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CAYOM Year 3 (Part 1)

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Year 3 of CAYOM 2.0 officially begins! Since detailed instructions are contained in the players' guide thread, I'll simply summarize and say that this is the thread where you post all of your films with info including: Title, Cast, Director, Release Date, Theater Count, MPAA Rating, Budget, and a Plot Summary. I will edit this post a few times a day with updates based on postings.

If your plot is of significant length, place it inside spoiler tags so it doesn't take forever to scroll down a page of this thread.

The schedule (Note again that Christmas and New Years again fall in the middle of a week and thus don't really form part of a weekend):

January 4-6:

House on the Hills (2740 Theaters) (Page 3)

January 11-13:

Ninja 3D (3D) (2967 Theaters) (Page 1)

January 18-21 (MLK Weekend):

My Winter Retreat 2 (2948 Theaters) (Page 1)

On the Loose (2796 Theaters) (Page 3)

January 25-27:

Lifeguards (3004 Theaters) (Page 1)

Carnival (2938 Theaters) (Page 4)

February 1-3:

Horror at the Superbowl (3329 Theaters) (Page 2)

Paranormal lamronaraP (Limited- 3 Theaters) (Page 1)

February 8-10:

Midnight Part II: Turning Point (3375 Theaters) (Page 1)

Barefoot on Everest (3207 Theaters) (Page 5)

Paranormal lamronaraP (59 Theaters)

February 15-18 (President's Day weekend):

Wed. Feb. 13th- The Haunting in Wisconsin (3005 Theaters) (Page 1)

Thurs. Feb. 14th- The Rescue (3271 Theaters) (Page 3)

Paranormal lamronaraP (289 Theaters)

February 22-24:

Animal Farm (3551 Theaters) (Page 1)

Paranormal lamronaraP (Wide- 856 Theaters)

Blue Heart (Limited- 500 Theaters) (page 4)

March 1-3:

Wolves of the Deep (3199 Theaters) (Page 5)

Paranormal lamronaraP (2779 Theaters)

Blue Heart (Wide- 2000 Theaters)

March 8-10:

Quentin Tarantino's The Last Projectionist (3183 Theaters) (Page 2)

Green Eggs and Ham (3892 Theaters) (Page 4)

March 15-17:

Prodigy (3594 Theaters) (Page 1)

Barco de Oro (Limited- 24 Theaters) (Page 3)

March 22-24:

Sam and Max Hit the Road (3388 Theaters) (Page 1)

Agent McCoy (3365 Theaters) (Page 4)

Barco de Oro (276 Theaters)

March 29-31:

Divergent (4122 Theaters) (Page 3)

Barco de Oro (Wide- 705 Theaters)

April 5-7:

Wall of Water (3267 Theaters) (Page 2)

Beware of Zombies (3105 Theaters) (Page 5)

Barco de Oro (1,053 Theaters)

51 (Limited- 163 Theaters) (Page 4)

April 12-14:

Tornado (3451 Theaters) (Page 1)

The Untold Story of Hansel and Gretel (3492 Theaters) (Page 5)

51 (444 Theaters)

April 19-21:

The Man and His Hat (3183 Theaters) (Page 4)

Jungles (2077 Theaters) (Page 1)

51 (Wide- 1375 Theaters)

April 26-28:

Vault Break (3891 Theaters) (Page 5)

Stacy's Mom Has Got it Going On (2798 Theaters) (Page 4)

51 (2142 Theaters)

May 3-5:

Genesis (3871 Theaters) (Page 4)

Was Kilroy Here? (Limited- 3 Theaters) (Page 3)

51 (2718 Theaters)

May 10-12:

Karate Kong (4000 Theaters) (Page 2)

Tyler Perry's Madea Mother's Day (2799 Theaters) (Page 4)

Was Kilroy Here? (75 Theaters)

May 17-19:

Salvation (4338 Theaters) (Page 3)

Was Kilroy Here? (499 Theaters)

May 24-27 (Memorial Day weekend):

Interconnected: Culmination (3701 Theaters) (Page 2)

Was Kilroy Here? (988 Theaters)

May 31-June 2:

The Coming Storm (3921 Theaters) (Page 2)

June 7-9:

Ag3nts (3893 Theaters) (Page 1)

June 14-16:

Voyage to Atlantis (3869 Theaters) (Page 2)

Kill That Director! (3129 Theaters) (Page 3)

June 21-23:

Legend of the Red Dragon (3572 Theaters) (Page 2)

Consciousness Ship (3442 Theaters) (Page 4)

June 28-30:

Bobby (4072 Theaters) (Page 3)

Nadia: The Perfect 10 (3068 Theaters) (Page 5)

July 4-7 (4th of July Weekend, 4th is a Thursday):

Tuesday July 2nd: The Walker Chronicles (4273 Theaters) (Page 3)

July 12-14:

Chaperones (3569 Theaters) (Page 3)

The Dead in the House (Limited- 50 Theaters) (Page 3)

July 19-21:

8AM (3827 Theaters) (Page 2)

Avatar: The Last Airbender (3323 Theaters) (Page 4)

The Dead in the House (500 Theaters)

July 26-28:

A Wrinkle in Time (3461 Theaters) (Page 1)

Broken Earth (3659 Theaters) (Page 3)

The Dead in the House (Wide- 1250 Theaters)

August 2-4:

Fable (3765 Theaters) (Page 3)

The Dead in the House (3000 Theaters)

August 9-11:

Vampires of Moscow (2899 Theaters) (Page 3)

Into the Breach (2750 Theaters) (Page 4)

August 16-18:

The Pink Panther the Movie (3324 Theaters) (Page 1)

Truth and Love (3450 Theaters) (Page 5)

1910 (2310 Theaters) (Page 3)

August 23-25:

Chuck Norris and Liam Neeson vs. The Loch Ness Monster (2632 Theaters) (Page 4)

River of Death (Limited- 119 Theaters) (Page 3)

El Libertador (Limited- 8 Theaters) (Page 2)

August 30-September 2 (Labor day weekend):

Lizards (2459 Theaters) (Page 4)

River of Death (Wide- 2734 Theaters)

El Libertador (65 Theaters)

September 6-8:

The Drowsy Chaperone (3503 Theaters) (Page 4)

El Libertador (206 Theaters)

September 13-15:

The Ice Bridge (3564 Theaters) (Page 2)

Invasion of the Plant Men (3046 Theaters) (Page 2)

El Libertador (409 Theaters)

September 20-22:

The Poet (2766 Theaters) (Page 2)

Adventures of the Squid (3703 Theaters) (Page 5)

El Libertador (Wide- 1,144 Theaters)

Bigfoot (Limited- 2 Theaters) (Page 4)

September 27-29:

The Summer Story (2978 Theaters) (Page 2)

The 13th Night III: The Masked Man Revealed (3013 Theaters) (Page 1)

Bigfoot (102 Theaters)

October 4-6:

Z-Day (3435 Theaters) (Page 1)

Go-Go Girls (2568 Theaters) (Page 3)

Bigfoot (563 Theaters)

A Million Little Pieces (Limited- 6 Theaters) (Page 1)

October 11-13:

Fatal Rendezvous (2864 Theaters) (Page 1)

Gregor the Overlander (3734 Theaters) (Page 5)

Bigfoot (Wide- 1123 Theaters)

A Million Little Pieces (578 Theaters)

October 18-20:

Red Skin (3074 Theaters) (Page 2)

Bigfoot (2343 Theaters)

A Million Little Pieces (Wide- 1451 Theaters)

October 25-27:

Silence! (3062 Theaters) (Page 4)

A Million Little Pieces (2558 Theaters)

November 1-3:

Bartimaeus and the Golem's Eye (3D) (4025 Theaters) (Page 1)

Small Town Store (2533 Theaters) (Page 4)

Election 2000 (631 Theaters) (Page 3)

Jennifer: The Untold Story of My Life (Limited- 11 Theaters) (Page 3)

November 8-10:

Frosty the Snowman (3899 Theaters) (Page 1)

La Follia di Gesualdo (612 Theaters) (Page 4)

Jennifer: The Untold Story of My Life (144 Theaters)

Black as Night (Limited- 2 Theaters)

November 15-17:

Red Rabbit (3244 Theaters) (Page 1)

Assassins (2682 Theaters) (Page 4)

Jennifer: The Untold Story of My Life (485 Theaters)

Black as Night (34 Theaters)

November 22-24:

CHERUB 1.0 (4008 Theaters) (Page 4)

Fifty Shades of Gray (3444 Theaters) (Page 4)

Black as Night (Wide- 1751 Theaters)

Jennifer: The Untold Story of My Life (Wide- 763 Theaters)

November 27-December 1 (Thanksgiving weekend, 27th is a Wednesday):

Planeswalkers: A New World (4383 Theaters) (Page 2)

The Bride, The Groom, and The Priest (3200 Theaters) (Page 2)

Thane of the Flies (Limited- 57 Theaters) (Page 2)

Love in Poitiers (Limited- 10 Theaters) (Page 3)

December 6-8:

Hercule Poirot’s Christmas (3468 Theaters) (Page 1)

Thane of the Flies (294 Theaters)

Love in Poitiers (35 Theaters)

December 13-15:

SpellForce: Breath of Winter (3992 Theaters) (Page 1)

Thane of the Flies (Wide- 3014 Theaters)

Love in Poitiers (273 Theaters)

Leitmotif (Limited- 16 Theaters) (Page 4)

December 20-22:

Dodge City (3605 Theaters) (Page 1)

The Morrow II (3D) (4230 Theaters) (Page 2)

Love in Poitiers (Wide- 1190 Theaters)

Leitmotif (516 Theaters)

December 27-29:

Wed. December 25: 3-D (3D) (3251 Theaters) (Page 1)

Wed. December 25: The Time Before That (3798 Theaters) (Page 4)

Leitmotif (Wide- 3327 Theaters)

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Fatal Rendezvous

Genre: Crime

Cast: Robert Downey Jr. (Jackie Owens), Aaron Eckhart (Casey Maxwell), Guy Pearce (Ari Finch), Michelle Monaghan (Alex Grace), John Slattery (Carnahan), Amy Ryan (Sandy Maxwell), Lynn Collins (Sydney Michaels), Steven Yeun (Hunter Baxamusa), and Al Pacino (Jacob Bennett)

Directed By: Shane Black

Written By: Shane Black and Jonathan Nolan

Producers: Shane Black, Christopher Nolan, and Joel Silver

Release Date: 10/11

Theater Count: 2864

Budget: $60 million

Running Time: 127 Minutes

MPAA Rating: R for scenes of violence, strong language, and sexual content

Plot Summary:

The film opens with a woman and a man in an apartment talking about the man being in serious trouble. The woman says she’ll follow the man anywhere and the two lean in for a kiss when all of a sudden we hear “Cut!” and bright lights turn on, revealing we’re on a movie set. The movie’s director is Jackie Owens (Downey Jr.) and, plopping on a couch between the two, gives them advice on how to do the scene, demonstrating by kissing the flustered actress. Jackie says they’ll wrap for the day and suggests the actress should rehearse this scene with “somebody.” Jackie then leaves the set where a man, Casey Maxwell (Eckhart) is waiting. As they walk outside Casey says “You know I think there’re laws against that sort of thing now.” Jackie laughs and says “Casey, this is Hollywood.” The two climb into Jackie’s Maserati and drive off.


The film shows a news report featuring Jackie Owens front and center, and we learn that Jackie was a major action movie star who several years ago made the transition to be a successful director. We learn that Jackie is a major playboy and is associated with various love affairs, including with actress Alex Grace. We finally learn that two years ago Jackie Owens started a new studio, Trifecta Pictures, with legendary film producer Jacob Bennett, and a year ago they brought in Casey Maxwell, an indie film writer/director, as a minor business partner and to direct films for the studio. There are rumors that the studio is about to make it big-time.

We see Casey at home with his wife Sandy (Ryan) and they have a loving relationship. They host dinner for Jackie and Jacob, though Jacob is late. Jackie is charming and we see that Casey has a large gun collection. Jackie asks if Casey can shoot any of them and Casey replies that he’s qualified to shoot every single one, since there’s no point to owning a gun for show. Jacob (Pacino) shows up eventually, a little drunk, and things slowly get tense since we see Jacob treats Casey like a third wheel. Sandy and Jackie manage to keep things cool and after Jacob leaves Casey goes outside to vent and Jackie joins him to reassure him. Later that night Casey confides to Sandy that he feels disrespected. We then see a scene of Jackie staying up through the night, going to clubs, having drinks, and gambling. We see Jackie likes to gamble with A LOT of money, and does on credit.

Jackie goes to work hungover. At the daily business meeting with Casey and Jacob, Jackie only pays half-attention, until prodded by Jacob about plans for filmmaking. Jackie looks over prospective film ideas and says that as a new studio they need to be profitable first to survive. Jacob wants to maintain his reputation and Casey doesn’t want to sell out. Casey has some ideas but Jacob shoots them down quickly. Casey leaves in a bit of a huff. Jackie asks Jacob to take it a bit easier on Casey, but Jacob says that as the majority partner it’s his rules. That night Jackie goes home and finds Alex Grace (Monaghan) waiting for him. The two banter briefly and then start to kiss before going to the bedroom. They are very close but uncertain about having a monogamous relationship together.

We then see a scene with a young man, Hunter Baxamusa (Yeun), nervously buying drugs and then walking around the corner to a van. It turns out he is an informant working for Detective Ari Finch (Pearce) of Major Crimes. Baxamusa tries to talk up Finch about an impending lunar eclipse he plans to observe but Finch has tuned him out. Finch then executes a sting operation that takes down the drug dealers and their posse, with Finch getting rough in arresting some of them.

We then see scenes at Trifecta. Jacob works closely with his assistant Sydney Michaels, who handles his schedule and who also has a crush on Jackie, who encourages it with some flirting. We see Casey on a movie set as the director of a drama that is soon to enter production. However Jacob halts the work, saying that because of tight financials they have to postpone production. Casey is upset since he thinks the film can be his ticket to an Oscar but Jacob tells him to deal with it. Later Jackie tries to cheer him up, but Casey is depressed and complains about how he is marginalized by Jacob all the time and sometimes he feels like bashing Jacob’s head in. Casey eventually leaves and Jackie tries to gamble some more but is told his credit is no longer any good because he owes over $1 million. Jackie leaves as a man (Slattery) watches from the shadows.

We see Casey at home with Sandy but he’s still frustrated and angry. Jackie meanwhile goes to a club where he hangs with Alex and the two talk about their quasi-relationship and if it means anything. They then go separate ways and Jackie in the street is accosted by some. He is taken to a dingy room where the man from before, Carnahan, says that he works for the people Jackie owes his gambling debts to and those people are getting annoyed about the lack of payment. Carnahan has the thugs beat up Jackie a bit and says that other celebrities have had similar debts to Jackie’s and Jackie should know that a couple had fatal accidents that weren’t “accidents.” Carnahan gives Jackie two weeks to scrape together the $1 million in gambling debts.

Jackie is of course worried and broods and is out of focus for some days. He checks with his accountant and finds that because of various other debts and loans he has, even if he sold his cars and his big home he’d still be short on the $1 million he owes. Meanwhile Casey is working on a spec script and tries to run it by Jacob, but Jacob shoots it down as something sure to be a loser at the box office, which Trifecta can’t afford.

We see Finch again briefly, this time interrogating a suspect at a police station. We see that Finch has an abrasive and antagonistic style, straying close to the line of impropriety. He gets the suspect to confess, but his unit captain warns Finch he’s investing too much in each investigation and could lose himself in the energy of the moment. It could cause him trouble one day.

After a week, Jackie learns that Numerator Pictures has made an offer to Jacob to purchase Trifecta for $15 million. Jackie has a 40% stake, so the sale proceeds after taxes would give him enough to cover his obligation to Carnahan’s people. Jackie convinces Casey to do the deal since Casey wants to transfer his projects to a studio that would respect him more. But since Jacob is the majority partner, he has final say. Jackie does his best to convince Jacob but Jacob is unwilling. Finally Casey speaks up but Jacob shouts him down, berating him for being a nothing-director who is riding on others’ coattails. Jacob shouts “THIS IS MY STUDIO!” and then storms out. Casey bitterly leaves as well. Jackie chats up Sydney and learns from her that many rival studios think that Jacob is on the verge of taking Trifecta to the big time and want to scoop it. Sydney adds that Jacob “would die” before selling Trifecta.

We see Jackie later that night in bed and he looks like he has an epiphany. He slips away and calls Casey, who is annoyed because of the time but Jackie says they need to talk. They meet and Jackie tells Casey they need to kill Jacob Bennett. Casey is understandably freaked out but Jackie slowly convinces him that killing Bennett so they can split his shares in Trifecta and cash out is the best thing for both of them. Jackie says he’ll handle the details, but when the time comes Casey needs to give Jackie a gun from his gun collection and have an alibi.

A couple scenes show the nervous preparations for the murder plot. In one scene they meet at a gun range (since the loud noise helps cover up their talking) and practice shooting. Casey is a great shot, whereas Jackie isn’t that good handling a gun. Jackie woos Sydney and gets her to spill some more beans about Jacob’s plans. This info allows him to approach Jacob and convince him to have a meeting with just them two on Jacob’s yacht. Casey tries to play it cool at work and at home but he’s close to a nervous wreck. Meanwhile, we see Hunter doing some daily routine stuff, and then buying equipment to observe the lunar eclipse he talked about earlier, which occurs the same night as Jackie’s meeting on the yacht. The final stage has Jackie working on his own alibi for the night of the meeting, convincing Alex to go along with saying that Jackie spent the night with her, with her believing that Jackie is doing some random unsavory thing he needs to cover for. Finally Casey plans a trip with Sandy to visit her parents, but says he will be a few hours behind her because of “business.”

After a couple more short scenes it’s murder time. Jackie and Casey meet for Casey to hand over a pistol. They then separate, with Casey driving off, nervous the whole way. Jackie meanwhile drives his Maserati to the marina where Jacob’s yacht is. Unknownst to him, Hunter has set up on a hill overlooking the marina to observe the lunar eclipse and sees Jackie’s Maserati arrive with purple headlights. He’s too far away to get a good look at any person. As Jackie waits below decks, Jacob arrives at the marina and walks onto his yacht (Hunter seeing him too) to find himself standing on a tarp and Jackie waiting with a gun. Jacob at first thinks it’s a stupid joke but Jackie, hesitant, insists he is here to kill Jacob. Jacob laughs and launches an epic berating of Jackie’s talents. Jackie tells Jacob to shut up, but Jacob laughs more, realizing Jackie may not be able to go through with it, and continues berating him in the crazy energetic style only Al Pacino can do. Finally Jackie and pulls the trigger, but nothing happens, because the safety is still on. Jacob cackles, saying that Jackie was an action star but can’t even fire a gun properly. Jackie tries to turn off the safety but Jacob rushes him and the two get into a tussle, finally ending with Jackie shooting Jacob point-blank and getting splattered with blood. The lunar eclipse is at this point, but Hunter hears the shot. After a few seconds, Jackie freaks out, and wraps Jacob’s body in the tarp, and drags it out of the yacht to his car and the lunar eclipse lets up just as he stuffs the trunk into the back of his Maserati. Jackie then drives off and Hunter uneasily looks around before quickly gathering his things and running away. Jackie then goes to a secluded beach spot and quickly digs a hole to dump the tarp in.

Casey is late to his in-laws and clearly has been drinking. Sandy is annoyed but Casey irritably brushes her concerns aside and passes out. Jackie gets back to his home and immediately disposes of his bloody clothing. He gets the shakes. The following day when Jacob doesn’t show up to work Sydney gets worried and when Jacob’s wife calls looking for him they both get concerned. After a day with no sign they call the police. The case is assigned to Finch. Finch begins his investigation by interviewing people at the studio. Jackie mentions his alibi and Sydney says Jacob might have gone to his yacht. Finch then goes to Jacob’s yacht and sees a couple signs of a struggle that Jackie didn’t erase and has a CSI team called.

A couple investigatory scenes later Casey returns with Sandy and is met at home by Finch, who interviews him. Casey is a bit nervous but gets through it, and Finch gives him a card with his personal number on it, if anything comes to Casey’s mind. Casey shoves the card into the back of a drawer. Finch goes back to his precinct where he mulls results from the CSI team, which concludes that Jacob was there and there was a bullet hole. Meanwhile Jackie and Casey meet and Jackie tells Casey to play it cool. Once the dust settles they can sell Trifecta. Jackie then gets in contact with Carnahan and asks for an extension, saying that he can get the money when Trifecta is sold, but it can’t be sold until the Bennett investigation is cold. Carnahan agrees, with the condition that Jackie now owes an extra 25%. Carnahan also suggests that Jackie was very “fortunate” with Bennett disappearing.

A few scenes show the investigation by Finch stalled, so Jackie decides he can loosen up and asks Alex to accompany him on a trip to Europe. Alex agrees, but is concerned about the Bennett business, putting two and two together to figure out Jackie was involved. Jackie says it’ll all blow over soon and says that now they can build Alex’s career far more than she could have done. Finch is annoyed by his investigation going nowhere and takes his stress out on his desk, breaking a few drawers.

Jackie and Alex gallivant around Europe while Casey has trouble sleeping. Sandy just thinks he is stressed. Meanwhile we see Hunter again, after seeing some news reports on Bennett disappearing, working up the courage to approach Finch. Finch is astounded at the news and soon learns from financial records that Jackie owns a Maserati. He also learns about the model of gun that fired the bullet in the hole and learns it is rare, and that Casey Maxwell purchased a gun of that model a few years ago. Finch acquires search warrants for Jackie and Casey’s homes and also has a search party comb through the beaches north of the marina which is direction the Maserati Hunter saw drove.

We see the search of Jackie’s home and they find his Maserati but no trace of purple headlights or other incriminating evidence. Finch leads the search of Casey’s home and finds that there is an empty spot in Casey’s gun collection. Casey tries to explain it but Finch asks him to come down to the station for a talk. Sandy is now concerned and Casey tells her they’ll talk later.

We jump to after Casey’s interrogation with Finch telling another detective that Casey knows something and he’ll crack eventually. He then receives word that Jackie’s plane is about to return. He meets Jackie at the airport and escorts him to an interrogation room where he grills Jackie in a tense “interview,” laying down evidence they have that points his way. Jackie remains unflappable and uses some wit and insults to keep Finch at arms-length. Finch has no choice but to let Jackie go, but then learns that a sweep has found Jacob’s body.

Casey returns home and Sandy confronts him over what’s going on. Unable to keep quiet, Casey confesses to her about being partly responsible for Jacob’s death. He urges her to stay silent about this and she agrees to keep Casey out of jail. Finch arrives where Jacob’s body is buried and learns from CSI teams that he was shot and they can analyze the bullet soon.

Alex meanwhile distances herself from Jackie since she’s uncomfortable being with him while the investigation is ongoing. Jackie is nervous about the police pressure and meets with Carnahan. Jackie proposes a deal for Carnahan’s bosses. If they help work to make the investigation disappear, then when Jackie sells Trifecta and makes a new film production startup, it’ll use profits to “invest” in operations run by those bosses. Carnahan says that Jackie loves to dig himself deeper into holes and says he’ll take the offer to his bosses.

