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  1. Reddroast

    CAYOM Magazine

    I was thinking of using trey and matt for a film in the future.
  2. Reddroast

    CAYOM Fandango Most Anticipated Lists

    I wonder what y5's lists would look like
  3. Reddroast

    CAYOM Y5 - Discussion Thread

    I just got my first job. Some films from me will be pushed back to y6 until i get in the swing of things. I will try to put at least LIGHTSPEED, the associates and splatoon for y5.
  4. Reddroast

    CAYOM 3.0 - Behind the Camera

    Anthony Fantano or for a serious pick Trent Rezor
  5. I will be taking the rights to gargoyles as well.
  6. Reddroast

    CAYOM Magazine

    Horizon entertainment will announce a replacement for punch out tonight at 6:30 PM Eastern Standard Time.
  7. Reddroast

    CAYOM Magazine

    Punch out is being pushed back to y6. Horizon Entertainment is working with Nintendo to find a suitable replacement.
  8. Reddroast

    CAYOM Magazine

    In order to give LIGHTSPEED a possible edge against voltron 3 Horizon Entertainment is trying to add a sneak peek for Amazon Prime users on may 14th. They also want on for kirby on September 10th
  9. @Xillix can you add a 1 day amazon Prime sneak peek to LIGHTSPEED on may 14 and add a snealk peak to kirby on September 10th
  10. I just picked that up. I would be willing to share the rights
  11. Give me metroid and splatoon
  12. Reddroast

    CAYOM Magazine

    The Leads for SleepWalkers has been revealed Ryan Potter, Alex Wolff, Margaret Qualley and Kimko Glenn in Mocap role
  13. Reddroast

    CAYOM Magazine

    The cast for SleepWalkers will be released in 30 minutes
  14. Reddroast

    CAYOM Magazine

    Big news will be dropping for y6 tonight from Horizon Entertainment

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