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  1. Casting update for "Swap Meet": Bill Hader, Claire Foy, Kiersey Clemons, Simon Pegg and Mary Elizabeth Winstead have joined the project Character details are unknown but MEW is the playing the villain
  2. Well at least starlight is not in anyone bottom ten
  3. Horizon Entertainment has hired The Duffer Brothers (Spark 1, SW1) to direct
  4. Jack Lowden, Letita Wright are locked in to star in an original sci-fi superhero film with the working title "Swap Meet". It's being described internally as " Into the Spider-verse" meet "The Long Way Home". Expect an A-list director to work on the film.
  5. @YourMother the Edgelord the redline vibes are strong
  6. Horizon Entertainment has Hired John Boyega as the lead as well for a project in y9. Edgar Wright (One Punch Man) will direct and write the script. Sam Rami will produce.
  7. Hourglass isn't the only one using idirs elba for a y8 project.... #multipleprojects
  8. Horizon Entertainment is working on a horror whodunit entitled Moonlit Crossroads, the film follows a werewolf PI who investigates a family of vampires after one of them is found dead.
  9. The cast for clover Zendaya as Clover: a young tefling woman with a streak of bad luck. Jake T Austin as Estelar a young wood elf who can deal with water magic Chris Evans a Dr. Frederick Orwell a elon musk type figure with a obsession with the undead.
  10. News on clover and a unannounced film coming tomorrow
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