While Finch waits for the bullet analysis, he interviews Sydney again and with some pressure is able to get her to turn over some of Jacob’s notes and files. From them he learns that Jacob had scheduled a meeting on his yacht, but they don’t say with who. However he then gets news from the CSI team that makes him smile.

It’s the day of Jacob’s funeral and Jackie and Casey are on-hand to pay their respects. While Jackie is unflappable, Casey looks upset. Afterwards, with Sandy nudging him, Casey approaches Jackie and the two take a walk and Casey says he’s not feeling good about this. Jackie turns dark and tells Casey that they’ve gone too far to be caught now. Casey returns home to find Finch waiting for him. Finch says that they matched the bullet that killed Jacob to a type of gun that Casey owned, and Casey happens to be missing that particular gun type. Casey says he took a family trip that night, but Finch points out he traveled on his own, never stopped anywhere that could give him a receipt, never went through tolls, and showed up hours later than his wife. With that, Finch arrests Casey. Meanwhile Jackie “consoles” Sydney, the two being intimate with some as he subtly gets her to tell him what she’s told Finch. What she says doesn’t concern him too much, though when he gets a call about Casey’s arrest he does become so.

At the station Finch grills Casey. Casey doesn’t budge, but Finch can see he’s hiding something. So Finch tries to play on Casey being treated bad by Jacob, insinuating Casey wanted to hide his failures, and then getting violent in his vocal tone. Casey is close to cracking but Sandy and a lawyer show up to stop things. Because of spousal privilege Sandy is able to stay in the room with Casey’s lawyer. Sandy urges him to come clean about everything to spare himself some prison time, but Casey doesn’t want to rat out a friend. Finch meanwhile talks over things with another detective who says that Casey doesn’t have a Maserati. Finch knows this and says that just means Casey is covering for a second party.

Jackie gets a phone call from Carnahan that the “deal” is on and Carnahan’s people will keep Jackie clear of. Carnahan makes it clear though to Jackie that “we own you now.” He asks about Casey but Jackie says Casey is a friend and will keep quiet. Casey meanwhile is let go without being charged due to his lawyer using some fancy legal tricks. Jackie calls him to support him and asks for Casey’s proxy to make financial deals. Casey agrees so Jackie begins putting things into motion to pay off his debt, sell Trifecta, and get the mob involved on his next venture.

Carnahan through sources learns about Hunter and has a couple men keep an eye on him. Hunter notices one and calls Finch to say he feels watched, so Finch drives over to Hunter’s place but arrives to find Hunter dead. This pisses Finch off so he goes to angrily confront Casey at his house. Casey has no idea what’s happened and tries to calm Finch down but Finch loses control and throws Casey against a wall and puts him in a chokehold. Finch tells Casey that he is going to make sure Casey and anyone else involved pays the maximum price before storming off.

Meanwhile Jackie gets a call from Sydney that she’s worried she found something bad. Jackie goes to her place and she tells him she’s found audio recordings Jacob used for notes and one of them says he is meeting Jackie the night of his death. Sydney promises she won’t reveal them, saying she loves Jackie. Jackie thanks her for this and pulls her in for a kiss, but his eyes reveal his worry. The scene jumps to later, with Jackie climbing out of her bed to make a call to Carnahan, saying that there’s a loose end Carnahan needs to take care of delicately. Carnahan laughs and says Jackie’s racking up quite the body count and adds he’ll get it done.

Jackie goes to talk to Alex Grace, who has kept her distance. Jackie tells her that so long as Casey stays quiet nothing connects him to what happened. He tells her that her career has stalled and with his new company he can get her the roles that will send her to the next level. Alex is unsure but Jackie convinces her that they’ve always had something between them and they need to take care of one another. Alex finally agrees to stick to the story, but tells Jackie that everything catches up with people sooner or later.

Finch is reprimanded for assaulting Casey and is suspended. He pleads to stay on the investigation, saying he knows Jackie Owens is involved too, but he is denied. Meanwhile word reaches Jackie and Casey that Sydney was found dead in her home from an apparent overdose of sleeping pills. Casey thinks the loss of Jacob hit her hard but Jackie avoids eye contact. This makes Casey realize something is off and Jackie says he’s making sure the evidence against them is contained. Casey is horrified, asking if Jackie plans to “contain him” as well. Jackie says Casey is his friend, but Casey storms off in disgust. Jackie, shaken, has a drink.

A prosecutor hauls in Alex for questioning about Jackie’s alibi and she holds up. She is able to avoid being flustered when it is insinuated she is covering for Jackie because they’re sleeping together. The prosecutor talks with Finch’s captain and we learn that there isn’t enough physical evidence to formally charge either Casey or Jackie, so they’ll only get them if one flips on the other, and considering how close they are it’d take something drastic to achieve that.

Jackie speaks with Carnahan over the phone to finalize the financial deals and Carnahan detects Jackie is bothered by something. After Carnahan pressures him Jackie mentions how Casey is slipping closer and closer to the edge. Jackie says it won’t be a problem, that Casey will stay true, and gets the topic back to the finances of the mob deal. After the call Carnahan calls his own boss and says it looks like there’s a further precaution they need to take, though this one has to be done in a special way to avoid suspicion.

We see what Finch is up to and see that he’s going over evidence reports but can’t find a smoking gun. He pounds the table in frustration and paces around his house before collapsing in a chair, nothing to do. Meanwhile, Sandy is grocery shopping and as she leaves a back exit a van pulls up in the alley and masked men grab her and throw her inside. There are no witnesses.

Casey gets home from a jog to find no one home, and then gets a phone call: from Carnahan. Carnahan says he is an associate of Jackie. Carnahan tells Casey that Sandy has been taken since Casey is unreliable. If Casey wants to ensure no harm comes to Sandy, he is to go to a warehouse at a certain address and “do the right thing.” Carnahan has Sandy talk as proof and Sandy urges Casey to go to the cops. Carnahan says Casey can do that, but if he goes to the police station or the courthouse his men will know, and then Sandy will die, and Casey will get it too before trial. Carnahan hangs up and Casey looks nauseous. He goes to Jackie’s house and punches Jackie in the face. The two grapple, trade a few punches, until Jackie gets Casey to calm down long enough to learn what happened to Sandy. Jackie is shocked and says he had nothing to do with this, so Casey tells him to call it off, to which Jackie says that Carnahan’s people are in business with him and they will do anything and everything to keep that money safe. Casey is disgusted and says either he goes to his death or he allows Sandy to die. Jackie is remorseful and wishes things were different. Casey glares at Jackie and then storms out. He returns home and suddenly gets an idea and rushes to a desk drawer to fish for something.

Finch is still sulking at home when he gets a call from Casey, who tells Finch what happened and says that if Finch helps him get his wife out of danger, he will tell Finch everything. Finch immediately gets into action mode and has Casey wait for him. Finch gets to Casey’s house quickly, after briefly calling his captain to say a sudden lead appeared, and has Casey explain where Carnahan is waiting with Sandy. Finch says they need to handle this delicately, but Casey refuses and pulls out a gun from his collection, saying he’s going to rescue his wife and if Finch won’t help then the police will never know the truth. In a tight spot, Finch agrees to Casey’s terms, but asks what happens if Casey dies. Casey says Finch better not let that happen.

In the meantime Jackie calls Carnahan to convince him to let Sandy go. Carnahan says his superiors are too involved now to allow any risk and asks if Casey will show. Jackie sadly says Casey will show to save his wife. Carnahan is pleased and suggests Jackie go out and celebrate the last loose end being cut. Jackie silently stands in his house, contemplating the potential loss of a close friend to save himself. He visits Alex and as the two drink Jackie says he feels cornered so Alex suggests he come clean. Jackie says he can’t do that, but in any case it’s all out of his hands now. Alex asks what Jackie will do and Jackie says he might as well try to enjoy the night: Either he’ll be celebrating being free, or he’ll be having one last good time before the end.

Finch and Casey arrive at the warehouse in separate cars since Finch has to remain unseen. Finch radios backup. Casey goes in to see Carnahan and a few other thugs waiting with Sandy tied to a chair. Carnahan says Casey’s made it easy now. Casey says he’s written scenarios like this and guesses Carnahan plans to kill him and Sandy and arrange it as a murder-suicide. Carnahan nods and has Casey walk into the middle of the warehouse and says it’ll be over quick. Casey agrees that it will be and tells Sandy that everything is going to be okay. Finch pops in from the back and shouts “Police! Hands in the air!” Carnahan and his thugs turn towards Finch and pull out their guns but Finch is quicker and takes down a thug, and Casey pulls out the gun he took and starts shooting. Carnahan sees this and fires a shot that hits Casey in the gut as Casey hits him twice in the chest. In a couple seconds Carnahan and the other thugs are dead so Finch cuts Sandy’s bonds and immediately radios for medical assistance as he begins to apply first aid to Casey. As he does this Sandy pleads for Casey to stay with them and the scene fades out.

In the aftermath, police and medical staff swarm the warehouse. Finch is patched up for a minor gunshot wound to an arm and is talked to by his captain who says Finch never knows when to stop. Finch says he’ll go back to his suspension, but first he wants to finish the case. His captain nods, so Finch goes to Casey who is being loaded into an ambulance with Sandy holding his hand. The medics say he’ll make it. Finch tells Casey that they had a deal. Casey says he doesn’t expect to get better treatment, but he’ll come clean. Finch leans in and says “then start talking.”

That night, Jackie comes out of a lavish Hollywood party, Alex on his arm, to see Finch and other policemen waiting for him. Jackie sighs and gives Alex a sad smile as Finch, with a huge smirk, walks over to arrest him and lead him to a squad car as paparazzi take photos. Alex watches the car drive off and shakes her head in a mix of sadness and disgust.

At the hospital Casey is out of surgery and in recovery with Sandy and his lawyer. The DA comes in and says Jackie is arrested and it’s time to make the deal official. Casey will plead guilty to conspiracy to commit murder and testify against Jackie at trial. In exchange, he gets 10-15 years in prison. Casey looks at Sandy and his lawyer, who both nod, and says he’ll take it. He signs the paperwork and is then left alone with Sandy, who tells him he did the right thing. Casey stares off into space and wonders why he feels so crappy.

Finch sits Jackie down in an interrogation room and says that it’s all over; with Casey turning state’s evidence they got the evidence to charge him. Jackie, resigned, nods and says life is like his movies after all: the “bad guy” never gets away with it. Finch says that Jackie might as well share his side of the story to make it easier on him. Jackie says he wants Alex Grace left out of this, she only provided an alibi because they were very close and she wasn’t involved in any other way. Finch sarcastically comments about Jackie acting noble, to which Jackie replies “Well, you didn’t think for my final performance I would play a crude one-dimensional killer? The best villains always have many faces.” After a couple seconds Finch says “I suppose they do.” Finch starts a tape recorder and begins asking Jackie preliminary questions such as his name, age, residence, etc, as the camera slowly pulls back from their table. Finch then asks “Did you murder Jacob Bennett?” The screen cuts to black and then Jackie responds “Yes, I did.”

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Sam and Max Hit the Road

Genre: 2D Animated/Adventure

Voice Cast: Nolan North (Sam), Michael Beattie (Max), Robin Atkin Downes (Conroy Bumpus)

Release Date: 3/22

Theater Count: 3388

Budget: $90 million

Running Time: 98 Minutes

MPAA Rating: PG for scenes of adventure peril and crude humor

Plot Summary:

This film takes place in a world populated entirely by sentient animals instead of human beings.

Sam is an anthropomorphic dog who is laid back and dresses in snappy suits. Max is a hyperkinetic rabbit who is aggressive and easily excitable. The two are members of the Freelance Police, an organization of private detectives and vigilantes. They work as partners in New York City and are experts in solving bizarre cases. After a couple introductory scenes that show the screwball humor of the film and get us familiar with the characters, Sam and Max receive a telephone call from an unseen and unheard Commissioner, who tells them to go to a nearby carnival. At the carnival, they are told by the owners that their star attraction, a frozen bigfoot called Bruno, has been set free and fled taking their second attraction, Trixie the Giraffe-Necked Girl. Sam and Max set off to find Bruno and Trixie and bring them back. As the duo investigate the carnival, they learn that Bruno and Trixie are in love and that Trixie freed Bruno. The Freelance Police leave the carnival to pursue leads at various tourist traps throughout the country, such as The World's Largest Ball of Twine, a vortex controlled by giant subterranean magnets, and bungee jumping facilities at Mount Rushmore.

The pair learn that two other bigfoots used as tourist attractions in other parts of the country have been freed by Bruno, and that Bruno has been captured by Liverpudlian country western singer Conroy Bumpus, a cruel animal abuser who wishes to use Bruno in his performances. Sam and Max travel to Bumpus' home and rescue Bruno and Trixie, but Bruno then departs with Trixie to join a bigfoot gathering at an inn in Nevada. Following them, Sam and Max disguise themselves as a bigfoot to enter the party. Eventually the party is gatecrashed by Conroy Bumpus and his henchman Lee Harvey, who hope to capture the bigfoots. However, Sam manages to fool Bumpus and Harvey into donning their bigfoot disguise, and Max locks them in the inn's closet. Grateful, Bruno tells Sam and Max how to find the Bigfoot Chieftain who is trying to find a way to keep the Bigfoot safe from outsiders. Bruno meanwhile decides to now spend his freedom traveling the world with Trixie. Sam and Max follow Bruno's directions. Max thinks they've solved their case and wants to go and use his vacation time for mindless fun but Sam takes charge and says they're in the middle of something big and should continue to help out. Unknownst to them Bumpus and Harvey have escape and are following them.

They reach the Bigfoot hideout. Chief Vanuatu, leader of the bigfoots, in recognition of the pair's actions, makes the Freelance Police members of the bigfoot tribe and tells them of a spell that will make the world safe for bigfoots again, preventing their capture by humans. However, the chief requires help deciphering the spell's four ingredients, and asks for Sam and Max's help. Eventually, they discover that the ingredients are a vegetable resembling John Muir, hair restoration tonic, the tooth of a dinosaur, and a vortex contained within a snow globe. They collect the ingredients and give them to Vanuatu but then Bumpus and Harvey appear to stop the ceremony and capture as many Bigfoot as possible. With a little thinking by Sam and some crazy ingenuity by Max, they are able to trick Bumpus and Harvey (still in Bigfoot costume) into the way of a freeze ray used by Max, which freezes the two solid in an ice block. With the threat over Vanuatu performs the magic ceremony and the ingredients cause large trees to spring into existence, covering the bulk of the western United States in forest for the Bigfoot to roam in away from meddling by other animals. Content that their work is done, Sam and Max take the frozen ice block containing Bumpus and Harvey to the carnival they investigated in the beginning. Believing that Bruno has been returned to them, the owners give a large reward of skee ball tickets to the Freelance Police, who then spend the end credits shooting targets at a carnival stall with real firearms.

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Red Rabbit

Genre: Spy

Cast: Chris Pine (Jack Ryan), Jessica Chastain (Mary Foley), Karl Urban (Ed Foley), Aksel Hennie (Oleg Zaitzev), Paul Bettany (Simon Harding), Charles Dance (Yuriy Andropov), Alison Brie (Cathy Ryan), Thom Hoffman (Boris Strokov), and David Thewlis (Sir Basil Charleston)

Written and Directed By: Andrew Niccol

Original Music By: Michael Nyman

Release Date: 11/15

Theater Count: 3244

Budget: $75 million

Running Time: 135 Minutes

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for some violence, sensuality, and brief strong language

Plot Summary: This film is an adaptation of the Tom Clancy novel of the same name. It takes place in the early 1980s.

Yuriy Andropov (Dance), the head of the KGB, receives information concerning steps planned by Pope John Paul II concerning Poland. The Solidarity movement in the country is causing the Communist leadership headaches and Andropov decides to look into methods to stop the Pope from exacerbating the movement. He believes that if he can snuff out this problem, he’ll set himself up as the next leader of the Soviet Union. At the same time, the CIA’s leadership, Judge Moore, Bob Ritter, and Admiral Greer are discussing the developing political climate in Poland and believe that the growing discontent there is a crack in the Soviet Union’s foundations. The discussion then turns to a certain young CIA analyst who is a protégé of Greer’s.

That analyst is Jack Ryan (Pine), in his early 30s and assigned to a station in London to cooperate with MI6. He, his wife Cathy (Brie), and his two young children have just begun settling into their new apartment there. There is some initial confusion and light humor over adjusting to the British way of living, driving, etc. The intelligence office Jack works for is run by Sir Basil Charleston (Thewlis). Jack gets settled into his job and immediately begins working on analyzing the looming conflict in Poland that is being amplified by the human rights efforts of the Pope, who has threatened to resign his position and return home to Poland.

Ed (Urban) and Mary (Chastain) Foley are Americans, husband and wife, who have just moved to Moscow due to Ed’s position at the U.S. Embassy. Ed’s consular position is a cover for his status as the CIA Moscow Station Chief. Mary is his best intelligence operative. Ed’s job is to appear dull, too boring to be the CIA’s spy chief in the lion’s den. Ed and Mary discuss their respective duties, with Mary’s job being to handle some of the CIA informants and top agents in Moscow. Her most important agent to handle is code-named “CARDINAL,” a military man secretly working for the CIA for decades. One thing that frustrates the couple is that they know their apartment is bugged but in order to maintain their cover they cannot dispose of any of them. When discussing sensitive information they use sign language while talking about boring daily stuff (subtitles provided for the sign language).

Captain Oleg Zaitzev (Hennie) is a middle-aged KGB operative in Moscow who handles intelligence reports from Soviet agents overseas, one of them being a mole in the U.S. government codenamed “CASSIUS”. On the subway trip to work he and Ed end up sitting near one another and Oleg strikes up a conversation with the American and they talk about hockey. Neither suspects that the other is actually a spy, though both are cautious. Meanwhile Andropov decides that there is no good way to dissuade the Pope from carrying out his promise, so the only thing to do assassination. Andropov immediately begins to sketch out a rudimentary plan for such a mission.

Jack is assigned by Basil to work with Simon Harding (Bettany), the top Russia expert in Basil’s unit. Harding gives Jack advice on how to think like a Russian, so Jack can better analyze the intelligence brought in from the Soviet Union. Jack is advised by Greer that the CIA believes there could be a possible threat on the Pope’s life. Back at home, Jack has help Cathy deal with some chaos caused by their two young kids and they talk about Cathy’s concerns over being able to practice medicine well in the UK. Meanwhile Ritter sends word to the Foleys that an important task is for them to see if they can dig up information about if the threat on the Pope is a real one.

Zaitzev is ordered by his superior to transmit secret communications to the Rome station chief asking about the Pope’s security measures, such as how to get physically close to him. The inquiries confuse Zaitzev since he doesn’t know why someone would want to do that. The following day he receives the reply, which confirms a suspicion that someone in the KGB wants the Pope dead. Meanwhile Zaitzev’s superior delivers the reply, which advises against physical action, to Andropov, who says he understands the risks of backlash. In the course of discussions they decide that the operation has to be structured carefully to avoid any connection with the Soviet Union, which means no Soviet agents for the key elements of the assassination. After some consultation, Andropov decides to outsource the kill to the Bulgarian Secret Police, which can find a suitable Muslim Turkish shooter to make it look like a religiously-motivated killing.

Ed in his cover job has a meeting with a Russian journalist who he suspects is a KGB agent and plays dumb and naïve in the meeting. Later he meets with the American ambassador and other staff and goes over some of the preliminary data his station has dug up about routine Soviet actions. He jokes that contrary to spy films, 2/3 of CIA work is writing reports you hope someone might read. Meanwhile Mary takes walks around Moscow with their young son to familiarize herself with the city and also to lull her KGB tail into thinking she is just a simple housewife so it will eventually be canceled. Afterwards she talks with Ed and says that once the KGB gets tired of shadowing her she can begin her work of running the CIA’s secret agents in the city. Ed warns Mary to not take unnecessary risks, since she has a personal stake in upending the Soviet Union.

Jack and Harding analyze how a possible assassination of the Pope would be organized and figure that unless they get a good warning of the details, it’d be hard for them to stop. They also talk a bit about their backgrounds, such as Jack’s time in the Marines that was cut short by a helicopter crash that damaged his back. They also speculate about how Andropov operates the KGB. Ryan also has a telephone conversation with Admiral Greer giving him instructions on how to work best with his British colleagues. Meanwhile CIA Director Judge Moore has a phone conversation with Basil and the two talk about the need to coordinate intelligence on the possible threat to the Pope.

Zaitzev handles the KGB transmissions to their main stations in Rome and Sofia, Bulgaria. At home, though he can’t talk about his work with his wife, he does express some vague concerns about his career, brooding over vodka. Later we see him have a dream where he sees Andropov and other Soviet bigshots looking at a parade led by the Pope and Andropov shoots at the Pope, missing and hitting children before finally shooting the Pope repeatedly, the Pope asking Zaitzev why he did nothing to help before dying. Meanwhile Andropov meets with his Bulgarian Station Chief and agrees the man to outsource the killing to should be Boris Strokov. Zaitzev writes a note asking the recipient to wear a green tie the next day and goes onto the subway where Ed is doing his daily ride. Though Zaitzev has no idea if Ed is a spy, let alone even an American, he slips the note into Ed’s jacket pocket. Ed doesn’t notice the note until after he gets home. He shows it to Mary who goes to get him a green tie. The couple talks out loud about routine family stuff while they use sign language convey their thoughts. Mary is gung-ho about this being an opportunity.

Andropov goes to a meeting of the Soviet Politburo and presents his plan to assassinate the Pope. After some discussion of the logistics and risks, Andropov is able to persuade the Politburo to agree to the plan, since if the Pope does abdicate and return to Poland, and this causes the Polish Communist government to topple, it could cause a domino effect that could unravel the whole Warsaw Pact. Zaitzev is tasked by his superior to transmit a message to Bulgaria’s Station Chief that the mission is approved. On the subway ride home he sees Ed wearing a green tie and slips another note into Ed’s jacket. The note requests that the flag at the American embassy be flown upside-down the following day. Ed returns to the embassy to make the arrangements and then goes home. That night he and Mary talk in sign language about the note-giver and Ed says soon it’ll be time for Mary to get involved as the field officer.

We see Cathy at her job as an eye surgeon with her still adjusting to the British way of medical administration. She bristles at some things, such as the months many patients have to wait for non-emergency surgery. Meanwhile Jack is at work analyzing some intelligence reports brought in from East Germany and delivers his report to Harding. Jack goes home and talks with Cathy about how they’re both adjusting and after assuaging some of her doubts they go to the bedroom to be intimate.

Zaitzev’s wife notices his unease and tries to talk with him a bit but he shuts her out since her knowing anything is dangerous. The next day he sees that the American Embassy flag is raised upside down. Mary visits Ed at the Embassy afterwards and they talk about CIA business. They decide against contacting their top agent CARDINAL since if he finds something he knows to get it to them without unnecessary communication. Again Ed and Zaitzev are on the evening subway home and Zaitzev leaves a third note that sets up a meeting place and time. Ed tells Mary that now’s the time for her to enter the picture.

