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  1. What happened in the series finale
  2. Went to a major smash tournament today. Will go up tomorrow to see the top 8. One big I learned for the FGC movie is that competitive smash players do not smell bad
  3. Trey Parker and Matt Stone would like a word with you @YourMother the Edgelord
  4. Finished Reading the 117 chapter saga that is the basis for One Piece 2 @Slambros the outline should come on Wednesday
  5. Horizon Entertainment is going to try to revive the comedic thriller One Night on the Hudson.
  6. The only way the Knicks will get better is if James Dolan sells the team.
  7. Benedict Cumberbatch joins the cast of code Geass in a supporting role
  8. An update on one piece research: I'm on chapter 155 as of tonight. An outline should be done just after memorial day weekend.
  9. What I did with one piece was use the first major story arc as a base and trimmed less important details an characters
  10. "Filthbert cannot handle the circumstances and commits suicide." Well, guess the gamers are not rising up today!
  11. Live footage from Toronto
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