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  1. Have to say, a lot of the score felt like temp score to me. Nothing felt unique to this movie, and even at odds with the tone at times. Needs more Blue Monday.
  2. I know it's been a pretty common refrain in recent years, but I do think that Tangled is a better property than Frozen. I find the characters are a lot more charming, and the setting is a little better and more fleshed out (or perhaps I just want Zachary Levi to be in more things). At the very least, we did get a pretty good animated series out of it. The songs there really hold up against anything Disney has put out in recently (I think Alan Menken had a pretty big hand in them?).
  3. Saw activity in the thread and thought maybe The Croods drummed up up some interest. Nooope.
  4. I usually hate boiling sports down to simple hot takes like saying a player or team choked, but the Clips completely choked.
  5. Have to admit I too was confused during the last set piece. I understood what they were doing with the temporal pincer movement, but it really looked to me like the two forces were attacking each other, haha.
  6. Fun but frustrating is a really good description for Tenet. I was pleasantly surprised how "simple" the story is for the most part. At its core, it's a pretty standard spy film, complete with an over-the-top Russian villain, a heist sequence, and plenty of twists and turns in the plot. The action is really well filmed and edited here (something which I feel has been a struggle for Nolan in the past), and I was pleasantly surprised the film wasn't as deadly serious as I was worried it would be. John David Washington really brings something here as a protagonist who is in slightly over his head. It seems I have the same complaints about the sound mix as most everyone else: it almost feels like Nolan is challenging the audience to make out dialogue at times. I basically gave up trying to understand anything during the rail yard and sailing scenes, for instance. I also found the opening scene almost punishingly loud (I didn't even see it in a plus-format), but I do think I "adjusted" to the audio a bit as the movie went along. The score is, of course, tense and awesome. After all was said and done, I felt like I understood the broad strokes of the story, while perhaps missing out on some details. I can completely understand why that would be frustrating for a lot of people, but I had a lot of fun just watching it as a spy movie where the plot is perhaps a little muddy and confusing.
  7. Absolutely shocking. Amazing what he was able to get done in spite of it all. RIP.
  8. Pretty big and unprecedented decision. I'm assuming this will cascade to the rest of the games, for at least the next few days.
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