Hundreds of miles away in Budapest, Hungary, a CIA agent is executing a dead-drop with an informant, but the informant is sloppy in leaving the drop material behind so a Hungarian police agent notices. This causes an incident where he intervenes. The CIA agent has diplomatic cover so he stays put but the informant flees and a running gunfight between him and police occurs that eventually ends with the informant being killed. The agent is let go but is deported from the country, temporarily shutting down the CIA’s station in the country.

The meet between Zaitzev and the Foleys happens at a department store, with Mary approaching him under cover of asking his advice on buying a fur hat. After some cautious verbal dancing they get into business, with Zaitzev saying that he has valuable information but he wants transit to the West for himself and his family. Mary agrees to his terms and they set a time for a second physical meeting. Afterwards Ed composes a message to be sent to his boss at Langley via a diplomatic courier. Mary proposes that they should fake the death of Zaitzev and his family so the Russians never suspect he defected. They give Zaitzev the codename “Rabbit.”

Mary arranges the second meeting with Zaitzev to be in a park. She brings her 4-year old son Eddie and he brings his 3-year old daughter Svetlana so it looks like two parents bumping into one another. As Eddie and Svetlana play they talk in Russian about preliminary plans to extract him and his family. Zaitzev says he will only give key information once he and his family are safe but warns Mary that some CIA communications are compromised by the KGB. Mary asks Zaitzev why he is doing this and Zaitzev replies that an innocent man is in danger. Mary goes over this later with Ed and they decide to use Hungary as the extraction point.

Andropov after some delay finally learns that the Bulgarian Politburo has approved the operation and has formally assigned Strokov to oversee it. Andropov is pleased that things are finally moving forward. At this point we are introduced to Strokov (Hoffman), who we first see leading a sting operation by the Bulgarian Secret Police that uncovers a nest of political dissidents. One of the dissidents talks back, so Strokov executes him. Strokov is then informed of the plan and that his role is to ensure the Pope’s shooter doesn’t survive the assassination.

Secure info about the “Rabbit” is sent to CIA Headquarters, so Judge Moore, Greer, and Ritter have to discuss how to best handle the extraction in light of the Budapest shooting. They decide the best thing to do is ask from some help from the British. Later, Greer talks with Moore and suggests that Jack be sent with the British team to Budapest as the CIA’s man. Moore agrees so Greer calls Jack to give him a heads-up that Basil will be assigning him to an operation in the near future.

The Foleys learn of the Budapest troubles, so Ed reaches out to a neighbor, Nigel, in the foreigner’s compound he knows is a British spy since British communications are still totally secure. Nigel promises to help coordinate British resources on the ground to help with the extraction. In London, Jack and Harding are both summoned to meet with Basil. At the meeting they learn about the “Rabbit”. Jack learns about his role as the CIA watchman for the British extraction and is a bit concerned over his lack of field experience. Basil assures him his role will be minimal and that he’ll have diplomatic cover. Afterwards Jack and Harding talk and Harding says he knows the top British guy in Budapest and Jack will be in good hands.

Basil starts to set up the operation parameters and we learn that as part of the Foleys’ extraction plan they need to find three human bodies, an adult couple and a young girl. In Moscow, Foley and Zaitzev sit on their usual subway train and Zaitzev plants a note from Foley’s jacket pocket containing information about a new meeting. When Zaitzev comes home the strain of the secret shows in his frustrated conversations with her.

At home Jack has to give a cover story to Cathy about his upcoming operation and he is able to make it sound convincing. Cathy is a bit concerned since it still involves CIA business. The following day Harding briefs Jack on new details for the extraction, codenamed Operation Beatrix. Some of the grisly details for faking the defector’s death unnerves Jack, so Harding jokes he should keep a plastic bag from the airplane flight.

Zaitzev and Mary meet again at the same department store from the original meeting, again with their children. At the meeting she tells Zaitzev that he should immediately schedule a vacation for his family to Budapest and gives him additional details. When Zaitzev goes to work the next day he arranges for travel to Budapest based on the details Mary gave him. It turns out that the hotel is across the street from the KGB’s main station in the city. Afterwards Zaitzev follows the pre-arranged signal to Ed that the trip is a go. Ed then has Mary pass the word on to Nigel with the timetable. Meanwhile Zaitzev springs news of the trip to his wife; she is surprised but welcomes the chance to get away.

That night Andropov learns that Mikhail Suslov, the second-most powerful man in the Soviet Union, has finally died. Andropov quickly begins political maneuvers to put a key ally of his, Alexandrov, into Suslov’s position so that when the Soviet leader Brezhnev dies Andropov will be in prime position to take over. He confides in his assistant that if the Pope assassination is successful it will guarantee his future ascension. In London, Jack and Harding work overtime to try and process how the political fallout from Suslov’s death will affect Soviet politics and policy. Meanwhile we see Strokov beat up some Turkish thugs to get information about a skilled gun-for-hire. He then tracks down the man, a Turkish immigrant to Bulgaria, and hires him to kill the Pope for a large sum of money. Strokov promises to make all necessary arrangements.

The following day Zaitzev and his family get on a train that will take a couple day trip to get to Budapest. His wife and daughter are excited but Zaitzev is very nervous. At the station Nigel covertly takes photographs of the family that he forwards to Budapest so the team will recognize the three. At the American Embassy Ed and Mary speculate about the information Zaitzev might know and how if the extraction works it’ll be their first major success in Moscow. And with Zaitzev and family on the move, Basil summons Jack and gives him the details of when he’ll leave for Budapest with a small team and meet with the British station chief, Hudson. Jack gives Cathy the news about his leaving in a few days and she asks if it’ll be dangerous. Jack tells her it’s just typical analyst work but Cathy isn’t wholly convinced.

Zaitzev’s train crosses into Hungary and his nervousness amplifies even as his daughter is more and more pleased by the “adventure”. They get to their hotel and Zaitzev nervously watches out the window for signs of KGB officers. In London Ryan with a couple British agents get on a plane to Budapest after being wished luck by Harding and Basil. He gets to Budapest and is taken to meet Hudson who tells Jack the details of first observing and then extracting Zaitzev’s family. We see Zaitzev take his family shopping and Jack with a couple other agents following them to get a feel for the family’s behavior. Jack and Hudson talk about how the KGB office across the street from the hotel is a minor complication. The plan is to approach Zaitzev the following night at a Hungarian Symphony concert.

Back in Moscow, the Politburo meets to confirm Alexandrov as Suslov’s successor. Details at the meeting show that Andropov now wields close to total power. Afterwards Andropov and Alexandrov talk and Andropov says that the Pope will be gone in a matter of days.

We see the British agents making the final preparations on the ground for the hotel ruse and then it’s time for the concert. The Zaitzevs go to their seats while Jack and British agents go to theirs. We see some of the concert, Jack cautiously observing Zaitzev. After some time Zaitzev goes to the bathroom and Hudson goes in as well and at the urinals talks to Zaitzev in Russian about the impending “trip.” Zaitzev receives the time of extraction and then leaves.

Zaitzev and family return to their hotel, with his wife in a happy, dreamy state but Zaitzev’s nerves fried. Jack and Hudson go to the hotel room and alert Zaitzev that the time has come. Zaitzev immediately rouses his family from sleep and with Jack’s guidance follows the spies down a back staircase to a waiting truck. After they leave British agents enter the room with the smuggled dead bodies and stage things to create a small fire that will ensure the bodies are never identified. Jack and another agent drive the truck to near the Yugoslavian border where they meet with a smuggler on MI6’s payroll. The smuggler has paid off the border guards to ignore his truck but there is still some tense moments at the border crossing. Shortly after the border they meet with another British team which takes Jack and the Zaitzevs to a local airport where they are blended into a group of British tourists on a flight back to England. On the plane Jack and Zaitzev talk, with Zaitzev in disbelief that his defection was actually pulled off successfully. Later Zaitzev finally unloads everything on his wife, who is naturally upset that her husband didn’t entrust her with information about his plans to defect.

At the airport in Manchester Jack and the Zaitzevs are met by MI6 and whisked away to a safehouse. The accommodations are startling to Zaitzev and his family and after they settle in Jack and a senior MI6 officer talk with Zaitzev. Zaitzev describes exactly what his job for the KGB was, the fact that the KGB has some high-level agents in the US and UK, such as “CASSIUS,” and says the reason he defected was because the KGB wants to assassinate the Pope. Zaitzev tells them all the details he knows, including Strokov’s involvement. Strokov is known to the British as a suspected murderer of multiple people in England. News of the planned assassination is forwarded to the heads of MI6 and the CIA. Jack is unsure of how they can best foil the plan without tipping the Soviets off that Zaitzev isn’t dead but a defector. The problem Jack learns is that the CIA can’t intervene actively to save the Pope if it will compromise its source of information.

In Moscow Ed and Mary learn that the extraction was a success, which relieves them both and they celebrate with some wine and having their kid be watched by a neighbor so they can be “alone.” At Langley Judge Moore, Greer, and Ritter discuss their options in protecting the Pope covertly. They learn that the Pope is exposed every Wednesday when he goes out into the Piazza San Pietro. Basil meets with the British Prime Minister, who tells him to do what he can to stop the murder. In consultations Basil realizes the only thing he can do is send some people to be quiet lookouts but intervene only if absolutely necessary. Since it is a CIA operation, Basil asks Jack to go along as the CIA man. At Langley Ritter is displeased to hear about Jack’s involvement since he has no field experience before this week but Greer gets him to ease up. In Rome, Strokov and the hired killer arrive separately but rendezvous for Strokov to give the killer a pistol and the time and place of the shooting: Wednesday at the Piazza San Pietro.

Jack arrives in Rome and is met by Sharp, the head British agent in the city. Jack fills Sharp in on the details, including Strokov being the man to look for. The two recon the plaza where the Pope will be out in public on the Wednesday to look for probable shooter positions, with a close-range attempt being the likely angle to make it look less professional. The agents get pictures of Strokov so they can ID him at the plaza. Meanwhile Zaitzev and his wife have another heart-to-heart now that the excitement for them has died down and they talk about how their lives will change now being in the West and how it is the best thing for their daughter.

It is Wednesday and Jack, Sharp, and several other agents go to the plaza to begin their surveillance before the crowds come in. They use ear microphones to communicate and are armed. The tension builds as people steadily fill up the plaza as the agents mill around, with one observing from a rooftop. The rooftop agent alerts Jack about a suspect and Jack moves closer and confirms it is Strokov, who is waiting for the Pope to emerge. Jack goes right behind and puts a gun to Strokov’s back and warns him to not move. Strokov is still, the Pope (in his Pope-mobile) comes out into the plaza and suddenly someone else opens fire on the Pope. The crowd goes nuts and Strokov is able to slip away, but Jack pursues him to an alley and the two fight hand-to-hand before Jack is able to subdue him. Over the radio he learns that the Pope was shot and is being taken away for medical attention and the gunman was tackled by the crowd. Sharp reaches Jack and the two quietly take Strokov away. At the safehouse Sharp says he and his men will handle interrogating Strokov and Jack is booked at the next flight back to London.

Jack gets back to London and learns he has to get back to D.C. for a meeting with the CIA leadership. First though he is able to go home and hug Cathy and apologize for having to leave again on short notice. He says he was in Rome and Cathy understands the context and says she knows he did his best. It is arranged that Jack leaves on the same flight as Zaitzev and his family. On the flight Jack tells Zaitzev that they got Strokov but he had a second shooter and the Pope’s condition is fifty-fifty. Zaitzev, though concerned, is happy that his information gave the Pope a chance.

In Moscow Andropov is annoyed to learn that the Pope has a good chance of surviving and that Strokov failed to eliminate the gunman, but is satisfied enough that even if the Pope lives he won’t be in a condition to travel to Poland for some time. That partial success is enough to keep him at the top of the pack to succeed Leonid Brezhnev as Soviet leader. We learn in a conversation with an assistant that Zaitzev and his family are believed dead from the hotel fire. Meanwhile in Rome, a policeman finds Strokov lying in an alleyway, apparently dead of a “heart attack.”

Jack and Zaitzev’s family are taken to Langley. Jack shakes Zaitzev’s hand and then the “Rabbit” and his family are ushered away to begin their new life in America. Jack then meets with Moore, Greer, and Ritter. He learns that the Pope made it through surgery and should live. The four talk about Zaitzev’s ability to give info on KGB agents in the government and Moore says ferreting them out will be a priority. Jack is congratulated and is told privately by Greer that he is proving himself to be a great agent.

Ed and Mary wake up and talk in sign about how this is a big day for Mary since she is scheduled to meet with CARDINAL, their top agent, for the first time. Mary kisses Ed for luck and goes with her son to a big park in Moscow where she sits and waits as we see an old man (from the back) approach her. Ed meanwhile works at the American Embassy and relaxes in his chair knowing he and Mary are primed to make it big.

We see Zaitzev and his family in a new safehouse in the countryside, his daughter playing outside. For the first time in weeks, Zaitzev is happy and at peace.

Jack returns to England to find Cathy and his children waiting for him. He gives Cathy a hug and the four settle down for some calm, overdue family time.

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Frosty the SnowmanNovember 8thAnimated (CGI)/Comedy/FamilyCast:Plot: Based off of the classic song (which turned into a classic TV short in 1969), one day a bunch of kids are playing in the school yard. Little Jimmy who is 8 years old is being picked on by Greg, the bully. A girl named Debbie tells him to stop it and then Greg runs saying "Fine" Debbie then asks Jimmy if he wants to build a snowman. Jimmy says "Sure, why not?" The 2 start to build one and other kids join. They get everything they need, but one thing is missing, a top hat.Meanwhile a traveling magician who came to the school earlier that day loses his hat as his rabbit jumps with it. Jimmy goes "hey here is a hat!" they put it on the snowman. Then next thing they know it, the snowman talks! They name him Frosty () and they all sing with it. Greg meanwhile is upset over this that they have this magical snowman. Greg then goes running and says "Debbie and Jimmy are makiing up they made a snowman!" The Magician () hears that and goes "Did you say magic??" Greg goes "Not you." Magician "No I lost my hat and its gone!" Greg goes "Kids made a snowman!"Back with Frosty, Frosty takes the kids on a walk and they show Frosty around. Frosty sees "snow cones this Summer" Frosty goes "Why snow in the Summer? Are they eating...." Jimmy goes "No Frosty, its not that they just have those for treats" Kids laugh. Frosty then goes up the mountain with them on there trek together.During there adventures they run into characters. Though Greg and the Magician continue to ruin it. Soon it starts to get hot, so Debbie and Jimmy decide to take Frosty to the North Pole! Jimmy says he will stay behind. While Debbie and Frosty go up north and Debbie gets to cold. Greg meanwhile stops it as he learns to be good. But the Magician will not give up. He traps Frosty and Debbie in the greenhouse killing Frosty. Debbie starts to cry and then Santa comes and saves the day with Frosty coming back to life. The Magician says he is sorry but Santa says he must write 5 million times he is sorry what he did to Frosty. Frosty says good bye but he will be back someday!Rated G3,899 theatersRuntime: 114 minutes.Budget: 110M

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Dodge CityWesternCast: Karl Urban, James McAvoy, Tom Selleck, Mark Ruffalo, Tommy Lee Jones, Adam Beach Director: The Coen BrothersComposer: Marco BeltramiPlot: The film starts out in 1865, we see a gunslinger sitting at a bar, he does not say anything. A man walks in and asks for a drink. Right as the bartender gets the drink, the gunslinger shoots the man and runs out saying "That's the way we run things here". We see the gunslinger going into the sheriff's office.*credits roll*The gunslinger is now sitting in the sheriff's office. He introduces himself as Elijah O'Neill (Urban). Elijah then tells the sheriff that he shot the man in the bar. The sheriff asks him how come. Elijah mentions that the man was one he was tracked to kill who was part of a gang. The sheriff says thank you but its time for him to go. Elijah says he needs to stay or else Dodge City will be in trouble. Sheriff says fine to him. Elijah then goes to a near bye motel and sets his stuff down. He says he will catch these ruthless killers if it is the last thing he does.We then see Elijah going back to the saloon, he tells the bartender that he had to do that as the man was dangerous. The bartender says okay that is good. He introduces himself as Mark Hadaway (McAvoy). Mark says that there has been some men up to no good as of late. Elijah then asks Mark if he would like to join him. Mark is shocked as nobody ever asked him something like that. Mark says "Okay, I will we got to bring some justice to this land". Elijah says "good" as he walks out he says he needs a few more men to help him find pappy's killer.*Flashback* Young boy who is about 13 is walking. We see him going "Where you going pappy?" Dad "Son I got to run some business, take care of your sisters and mom while I"m gone"Elijah is now sitting in his room at night crying about something. Elijah then prays going "Dear God, please help my family and friends and me on this quest, Amen". Elijah then goes to bed. Next day Elijah goes outside and gets on his cowboy hat, he is met by Mark. Elijah tells Mark that they need to find some more men. Mark says that he will help.Mark gets 2 men, we now have-Ben Ellis (Ruffalo) a 40 something year old former soldier, Ken Allen (Selleck) a older gentlemen who owns a barber shop. Elijah says that is good, but he also wants to have one more person, he says he is willing to go to the savage territory and get a "Redskin" to help. He finds a Indian named Blackhorse (Bleach) who knows the land. The men ride off on there horses to find who is behind these killings.We see another flash back, Elijah is now 16 and his dad comes home. Elijah goes "Dad what's wrong?" Dad: Take your mama and sisters outside NOW! Elijah does that and then a tall man shoots his dad in cold blood and runs off.Elijah then stops and decides to tell the men what happened. He says that he has been searching for his dads killer for over 15 years. He has finally found his whereabouts around Dodge City. The mans name is "One Eyed Jim" (Jones), a notorious gunslinger who has killed many men including ones in his own gang. Elijah then says that if anyone wants out, to leave now. All his men say they will stay. We now see One Eyed Jim and his story talking about how he will get Dodge City one of these days. We find out more about One Eyed Jim as his story goes on about how he has been killing men and women for years.Back with Elijah and his men we find out there backstories in a very quick fashion. Elijah does have a wife and a daughter we find out also-he says they are safe for now. The men ride off and then they see one of Jim's men. Ben Ellis gets out his gun and then the bad guy shoots but misses. Ben goes "Get away from us!" Ken then tells Ben that they need to be careful now. Mark and Blackhorse then capture some of Jim's men and take them and ask Elijah what to do. Elijah says we will hold them down for now. So they do so. Elijah and his men keep fort for the night. Meanwhile Jim is not to far. He sees the smoke from a fire and finds Elijah. Jim goes "Elijah, Elijah-you son of a gun" Elijah goes "What are you doing here?" Jim-"Your papy took out my eye so I'm returning the favor!" Elijah-While trying to bring you to justice! You killed him in cold blood!Ben goes "Elijah, I can handle this. Run!" We hear the fight and then Ben gets shot right in the head by Jim. Ken shoots Jim's men and runs telling Elijah what happened. Elijah says that they will bury Ben tomorrow morning.The next day the men bury Ben. Jim has ran off somewhere and now Blackhorse says he will track him down. Blackhorn goes out and finds some tracks. He finds 2 of Jim's men, he shoots them with his bow and arrow. Elijah goes "great shot Blackthorn". The 2 men are still alive though-they are able to tell the where about of Jim. So Elijah and the rest of them go to his hideout. They find a large number of horses outside it, that Ken goes "They must of been stolen". Elijah goes "I agree Ken". Mark sneaks in and then manages to knock out some of the men. Blackhorse and Ken go in the back way and then Jim sees him. After firing some shots at them, Elijah goes "no more. Here is our agreement, we will stand down, all of our men. You and I Jim-shootout". Jim agrees. So now the big shootout happens.The 2 men go out and it is a very intsense scene as both of them are very nervous. They both draw there guns and then they both shoot. Jim's bullet hits Elijah's left side of his chest and Elijah's hits Jim's neck. The 2 men fall down. Both of them are taken to a doctor and are treated on. Elijah is then told he is a hero for saving the day. Elijah goes "No thanks needed, I did what must be done".Rated R for western violence, blood, some language, thematic elements and some disturbing images.3,605 theatersDecember 20th45M budget.Runtime: 130 minutes.

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Director: Andrew Stanton

Studio: Silver Shark Entertainment

Genre: Sci-Fi / Drama

Cast: Ryan Gosling (Nihilo), Idris Elba (Dr. Carson), Stephen Lang (Col. Warren), Michael Caine (Alain Beckett)

Budget: $ 90 million

Theater Count: 3,594

Rating: PG-13

Release Date: March 15th

Running Time: 2 hrs 04 mins


A new life awakens in the darkness. It asks itself where it is and why it exists. When it opens its eyes for the first time, it sees the world blurred all around it. The new life moves carefully and gets to know its body. Everything feels very familiar, even though it has never moved its limbs before. Several shadows are watching the new life and decide to call it Nihilo. The scientists are very pleased with their work. For years they have labored to achieve this goal and now – finally – they can admire their creation. Their child is perfect – a combination of all the strengths of humankind without any of their weaknesses. The perfect human. The scientist free their creation and cloth the man. He, Nihilo, is still confused and asks them why he exists. But he does not get a satisfactory answer.

A few days later, Nihilo has already learned most about humankind. His thirst for knowledge impresses the scientists, who are led by Dr. Carson. But Nihilo also starts to ask questions about war, hatred and death. Dr. Carson explains to him that he is trying to vanish these parts of human history forever by creating a higher race. Nihilo is the first of these experiments that succeeded. Nihilo and Dr. Carson talk for days. Nihilo explores the entire research laboratory and befriends a few other scientists. But one day, Nihilo suddenly gets very aggressive – a thing that should not be possible - and attacks Dr. Carson, after he told him about freedom and independence. Nihilo destroys half the laboratory with his supernatural kinetic powers and tries to escape to freedom. Dr. Carson is shaking badly, when Nihilo approaches him and orders him to open the security gates. Finally, Dr. Carson opens the doors and Nihilo escapes with a gigantic explosion. Dr. Carson and his team, however, can get away with a helicopter. The laboratory and the big island, which it is situated upon, go up into flames. In the meanwhile, Nihilo, who stands in the very center of the island, is enjoying his new found freedom.

A few months later, Dr. Carson is occupied with new research, but ever since the incident, he can only think about Nihilo. There is neither trace of the research island, nor of Nihilo. Both have seemingly vanished from the ground of the earth. Only the appearance of strange magnetic fields in the general area of the island speak against that, but everybody is ignoring them - with the exception of Dr. Carson. The billionaire Alain Beckett, Dr. Carson´s employer, wants to see that his spendings were not for nothing. For this reason, he contacts Dr. Carson and asks him to return to the island laboratory together with a special force team and to search for Nihilo. Alain Beckett wants to accompany them as well.

