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SURVIVOR MUSHROOM KINGDOM Episode Ten: "Donkey Kong's Jungle"

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@Asyulus @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @elcaballero @Fancyarcher @Goldenhour36 @Jack Sparrow @Rorschach


Donkey Kong: Ook ook! <All right, Survivors. The Survivor who collects the most bananas. Capisce? Now go get those bananas, cuz I'm getting hungry!>

The Dark Alfred: It's banana time.

(The Dark Alfred eats a red mushroom and karate-chops a barrel; a bunch of bananas fall out of it.)

Goldenhour36: It's banana time? Really? You couldn't think of a better catchphrase?

The Dark Alfred: You should try saying it!

Asyulus: Oof... We better get more bananas than Alfred!

elcaballero: Operation banana, here we come!

(elcaballero karate chops a barrel. He earns one banana.)

Asyulus: Wow, this armful of bananas is pretty heavy!

elcaballero: Stop rubbing it in.

(Meanwhile, DAJK and Rorschach talk.)

DAJK: Hey, if I haven't told you, I'm sorry about the Force Majeure incident.

Rorschach: It's all right. But don't leave me behind again!

DAJK: Okay.

(Their friendship grows stronger.)

(Meanwhile, Jack Sparrow swings on vines.)

Jack Sparrow: I will get the bananas, just you wait!

Fancyarcher: Not if I can help it. :shades:

(Fancyarcher collects bananas. But then...)

Goldenhour36: It's banana time!

(Goldenhour36 eats two red mushrooms and collects many more bananas than Fancyarcher.)

Fancyarcher: <_<

SLAM!: Here's the results:

Player Score
Asyulus 95.84
DAJK 92.24
The Dark Alfred (+3%) 93.56
elcaballero 83.70
Fancyarcher 95.55
Goldenhour36 (6%) 96.68
Jack Sparrow 94.83
Rorschach 94.36


SLAM!: Looks like Goldenhour36 wins immunity again. If you didn't win immunity, you'll be in danger at Wednesday's tribal council. Make sure you don't go home!


Here's the


(Wario's Warehouse | Tribal Council | Weekend Challenge)


Wario's Warehouse

The Warehouse is officially open for business!


Every week, a subset of items will be on sale. Buy a quick boost now, or wait for something better down the road!


Red Mushroom - 3 Coins (Gives your weekend predictions a boost of 3%; this can also be used on another tribemate.)

Poison Mushroom - 3 Coins (Decrease a specific player's prediction average by 3%.)

The Boo - 4 Coins (Secretly learn who someone else voted for at tribal council.)

     - players will know you played it, but not who you played it on

Bob-omb - 5 Coins (Pick a 5% range (ex. 65–70%); everyone within that range falls by 5%.)

Double Cherry - 6 Coins (Doubles your vote at tribal council.)

     - you can only use one per tribal

Ice Flower - 6 Coins (Freeze your vote to give yourself an extra vote you can use at a future tribal council)

     - you would play the flower instead of voting; play this at your own risk

Super Leaf - 7 Coins (Swat away the effect of one percentage-decrease item if played against you)

     - you must correctly predict which item is played against you (mushroom, bob-omb, etc.)

Warp Pipe - 7 Coins (Copy another player's unmodified average score and use it as your own.)

1-Up Mushroom - 8 Coins (Submit a second set of predictions)

     - best of two predictions for each film count toward your average score)


Message me to buy any item you want, any time to want to buy it. To tell me that you're using an item you've bought, message me by the corresponding prediction deadline of the weekend challenge or tribal council you'll be using it for!


Ways to Earn Coins:

Now that we're in the merge...

- Weekend immunity winner gets five coins

- One pity coin for everyone else in weekend challenge

Five coins for saving yourself at tribal

- Three coins for winning Tuesday immunity

- one coin for voting correctly

- one coin for surviving tribal council 


Fancyarcher - 45

DAJK - 35

The Dark Alfred - 25

elcaballero - 22

Rorschach - 18

Asyulus - 13

Goldenhour36 - 6



Now that it's the merge, everyone will be sent to Tribal Council. All players must send me a message with who they wish to vote off the island. However, there is hope. The second immunity challenge is also listed below. Winning the challenge will make you immune from elimination for this week.



