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Piece by Piece | Focus Features | Pharrell Williams Lego movie | 10/11/2024

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Does it have to be? No.

Is it cool that it is? Absolutely.


Even so, I have a bunch of questions. How much are they spending on this, and for a theatrical release in this day and age no less? It strikes me more as the kind of thing that would do well on streaming, though if its budget is low it could be a modest success in theaters. And what sort of rating are they going for?

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Given the Focus label, the release date, and the director, I think they have an awards play in mind here. It'll be interesting to see if this can be some kind of a crossover animated hit, sort of what drove Boy and the Heron to financial success here.


I'm guessing they're aiming for PG. Both Pharrell and Neville aren't resistant to appealing to mainstream sensibilities.



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1 hour ago, El Squibbonator said:

PG is my gut feeling too, but a “light” PG-13 wouldn’t surprise me considering this is a an awards-season biopic no doubt pitched at Williams’s teen and young adult fans. 

I highly doubt they expect to get Oscars for this.

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I remember back in 2020, the LEGO movie rights went to Universal after The LEGO Movie 2 didn't meet expectations. I imagine if Universal were aiming this movie mostly at kids, the way Warner Bros.'s LEGO movies were, they'd have given it to either DreamWorks or Illumination. Instead, it's being released under the Focus Features label, which honestly raises more questions than it answers.


Focus Features has released very few animated movies, but those include Coraline, ParaNorman, Kubo and the Two Strings, and 9 (a weird post-apocalyptic CGI movie that unfortunately was not successful). With that taken into account, I think it's fair to assume this won't be pitched at the same audience as a "normal" animated movie.

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