Some weeks later the team, consisting of a few hundred men, takes wing with several helicopters. When they arrive at the location of the former laboratory, they only see the wide ocean. But on their scanners, the scientists are able to detect the focus point of the magnet fields. The helicopters take a course to this point and after a few minutes, an altogether different view presents itself to the team. They see the island and the laboratory, which has been rebuilt. Apparently, Nihilo has managed to create a sort of protection shield, which hides the island from the rest of the world. Col. Warren and five of his men rope down to the island to secure the landing place. After he has done so, Col. Warren and a team of his men explore the laboratory throughoutly. One can still see a few traces of the destruction that happened a few months ago, but overall the base has been rebuilt exactly like it was before. Finally, the scientists led by Dr. Carson are allowed into the laboratory complex. Dr. Carson is assaulted by memories of his long research in this place. Somehow, maybe because his DNA is part of Nihilo as well, Dr. Carson feels that his creation is still here. “Run!,” suddenly Dr. Carson hears a voice in his head, but he does not know whose voice it is. He assumes that it is Nihilo´s voice, who wants to warn him of something.

In the meanwhile, Col. Warren and his team have reached the inner center of the base, which looks like somebody is living there, even if it is not very welcoming. Suddenly the team hears noises and Col. Warren orders his men to stop. Slowly they advance, but then one soldier after another is carried off by something. Then only Col. Warren is left, who stops to wait for his adversary. Nihilo appears from the shadows and assures Warren that his men are well. But Warren is not interested in that, he gets ready for battle. When Nihilo tells him that he has no weapons, Warren still points his at Nihilo, who in return points out that this is unfair. Warren starts to laugh and explains that in real life battles are often unfair. But then he puts his weapons away and positions himself for the fight. Nihilo is unimpressed by the muscle-bound Warren and fights against him like a trained soldier. Warren is taken aback by that and eventually has to admit defeat. Nihilo approaches the wounded Warren and raises his fist.

Dr. Carson is still feeling the presence of Nihilo and warns Alain Beckett that they should leave the island as soon as possible. Carson explains that Nihilo feels threatened, that he only wants to live in freedom and that this is not possible as long as the team stays on the island. Alain Beckett dismisses him with a smile and says that the ultimate purpose of this mission is to capture Nihilo and to start to study him anew. He also tells Carson that he has sent for more helicopters and soldiers, who will bring a specially developed stun weapon with them. Dr. Carson is beside himself with rage and demands an explanation. Alain Beckett intimates to him that Dr. Carson was only the means to an end, just as Nihilo is the means to an end. Dr. Carson knows that Beckett wants to use the newly created super race to expand his influence over the world. “A small minded goal,” Dr. Carson thinks to himself. Instead of this primitive goal, he wants to learn everything there is to learn from Nihilo, for Nihilo is a great source of human knowledge, even though he was created by science.

Dozens of soldiers arrive at the island and start to search the base for Nihilo. Dr. Carson and Beckett accompany the soldiers. Finally, they find the artificial human in a big room, where he sits meditating on the ground. They order Nihilo to release Col. Warren, who appears completely unhurt from a side room. “I have released him, now leave my island and never return.”, Nihilo demands in return. Beckett orders an attack and the soldiers storm at Nihilo. None of them stands a chance against Nihilo, but more and more soldiers are joining the fight. Dr. Carson begs Beckett to order the soldiers to stop, else something terrible will happen. But Beckett only has eyes for Nihilo and orders the soldiers to employ the stun weapon instead. Nihilo fights against the soldiers like he is crazed, but he regrets every hit. In the end, Col. Warren of all people fells Nihilo with the stun weapon. The soldiers reship everything into the helicopters and put Nihilo into a special cage. In the meantime, Col. Warren and some of his soldiers put explosive devices all over the laboratory and the island. When the helicopters are at a safe distance, they detonate the devices and sink the whole island. Dr. Carson hears Nihilo´s pained screams, as he has to watch how his island is destroyed.

In a gigantic underground complex, a new team of scientists dedicate themselves to the study of Nihilo. He endures every test, but seems absent-minded. Dr. Carson is constantly checking his vital signs and often talks with Nihilo. But he barely answers, Nihilo only talks about the destruction of creation and how this probably is the essence of the entire history of humankind. After some days, Dr. Carson notices new brain activity, while checking Nihilo´s vital signs. Then one day, the alarm suddenly goes off and some dozen soldiers storm the room, where Nihilo is kept. It is destroyed completely, but nobody is hurt. There is no trace of Nihilo to be found. Beckett is informed at once and hurries together with Col. Warren to the only exit of the research complex. There all available soldiers, heavily armed to their teeth, wait for Nihilo. Nihilo turns around the corner and walks towards the exit in a direct line, none of the soldiers can stop him. Finally, Beckett allows the use of the soldier´s advanced weapons and Col. Warren aims at Nihilo. He stands still and waits for his end, for he sees his entire life as one big tragedy. Col. Warren pulls the trigger and we see in slow motion, how the bullet speeds directly towards Nihilo´s chest. In the very last moment, Nihilo is pushed aside and his savior is hit instead of him. Nihilo lies on the ground like he is frozen and looks at his savior, Dr. Carson, who lies badly wounded beside him. Enraged Nihilo stands up and turns to stare at Beckett, who orders the soldiers to shoot at will. Numerous bullets rain upon Nihilo, but they cannot harm him. Nihilo takes Dr. Carson into his arms and starts to rise from the ground. With another gigantic explosion, Nihilo escapes from the research complex. Beckett cannot admit defeat and orders a rocket to be shot at Nihilo. But in the same moment as the rocket is to be shot off, it detonates inside the complex and kills everyone in it including Alain Beckett.

Nihilo lands on a remote island with the badly wounded Dr. Carson. He lays his hand on the unwounded side of the scientist and a harsh light envelopes them. Dr. Carson awakens completely unhurt and looks to Nihilo. Nihilo explains to him that Dr. Carson´s actions have shown him that his life has meaning after all. “Thank you, father.”, smiling Nihilo leaves the island and vanishes forever. Dr. Carson is happy that now nobody will be able to misuse Nihilo and his supernatural powers ever again.

“To understand life, one must look into the abyss first.”

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SpellForce – Breath of Winter

Director: Rupert Wyatt

Studio: Silver Shark Entertainment

Genre: Fantasy

Cast: Stephen Moyer (Elyras), Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Grim), Mélanie Laurent (Lena), Emilia Clarke (Cenwen), Jason Isaacs (Craig Un´Shallach), Léa Seydoux (Iluna), Eli Roth (The Fial Darg (motion capturing))

Budget: $ 150 million

Theater Count: 3,992

Rating: PG-13

Release Date: December 13th

Running Time: 2 hrs 14 mins

Previous Gross: 65/284/822 (OW/DOM/WW)


A white dragon named Aryn rises from a snowy mountain range. He screams painfully in search for something. Still he can hear the beautiful song from his dreams. Cenwen, the former ice-elf queen, left her old live behind and choose instead to sing for the powerful dragon to keep him in his dreams. But now she´s gone and Aryn is in rage. The world faces a new threat because the dragon will bury Eo in an eternal winter if Cenwen doesn´t return.

Many months have past since Elyras defeated the younger version of his mentor Rohen and closed the time-travel gate. Now he is the bearer of the Phoenixstone and has to hide the artifact from the world. So he traveled to the desolated continent Urgath to find peace. But soon his time of peace and quiet ends. Grim and Lena, two friends in times of the Convocation War, contact the rune warrior in need of help. In Mirraw Thur the ice-elf kingdom of Tirganach threats a bigger group of human refugees who have built up a camp near a fortress of the ice-elves. Elyras should lead the refugees in an attack on the fortress. According to Grim there should be the ice-elf queen Cenwen. Everybody has heard of the incident with Aryn and his search for his singing queen. In the fortress they meet only some priestesses. Grim orders to slay them and opens the prison with the key of a high priestess. Elyras and Lena wants to take him to task but as Grim opens the gate everybody but him gets freezed. Grim welcomes his master, an old enemy from former days: a Fial Darg, a demon from the shadows. Grim and the Fial Darg leaves the fortress and opens the gate to the old empire of Shal´Dun where the army already waits for its master. The troops of Shal´Dun are free now after they suffered thousands of years in isolation due to the ice-elves which defeated them long time ago. But now with the Fial Darg free also Shal´Dun can take revenge. Meanwhile Elyras, Lena and the remaining refugees flee to a mountain pass where another rune gate should be. On their way they get support by a battalion of ice-elf warriors who helps them to pass the gate. They will stay to hold off the troops of Shal´Dun passing the gate for a while. Elyras thanks them, he knows that they sacrifice themselves to safe others who killed their brothers and sisters.

All refugees have past the gate and the ice-elf captain leads them to another fortress behind the marshes which lie in front of them. Only one rune gate is left until they reach the capitol of the ice-elf kingdom Tirganach. But soon the troops of the Fial Darg also reach the marshes and attacks the fortress. Meanwhile Elyras found a rune monument and summons his rune army. After the final battle of Sharrow, he frees almost every single rune warrior he had. Only the most loyal soldiers turned down Elyras offer and stayed with him. Now he fights with them side on side again to hold off the troops after the heroic sacrifice of the ice-elves. Meanwhile Lena leads the refugees through the portal to Tirganach. More and more troops of the so-called “Red Empire” of Shal´Dun arrives at the marshes and attacks the troops of Elyras. Despite rune warriors are immortal and can be resurrected with a rune monument. But also Grim arrives now and he knows that. He orders to destroy the monument where Elyras summoned his army. So he can´t resurrect any of his soldiers. Also the rune artifact which captures his soldiers gets destroyed. At very last Elyras fights against the troops of Shal´Dun with about a dozen of his loyal soldiers. They want him to leave while they stay but Elyras can´t leave them behind as he did many times the past months. Two soldiers push him through the portal and starts to destroy the portal. In the background we see the hordes of dark-elves which rush to the soldiers of Elyras.

Beyond the portal Elyras is welcomed by Lena and some priests of Tirganach. He gets escorted to the impressive capital of the elves. Iluna invites him to a council of war. Iluna is a high priestess directly connected with Elen, the godess of the ice-elves. She tells him that her forces are ready to battle the forces of Shal´Dun but there is only little hope to win a open war. The more important problem is that Aryn starts his war against the world. Two cities of the ice-elves has been buried by his eternal winter spell. Elyras has to find Cenwen who´s the only one who could end Aryn´s rage. But for now Elyras, Lena and the refugees are safe in the capitol. One week later still nothing happened and Elyras is getting unsettled. One day as Elyras walks through the winter gardens of Tirganach a masked stranger wants to talk with Elyras. He tells him that henchmen of the Fial Darg have stolen Cenwen from Aryn. The Fial Darg wants to sacrifice her to Belial. With the bless of Belial the Fial Darg can free the black legion which would set the world of Eo into an age of darkness and death. When Elyras kills the Fial Darg he could prevent the world from another war and end the rage of Aryn. Before the stranger leaves he tells Elyras that he just wanted to help an old friend also in return for his help.

Elyras, Lena and a group of soldiers of the elves start their journey to Shal´Dun. But before they can start with their engage they have to find the weapon which can kill a Fial Darg. Legends and rumors say that only the “Sword of Souls” can kill a Fial Darg. At a place called the Fire-Fangs the sword shall be. Elyras wants to go alone because nobody knows what will wait for them in the deeps. Lena and the elves stay behind. After some minutes Elyras reaches somewhat of a sanctuary where the sword lies. Suddenly creatures made of shadow and fire appears around Elyras. “You can´t have it,” they scream until a enormous winged creature appears. Its a fire angel who is doomed to cover the sword until another bearer has been found. He doesnt fight Elyras but warns him that his life will fade away with time goes by if he take the sword. Elyras accept that doom and leaves with the sword. Both the shadow creatures and the fire angel disappear laughing. Lena and the elves already awaits him. Now their next target on their journey is Shal´Dun itself. But they´ll need an army to enter the city.

After all have past the portal Craig Un´Shallach welcomes them. He offers his help to enter the city because his race has been betrayed by the Fial Darg too. The only condition is that Elyras must leave the city after all have ended so Craig can take back his legitimate command. Elyras agrees and the siege begins. Again he gets help by the masked stranger who appear at night and shows the rune warrior a hidden path into the city. Elyras, Lena and Craig follow the path and meet Grim in front to a rune portal which leads to the “Deeps of Ashes”. Grim blocks the way with some bodyguards but they are no rival for Elyras and Craig. Lena goes to the wounded Grim and stabs the betrayer and her former love. Then Elyras and Lena pass the gate leaving Craig with his people behind. The fights in- and outside the city have already ended.

On the other side the Fial Darg stands in front of an altar on which Cenwen lies. The screams of the Fial Darg remember of old demon songs. Lena attacks the Fial Darg careless and looses her live for nothing. The Fial Darg shreds her throat and throws the lifeless body aside. Then the old demon notices the rune warrior and the sword. “You know that your soul be teared apart if you use this sword,” he says. Elyras just nods. An epic battle between the Fial Darg and Elyras starts. The old, dark magic of the Fial Darg takes Elyras to his limits. In the moment the demon is confident of victory Elyras drives the Sword of Souls into the demons heart. Right in that moment the rune warrior feels that a part of his soul joins the swords collection. He sees every single fate of former sword bearer and comes to know the either the sword or the Phoenixstone will be his end. But he has accepted this fate. He frees Cenwen and runs to the body of Lena. But its too late to capture her soul in a rune artifact, her soul is already gone.

Elyras returns with Cenwen to Tirganach. Aryn has already begun to bury the landscape with his entire winter spell. Elyras can hold off the wave of destruction with the Phoenixstone for a time. Cenwen takes her harp and starts to sing her song again. All men, all women even all the creatures in the woods stop doing anything they did and listen to the song. Its pure beauty which lies in the voice of Cenwen. After one or two minutes also Aryn stops and hears his queens voice. He lands on a mountain range and waits until Cenwen comes. He forms an ice block around the mountain range and wants Cenwen to come to him. Elyras warns her but Cenwen goes saying that she has accepted her fate as Elyras did.

Elyras leaves Tirganach and Urgath to find another place where he may find peace. Now he´s the bearer of two dangerous and powerful artifacts. Once again he has to hide them from the world.

End credits roll.

After Credits scene:

After some days Rinoli finds Elyras telling him that troops of the Iron Ones have been seen in the southern kingdom of Xu. They are lead by a masked stranger. Elyras sighs and knows that his journey will come to an end very soon. If the masked stranger was the true leader of the Iron Ones the only person he could be is Hokan Ashir.

Edited by SilverShark
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Tornado (3D)

Date- April 12th

Genre- Action/Disaster

Rating- PG-13

Theaters- 3,451 theaters

Budget- 75 million

Running Time- 118 minutes or 1 hour and 58 minutes

Studio- Mystic Entertainment

Director- Roland Emmerich

Actors and Actress-Unknowns

Plot: Five large tornados hit the state of Kansas. Five brave tornado chasers chase the tornados to study this rare event of five tornados traveling together. Throughout the film several towns are completely wiped out and three of the chasers get killed. The two surviving chasers fall in love throughout the film and in the end when the tornados combine as one giant tornado it flattens Kansas City. They get married as a giant tornado destroys the building they took shelter in and they are killed.

The Pink Panther the Movie

Date- August 2nd

Genre- Animation/Comedy

Rating- G

Theaters- August 2nd - 3,324 theaters

Budget- 15 million

Running Time- 115 minutes or 1 hour and 55 minutes

Studio- Mystic Entertainment Animation Studios

Director- Mark Andrews

Plot: The film is a silent animation except for the well known theme song and sounds of the effects. The Pink Panther in this film is constantly tormenting the Little Man with his (The Pink Panther) tricks. The Aardvark, ant, the dog, and the horse all make their appearance in the film. The film will take the audience on a hysterical and exciting adventure of The Pink Panther. The film is also released in its original animation quality.

My Winter Retreat 2

Date- January 18th

Genre- Horror/Supernatural

Rating- R- language, sexual content, violence, and disturbing graphic images

Theaters- 2,948 theaters

Budget- 14 million

Running Time- 74 minutes or 1 hour and 14 minutes

Studio- Mystic Entertainment and Dark Castle

Director- Rob Zombie

Actors and Actresses- Unknowns

Previous Film- 16.6M/21.1M/44.8M

Plot: Continuing were the first film left off. The police have found the possessed Zoe (Kristen Stewart). She brutally murders them. She then continues into the near by town and bloodily kills the inhabitants that are outside. Finally the police capture her. She is sent to jail. After being in jail for a while where she is harshly treated and sexually abused by the jailers and inmates, she finally makes a bloody escape. She rampages through out the town murdering the people and their families who harassed her in jail. After Zoe slaughters them, she continues to kill innocent people. She has a vision of her boyfriend Paul (Shia LaBeouf) who she killed in the first film tells her to stop murdering innocent people since she has already got her vengeance on her attackers in jail. He tells her to come to the spirit world to be with him forever and to be free from possession. She stabs herself with a crucifix and dies. We see her and Paul go into the spirit world hand in hand.

Paranormal lamronaraP

Date- {Limited February 1st} {Wide February 22nd}

Genre- Supernatural Horror/Suspense

Rating- R- terror, scary/disturbing images, and language

Theaters- February 1st- 3 theaters/ February 8th- 59 theaters/February 15th- 289 theaters/February 22nd- 856 theaters/March 1st- 2,779 theaters

Budget- 10 million

Running Time- 83 minutes or 1 hour and 23 minutes

Studio- Mystic Entertainment

Director- Wes Craven

Actors and Actress- Unknowns

Plot: The movie begins with a couple moving into a new house. They are very excited. Tim says that there is a legend that a demon haunts the house however he and Michelle don’t believe in demons. The first few weeks are basically quiet besides some minor disturbance. Michelle because she does have a slit fear of the stories says that they should still go to a priest just to check it out. The priest says that a very powerful demon is in the couple’s house and is intent on haunting and tormenting them and that there is no way to run from it. He says that they should go to an exorcist priest to get the demon exorcised. He says that they should not try to deal with the demon themselves Tim tells the priest that he doesn’t want and exorcism happening and Tim and Michelle leave. The next few nights weird things happen like the door slam shut, gust of wind blow in, the electricity goes out, and the sound of foot steps in the house. As they continue to try to get rid of the demon by themselves the more violent the weird things become such as the temperature will suddenly rise to over 100 degrees and inhuman noises are heard at night. After several terrifying and intense hauntings the couple decides to have the priest exorcise the demon. When the priest arrives, he begins the exorcism. The entire house heats up to 125 degrees and all the windows burst. The doors slam open and shut wildly. The paint on the wall begins to melt away. The lights begin to fad in and out. The entire house shakes and begins to fall apart. Michelle screams and runs outside. Tim and the priest continue to stay inside. Suddenly a voice roars at them to stop. The priest is then hurled across the room. The priest rises and tells Tim that the demon is to powerful and the priest runs out of the house and leaves. The house grows spookily silent. Tim tells Michelle to come back in. That night the regular haunting happens. Suddenly the door flies open. And a breezy enters in. The sheets on the bed rustle. Tim tells Michelle that something is in the bed. Michelle leaps out and tries to turn on the light but is doesn’t work. Suddenly the bed sheet covers Tim. Tim struggles to get the sheet off of him. Michelle tries to help Tim but is thrown by an invisible force. The demon suddenly stops and leaves with a rush of air and a loud bang. Tim emerges from the sheets and asks Michelle if she is ok. She says that she is. The next night, Michelle says that she has to go to the bathroom. She turns on all the lights. A horrific blood curdling scream is heard. Tim leaps out of the bed and dashes into the bathroom. Minutes later he darts out and rushes down the stairs. We see Michelle her body contorted like in a spider walk fashion.. She snarls in anger. She leaps on top of Tim and tears out his throat. She noisily devours his flesh. She then looks up with blood dripping from her mouth. She screams. Becoming human like again, she walks over and opens the attic door. Walking up into the attic she smiles seductively as she slices her throat. She falls over dead. It is quiet for a few minutes. Suddenly she flies up and screams a chilling scream. The screen goes black.


Date- April 22

Genre- Nature Documentary

Rating- G

Theaters- 2,077 theaters

Budget- 30 million

Running Time- 94 minutes or 1 hour and 34 minutes

Studio- Mystic Nature Entertainment

Director- Alastair Fothergill

Narrator- Pierce Brosnan

Plot: This film takes it audience on a thrilling adventure of the South American jungles. The audience will travel with a family of Tapirs and Jaguars.

Edited by Andrew the Alien
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The 13th Night III: The Masked Man Revealed

Date- September 27th

Genre- Horror Torture

Rating- R- disturbing images, strong language, and strong bloody graphic torture sequences

Theaters- 3,013

Budget- 6 million

Running Time- 105 minutes or 1 hour and 45 minutes

Studio- Number 2 Productions

Director- Wes Craven


The Masked Man/Eddie-----Derek Mears

Eddie as a boy-----Caleb Guss

Previous Films- 1st- 13.3M/35.0M

2nd- 10.5M/25.1M

Plot: The movie starts with young 7 year old Eddie being sent to Hartridge Boys Boarding School. At the boarding school he is continually beaten and picked on by teachers and other students. At age 18, he is brutally murdered by a mentally insane teacher. His ghost haunts the room in which he was murdered in of decades. Each decade that passed his ghost grow old. Eddie vows to gain vengeance on the school by murdering all the boys that entered the room that he was murdered in. He gives them warnings until the thirteenth night when he kills them. Each body he kills adds to his ghost body and slowly makes him more visible to living people. After he attains a human form, he creates a massive interrogation room and a labyrinth with torture weapons under the entire school. When Kimberly and Joseph blown up the interrogation room, Eddie flees into the labyrinth where when this movie closes is preparing a game that will test his victims strength and survival skills however to make this game he needs a helper or an apprentice.