The Little Mermaid

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts


Votes are due by Wednesday at 7PM EST.

Second Immunity Predictions are due by Tuesday, June 13th at 11:59 PM PST.

(I recommend giving your vote alongside your second immunity predictions; you can always change it by Wednesday if you change your mind.)


Good luck to all of the Bloopers!



Here's the films you'll predict three-day weekend grosses for next week:

The Blackening


The Flash

The Little Mermaid

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts 


Predictions are due by Thursday, June 15th around 11:59 PM PST. Good luck!


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@Asyulus @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @elcaballero @Fancyarcher @Goldenhour36 @Jack Sparrow @Rorschach


SLAM!: Hello! Please remember that the Tuesday immunity predictions are due at 11:59 PM PST or at least before the release of Tuesday estimate numbers. Votes are due tomorrow night at 7:00 PM.

Eldstar: Ahem.

SLAM!: Oh yeah! I will reiterate that percentage-increase items must be used by the Tuesday immunity deadline, and all other items are fair game to be used by the Wednesday deadline.

Eldstar: AHEM!

SLAM!: Oh yeah number two! Eldstar has another special announcement after tomorrow’s tribal council. Stay tuned!

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@Asyulus @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @elcaballero @Fancyarcher @Goldenhour36 @Jack Sparrow @Rorschach




SLAM!: Hello and welcome to tribal council where someone will become the eleventh player voted out at tribal council. I apologize for the delay because I decided to read the Book of Revelation. Anyways, it's time to vote!

Everyone votes.

SLAM!: All right, if anyone has an advantage or immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

Goldenhour36: (raises eyebrow)

Jack Sparrow: (yawns)

The Dark Alfred: ...


Item Play #1


Rorschach: It's mushroom time.

(He high-fives Alfred and Goldenhour36.)




Rorschach Plays




Item Play #2


Asyulus: Not so fast, Rorschach!







Rorschach: Hmm?

Asyulus: ConSeQUenCes.



Item Play #3


Fancyarcher: Better safe than sorry.







Fancyarcher: I found this in the Blue Egg. Hopefully I'm not wasting it...



SLAM!: All right, here's who won immunity...


FANCYARCHER with 98.74!


Fancyarcher: :what:



SLAM!: I'll read the votes. First vote:




SLAM!: Second vote...


Jack Sparrow


SLAM!: Third vote...




SLAM!: Fourth vote...


Jack Sparrow


SLAM!: Fifth vote...




SLAM!: Sixth vote...


Jack Sparrow


SLAM!: Seventh vote...




SLAM!: Three votes Jack Sparrow. Three votes Rorschach. One vote left.

Jack Sparrow: :circles:

Rorschach: :rock:



SLAM!: Eleventh player voted out of Survivor: Mushroom Kingdom...





You are eliminated.


Jack Sparrow: Arrrrghgh...

SLAM!: Please grab your torch.

(Jack Sparrow brings the torch to SLAM!.)

SLAM!: Jack? The tribe has spoken.

(SLAM! snuffs the torch.)

Jack Sparrow: Good luck, everyone!

Jack Sparrow exits.


Confessional - Jack Sparrow: I had a fun time! It's a shame I didn't get further than this. I'm sure my invincibility star (that I found in week one) would've helped me, but sometimes it's worth it to hold it for a further round, and sometimes it isn't. Lesson learned I supposed!


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@Asyulus @DAJK @The Dark Alfred @elcaballero @Fancyarcher @Goldenhour36 @Rorschach





Eldstar: Me and my star buddies will be giving out more items on Friday through a one-time event called




During the star-gaze event, you will pick one of seven stars. Each star will give a player an item. Every item has the power to change the game. It will be first come first serve and announcing your pick in the thread just like last time. But be warned: the item that the star gives you matches the personality of the star who's giving it (at least a little bit)—so be discerning! Good luck!

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