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  1. I didn't get into basketball until relatively late in Kobe's career, but he was always must-watch TV. I remember when he went a streak of 40-point games around 2012 or so, where every shot he hit was like a contested mid-range jumper. You could really tell how hard he worked at his game, and everyone respected that, even if you didn't like him personally. He was such an icon that we watched his final game instead of the Warriors going for the wins record. It was the right choice. He was so much fun to watch. RIP Kobe.
  2. Some crazy voodoo stuff must going on. The Texans got all the crazy low-odds breaks in the first quarter, and now the Chiefs are making crazy plays. Three really short touchdown drives, all in the span of like 3 minutes.
  3. Is there still room on the Tennessee Titans' bandwagon?
  4. Yeah, the one-shot conceit definitely worked for me, with he horrors of war never really letting up. It also hit a surprising number of emotional beats for me as well. The ending is so simple and beautiful. Great stuff.
  5. Whoa, we're gonna have a Patriots-free Super Bowl this year. It's been a while.
  6. The action is so over-the-top in the beginning that I was kind of with it, but like most things Bay directs, it started to get really annoying (so much slow motion, it's practically parody). At least you can really see onscreen where the budget goes in a Bay film.
  7. Clemson-OSU more than made up for the LSU game. Really fun. OSU definitely left too many points on the field early on.
  8. Trevor Lawrence's running ability is surprisingly making one game competitive again...
  9. They're in an arena surrounded by the largest space battle ever, and yet it all feels so small-scale and lifeless. The Sith acolytes, or whatever they are, might as well have been cardboard cutouts. Felt like there needed to be an over-the-top announcer calling the action to breathe life into the scene. Maybe bring back the podrace announcer alien from Episode 1, I dunno.
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