Hercule Poirot’s Christmas

Date- December 6th

Genre- Christmas/Family/Crime

Rating- PG- mild violence and brief mild language

Theaters- 3,468 theaters

Budget- 70 million

Running Time- 108 minutes or 1 hour and 48 minutes

Studio- Mystic Entertainment

Director- Guy Ritchie

Actors and Actress-

Hercule Poirot- David Suchet

Plot: It is Christmas Eve and everyone in the house hears the crashing of furniture, followed by a wailing and hideous scream. When they get to Simeon Lee's room, they find it locked and they have to break the door down. When they finally get through the door, they find heavy furniture overturned and Simeon Lee dead. Superintendent Sugden notices Pilar Estravados pick up something from the floor. She tries to conceal what she picked up, but when pressed, opens her hand to show a small bit of rubber and a small object made of wood. Superintendent Sugden explains that he is in the house by prior arrangement with the victim, who confided to him the theft of a substantial quantity of uncut diamonds from his safe. When Poirot is called in to investigate, there are therefore several main problems: who killed the victim? How was the victim killed inside a locked room? Was the murder connected to the theft of the diamonds? And what is the significance of the small triangle of rubber and the peg that Sugden is able to provide when reminded by Poirot of the clue that had been picked up by Pilar? Poirot’s investigation explores the nature of the victim – a methodical and vengeful man – and the way that these characteristics come out in his children. He seems focused on the idea that one of the immediate family is the murderer. When the butler mentions his confusion about the identities of the house guests, Poirot realizes that the four legitimate sons may not be the only heirs of Simeon’s temperament. The final major clue is dropped by Pilar, who while playing with balloons lets slip that what she found on the floor must also have been a balloon. She knows more than she realizes, not least because she was hiding outside the room in which the murder was committed. Poirot warns her to be careful, but it is only by chance that she is not killed by a cannon ball trap set above her bedroom door. Poirot is able to unmask several characters: Pilar is an imposter who was with Simeon’s grand daughter when she died because of a bomb attack, and Stephen Farr is revealed to be an illegitimate son. Neither, however, is the murderer. The real killer committed the murder earlier and prepared the room with all the furniture piled up and a long cord hanging out of the window. The final touch was a “Dying Pig” toy: a rubber bladder that was rigged to provide the apparent death-scream as the furniture fell. The room had to be locked in order that the carefully staged room would not be entered and discovered. The only person able to release the piled furniture from outside the house was also the last person supposed to have seen the victim alive: Superintendent Sugden. He was yet another illegitimate son of the victim, who used a fictitious theft of the diamonds to trick Simeon into opening the safe and then killed him. A bottle of animal blood, prevented from clotting by the addition of sodium citrate, was used to dress the scene and create the impression that the murder had taken place much later. Crucially, Sugden had intended to recover the incriminating “Dying Pig” toy before it was noticed, but once Poirot had learned of it, he had to provide a faked clue, physically similar, in order to protect the means by which the murder was committed. At the end of the film two of the imposters - Pilar and Stephen – marry.

Edited by Andrew the Alien
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Animal Farm

Date- February 22nd

Genre- CGI Animation

Rating- PG- violence and brief mild language

Theaters- 3,551 theaters

Budget- 80 million

Running Time- 111 minutes or 1 hour and 51 minutes

Studio- Mystic Entertainment Animation Studios

Director- Carlos Saldanha

Actors and Actress-

Old Major- Ned Beatty

Napoleon- Gerard Butler

Snowball- Gordon Tootoosis

Squealer- Jonah Hill

Boxer- Tom Hanks

Clover- Amy Adams

Molly- Jodi Benson

Benjamin- Christopher Plummer

Muriel- Julie Andrews

Moses the Raven- Mike Myers

Mr. Jonas- Crispin Glover

Fredrick- Nicholas Cage

Mr. Pilkington- Gary Sinise


As the film opens, Mr. Jones, the proprietor and overseer of the Manor Farm, has just stumbled drunkenly to bed after forgetting to secure his farm buildings properly. As soon as his bedroom light goes out, all of the farm animals except Moses, Mr. Jones’s tame raven, convene in the big barn to hear a speech by Old Major, a prize boar and pillar of the animal community. Sensing that his long life is about to come to an end, Major wishes to impart to the rest of the farm animals a distillation of the wisdom that he has acquired during his lifetime.

As the animals listen raptly, Old Major delivers up the fruits of his years of quiet contemplation in his stall. The plain truth, he says, is that the lives of his fellow animals are “miserable, laborious, and short.” Animals are born into the world as slaves, worked incessantly from the time they can walk, fed only enough to keep breathe in their bodies, and then slaughtered mercilessly when they are no longer useful. He notes that the land upon which the animals live possesses enough resources to support many times the present population in luxury; there is no natural reason for the animals’ poverty and misery. Major blames the animals’ suffering solely on their human oppressors. Mr. Jones and his ilk have been exploiting animals for ages, Major says, taking all of the products of their labor—eggs, milk, dung, foals—for themselves and producing nothing of value to offer the animals in return.

Old Major relates a dream that he had the previous night, of a world in which animals live without the tyranny of men: they are free, happy, well fed, and treated with dignity. He urges the animals to do everything they can to make this dream a reality and exhorts them to overthrow the humans who purport to own them. The animals can succeed in their rebellion only if they first achieve a complete solidarity or “perfect comradeship” of all of the animals against the humans, and if they resist the false notion spread by humans that animals and humans share common interests. A brief conversation arises in which the animals debate the status of rats as comrades. Major then provides a precept that will allow the animals to determine who their comrades are: creatures that walk on two legs are enemies; those with four legs or with wings are allies. He reminds his audience that the ways of man are completely corrupt: once the humans have been defeated, the animals must never adopt any of their habits; they must not live in a house, sleep in a bed, wear clothes, drink alcohol, smoke tobacco, touch money, engage in trade, or tyrannize another animal. He teaches the animals a song called “Beasts of England,” which paints a dramatic picture of the utopian, or ideal, animal community of Major’s dream. The animals sing several inspired choruses of “Beasts of England” with one voice—until Mr. Jones, thinking that the commotion bespeaks the entry of a fox into the yard, fires a shot into the side of the barn. The animals go to sleep, and the Manor Farm again sinks into quietude.

Three nights later, Old Major dies in his sleep, and for three months the animals make secret preparations to carry out the old pig’s dying wish of wresting control of the farm from Mr. Jones. The work of teaching and organizing falls to the pigs, the cleverest of the animals, and especially to two pigs named Napoleon and Snowball. Together with a silver-tongued pig named Squealer, they formulate the principles of a philosophy called Animalism, the fundamentals of which they spread among the other animals. The animals call one another “Comrade” and take their quandaries to the pigs, who answer their questions about the impending Rebellion. At first, many of the animals find the principles of Animalism difficult to understand; they have grown up believing that Mr. Jones is their proper master. Mollie, a vain carriage horse, expresses particular concern over whether she will be able to continue to enjoy the little luxuries like eating sugar and wearing ribbons in the new utopia. Snowball sternly reminds her that ribbons symbolize slavery and that, in the animals’ utopia, they would have to be abolished. Mollie halfheartedly agrees.

The pigs’ most troublesome opponent proves to be Moses, the raven, who flies about spreading tales of a place called Sugarcandy Mountain, where animals go when they die—a place of great pleasure and plenty, where sugar grows on the hedges. Even though many of the animals despise the talkative and idle Moses, they nevertheless find great appeal in the idea of Sugarcandy Mountain. The pigs work very hard to convince the other animals of the falsehood of Moses’ teachings. Thanks to the help of the slow-witted but loyal cart-horses, Boxer and Clover, the pigs eventually manage to prime the animals for revolution.

The Rebellion occurs much earlier than anyone expected and comes off with shocking ease. Mr. Jones has been driven to drink after losing money in a lawsuit, and he has let his men become lazy, dishonest, and neglectful. One day, Mr. Jones goes on a drinking binge and forgets to feed the animals. Unable to bear their hunger, the cows break into the store shed and the animals begin to eat. Mr. Jones and his men discover the transgression and begin to whip the cows. Spurred to anger, the animals turn on the men, attack them, and easily chase them from the farm. Astonished by their success, the animals hurry to destroy the last remaining evidence of their subservience: chains, bits, halters, whips, and other implements stored in the farm buildings. After obliterating all signs of Mr. Jones, the animals enjoy a double ration of corn and sing “Beasts of England” seven times through, until it is time to sleep. In the morning, they admire the farm from a high knoll before exploring the farmhouse, where they stare in stunned silence at the unbelievable luxuries within. Mollie tries to stay inside, where she can help herself to ribbons and gaze at herself in the mirror, but the rest of the animals reprimand her sharply for her foolishness. The group agrees to preserve the farmhouse as a museum, with the stipulation that no animal may ever live in it.

The pigs reveal to the other animals that they have taught themselves how to read, and Snowball replaces the inscription “Manor Farm” on the front gate with the words “Animal Farm.” Snowball and Napoleon, having reduced the principles of Animalism to seven key commandments, paint these commandments on the side of the big barn. The animals go to gather the harvest, but the cows, which haven’t been milked in some time, begin lowing loudly. The pigs milk them, and the animals eye the five pails of milk desirously. Napoleon tells them not to worry about the milk; he says that it will be “attended to.” Snowball leads the animals to the fields to begin harvesting. Napoleon lags behind, and when the animals return that evening, the milk has disappeared.

The animals spend a laborious summer harvesting in the fields. The clever pigs think of ways for the animals to use the humans’ tools, and every animal participates in the work, each according to his capacity. The resulting harvest exceeds any that the farm has ever known. Only Mollie and the cat shirk their duties. The powerful and hard-working Boxer does most of the heavy labor, adopting “I will work harder!” as a personal motto. The entire animal community reveres his dedication and strength. Of all of the animals, only Benjamin, the obstinate donkey, seems to recognize no change under the new leadership.

Every Sunday, the animals hold a flag-raising ceremony. The flag’s green background represents the fields of England, and its white hoof and horn symbolize the animals. The morning rituals also include a democratic meeting, at which the animals debate and establish new policies for the collective good. At the meetings, Snowball and Napoleon always voice the loudest opinions, though their views always clash.

Snowball establishes a number of committees with various goals, such as cleaning the cows’ tails and re-educating the rats and rabbits. Most of these committees fail to accomplish their aims, but the classes designed to teach all of the farm animals how to read and write meet with some success. By the end of the summer, all of the animals achieve some degree of literacy. The pigs become fluent in reading and writing, while some of the dogs are able to learn to read the Seven Commandments. Muriel the goat can read scraps of newspaper, while Clover knows the alphabet but cannot string the letters together. Poor Boxer never gets beyond the letter D. When it becomes apparent that many of the animals are unable to memorize the Seven Commandments, Snowball reduces the principles to one essential maxim, which he says contains the heart of Animalism: “Four legs good, two legs bad.” The birds take offense until Snowball hastily explains that wings count as legs. The other animals accept the maxim without argument, and the sheep begin to chant it at random times, mindlessly, as if it were a song.

Napoleon takes no interest in Snowball’s committees. When the dogs Jessie and Bluebell each give birth to puppies, he takes the puppies into his own care, saying that the training of the young should take priority over adult education. He raises the puppies in a loft above the harness room, out of sight of the rest of Animal Farm. Around this time, the animals discover, to their outrage, that the pigs have been taking all of the milk and apples for themselves. Squealer explains to them that pigs need milk and apples in order to think well, and since the pigs’ work is brain work, it is in everyone’s best interest for the pigs to eat the apples and drink the milk. Should the pigs’ brains fail because of a lack of apples and milk, Squealer hints, Mr. Jones might come back to take over the farm. This prospect frightens the other animals, and they agree to forgo milk and apples in the interest of the collective good.

By late summer, news of Animal Farm has spread across half the county. Mr. Jones lives ignominiously in Willingdon, drinking and complaining about his misfortune. Mr. Pilkington and Mr. Frederick, who own the adjoining farms, fear that disenchantment will spread among their own animals. Their rivalry with each other, however, prevents them from working together against Animal Farm. They merely spread rumors about the farm’s inefficiency and moral reprehensibility. Meanwhile, animals everywhere begin singing “Beasts of England,” which they have learned from flocks of pigeons sent by Snowball, and many begin to behave rebelliously.

At last, in early October, a flight of pigeons alerts Animal Farm that Mr. Jones has begun marching on the farm with some of Pilkington’s and Frederick’s men. Snowball, who has studied books about the battle campaigns of the renowned Roman general Julius Caesar, prepares a defense and leads the animals in an ambush on the men. Boxer fights courageously, as does Snowball, and the humans suffer a quick defeat. The animals’ losses amount only to a single sheep, whom they give a hero’s burial. Boxer, who believes that he has unintentionally killed a stable boy in the chaos, expresses his regret at taking a life, even though it is a human one. Snowball tells him not to feel guilty, asserting that “the only good human being is a dead one.” Mollie, as is her custom, has avoided any risk to herself by hiding during the battle. Snowball and Boxer each receive medals with the inscription “Animal Hero, First Class.” The animals discover Mr. Jones’s gun where he dropped it in the mud. They place it at the base of the flagstaff, agreeing to fire it twice a year: on October 12th, the anniversary of the Battle of the Cowshed—as they have dubbed their victory—and on Midsummer’s Day, the anniversary of the Rebellion.

Mollie becomes an increasing burden on Animal Farm: she arrives late for work, accepts treats from men associated with nearby farms, and generally behaves contrary to the tenets of Animalism. Eventually she disappears, lured away by a fat, red-faced man who stroked her coat and fed her sugar; now she pulls his carriage. None of the other animals ever mentions her name again.

During the cold winter months, the animals hold their meetings in the big barn, and Snowball and Napoleon’s constant disagreements continue to dominate the proceedings. Snowball proves a better speaker and debater, but Napoleon can better canvass for support in between meetings. Snowball brims with ideas for improving the farm: he studies Mr. Jones’s books and eventually concocts a scheme to build a windmill, with which the animals could generate electricity and automate many farming tasks, bringing new comforts to the animals’ lives. But building the windmill would entail much hard work and difficulty, and Napoleon contends that the animals should attend to their current needs rather than plan for a distant future. The question deeply divides the animals. Napoleon surveys Snowball’s plans and expresses his contempt by urinating on them.

When Snowball has finally completed his plans, all assemble for a great meeting to decide whether to undertake the windmill project. Snowball gives a passionate speech, to which Napoleon responds with a pathetically unaffecting and brief retort. Snowball speaks further, inspiring the animals with his descriptions of the wonders of electricity. Just as the animals prepare to vote, however, Napoleon gives a strange whimper, and nine enormous dogs wearing brass-studded collars charge into the barn, attack Snowball, and chase him off the farm. They return to Napoleon’s side, and, with the dogs growling menacingly, Napoleon announces that from now on meetings will be held only for ceremonial purposes. He states that all important decisions will fall to the pigs alone.

Afterward, many of the animals feel confused and disturbed. Squealer explains to them that Napoleon is making a great sacrifice in taking the leadership responsibilities upon himself and that, as the cleverest animal, he serves the best interest of all by making the decisions. These statements placate the animals, though they still question the expulsion of Snowball. Squealer explains that Snowball was a traitor and a criminal. Eventually, the animals come to accept this version of events, and Boxer adds greatly to Napoleon’s prestige by adopting the maxims “I will work harder” and “Napoleon is always right.” These two maxims soon reinforce each other when, three weeks after the banishment of Snowball, the animals learn that Napoleon supports the windmill project. Squealer explains that their leader never really opposed the proposal; he simply used his apparent opposition as a maneuver to oust the wicked Snowball. These tactics, he claims, served to advance the collective best interest. Squealer’s words prove so appealing, and the growls of his three-dog entourage so threatening, that the animals accept his explanation without question.

For the rest of the year, the animals work at a backbreaking pace to farm enough food for themselves and to build the windmill. The leadership cuts the rations—Squealer explains that they have simply “readjusted” them—and the animals receive no food at all unless they work on Sunday afternoons. But because they believe what the leadership tells them—that they are working for their own good now, not for Mr. Jones’s—they are eager to take on the extra labor. Boxer, in particular, commits himself to Animal Farm, doing the work of three horses but never complaining. Even though the farm possesses all of the necessary materials to build the windmill, the project presents a number of difficulties. The animals struggle over how to break the available stone into manageable sizes for building without picks and crowbars, which they are unable to use. They finally solve the problem by learning to raise and then drop big stones into the quarry, smashing them into usable chunks. By late summer, the animals have enough broken stone to begin construction.

Although their work is strenuous, the animals suffer no more than they had under Mr. Jones. They have enough to eat and can maintain the farm grounds easily now that humans no longer come to cart off and sell the fruits of their labor. But the farm still needs a number of items that it cannot produce on its own, such as iron, nails, and paraffin oil. As existing supplies of these items begin to run low, Napoleon announces that he has hired a human solicitor, Mr. Whymper, to assist him in conducting trade on behalf of Animal Farm. The other animals are taken aback by the idea of engaging in trade with humans, but Squealer explains that the founding principles of Animal Farm never included any prohibition against trade and the use of money. He adds that if the animals think that they recall any such law, they have simply fallen victim to lies fabricated by the traitor Snowball.

Mr. Whymper begins paying a visit to the farm every Monday, and Napoleon places orders with him for various supplies. The pigs begin living in the farmhouse, and rumor has it that they even sleep in beds, a violation of one of the Seven Commandments. But when Clover asks Muriel to read her the appropriate commandment, the two find that it now reads “No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets.” Squealer explains that Clover must have simply forgotten the last two words. All animals sleep in beds, he says—a pile of straw is a bed, after all. Sheets, however, as a human invention, constitute the true source of evil. He then shames the other animals into agreeing that the pigs need comfortable repose in order to think clearly and serve the greater good of the farm.

Around this time, a fearsome storm descends on Animal Farm, knocking down roof tiles, an elm tree, and even the flagstaff. When the animals go into the fields, they find, to their horror, that the windmill, on which they have worked so hard, has been toppled. Napoleon announces in appalled tones that the windmill has been sabotaged by Snowball, who, he says, will do anything to destroy Animal Farm. Napoleon passes a death sentence on Snowball, offering a bushel of apples to the traitor’s killer. He then gives a passionate speech in which he convinces the animals that they must rebuild the windmill, despite the backbreaking toil involved. “Long live the windmill!” he cries. “Long live Animal Farm!”

In the bitter cold of winter, the animals struggle to rebuild the windmill. In January, they fall short of food, a fact that they work to conceal from the human farmers around them, lest Animal Farm be perceived to be failing. The humans refuse to believe that Snowball caused the destruction of the windmill, saying that the windmill’s walls simply weren’t thick enough. The animals deem this explanation false, but they nevertheless decide to build the walls twice as thick this time. Squealer gives ennobling speeches on the glory of sacrifice, but the other animals acquire their real inspiration from the example of Boxer, who works harder than ever. In order to feed the animals, Napoleon contracts to sell four hundred eggs a week. The other animals react with shock—one of Old Major’s original complaints about humans focused on the cruelty of egg selling, or so they remember. The hens rebel, and Napoleon responds by cutting their rations entirely. Nine hens die before the others give in to Napoleon’s demands.

Soon afterward, the animals hear, to their extreme dismay, that Snowball has been visiting the farm at night, in secret, and sabotaging the animals’ efforts. Napoleon says that he can detect Snowball’s presence everywhere, and whenever something appears to go wrong by chance, Snowball receives the blame. One day, Squealer announces that Snowball has sold himself to Mr. Frederick’s farm, Pinchfield, and that the treacherous pig has been in league with Mr. Jones from the start. He recalls Snowball’s attempts at the Battle of the Cowshed to have the animals defeated. The animals hear these words in stupefied astonishment. They remember Snowball’s heroism and recall that he received a medal. Boxer, in particular, is completely baffled. But Napoleon and Squealer convince the others that Snowball’s apparent bravery simply constituted part of his treacherous plot. They also work to convince the animals of Napoleon’s superior bravery during that battle. So vividly does Squealer describe Napoleon’s alleged heroic actions that the animals are almost able to remember them.

Four days later, Napoleon convenes all of the animals in the yard. With his nine huge dogs ringed about him and growling, he stages an inquisition and a purge: he forces certain animals to confess to their participation in a conspiracy with Snowball and then has the dogs tear out these supposed traitors’ throats. The dogs, apparently without orders, even attack Boxer, who effortlessly knocks them away with his huge hooves. But four pigs and numerous other animals meet their deaths, including the hens who rebelled at the proposal to sell their eggs. The terrible bloodshed leaves the animals deeply shaken and confused. After Napoleon leaves, Boxer says that he would never have believed that such a thing could happen on Animal Farm. He adds that the tragedy must owe to some fault in the animals themselves; thus, he commits to working even harder. Clover looks out over the farm, wondering how such a glorious rebellion as theirs could have come to its current state. Some of the animals begin to sing “Beasts of England,” but Squealer appears and explains that “Beasts of England” may no longer be sung. It applied only to the Rebellion, he says, and now there is no more need for rebellion. Squealer gives the animals a replacement song, written by Minimus, the poet pig. The new song expresses profound patriotism and glorifies Animal Farm, but it does not inspire the animals as “Beasts of England” once did.

A few days after the bloody executions, the animals discover that the commandment reading “No animal shall kill any other animal” now reads: “No animal shall kill any other animal without cause.” As with the previous revisions of commandments, the animals blame the apparent change on their faulty memories—they must have forgotten the final two words. The animals work even harder throughout the year to rebuild the windmill. Though they often suffer from hunger and the cold, Squealer reads continuously from a list of statistics proving that conditions remain far superior to anything the animals knew under Mr. Jones and that they only continue to improve.

Napoleon has now taken the title of “Leader” and has dozens of other complimentary titles as well. Minimus has written a poem in praise of the Napoleon and inscribed it on the barn wall. A pile of timber lies unused on the farm, left over from the days of Mr. Jones, and Napoleon engages in complicated negotiations for the sale of it to either Mr. Frederick or Mr. Pilkington. When negotiations favor Mr. Frederick, the pigs teach the animals to hate Mr. Pilkington. When Mr. Pilkington then appears ready to buy the timber, the pigs teach the animals to hate Mr. Frederick with equal ferocity. Whichever farm is currently out of favor is said to be the hiding place of Snowball. Following a slew of propaganda against Mr. Frederick (during which Napoleon adopts the maxim “Death to Frederick!”), the animals are shocked to learn that Mr. Frederick eventually comes through as the buyer of the timber. The pigs talk endlessly about Napoleon’s cleverness, for, rather than accept a check for the timber, he insists on receiving cash. The five-pound notes are now in his possession.

Soon the animals complete the construction of the windmill. But before they can put it to use, Napoleon discovers to his great outrage that the money Mr. Frederick gave him for the timber is simply a stack of forgeries. He warns the animals to prepare for the worst, and, indeed, Mr. Frederick soon attacks Animal Farm with a large group of armed men. The animals cower as Mr. Frederick’s men plant dynamite at the base of the windmill and blow the whole structure up. Enraged, the animals attack the men, driving them away, but at a heavy cost: several of the animals are killed, and Boxer sustains a serious injury. The animals are disheartened, but a patriotic flag-raising ceremony cheers them up and restores their faith somewhat.

Not long afterward, the pigs discover a crate of whisky in the farmhouse basement. That night, the animals hear singing and revelry from within, followed by the sound of a terrible quarrel. The next morning the pigs look bleary-eyed and sick, and the animals hear whisperings that Comrade Napoleon may be dying. By evening, however, he has recovered. The next night, some of the animals find Squealer near the barn, holding a paintbrush; he has fallen from a ladder leaned up against the spot where the Seven Commandments are painted on the barn. The animals fail to put two and two together, however, and when they discover that the commandment that they recall as stating “No animal shall drink alcohol” actually reads “No animal shall drink alcohol to excess,” they once again blame their memories for being faulty.

Wearily and weakly, the animals set about rebuilding the windmill. Though Boxer remains seriously injured, he shows no sign of being in pain and refuses to leave his work for even a day. Clover makes him a poultice for his hoof, and he eventually does seem to improve, but his coat doesn’t seem as shiny as before and his great strength seems slightly diminished. He says that his only goal is to see the windmill off to a good start before he retires. Though no animal has yet retired on Animal Farm, it had previously been agreed that all horses could do so at the age of twelve. Boxer now nears this age, and he looks forward to a comfortable life in the pasture as a reward for his immense labors.

