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  1. The Splash Bros are getting a lot of attention, but Draymond has really sparked the Warriors at key times in this series.
  2. I do wonder how much the time skip is going to play into future movies. It's kind of a weird and interesting world they have now, and it would be interesting to see the details fleshed out more. After all, half of the population just spent a lot of time in a not-quite-post-apocalypse, while the other half just woke up in essentially a different world. I'd imagine the societal scars would take a long time to heal, if they ever healed at all. It really sucks for those people that died in the intervening 5 years. At least the real estate market in San Francisco might have come down a bit.
  3. Not gonna lie, I was letting the final Cap scene bother me way too much (even if it's obvious that they just wanted the admittedly nice visual on the bench), so it's nice to get some official word on it.
  4. Just found out today that I passed my PhD qualifying exam! Super excited to go back to doing something other than studying. Surely I haven't been missing anything big, right?
  5. Disney overlords, if you're listening, I've never asked for much, but please let this happen.
  6. Duke just used up a full season's worth of lucky bounces in the last two minutes of the UCF game. Crazy.
  7. I kind of had the opposite reaction, where I don't feel it has aged particularly well. I can't quite put my finger on why, but the pacing always felt off for some reason. The latter two Brosnan Bonds are obviously terrible, but Tomorrow Never Dies is, dare I say, underrated?
  8. Definitely. 27 would probably put Us on the upper end of 70 mil, which would be huge.
  9. The xenomorph costume looks amazing. Maybe better than the actual one in the movie.
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