroll down memory lane to a time when Boston wasn't the most insufferable sports city in the world (The Hoodie can go rot in hell) 8/10
  2. Eminem-equse A look into a more minor tale in the rapper's highly publicized private life covers the case. Although more information about the political party he was dealing with would have been nice 7.25/10
  3. Flightless bird. The documentary about the boring 737 max plane crashes paint a bleak picture on how corporate greed can ruin the lives of everyday citizens. 9/10 Green arrow 2 The Emerald Archer is back but is put in a poor man's version of the Batman: Court of Owls storyline. Not even Matt Damon can raise this above the first film 5.5/10 Static Shock 2 This is some great cape work. By minimizing the scope and focusing on Virgil growth and Maureen mental health as well as her new powers, we get a strong film that gives great character moments without skimping on the set pieces 8/10
  4. The commentary from the TNT team was so much better than what Canada got
  5. Christie Monteiro This adaptation is the best movie based on a fighting game. By removing the more cartoonish aspects of tekken ( a list that includes characters like a cyborg panda, the Prime Minister of Poland, and Negan from the walking dead comics) and focusing on Eddy and Christie's relationship we get a film that is good but is lowered by a weak third act 7.25/10
  6. Next (the a deep cut of a reference for you all to figure out,)
  7. Avatar book 1 review. With strong special effects and great performance all around This adaption of the beloved Nickelodeon series shines on the on the biggest screen possible. 10/10
  8. Bronx is Burning review Numbers bi-annual takes a detour from more epic style films like fortnight an the most wanted man in great Britain with a more subdued and honestly darkly comedic true story of the 1977 New York Yankees. And it's better than both of the previously mentioned films. With 2 best actor And supporting actor frontrunners ( Bobby Cannavale and MBJ for Lead, Jason Clarke and Wyatt Russell for supporting) the film shows one of the most chaotic team's in MLB history in all its insane screaming glory. 10/10
  9. Mighty Fall The film delivers another strong entry to the Cayom space opera maddness the film combines the best of spark, starlight and long way home. This is some of the best Worldbuilding in a Cayom space opera. However the film has a tendency to hit the breaks in the 1st act 7.5/10
  10. Gonna keep it simple for this year folks no memes just a one to ten scale. Because May 4th is star wars day AND the birthday of One Piece protagonist Monkey D. Luffy, it means the first film im reviewing is MIGHTY FALL
  11. Castaways Studio: Horizon Entertainment Genre: Superhero/sci-fi Director: The Duffer Bros. Composer: Junkie XL Rating: Pg-13 for sci-fi action and Thematic Elements Format: Imax 3d, Imax 2d, 3d , 2d Runtime: 2 hr. 5 minutes Theater Count: 5,000 Budget, 185,000,000 USD Release Date: 11/27/y8 Major Cast: Yara Shahidi as Natalye Arrowood/Astra Jack Lowden as Victor Regio Simon Pegg as Helmsley Bill Hader as Calvin " The Octopus " Bagwell and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Pandora Paragraphs indented with a * indicate filmed with I am cameras
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