Food grows ever more scarce, and all animals receive reduced rations, except for the pigs and the dogs. Squealer continues to produce statistics proving that, even with this “readjustment,” the rations exceed those that they received under Mr. Jones. After all, Squealer says, when the pigs and dogs receive good nourishment, the whole community stands to benefit. When four sows give birth to Napoleon’s piglets, thirty-one in all, Napoleon commands that a schoolhouse be built for their education, despite the farm’s dwindling funds. Napoleon begins ordering events called Spontaneous Demonstrations, at which the animals march around the farm, listen to speeches, and exult in the glory of Animal Farm. When other animals complain, the sheep, who love these Spontaneous Demonstrations, drown them out with chants of “Four legs good, two legs bad!”

In April, the government declares Animal Farm a republic, and Napoleon becomes president in a unanimous vote, having been the only candidate. The same day, the leadership reveals new discoveries about Snowball’s complicity with Jones at the Battle of the Cowshed. It now appears that Snowball actually fought openly on Jones’s side and cried “Long live Humanity!” at the outset of the fight. The battle took place so long ago, and seems so distant, that the animals placidly accept this new story. Around the same time, Moses the raven returns to the farm and once again begins spreading his stories about Sugarcandy Mountain. Though the pigs officially denounce these stories, as they did at the outset of their administration, they nonetheless allow Moses to live on the farm without requiring him to work.

One day, Boxer’s strength fails; he collapses while pulling stone for the windmill. The other animals rush to tell Squealer, while Benjamin and Clover stay near their friend. The pigs announce that they will arrange to bring Boxer to a human hospital to recuperate, but when the cart arrives, Benjamin reads the writing on the cart’s sideboards and announces that Boxer is being sent to a glue maker to be slaughtered. The animals panic and begin crying out to Boxer that he must escape. They hear him kicking feebly inside the cart, but he is unable to get out.

Soon Squealer announces that the doctors could not cure Boxer: he has died at the hospital. He claims to have been at the great horse’s side as he died and calls it the most moving sight he has ever seen—he says that Boxer died praising the glories of Animal Farm. Squealer denounces the false rumors that Boxer was taken to a glue factory, saying that the hospital had simply bought the cart from a glue maker and had failed to paint over the lettering. The animals heave a sigh of relief at this news, and when Napoleon gives a great speech in praise of Boxer, they feel completely soothed.

Not long after the speech, the farmhouse receives a delivery from the grocer, and sounds of revelry erupt from within. The animals murmur among themselves that the pigs have found the money to buy another crate of whisky—though no one knows where they found the money.

Years pass. Many animals age and die, and few recall the days before the Rebellion. The animals complete a new windmill, which is used not for generating electricity but for milling corn, a far more profitable endeavor. The farm seems to have grown richer, but only the many pigs and dogs live comfortable lives. Squealer explains that the pigs and dogs do very important work—filling out forms and such. The other animals largely accept this explanation, and their lives go on very much as before. They never lose their sense of pride in Animal Farm or their feeling that they have differentiated themselves from animals on other farms. The inhabitants of Animal Farm still fervently believe in the goals of the Rebellion—a world free from humans, with equality for all animals.

One day, Squealer takes the sheep off to a remote spot to teach them a new chant. Not long afterward, the animals have just finished their day’s work when they hear the terrified neighing of a horse. It is Clover, and she summons the others hastily to the yard. There, the animals gaze in amazement at Squealer walking toward them on his hind legs. Napoleon soon appears as well, walking upright; worse, he carries a whip. Before the other animals have a chance to react to the change, the sheep begin to chant, as if on cue: “Four legs good, two legs better!” Clover, whose eyes are failing in her old age, asks Benjamin to read the writing on the barn wall where the Seven Commandments were originally inscribed. Only the last commandment remains: “all animals are equal.” However, it now carries an addition: “but some animals are more equal than others.” In the days that follow, Napoleon openly begins smoking a pipe, and the other pigs subscribe to human magazines, listen to the radio, and begin to install a telephone, also wearing human clothes that they have salvaged from Mr. Jones’s wardrobe.

One day, the pigs invite neighboring human farmers over to inspect Animal Farm. The farmers praise the pigs and express, in diplomatic language, their regret for past “misunderstandings.” The other animals, led by Clover, watch through a window as Mr. Pilkington and Napoleon toast each other, and Mr. Pilkington declares that the farmers share a problem with the pigs: “If you have your lower animals to contend with,” he says, “we have our lower classes!” Mr. Pilkington notes with appreciation that the pigs have found ways to make Animal Farm’s animals work harder and on less food than any other group of farm animals in the county. He adds that he looks forward to introducing these advances on his own farm. Napoleon replies by reassuring his human guests that the pigs never wanted anything other than to conduct business peacefully with their human neighbors and that they have taken steps to further that goal. Animals on Animal Farm will no longer address one another as “Comrade,” he says, or pay homage to Old Major; nor will they salute a flag with a horn and hoof upon it. All of these customs have been changed recently by decree, he assures the men. Napoleon even announces that Animal Farm will now be known as the Manor Farm, which is, he believes, its “correct and original name.”

The pigs and farmers return to their amiable card game, and the other animals creep away from the window. Soon the sounds of a quarrel draw them back to listen. Napoleon and Pilkington have played the ace of spades simultaneously, and each accuses the other of cheating. The animals, watching through the window, realize with a start that, as they look around the room of the farmhouse, they can no longer distinguish which of the card players are pigs and which are human beings.

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(Filmed in 3D)

Date- June 7th

Genre- CGI Animation

Rating- PG- some rude humor and mild action

Theaters- 3,893 theaters

Budget- 69 million

Running Time- 95 minutes or 1 hour and 35 minutes

Studio- Mystic Entertainment Animation Studios

Tagline- “Saving the World”

Director- Byron Howard

Actors and Actress-

Agent 26/Ryan- Jesse Eisenberg

Agent 25- Hayden Panettiere

Agent 27- Jason Segel

Agent 54- Ellen DeGeneres

Hercules- Jim Carrey

Francine- Cameron Diaz

Plot: The film opens in a massive underground auditorium. Thousands of little green aliens cheers and clap wildly. The villain Hercules and his wife Francine appear on stage. Hercules tells the crowd that he has a plan to become the greatest ruler that the world has every known. The crowd cheers and Hercules tells them to shut up. The crowd grows silent as they eagerly listen to Hercules. He tells the crowd that he is going to destroy the entire world leaders when they meet at New York City for the peace councils. Francine tells the crowd that it is a beautiful and brilliant idea. Hercules says that they must build the greatest bomb ever which they will drop on New York. The crowd goes wild and rushes to begin building of the missile. Francine tells Hercules that the bomb could seriously damage the environment. Hercules tells Francine to stop worrying and that they will deal with that after the world leaders are destroyed. The camera zooms out and we see that Hercules’s base is located under Rome, Italy. The camera zooms over Washington D.C, we see traffic and people going busily around. The camera zooms on a young man named Ryan. He walks into the CIA building. He types in a code and the wall slides open and an elevator appears. Ryan smiles to himself and says that this is awesome and walks inside. When the elevator door opens he finds himself at the beginning of a long metal hall. As he walks through he has to stop and get his finger prints scanned by a machine in order for the series of doors to open. Finally, he reaches the end. The door opens and Ryan walks into the secret spy headquarters. As he walks around he is approached by the head agent, Agent 51. She tells him that she will set him up on his first mission. Ryan asks if there is training before. Agent 51 says that her agents learn on the go and there are no training sessions. She tells him that his new name is Agent 26 and he must never ever tell anyone his real name. Ryan/Agent 26 agrees. Agent 51 looks at her laptop and a window pops up. She says that he will be assigned with Agent 25 and Agent 27 to capture a man named Hercules who is planning to destroy New York City. Agent 26 says that he thinks that that is a little to challenging for him on his first spy trip. Agent 51 looks at Agent 26 and tells him that the first rule is that you never question Agent 51 or you will get your butt kicked. Agent 25 and Agent 27 come into the room. Agent 51 tells the two other agents that they will have a new agent helping them on the trip. Agent 27 steps forward and says that he is excited to see Agent 26 die. Agent 25 tells Agent 27 to be nice. Agent 26 says that means that he is not going to die. Agent 25 says no but it is rude to confront people with the obvious truth. Agent 26 shifts around uncomfortably. Agent 51 says that they had better get started. The three agents board a plane. Agent 26 asks how long they have been in the spy agency. Agent 25 says that she was a spy since high school and Agent 27 says that he has been a spy for four years. Agent 26 says that that is a long time. Agent 25 says that she is going to do some research on Hercules until drop off. Agent 26 says what drop off. Agent 27 says that they are going to jump out of the plane. Agent 26 rubs his hand together nervously. A few hours later, Agent 25 says that they are ready to go. She unpacks a bag and gives them a pair of shoes with suctions on the bottom and she also gives them a parachute. Agent 26 asks what these are for. Agent 27 says that they are going to walk on top of the plane and then jump. The top opens on the plane and the three agents climb out on top. The wind blows around them. The plane suddenly takes a noise dive. Agent 26 yells as he is thrust forward but to his surprise he doesn’t fall. He laughs and says that this is actually awesome. Agent 25 laughs as the plane suddenly shoots upward and the three agents begin a fall toward earth. They do fun tricks in the air as they fall to the ground. Agent 27 pulls his parachute. Agent 26 is about to pull his parachute when he see that Agent 25’s parachute is not opening. She quickly begins to fall. Agent 26 dives after her. After a rapid chase, he finally gets his arms around her and pulls his parachute. They land safely. After the land, Agent 26 and Agent 27 ask how they are going to get into Hercules’s base. Agent 25 says that she did research on Hercules while they were on the plane and she discovered that Hercules is very fond of dancing and that he holds competitions among his friends. If they win they get to work for him at his secret base or if they lose they are shot. Agent 26 says that he really doesn’t like that idea. Agent 25 says that it is the only way since the missile will be launched tomorrow morning when the meeting starts. They head off toward Rome. When they reach the city they immediately go and disguise themselves for the dinner. That night they entire the ballroom where tons of people are gathered, Agent 27 points out Hercules and his wife Francine. After a massive dinner, Hercules asks if anyone is willing to take up the challenge to compete. The room is silent. Suddenly, Agent 26 says that he knows how to dance. Agent 25 looks at Agent 26 in surprise. Agent 27 whispers that it is best that they find another way to get into Hercules base. Agent 25 says that she will take Agent 26 up on his request and that they will dance. Agent 26 smiles at Agent 27 who frowns and shakes his head. Hercules says that they have one bold couple who are willing to show off their skills so they can get a private tour of his secret base. Agent 25 says that Agent 26 better dance well if he doesn’t want to die. The spotlight shines on them and they begin the dance. Hercules and the crowd are extremely impressed and Hercules says that they will get a tour of his base. Agent 25 says that they want their friend Agent 27 to come with them. Hercules agrees. The enter Hercules’s base. Hercules gives them a tour. When Agent 26 asks what the little green alien guys are. Francine says they are aliens which Hercules stole from Area 51 and they work to building things. Agent 26 asks if they can join Hercules. Hercules agrees saying that they must not tell anyone and they have to go through training for a year. Agent 26 and Agent 25 agree. Hercules claps and smiles in excitement. Agent 27 takes Hercules aside. They talk and glance at Agent 26 and Agent 25. Hercules turns around furiously and tells the guards take Agent 26 and Agent 25 to the prison. Agent 25 asks what they did. Agent 27 says that he is a secret spy for Hercules and his was successful in defeating Agent 26 and Agent 25. Agent 25 knocks out the guards that hold her and she points a gun at Hercules. Francine and the aliens take off running. Agent 27 says that the missile is ready to launch. Hercules turns and leaves with Agent 27. Agent 26 asks if they should go after them. Agent 25 says that they must stop the missile from launching before they go after Agent 27 whose real name is revealed to be Henry. Agent 25 says they only have 30 seconds before the missile is launched and the base destroyed. Agent 26 and Agent 25 run down the stairs to the center of Hercules’s base. They are attacked by his agents who they quickly dispatch. Agent 26 burst open the door to the missile launching room. He quickly tasers the guards as Agent 25 presses the button to stop the missile. She stops it just in time. She looks at Agent 26 in relief. Outside we see Hercules, Francine, and Henry making a dash for the private jet. Suddenly they are surrounded by US soldiers. The three criminals lift their arms up in the air and surrender. Agent 26 and Agent 25 come out from the underground base and announce that the missile has been stopped. Agent 51 walks up to Agent 26 and Agent 25. She congratulates them on their mission success. She tells them that their next mission is to capture a criminal named Druid who plans to sell nuclear weapons to enemy nations. Agent 26 asks if they ever get a break. Agent 51 says no and bids them good luck on their mission. Agent 25 smiles at Agent 26 and asks if he is ready to roll. Agent 26 winks at Agent 25 and says that he is ready.

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Bartimaeus and the Golem’s Eye

Date- November 1st

Genre- Fantasy

Rating- PG-13- for some sequences of intense fantasy action violence and frightening images

Theaters- 4,025 theaters

Budget- 155 million

Running Time- 145 minutes or 2 hours and 25 minutes

Studio- Number 2 Productions

Director- Alfonso Cuaron

Actors and Actress-

Nathaniel- Colin Morgan

Bartimaeus- Spencer Treat Clark

Kitty Jones- Ellen Page

Jakob Hyrenk- Tom Felton

Fred- James Campbell Bower

Stanley- Charlie Bewley

Mr. Pennyfeather- Terry Norris

Jessica Whitwall- Helena Bonham Carter

Rupert Devereaux- Gary Oldman

Marmaduke Fry- Jason Isaacs

Harknett- Imelda Staunton

Harlequin- Billie Brown

Julius Tallow- Cillian Murphy

Honorius- Omar Metwally

Queezle- Maggie Q

Henry Duvall- Stephen Moyer

Jane Farrar- Maggie Grace

Quentin Makepeace- Rodrigo Santoro

Kavka- Mads Mikkelsen

Nouda (voice) - Joseph Morgan

Previous Film: 59.7M/188.8M

The Number 2 Productions Sympol Appears

The camera pans over a ruined gate on an island in the Mediterranean Sea. A dense fog surrounds the gate. The gate is massive and made of marble. On it is engraved figures of magicians and spirits battling. The gate suddenly begins to shake and shriek. It shakes harder and harder. The screen goes black.

Bartimaeus and the Golem’s Eye

The camera zooms over snowy London. We see sleighs driving through the streets. In one of the sleighs sits Nathaniel and Jessica Whitall. They dash quickly through the streets. The finally reach the Westminster Palace and get off. Nathaniel pays the goblin who drives the sleigh and Nathaniel and Jessica enter the building. Inside they walk quickly to the House of Commons. Once they enter they sit down. A woman indenified as Harknett rises and tells Prime Minister Rupert Devereaux that there has been several attacks on the magicians by a rebellious group of commoners known as the Resistence. She says that the attacks have grown more stronger and more open as the months have passed since the groups founding. Prime Minister Rupert Devereaux asks why the commmoners would rebell. He says that they have everything the magicians could give them. Harknett says that they want control the government. The Prime Minister says that would have disasterous results on the magician and spirit way of life. Harknett says that she has a list of names of the commoners: Kitty, Fred, Stanley, and Pennyfeather. The Prime Minister turns to Nathaniel and says that it will be his job to search and arrest these criminals. Nathaniels nods. Prime Minster says the case is closed. In the hallway Nathaniel, Jessica, Prime Minister Devereaux, head of the Night Police Henry Duvell, and other parliament member Quentin Makepeace talk. They are approached by Harknett. Harknetts says that she didn’t want to say this in front of all of parliament but that all the attacks aren’t human looking. She says that violent spells were used in attacks and they were not from defending magicians. Henry Duvell says that this is true. Nathaniel ask what it could be. Harknett looks both ways and says, Nouda. The group laughs with the exception of Nathaniel and Harknett. Nathaniel asks who Nouda is. Jessica says that Nouda is a mythical spirit who has unmatchable powers and is the god of the spirit world. She says that according to myth, Nouda entered the human world bent of conquering it. She says that the great magician Solomon defeated him that the ledgendary battle of Alexandria. Nathaniel asks who would summon such a deadly spirit. Jessica says it is rumored that there is a gate called Ptomely’s Gate which allows spirits and human to enter eachothers worlds without summoning or death. Prime Minister Devereaux says that it is all myth and untrue. He then tells Harknett to have a vacation and relax for the week to unstress her mind. Harknett firmly tells them that the spirits are taking about a great one who will deliever them from the magicians. She says that both of them no that spirits have become harder to manage lately. She says that the Dark One approaches. Quentin Makepeace suddenly shouts that this is a lie. The group turns toward Quentin. Quentin composing himself says that it is silly to believe in legends. Prime Minister Devereaux says that everyone needs to relax and have the day off. The group disperses.

The film moves to a theatre where we see three people sitting. We can tell by there clothing that they are commoners. A boy indentified as Fred tells the others named Kitty and Stanley that at intermission they must head over to the near-by magical item shop where they must steal a map of the crypt in Westiminster Abbey. Kitty and Stanely nod. They sit back and enjoy the play. We see Kitty slowly nod off. She begins to dream.We see her as a little child playing cricket with her friend Jakob Hyrenk. She throws the ball at Jakob and he hits it. The ball goes flying through the air and smashes a window in a nearby magicians house. The magician angrily storms outside of the house an spell on the kids. Kitty screams in terror as the first spell strikes Jakob and he fall over. Just as the second spell is about to strike Kitty she wakes up. Stanley shakes her and asks if she is ok. Kitty says that she just had one of her nigthmares again. Fred frowns and tells Kitty that she must not fall asleep. Kitty blushes. Stanley says that intermission has begun. The three quickly and quietly leave the theatre and head outside. Across the street lies the store. The three break into it and quickly steal the map. Stanley and Fred light matches and prepare to burn the store. Kitty tells them that they shouldn’t since they could be caught and punished. Stanley and Fred disagree and ignore her protests againts the fire. They ignite the store. The store explodes in flames. The three run quickly back to the theatre and finish watching the play.

The next morning, newpapers are a buzz about the multiple and major attacks on shops in London that were caused by a mysterious enemy. The papers say that everyone sent to investigate or on duty was killed. In the House of Commons the lords furiously debate what happened. Harknett tells the lords what she thinks. The lords openly laugh and denied it especially Quentin Makepeace, Jane Farrer and Henry Duvell. Jessica Whitwall suggest that it could be a spirit that is on the loose and several lords agree with her. However most of the lords and the Prime Minister say that it is still the Resistence. Prime Minister Rupert Devereaux tells Nathaniel to quickly investigate the attacks Nathaniel nods and leaves. Nathaniel says that how could the Restistence destory twenty shops and kill over eight policemen, eleven magicians, and nine commoners. He says that not a single spirit was injured in the attack. He ponders over these questions as he rides back to his home.

When Nathaniel reaches his home, he says that he will need a spirit to help him. After thinking and looking in several spirit books, he decides to summon Bartimaeus again. He then he sees Nathaniel and they huge. Bartimaeus asks what Nathaniel needs. Nathaniel breifs Bartimaeus on what happened. Nathaniel tells Bartimaeus to go and find the person responsibly for the violence. Bartimaeus nods and teleports away.

The film moves back to Kitty. She is lying in a bed. Mr. Pennyfeather tells her to get all the rest she can because late tonight they are going to break into Westminster Abbey and enter the crypt of Gladstone to steal and destroy the powerful Gladstone Staff. Kitty nods. Mr. Pennyfeather pats Kitty on the head and leaves. Kitty lays back on her pillow and fall asleep. She begins to dream about her past again. We see Kitty and Jakob lying in beds at the hospital. A nurse tells Kitty’s parents that Kitty was lucky and wasn’t hurt badly however Jakob was badly burnt. The dreams blurs up and switches we see Kitty’s parents at the courthouse as they bring the case to court. But they quickly discover that the magician court is biased for the magician and Kitty’s parents are fined £600. As Kitty distraughtly leaves the court, a man asks Kitty to meet up with him later, assuring her he will pay the full fine. She is rather suspicious of the stumbling little old man, but when she returns home and talks to her parents, she finds out the only way they can come up with the money is to sell the house. Kitty quickly decides to meet the man, who turns out to be the leader of the Resistance. We see that she isn’t allowed to return home but the man gives Kitty’s parents the needed money. We see that Kitty is moved to the London branch of the Resistence and is placed in a small groupsof raiders, vandalising and stealing magicians' property. Kitty suddenly awakes. She grabs a picture of her and her parents. We see a tear run done her cheek as she kissed the picture.

The film moves back to Bartimaeus. We see him teleport to the basement of a large and old building. He creeps around looking for clues. Suddenly he hers a noise of footsteps. He prepares to send a spell in that direction, when a beautiful woman rounds the corner. Bartimaeus exclaims, “Queezle?!” Queezle and Bartimaeus embrace. Bartimaeus asks what Queezle is doing here. She says that she was summoned by Jessica Whitwall to investagate mysterious attacks. Bartimaeus says that he was summoned for the same purpose. Queezle says that they should work together. Bartimaeus agrees and laughs. He says it will be like old times. The two set off to patrol the basement of the building. After several minutes of fruitless searching. Queezle suggest that they split up and look. After an hour goes by Bartimaeus hears a scream from Queezle and the sound of fighting. He rushes over to the spot. He finds Queezle laying dead on the ground. Her body disintegrates in to ashes. Bartimaeus sees a shadowy figure standing in a dark corner. The shadowy fingure turns and runs. Bartimaeus gives chase hurling spells at it. The spells manage to destory the black smoke surrounding the figure but the figures itself is unharmed. The figures turn at Bartimaeus in full light and attacks him. Bartimaeus see that the figure is a golem which can’t be killed by spells or weapons. The golem opens his mouth and we see Bartimaeus essence slowly gets sucked into the golem’s mouth. Just as the golem is about grab Bartimaeus, Bartimaeus caste a spell that collapses the building above. The building collapses around them and Bartimaeus quickly teleports back to Nathaniel. Nathaniel asks Bartimaeus what happened. Bartimaeus between quick breaths says that it is a golem. Nathaniel asks if Bartimaeus killed it. Bartimaeus says that spirits can’t kill golems. He says that golems eat the essence that inables spirits to have a physical form in the human world. He says that the golem can only be killed by removing an animated parchment from the golem’s chest. Bartimaeus says that they must first go to Prague where the golem was created. Nathanile asks how Bartimaeus knows that. Bartimaeus says that the location where the golem was created is printed on the golems forehead. Nathaniel nods in surprise. Bartimaeus asks if Nathaniel is ready to begin a new adventure. Nathaniels smiles. Nathaniel and Bartimaeus hold hands and teleport away.

