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  1. Don't Look Up aims its satire at it's target like a shotgun at point blank range ( vice and the big short weren't subtle films either) and I I wouldn't have it any other way. Armed with a stellar cast the film shows what happens when you scream into the abyss and the abyss rolls it's eyes at you. Some people will say it's too soon for a film like this but I disagree 10/10
  2. Horizon Entertainment is proud to announce an adaptation of the legendary musical Damn Yankees. The film will be directed by Seth MacFarlane.
  3. Saturday Morning All Star Hits and cartoons featured in the series
  4. Why are they considering a happy science propaganda film? Happy Science is an actual cult
  5. There is a new sonic game coming next year as well. I'd assume it would be an announcement for the game
  6. I don't know why why people are panicked for tickets for this. I got 3 at my local theatre for half off! Those membership plans are a lifesaver
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