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  1. Horizon Entertainment developing a film version of Avenue Q. Jason Moore will direct.
  2. Work on hellsing for the first draft has been slightly slowed ( my brother showed up from out of town this week.) I plan on continuing tomorrow night as well as one piece 2's first draft
  3. How much will butch Hartman be a part of this? I have some personal issues with him
  4. The other major chain in Canada (Landmark Cinemas) is showing it as well but I have seen no major flack on them.
  5. Stared hellsing today. I'm going to power through the first draft in a couple of days. I have a plan involving a large backlog of podcasts
  6. Jack Raynor has been cast as the lead in invitation to Olympus the role is non singing one. He is joined by Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Harry Styles and The Rock as Haeds
  7. I should Go more into this, I just needed some time to get my head straight: so a few weeks ago a friend invited me to go on a trip to d.c. and Florida. On the 26th we bought tickets for the three flights. One problem. I cannot do flying. So that plus I'm worn down from my job search set me over the edge. Which brings me to CAYOM. The community is awesome but I'm in a rut. Can someone help me set up a writing schedule. I apologize for not letting you all know sooner but I in need of some assistance.
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