That night we see Kitty and the Resistance gathering outside of Westminster Abbey. Lead by Mr. Pennyfeather they enter the old church. They look around in amazement at the glory of the cathedral. Mr. Pennyfeather tells them to hurry and they enter the stairs leading to the crypts. Once they reach the aged crypts they begin to look for the tomb of Gladstone. Stanley shouts to them that he has found the tomb. The tomb is a massive stone structure that looks like a tiny house. On it are engravings of the life of Gladstone who was the most powerful magician who has lived. Mr. Pennyfeather says that inside of Gladstone’s coffin lies the Gladstone Staff the most powerful magical item ever created. Mr. Pennyfeather opens the tomb door. Fred says that he is very surprised that they tomb would not be guarded. The rest nod. Mr. Pennyfeather opens the coffin and grabs the Staff. Kitty looks inside of the coffin. She notices that there is another hooded skeleton in the coffin. She turns and asks Mr. Pennyfeather who would be buried with Gladstone. Suddenly the skeleton grabs Kitty’s arm. Kitty screams and manages to shake it off. The hooded skeleton rushes toward Kitty in anger. Kitty dodges and the skeleton instead grabs Stanley. It hurls him across the room and Stanley fall to the ground dead from breaking his neck. Kitty grabs Mr. Pennyfeather and the Staff and runs toward the stairs. The spirit caste a spell at Fred but Fred reflects it with his sword. The spirit engages in battle with Fred. Kitty and Mr. Pennyfeather enter the alter of the cathedral and flee toward the doors. They hear a yell from Fred and the door to the crypt’s flies open. The angered spirit caste a spell, which kills Mr. Pennyfeather. Kitty quickly grabs the Staff and opens the door to the outside. The rush of fresh air causes the spirit to fall back slightly, allowing Kitty to make her escape.

The film moves to Nathaniel and Bartimaeus walking through the dark streets of Prague. Nathaniel says he knows a magician named Harlequin in the area who knows the names of resident magicians in the area. Nathaniel and Bartimaeus knock on the house door. Harlequin opens it cautiously. He asks if they are the police. Nathaniel says that he is a parliament member from London trying to find a magician in Prague. Nathaniel says that he knows that Harlequin can help him. Harlequin opens the door all the way and tells them to come in quickly. Harlequin asks what magician they are looking for. Nathaniel says that they are looking for a magician who as created a golem and practices dark magic. Harlequin thinks for a while. He says that he knows a magician who lives in the dark side of Prague named Kavka. Bartimaeus asks why he asks if they were the police. Harlequin says that he hasn’t paid his rent because he lost his job. He says that if he is caught by the police, he will go to jail. Suddenly they hear the sound of men outside. Harlequin angrily yells at them that they have brought the police to him. The police burst into the house and caste spells at Harlequin, Nathaniel, and Bartimaeus. Bartimaeus and Nathaniel teleport just in time but Harlequin is struck by a curse and falls dead on the ground. Nathaniel and Bartimaeus cautiously enter a run done brick house. Inside they see a man sitting reciting a spell over a going to be golem. Bartimaeus caste a spell that hurls the book away and the man named Kavka starts up. Nathaniel asks him why he is creating golems? Kavka says that the Dark One commanded him to create them for his army. Nathaniel asks who is the Dark One and what army is he creating. Kavka says Nouda. Nathaniel says that Nouda hasn’t been proven to exist. Bartimaeus stops Nathaniel short and tells him that the spirits have being gathering together in the darkest and lowest parts of the underworld where they can’t be summoned by magicans. He says they have been doing so for now several years. He says that when he asks them where they are going they tell him that they are going to join the army of the Dark One. Nathaniel asks in shock if Nouda exists. Bartimaeus says that he believes so. Nathaniel tells Kavka to order his golem in London to come back to Prague where it can be destoryed. Kavka says that he is not the owner of the golem but just the creator. Bartimaeus asks who the owner is. Kavka says that he doesn’t know. Bartimaeus frustrated with Kavka caste a spell that makes it difficult for Kavka to breath. Bartimaeus shouts at him to tell him who the owner is. Kavka shakes his head. Bartimaeus caste a curse and kills Kavka. Nathaniel in shock asks why Bartimaeus killed the man. Bartimaeus says that Kavka wouldn’t tell him. Nathaniel tells him that he could have brought Kavka to trial in London. Nathaniel and Bartimaeus glare at each other. Bartimaeus teleports away and soon Nathaniel follows after he destorys Kavka’s run down house.

When Nathaniel reaches London he makes his way immediately to Westminster Palace. Outisde hunderds of commoners line the streets protesting and angry shouting for the magicians to stop the attacks. When Nathaniel gets inside he sees government workers packing up and leaving. When he reaches the House of Commons, he tells the Lords of Parlament everything about his trip. Prime Minister Rupert Devereaux says that they have more serious problems in London to deal with than just the golem and Nouda. He says that the Resistence has raided Gladstone’s tomb and taken the Gladstone Staff. He also adds that the spirit named Honorius who was encharge of guarding Gladstone’s tomb is terrorizing all of London and is creating anger among the commoners. The Prime Minister says that they government is not strong enough to put down a full out commoner rebellion. He says that the government is moving to Liverpool for the time being. He strictly tells Nathaniel to get back the Staff and destory Honorious. Nathaniel bows his head and quickly leaves.

Nathaniel when he goes to his house finds Bartimaeus. Nathaniel tells Bartimaeus that if he doesn’t get the Staff, kill Honorious and the golem, his political career will be over. Bartimaeus rolls his eyes. Nathaniel tells Bartimaeus that in order to get the Staff which is under the possession of Kitty Jones, they must kidnap her childhood friend Jakob. He says that if he has the Staff he can use it to kill Honorious and the golem. Bartimaeus asks if Nathaniel is coming along because it is Nathaniel’s idea. Nathaniel harshly tells Bartimaeus that he (Nathaniel) is Bartimaeus’s master and Bartimaeus doesn’t question him. Bartimaeus tells Nathaniel to remember how they both destroy Lovelace and got the Amulet of Samarkand. Nathaniel asks if Bartimaeus will go and join the Dark One. Bartimaeus says that he isn’t like Nathaniel who turns on his closest friends. Bartimaeus says that Nathaniel is alone on this mission and Bartimaeus adds that it seems a bit cold and callous to kidnap an innocent person. Bartimaeus then disappears. Nathaniel shouts after Bartimaeus. Nathaniel grabs his broomstick and takes off. Jessica Whitwall and Marmaduke Fry soon join him and they fly off to capture Jakob and take back the Staff.

(The next few images flash quickly.) We see them land outside of Jakob’s house. Nathaniel storms inside and kills Jakob’s servant. Jakob looks up and sees Nathaniel. Marmaduke Fry holds up a badge saying they are government officials. Jakob turns to run. Jessica castes a spell that pins Jakob to the wall. Nathaniel sends Marmaduke Fry’s goblin to tell Kitty of Jakob’s kidnapping and Nathaniel’s ransom. We see Kitty hearing about Jakob’s kidnapping. We see her ride on horse back in the rain at night to rescue him.

Kitty opens the door cautiously and peers inside. She sees Jakob being tortured by Nathaniel. Kitty is about to rush at Nathaniel when she feels a hand on her shoulder. She looks up and sees Bartimaeus. Bartimaeus puts his finger to his lips. He whispers to her to follow him. Bartimaeus marches inside of the house with Kitty. She tells Nathaniel that he has got the girl, Kitty. Nathaniel turns and tells Kitty to give him the Staff. Kitty says that she will not give him the Staff and she hid it. Nathaniel in a suddenly burst of anger blast everyone except Jessica and Bartimaeus across the room with a single spell. Nathaniel tells Bartimaeus to take Kitty somewhere secret and keep her prisoner while searches Jakob’s house. Bartimaeus grabs Kitty and they teleport. Nathaniel plunders Jakob’s house frantically searching for the Staff.

The film moves to Kitty and Bartimaeus standing on the Cliffs of Dover where Bartimaeus took Nathaniel after rescuing him when Lovelace destroyed the Underwood’s home. Bartimaeus tells Kitty that he needs the Staff. He says that she doesn’t understand how powerful and dangerous the Staff is. Kitty asks Bartimaeus how he feels about being a slave to Nathaniel. Bartimaeus asks how she knows this. She says she could tell by the way Nathaniel talked and acted toward Bartimaeus. She says that the spirits a mere slaves to the magicians. Bartimaeus says that Nathaniel is different. He tells her about their past together. Kitty says that it sounds like an ordinary magician binding spirit to do work for him cycle. She says that she as done research on the relationship between spirits and magicians. She says that the cycle of binding and forcing spirits to do magicians work is endless. Kitty tells Bartimaeus the reason why humans and spirits are locked into the endless cycle: humans do not understand the nature of the spirits and summon them only as powerful, but dangerous, slaves, not equals. She tells Bartimaeus that she is right. Bartimaeus is silent. She tells Bartimaeus that he, she, and Nathaniel have a chance to change this cycle. Bartimaeus asks how. She says they: Bartimaeus the spirit, Nathaniel the magician, and Kitty the commoner can destroy Nouda together. She says that all three branches of the universe can united against the great evil that is facing it. Bartimaeus asks Kitty how she knows that Nouda exist. She says that she has read the of the legend of Nouda’s rise to power, Ptolemy’s Gate, and Solomon’s victory of Nouda. She says that they aren’t myth but reality. She tells Bartimaeus to prove her right. Bartimaeus after a brief pause says that she is right. He says that he fought against Nouda in the battle of Alexandria. She asks if Nathaniel knows this. Bartimaeus shakes his head. He says that he didn’t want to alarm and frighten Nathaniel who would have told it to all of Parliament. Kitty says that Bartimaeus can have the Staff if he and Nathaniel unity with her to destroy Nouda. Bartimaeus says that it would be his pleasure. He is about to say something about Nathaniel when Nathaniel himself appears with several government officials. Kitty says that she will give Nathaniel the Staff. Nathaniel is taken back and looks at Bartimaeus in surprise. He asks what Bartimaeus did to get the Staff. Bartimaeus says that he just asked and he winks at Kitty. Nathaniel smiles and says that Bartimaeus scares him. The group teleport to where the Staff lies.

Kitty reveals where she hid the Staff. She looks at Bartimaeus and he nods. Suddenly one of the government officials is struck by a curse and falls dead. Honorius appears and rushes at Nathaniel. Nathaniel caste a spell that blocks Honorius however the Staff falls from Nathaniel’s hand and falls down the stairs into the basement of the home. The government officials flee in haste. Nathaniel and Bartimaeus caste spells furiously at Honorius. Kitty pulls out a sword and blocks Honorius’s spells that are lauched at her. Bartimaeus tells Honorius to surrender and they will send him back to the underworld. Honorius says that he will never go back to the underworld but he will punish the magicians for letting the commoners defile the body of Gladstone and stealing the Staff. Honorius hurls a powerful curse at the three and sends them flying across the room. Honorius is about to finish them when the golem burst into the room. The golem turns at Honorius and roars in anger. Honorius hurls every spell and curse imaginable at the golem but to no avail. The golem sucks the essence from Honorius and Honorious collapses to the ground dead. Nathaniel shouts for Bartimaeus and Kitty to get out of the house. Bartimaeus and Kitty refuse. Nathaniel tells Bartimaeus that the golem will kill him. Bartimaeus says he is not leaving. Nathaniel spies the Gladstone Staff at the bottom of the stairs. He runs toward it. The golem turns toward the three and growls angerily. Nathaniel grabs the Staff and says the incantation. Kitty shouts no. A powerful bolt of magic strikes the golem. Nathaniel is struck by a powerful magicial backlash and falls unconscious. The screen goes white.

We see Nathaniel wakes up. Mist floats around him. He stands up and finds that he is standing in a purgatory-like forest. The trees are leafless and silent. The grass is cold and dry. He hears a sound of an object moving toward him. He sees a dark figure standing between the trees. The figure takes off it’s hood and Nathaniel sees Nouda. Nouda looks at Nathaniel. Nathaniel asks what Nouda wants. Nouda says that he has built up his army and will break free from the underworld anytime. Nouda says that Nathaniel, not even the entire human world can defeat him. He says that he will punish every last magician for the unjust done to the spirits. Nathaniel tells Nouda that Nouda failed once and will fail again. Nouda says that this time he has allies among the magicians. Nathaniel tells Nouda that he will defeat Nouda. Nouda tells Nathaniel that he is weak and vunarable. Nathaniel says he isn’t weak. Nouda says that he will see Nathaniel in the human world. Nouda vanishes and Nathaniel collapses.

When Nathaniel comes back to his senses he sees Kitty and Bartimaeus looking down at him. Kitty says that the golem is dying. Bartimaeus says that Nathaniel was knocked out by the magical backlash from the Staff. He adds that Kitty just in time yanked the animated parchament from the golem. Nathaniel says that he saw Nouda. Kitty and Bartimaeus looks puzzled. Nathaniel says he is serious. He says that Nouda is ready and powerful. He says that Nouda will break out of the underworld any day now and the human world is completely unprepared. Bartimaeus says that first they must track the golem to find out who is the owner of it. The three take off after the golem.

They trace the melted clay to the Night Police building. Bartimaeus and Nathaniel look at each other in surprise. They following inside. We see the golem laying on the floor in the office of Henry Duvall. Henry Duvall drops his golem’s eye (which allows him to control the golem) in surprise at the arrival of the three. Nathaniel tells Henry Duvall that he is under arrest for plotting against the government, illegal magic, and murder. Nathaniel orders the police to take Henry Duvall to the dungons. Henry is dragged off. The Prime Minister congratulates Nathaniel on destorying the golem and Honorius and getting back the Staff. He says that Gladstone’s Staff will be placed in a secret valet in London. Nathaniel grudgingly gives the Prime Minister the Staff. After they leave the police station, Kitty looks at Bartimaeus. Bartimaeus nods quietly. Bartimaeus tells Nathaniel everything that happened. Nathaniel listens quietly. He tells them that since he owes his life to Kitty and Bartimaeus has been a faithful servant he will help them. The three put their hand together and Bartimaeus whispers the Unbreakable Promise incantation. A blue light raps itself around their hands as they promise to help and stand by each other and to work together to destory Nouda. After the incantation Kitty says that they must make an announcement to parliament about Nouda’s invasion of the human world. The three set off for Liverpool.

We see Quentin Makepeace and Jane Farrer who is Henry Duvall’s personal assistant on a boat in the Mediterranean Sea. A dense fog surrounds the boat. We see a massive gate made with marble. On it is engraved figures of magicians and spirits battling. Quentin tells the goblin driving the boat to the gate. The boat docks and Quentin and Jane along with several magicians walk up to the gate. The gate entrance is filled up with stone. Jane asks what this gate is called. Quentin says it is Ptolemy’s Gate, the gate that links the human world to the underworld. The gate suddenly begins to shake and shriek. It shakes harder and harder. A magician asks what that is. Quentin, Jane, and the other magicians caste the Plasm spell. The filled up entrance to the gate collapses and we see dozens of spirits exit the gate. Once all the spirits who have joined Nouda exit they create a line. We see Nouda himself exit the underworld. He looks around him at the bright sky and stars. He smiles to himself and caste a spell that bolts up into the sky like a lightening bolt. The bolt lights up the sky with a boom. The screen goes black.

Edited by Andrew the Alien
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Ninja 3D

(Filmed in 3D)

Date- January 11th

Genre- Adventure/Martial Arts

Rating- R- strong stylized bloody violence

Theaters- 2,967 theaters

Budget- 15 million

Running Time- 120 minutes or 2 hours

Studio- Mystic Entertainment

Director- Sngmoo Lee

Actors and Actress- Unknowns

Plot: Set in ancient China two rival empires Yang and Chang battle for control of all of China. They have two powerful groups of ninjas to do their battles. The film is full of epic battles and fights. The film also features slow motion which looks fantastic in this made for 3D film. In the end the Chang empire defeats the Yang kingdom and because ruler of all of China.


Date- October 4th

Genre- Zombie Horror

Rating- R- strong bloody horror violence, gore, and language

Theaters- 3,435 theaters

Budget- 13 million

Running Time- 87 minutes or 1 hour and 27 minutes

Studio- Mystic Entertainment

Director- Zack Snyder

Actors and Actress- Halle Berry (Jane), Robert Pattinson (Jim), and Matt Damon (Peter)

Plot: Jane a news reporter and her camera man Jim are a signed to broadcast the outbreak of a zombie infection. As they travel to hospitals and areas that the infection is beginning to outbreak, they meet up with scientist/doctor Peter. When the infection gets out of control, they must fight to survive. After many dangerous and frightening expeditions in which Jim dies, they finally reach a safe place that is infection free. However during the credits the camera shows zombies breaking into the fortress.


Date- January 25th

Genre- Romantic Comedy

Rating- R- strong sexual content and language

Theaters- 3,004 theaters

Budget- 25 million

Running Time- 116 minutes or 1 hour and 56 minutes

Studio- Mystic Entertainment

Director- Peter Billingsley

Actors and Actress- Jane Lynch (Schneids), Justin Timberlake (Kez), Mila Kunis (Hayley), Ashton Kutcher (Andy), Jessica Szohr (Roxi), Penn Bagdley (Sam), and Emma Stone (Bethany)

Plot: In Orlando, Florida at a city pool the lifeguards are caught up in an intense comical argument. Schneids the head guard tries to keep the group steady and cool however tense accelerates when Andy sleeps with Hayley. Kez Hayley’s boyfriend and Roxi Andy’s girlfriend plot revenge on Andy and Hayley. Meanwhile Sam and Bethany the new workers at the pool try to stay out of the argument. Kez and Roxi do multiple hilarious tricks on Andy and Hayley and Andy and Hayley desperately try to get back at them. In the end Kez and Roxi discover that they love each other and that Andy and Hayley truly love each other.

Edited by Andrew the Alien
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A Million Little Pieces

Date- {Limited October 4th} {Wide October 18th}

Genre- Drama

Rating- R

Theaters- (6 theaters on October 4th) (578 theaters on October 11th) (1,451 theaters on October 18th) (2,558 theaters on October 25th)

Budget- 70 million

Running Time- 132 minutes or 2 hours and 12 minutes

Studio- Mystic Entertainment

Director- Martin Scorsese

Actors and Actress-

James- Gael Garcia Bernal

Leonard- Daniel Day-Lewis

Lilly- Stacy Ferguson

Bobby Frey Jr. - Colin O’Donoghue


The film opens with James, waking up on an airplane with no idea where he is going. He has a hole in his cheek, four broken teeth, and a broken nose. James eventually finds out that the plane is bound for Chicago and that a doctor and two unidentified men brought him on board. James lands to find his parents, who have come all the way from Tokyo to pick him up, waiting for him. James’s condition shocks and saddens them, and they immediately drive him to the family cabin. They next day, they check him into a rehabilitation facility in Minnesota. Almost immediately after arrival, another patient pulls James to the floor when James refuses to give up his seat in the lounge. Things improve somewhat when James meets a young woman named Lilly at the dispensary and a friendly, middle-aged career criminal named Leonard at a meal. Both become his friends. Near-constant vomiting and pain mark James’s early days at the clinic. To fix his broken teeth, James submits himself to a horrific double root canal without Novocain. James decides that his condition is hopeless and walks out of the clinic, but Leonard follows him and convinces him to stay. James’s brother Bob and two friends show up at the clinic unexpectedly for visiting day and bring some gifts. This show of kindness moves James deeply. After Bob leaves, James’s parents call him and ask if he’ll do the Family Program, during which they would come to the clinic and engage in counseling sessions with him. He says he doesn’t want them to come. James begins reading the

Tao Te Ching, and it greatly inspires him. For once, James has found something that makes sense to him, something that speaks of self-reliance. Though he knows that the clinic staff is trying to help him, he cannot accept the Twelve Step method of recovery, and he refuses to complete any of the tasks they set before him. One evening, Leonard sits down with James and tells him a heart-wrenching story about his upbringing and how he landed in the clinic. Near the end of the story, Leonard breaks down and cries in front of James, and tells him to “hold on.” From this point onward, James has a deep respect for Leonard, and the notion of holding on resonates deeply with him. In the cafeteria, Lilly slides James a scrap of paper, which tells him to meet her in the clearing outside of the clinic. This is the start of the love affair between James and Lilly, a relationship they pursue though the clinic’s rules state that men and women patients cannot interact with each other. James and Lilly often meet for long periods of time, kissing, holding each other, and talking. The relationships with Lilly and Leonard are two of the truest that James has ever known. James’s parents arrive at the clinic for the Family Program, despite his objections. Though seeing them is upsetting, James decides to participate. During a critical session, James finds out that he had an ear infection throughout his early childhood that made him scream and cry, which his parents left untreated. Also, he finds out that his grandfather had a drinking problem. James’s parents feel that maybe his grandfather’s addiction and the untreated ear infection had something to do with James’s addictions, but he refuses to accept this theory. As is his way in most areas of his life, James wants to go it alone and do things deeply and completely—this includes taking all responsibility for his condition. His addiction, he believes, is no illness. It is a weakness. It can only be overcome by taking full ownership. Once he comes to this conclusion, things begin to change for James. James’s parents have to leave unexpectedly because James’s father has a pressing business engagement. Although their early departure upsets James, their good-byes are on good terms. Soon after, James finds out from a distraught Lilly that her grandmother is gravely ill and only has a short time to live. Lilly runs away from the clinic, and James literally runs off after her. Two clinic staff members, Hank and Lincoln, follow him in a van and offer assistance. She is eventually found in an abandoned building in the middle of a sexual act, and it is clear that she has been smoking crack. Though James sees crack and has a chance to use it, he chooses Lilly over the drugs. He brings her safely back to the clinic and is permitted to stay. Lilly is forced to start over again with detoxification and will have to pay for another term, something she cannot afford. Continuing his quest to accept responsibility for his own life, James faces the criminal charges against him in Ohio. At first, he believes that he’ll have to be in jail for three years, but the sentence is mysteriously reduced to three months. James believes that his friend Leonard and his roommate Miles Davis helped reduce his sentence, but this fact is never confirmed. Leonard completes his program and prepares to leave the clinic. Before he does, he arranges for Lilly’s program to be paid for and asks James to be his son. The day before James leaves to begin his jail sentence, he confesses that a priest in Paris made unwanted sexual advances toward him, and that he beat the man seriously, possibly even killing him. This admission triggers a release in James, and he knows he is ready to leave. James’s brother and a friend pick him up at the clinic, and he immediately asks them to go to a bar. His brother and friend are stunned but give in to James’s request. At the bar James has Bob give him forty dollars and orders an entire pint glass full of whiskey. After looking at the glass and smelling the whiskey, James asks the bartender to pour it down the drain.

