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  1. Taika Waititi has joined the mystery film from the creators of avatar the last airbender as a writer and role
  2. Steven Yuen (sorry to bother you, the legend of Korra) will now play namor in fantastic four
  3. Y10 will have two films in the ballpark style. One will be made by the team of hazbin hotel and the other will be by the creators of avatar the last airbender
  4. The third film in of y9 is in the ballpark style. It is a cyberpunk heist film. The film will be directed Edgar Wright and Brandon Small and rated R. Idris Elba has signed on for a role
  5. Tall tales animation was surprised by the results of starlight in y7 and although they had to cancel Ruby due to being unable to figure out the story they'll be back with 3 films in y9 and 2 in y10 Alex Hirsh returns to starlight 2 which is aiming for a Christmas y9 release Pete Docter is directing tall tales first musical which is twist on the Greek myth Persephone
  6. Y10 festival goes full Canada as films about 1972 summit series between Canada and the Soviet Union and a Laura Secord biopic are in development
  7. Also aiming for a y9 festival release is a dark comedy about the seedy underbelly of competitive fighting games. Asa Butterfield has signed on to play one of the leads
  8. For y9 festival Steve Mcqueen is directing a drama about a family who's patriarch falls into the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories and how their relationship changes with him.
  9. Announcements start at 1 pm with potential festival films for y9 and y10
  10. Event starts tomorrow afternoon.. Expect announcements for films in y9-10
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