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  1. Horizon Entertainment has confirmed to be working on a Metroid adaptation for y8. Olivia Cooke has signed on to play Samus Aran. Tilda Swinton, Anya Taylor-Joy and Scarlett Johansson have signed on to various mystery roles.
  2. Anthony Starr has Joined the project in a supporting role. The villain role has gone to Daniel Craig.
  3. Put mystery Nintendo project (Dir: Cate Shortland) on the Schedule for 9/20 and give it imax
  4. Christian Bale has signed on for a mystery sci fi project. Cate Shortland will direct. The search for the lead and antagonist which is a voice role is on going
  5. Stephen James, Ray Fisher, and Mark Hamill have joined the Cast of Wolfsbane
  6. Horizon Entertainment has signed Bruce Timm and Paul Dini to a 3 picture deal. The films are dated for y9, y10, and y11
  7. In light of Chadwick Boseman's death Horizon Entertainment has canceled a biopic of NASCAR Legend Wendell Scott that would have seen him reteam with Spike Lee. It would have been a film festival entry for y9
  8. Update to Wolfsbane: Gareth Evans has Been replaced by Ryan Coogler. The Studio is Looking at a y8 release as well though that is unlikely
  9. Oh yea he was a director on IASIP
  10. Shit. Im sorry i didn't remember you had it on that date ill move it
  11. Y9 for Horizon Entertainment: swinging for the fences Horizon Entertainment is ready to reveal its y9 plans First up is Wolfsbane. A horror/action film about an up and coming MMA fighter who takes a mysterious drug in order to recover from a debilitating injury only to discover that the side effects are nightmarish. Date is set for may 23 y9 Gareth Evans ( the raid, Apostle) will direct Starlight 2 will be released February 14 y9. The film follow Halair and ragtag crew of friends as they discover a lost group of explorers lead by Liena's older brother ( Chris Helmsworth) Phil Lord and Chris Miller are directing a space opera of thier own idea. Not many details are known but it's said that the project is similar in tone to deadpool. The film is aimed at a July y9 release Dave Filoni has moved on from clover to work on a pg 13 animated project inspired by Men in Black, James Bond, and the x-files in the same style as starlight. September 26th is the date Fantastic four will come on December 19. It follows the group as they battle Namor.
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