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Midnight Part II: Turning Point (in 3D)

Date- February 8th

Genre- Horror/Romance

Rating- PG-13- violence, action, language, sensuality and disturbing images

Theaters- 3,375 theaters

Budget- 100 million

Running Time- 131 minutes or 2 hours and 11 minutes

Studio- Mystic Entertainment and Lightstorm Entertainment

Director- David Slade

Actors and Actress-

Alex Sajez---James Franco----Vampire

Brian Sajez---Paul Wesley----Vampire

Michael Dullantor---Daniel Radcliffe----Wizard

Logan Davis--- Penn Bagdley----Werewolf

Vaughn Schwyz---Anton Yelchin----Werewolf

Luke Singatora---Will Smith----Vampire

Sasha Balista---Mary Kate Olsen ----Witch

Sarah Randoff---Sara Paxton----Human

Pamela Dullantor---Ellen Page----Human

Caroline---Hilary Duff----Witch/Vampire

Previous Film- 24.5M/54.7M


We see Sasha looking into a pool of water. She turns around and we see a crowd of wizards and witches standing in front of her. Sasha addresses the crowd. She says that the time is near for their attack on the vampires and werewolves. She says that the vampires and werewolves have grown to numerous and bold, and that they must be put back into their rightful place. Sasha says that the king and queen of the wizards and witches will stand in the defense of the vampires and werewolves and that they must be destroyed. The crowd shouts in agreement and declares Sasha their queen. Sasha smiles in delight. The movie moves to a coffee shop were we see Sarah and Pamela have coffee. Pamela tells Sarah that Michael is going to wizard school over the summer in Italy to learn how to master his powers. She says that he is leaving tomorrow and he is really excited. Pamela then asks Sarah how Logan is. Sarah says that Logan and the pack are moving to Manitoba because the once small town of Silver Creek is quickly expanding and there is almost no room for the growing pack. Plus, more and more vampires are returning to the town. Sarah says that it is hard for her to let Logan go but she always knew that they wouldn’t always be together and it will be good for her to leave the supernatural side of the world. She then asks Pamela if see has talked to Caroline lately. Pamela says no. Sarah says that she is worried about Caroline because Caroline disappeared after Alex’s death and has not been seen since. Pamela says that Caroline might be at her dad’s house in Florida. Sarah nods in agreement.

The movie moves to a stone building were we see Caroline reading a book on witch spells. She discovered with the help of Alex that she is a witch. Caroline shuts the book and asks if the person in the bedroom is ready. The person says yes. Caroline walks into the bedroom and we see Alex squeezing some of his blood into a cup. Caroline grabs the cup and drinks the blood. She nods her head. Alex grabs her head and breaks her neck. Caroline falls to the floor died. Alex lifts Caroline onto the bed and says to himself that she will be hungry when she awakes and that he must go find some fresh human blood for her. Alex walks outside, it is dark. He says that his revenge on Logan and all the werewolves will be complete because he has just created the most feared weapon against them a vampire-witch. He smiles satisfactorily to himself and vanishes like a bolt of lightning into the woods. The next day we see Logan, Sarah, and Pamela saying goodbye to Michael as he boards his plane. Michael privately tells Logan to stay in Silver Creek for a few weeks because Sasha is returning not alone but with a massive army of wizards and witches to destroy vampires and werewolves for eternity. He tells Logan to warn the vampire coven of the looming attack and prepare the coven and the pack for a battle. He also tells Logan that two unknown but powerful people will arrive in Silver Creek two days before Sasha’s arrival and the coven and the pack must ally with these two people if they want to survive. Logan must not tell Pamela or Sarah of the danger. Logan says that he will do as Michael wishes. On the drive back to Logan ask if Pamela and Sarah want to hang out with the wolf pack for day and then maybe they can visit the vampire coven. Pamela and Sarah both agree. Arriving at the pack Logan tells Vaughn to take Pamela and Sarah to the eating tent because they are hungry and he will met up with them later in the day to go to the vampire coven. Sarah ask Logan if he can skip whatever he has to do and just hang out with them since the pack will be leaving in a few days. Logan says that it is urgent business. Sarah asks what kind of urgent business. Logan tells her never mind and runs off. As the two girls eat Sarah asks Pamela if she noticed that Logan acted nervous on the drive back from the airport. Pamela says that Logan did show some signs of restlessness. Sarah says that Logan is probably upset that the pack is leaving Silver Creek. Suddenly Vaughn burst in the tent and tells the girls that the werewolves will be staying for a few more weeks. Sarah smiles but suddenly turns grave. She asks Vaughn if he knows why the pack is delaying their departure for a few weeks. Vaughn says that he doesn’t know why. Logan walks into the tent and tells the girls that he is ready to go to the coven.

Arriving at the coven they are greeted by Luke who tells them that it has been a long time since the coven has seen them and he asks them what brought then here. Logan tells Luke that he needs to talk to him privately. Sarah and Pamela decide to visit Brain and see how he is doing. The find Brain sitting at a table with a map stretched out in front of him. Sarah asks what he is doing. Brain says without turning around that he is tracking Sasha. He tells the girls that Michael made this map that would show were Sasha is. Pamela asks Brain if Sasha is close. Brain says that she is still in the Arctic region but is slowly moving southward. He says that when Sasha arrives back in Silver Creek he will make her wish she never returned. Pamela tells him that he needs to just except that Vicky is died and stops plotting his revenge on Sasha. She tells him that he will become like his brother, Alex if he doesn’t stop. Brain smashes the table and angrily glares at Pamela and tells her not to tell him what he is to do. Brain then disappears into the woods. When Logan, Sarah, and Pamela arrive back to the pack they are greeted by Vaughn who tells Sarah and Pamela everything about Sasha’s return and the battle that will follow. Sarah turns to Logan and demands him to tell her why he didn’t tell her. Logan doesn’t answer but lounges that Vaughn. Both boys transform into their wolf form and disappear in the underbrush fighting. Sarah is about to run after then but Pamela grabs her arm and tells Sarah that it is getting dark and they should be heading home. The movie moves back to the stone building were we see Alex teaching Caroline the ways of how to be a vampire and a witch. He tells her that to protect herself from the sun she must wear the ring that he gave her and that she must never take it off. He shows her how to run, leap, and kill. He tells her that vampire only can be killed by driving a stake through the heart and then burning the body. He also tells her that vampires can not enter homes unless invited in by the resident. He then tells Caroline his plan on killing Logan. Caroline agrees to help kill Logan but asks what Alex is going to do with Sarah. Alex says that he is going to make Sarah a vampire. Caroline moves uneasily at the news about Sarah and then asks what he is going to do with her when his plan is finished. Alex says that she can continue to live with him and Sarah or she can go on her own way. Alex tells Caroline that it is dark enough to hunt. Caroline tells him that she saw campers camping in the valley below. Alex and Caroline leave for the valley. The next day Pamela wakes up and turns on the TV and sees that three campers were killed last night. She calls Sarah and tells her to turn on the news. Sarah after watching the news tells Pamela that she will call Logan and see if it was a vampire attack. Logan tells Sarah that it was a vampire attack and that last night Vaughn and several other werewolves reported that they saw Alex with Caroline in the area. He tells Sarah that Caroline is a witch and that she probably brought Alex back from the dead and then Alex transformed Caroline into a vampire. He tells her that Caroline is a very powerful threat to the pack and to Sarah. He tells her that Michael told him that two very powerful people would return to Silver Creek and that the pack must ally with them to destroy Sasha. Logan says that he believes that the two powerful people are Alex and Caroline. After talking to Logan, Sarah meets Pamela and tells her everything. Pamela says that they must go to the pack.

Arriving at the wolf pack, they find that the vampire coven has decided to stay with the pack to help them. Sarah asks Luke what they are going to do. Luke says that they are going to send out a group of vampires and werewolves to bring Alex and Caroline to the camp and hopefully negotiate a treaty with them. The movie moves to a small open area of the forest were we see Alex and Caroline drinking from two died bodies. Caroline suddenly looks up and tells Alex to listen. Suddenly Logan bursts out of the woods followed by the rest of the werewolves pack in wolf former. Alex turns around and smacks Logan in the ribs causing Logan to roll over and retreat. Alex shouts to Caroline to run for the town since the werewolves can not follow her when she enters the town. Caroline turns and disappears in a flash. Alex bars his fangs at the werewolves and turns and flees. The werewolves race after him. As Caroline runs toward the town she is intercepted by Luke and Brain. Caroline leaps over Brain and collides with Luke in midair. Caroline and Luke plummet to the ground. Caroline quickly recovers herself and shows her fangs at Luke. Luke leaps at her but she suddenly disappears. Now running invisible because of her magic, Caroline reaches the town were she quickly walks into a shop and begins to look around, waiting for Alex to meet up with her. Meanwhile, Alex is running through the woods at lightening speed but is slowing being gained on by the werewolves. Alex leaps over a creek, briefly slowing the werewolves down. Alex is desperation decides to run to the vampire coven to possible gain protection there but he unknowingly running directly toward Luke and Brain. As Alex enters the coven area he is tripped by Luke. Alex recovering himself turns to attack Luke when Logan leaps on top of Alex. Alex and Logan struggle but Alex is eventually pinned to the ground by Logan with the help of Luke. Brain tells Alex that they don’t want to kill him they just need Alex’s and Caroline’s help. Alex says that he will not help them unless they allow him to kill Logan. Luke grabs a wooden stake and threatens to stab Alex through the heart with it. Alex pleads to Luke not to and he agrees to help them. Brain says that he doesn’t trust Alex and injects him with vervain to immobilize him. Luke says that he will go alone to get Caroline. An hour later Caroline arrives that the camp and Luke tells Alex and Caroline that Sasha is coming back to destroy the vampire and werewolf race forever. Luke asks that Alex and Caroline aid them in fighting against Sasha. Caroline immediately agrees but Alex changes his mind and refuses. Sarah walks up to Alex and tells him to fight against Sasha for her. She tells him that Sasha will no doubt kill her to. Alex hesitantly agrees to help under one condition. That he and Caroline will be allowed to leave Silver Creek in peace after Sasha is defeated. Luke and Logan agree to the condition. Logan says that Sasha and her army will be here in a day and that they have a lot to do. Caroline says that they must go and warn the king and queen wizard and witch of the coming attack. Brain says that he will go warn them since Caroline will no doubt be killed on spot because she is a vampire-witch. When Brain arrives at the palace he finds it empty. The king and queen must have already heard the news and fled. Brain returns to the camp and reports the news. Luke has been elected leader of the camp and he decides that the best place to battle Sasha is a heavily wooded area of the forest because the heavy foliage will hinder Sasha and her army from using their magic.

After everyone has retired to their tents for the night, Sarah is left sitting at the fire thinking about the next day. Alex walks up and sits down beside her. He asks her what she is going to do when Logan and the pack leave. Sarah says that she will resume a normal life and not date any supernatural boys. Alex laughs and throws a log into the fire. Sarah then asks Alex what he is going to do when Sasha is defeated. Alex says that he will return to is home town in England were he will continually plot on how to kill Logan. Sarah asks if he is still planning to vampirize her. Alex says no but that he still has feelings for Sarah. Sarah asks Alex why he wants to kill Logan. Alex says that a long time ago there was a girl named Jane who was a vampire. She and the human Alex fell in love and she made Alex a vampire. Logan was furious that his best friend was a vampire that he killed Jane. Alex says that he has never forgiven Logan since. Alex is about to say something when suddenly Sarah kisses him. Alex at first quickly draws back. Sarah tells him that he doesn’t need to be afraid. They kiss some more. Suddenly Alex is lifted off the ground and thrown against a tree. Logan enraged is about to stake Alex when Sarah leaps between Logan and Alex. She pleads with Logan not to hurt Alex; she says that it is her fault for kissing Alex. Logan stares blankly at Sarah and ask why. Sarah drops her head in shame. Logan snarls in rage and runs off in his wolf form into the forest. Sarah walks off toward her tent. Alex gets up and returns to sit by the fire. The next day, Logan returns and says that Sasha is only an hour away and that they must head for the forest. He says that the girls can go to a cliff that over looks the forest so they can watch the fight and also they will be safe there. The pack and coven head for the forest while Alex, Logan, Sarah, and Pamela head for the cliff. They walk to the cliff in silence. When they reach the cliff Sarah tells Logan that she is sorry for kissing Alex and that she truly loves Logan. Logan says that he forgives her. Alex in the meantime is draining some of his blood into two cups. When Logan disappears down the trail toward the forest he tells Sarah and Pamela to drink the blood. They ask why but Alex tells them to just drink it. Seeing no harm in it they drink the blood. Alex says goodbye and leaves.

The movie moves to Sasha. She is standing on the opposite cliff looking over the forest. Behind her stretches a massive army of wizards and witches. She tells a wizard beside her to move below to the forest where they will battle the infidels. She says to herself that she will kill Brian and then kill the traitor wizard’s sister Pamela and her werewolf and vampire lover friend Sarah. Back at the other side of the forest Luke ask Brian how Sasha could have gotten so many people to follow her. Caroline steps in saying that Sasha probably spelled the people into following her by using the Confession Spell. The spell last as long as the caster is alive. Vaughn says that they only need to kill Sasha and then they will have won. They hear a shout rise from the opposite side. The werewolves immediately transform into their wolf form. Luke says that they will charge on the count of three. They can hear the wizards and witches charging through the forest. The werewolves bolt from their position with yelps and snarls. The vampires leap through the high tree tops to jump on top of the attackers. The attackers quickly find out that their magic is greatly hindered in the forest. The werewolves dash into the mist of the wizards and witches army. With shouts of terror the wizards and witches desperately fight the werewolves. Suddenly the vampires leap from the tree tops on top of the wizards and witches. The wizards and witches are now slowly being driven back. Sasha seeing this from the cliff decides to attack Sarah and Pamela first to distract the vampires and werewolves. Sasha says that first though she must aid her troops. She begins to chant a spell. A circle of fire encircles her. The sky begins to darken as the moon passes in front of the sun. Her troops seeing this shout in triumph and rush on the vampire and werewolves with new energy. Logan asks Caroline what is happening. Caroline rips a witches head off and says that she doesn’t know. Thick black clouds cover the sky and bolts of light flash across the heavens. Heavy rain and hail soon follow. A dozens of tornados rips through the forest hurling werewolves and vampires into the air.

On the cliff Sarah and Pamela witness the events that just happened. They run into a shelter in the side of the cliff. Sasha on the other side finishes the spell and changes form into a raven. She flies across the forest in a bolt. Pamela says that she is going to run down the cliff and see what is happening. Sarah tells her to watch out for the hail and tornados. Pamela disappears down the trail. Sarah is thinking if she should follow Pamela when suddenly Sasha transforms into her human form in front of Sarah. Sarah stands up and asks Sasha what she wants with her. Sasha tells her that she must die because she is connected with vampires and werewolves. Sarah glares at Sasha and says that Sasha will never get away with killing her. Sasha hurls lightening at Sarah. Sarah falls to the ground. She screams for Logan and then dies. Pamela hears Sarah’s scream and turns and dashes up the trail. She sees Sasha standing over the dead body of Sarah. Pamela yells in rage and rushes at Sasha. Sasha blast witches fire at Pamela. Pamela instinctively throws up her hand. The fire reflects off of Pamela’s hand and consumers Sasha. Sasha shrieks in pain. Pamela stunned of a minute gazes at her unburned hand and then rushes to Sarah’s side. Pamela seeing that Sarah is dead cries uncontrollably. Down in the forest the vampires and werewolves are slowly been driven back, Alex’s sharp hears hers Sarah’s scream. Alex is about to run to the cliff to help Sarah when he hears Sarah scream Logan’s name. Alex turns and continues to fight. Caroline tells Logan that she can feel and hear Pamela crying. Logan turns and runs for the cliff. Alex follows quickly after him. When Logan reaches the cliff he runs up to Sarah’s body. He lifts up the limp body crying. He and Pamela continue crying. Alex glances at Sarah’s body and sees that she will transform into a vampire turns and mutters that Logan is going to definitely stake him. Brian arrives on the cliff and says that they are been driven back. He glances and Sarah’s body and then glances at Alex. Alex nods. Brian shakes his head turns and sees Sasha lying on the ground. Sasha glares at Brian and says that she hates him. She grabs a knife and stabs herself in the heart with it. Her head falls back and she is dead. A bright light shines from her body and then flashes through the forest. Alex says that the spell the broken. Down below they hear noises of terror and see the remaining witches and wizard scatter in all directions. Vaughn, Luke, and Caroline arrive and say that the attackers have fallen back and are defeated. Logan and Pamela stop crying and say that the victory has come at a heavy price. Logan says that he should have never left Pamela and Sarah unattended to.

Suddenly Sarah moves and opens her eyes. She asks what happened. Pamela overjoyed hugs Sarah and says that the witches and wizards are defeated and that Sasha is dead. Sarah turns to Logan and says that she know Logan would save her from Sasha when Sasha attacked her. Logan doesn’t answer. He gazes at Sarah with a shocked look. He suddenly turns on Alex and grabs Alex and hurls him against the cliff wall. He asks Alex what he did to Sarah. Alex says that he gave Sarah and Pamela some of his blood to protect them. Logan snarling in anger grabs a stake to kill Alex when Sarah realizing what happened jumps in front of Logan. She pleads with Logan to let Alex live and she tells Logan that she still loves him even though she’s a vampire. Logan lets Alex go. Luke says that they must get Sarah some blood and a ring since the sky is starting to clear up. Brian walks up and gives the ring to Logan. He nods his head to Logan. Logan drops to one knee and she holds up the ring and asks Sarah if she wants to marry him. Sarah accepts his request. Caroline says that they must burn the bodies since they don’t want the police to find out what happened here. Alex says that Sarah can drink from the bodies to get the blood she’ll need to finish becoming a vampire. As they burn the bodies, Pamela tells them what happened when Sasha tried to kill her with fire. Luke says that Pamela is has powers to repel magic used against her. Pamela asks what the coven is going to do know that Sasha is defeated. Luke says that they will stay in the town. Pamela says that Sarah is going with Logan and the pack to Manitoba to live and that she (Pamela) is going with them. After the bodies are burned, Logan and Sarah go to a tiny abandoned church and get married. After the wedding, Caroline announces that she will stay with the vampire coven in the town. Alex says that he is leaving tonight for England. Sarah gives Alex a hug goodbye and tells him visit often. As Alex leaves he tells Logan that these events that have happened over the past months have changed nothing how he feels about Logan. Alex says that Logan will have to sleep with one eye one. Logan smiles and Alex disappears into the darkness of the forest. The next day we see the werewolf pack, Sarah, and Pamela heading north for the Canadian border. Sarah says as the camera slowly zooms out that this turning point in her life. She says that her vampire life is going to be just as difficult as her human life. She says that she is not a saint nor a devil but a normal girl who fell in love with a beast and a demon. She says that this is the conclusion of her story.

Midnight Part 2: Turning Point

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Date- December 25th (Wednesday)

Genre- Sci-Fi

Rating- PG-13- sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence, some language, and brief sexual content.

Theaters- 3,251 theaters (released in Real Digital 3D)

Budget- 205 million

Running Time- 92 minutes or 1 hour and 32 minutes

Studio- Mystic Entertainment

Director- Brothers Strause

Plot: Four people, Sarah, Lydia, Drew, and Mason are trapped in Miami, Florida when a terrifying invasion of aliens attacks Earth. The aliens use a gas to make humans see things in 3D which weakens their ability to fight back. They desperately struggle to reach the mid-land were they will be safe from the attack along with some more people. In the end all but Lydia and Drew are killed. Drew says that the invasion has just begun.

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A Wrinkle in Time

Date- July 26th

Genre- Family Fantasy

Rating- PG

Theaters- 3,461 theaters

Budget- 85 million

Running Time- 114 minutes or 1 hour and 54 minutes

Studio- Number 2 Productions

Director- Chris Columbus

Actors and Actresses-

Meg- Elle Fanning

Charles- Joel Courtney

Calvin- Josh Courtney

Plot: Meg Murry's classmates and teachers see her as a troublesome student. Her family knows that she is emotionally immature but also see her as capable of great things. The family includes her pretty scientist mother; her mysteriously absent scientist father; her 10-year-old twin brothers, the athletic Sandy and Dennys; and her five year-old brother Charles Wallace Murry, a super-genius.

During a stormy night the Murrys are visited by an eccentric old woman named Mrs. Whatsit, who has previously made the acquaintance of Charles Wallace. After drying her feet and having a snack with Charles, Meg, and their mother, Mrs. Whatsit tells an already perplexed Mrs. Murry that "there is such a thing as a tesseract," which causes her to almost faint.

The next morning, Meg discovers the term refers to a scientific concept her father was working on before his mysterious disappearance. The following afternoon, Meg and Charles Wallace encounter Meg's schoolmate, Calvin O'Keefe, a high-school junior who, although he is a "big man on campus", considers himself a misfit as well. They go to visit an old haunted house near town which Charles Wallace already knows as the home of Mrs. Whatsit. There they encounter a companion of Mrs. Whatsit, the equally strange Mrs. Who. She promises that she and her friends will help Meg find and rescue her father. Meg tells Calvin a great deal about herself, including the disappearance of her father, and they become close. In the evening, Charles Wallace declares it is time for them to go on their mission to save their father. This is accompanied by the appearance of the third member of the "Mrs. W's", Mrs. Which.

Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Which turn out to be angelic beings who transport Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin O'Keefe through the universe by means of tesseract, a fifth-dimensional phenomenon explained as being similar to folding the fabric of space and time. Their first stop is the planet Uriel, a Utopian world filled with joyous, Centaur-like beings who live always in a state of light and love. There the "Mrs. Ws" reveal to the children that the universe is under attack from an evil being who appears as a large dark cloud called The Black Thing. Seeing the Black Thing even from a distance is disturbing to Meg. While working on a secret government project to achieve faster-than-light travel by tesseract, Meg's father was accidentally trapped on Camazotz, an alien planet dominated by the Black Thing. The children are then taken elsewhere to visit a woman who is a kind of medium (the "Happy Medium") with a crystal ball. In it, they see that Earth is partially covered by the darkness, although great religious figures, philosophers, and artists have been fighting against it. Mrs. Whatsit is revealed to be a former star who exploded in an act of self-sacrifice to fight the darkness.

The children travel to Camazotz to rescue Meg's father. They find that all the inhabitants behave in a mechanistic way and seem to be all under the control of a single mind. They look for the central headquarters on the planet (described as CENTRAL Central Intelligence) and they discover a red-eyed man with telepathic abilities who can cast a hypnotic spell over their minds. He claims to know the whereabouts of their father. Charles Wallace looks into his eyes and becomes taken over by the mind controlling the planet. Under its influence, he takes Meg and Calvin to the place where Dr. Murry is being held prisoner because he would not succumb to the group mind. The planet turns out to be controlled by an evil disembodied brain with powerful telepathic abilities, which the inhabitants of Camazotz call "IT". Charles Wallace takes them to the place where IT is held, and in close proximity to IT, all of them are threatened by a possible telepathic takeover of their minds. To escape, Dr. Murry "tessers" Calvin, Meg and himself away from Camazotz, but Charles Wallace is left behind, still under the influence of IT. The experience of tessering through The Black Thing nearly kills Meg, and she is almost completely paralyzed upon their arrival to the dimly lit, "colorless" planet of Ixchel. Calvin and the Murrys are discovered by the planet's inhabitants: large, sightless "beasts" with tentacles and four arms who prove both wise and gentle. Meg's paralysis is cured under the care of one inhabitant, whom Meg nicknames "Aunt Beast", and she is charged with rescuing Charles Wallace by the Mrs. Ws. Mrs. Which tessers Meg to Camazotz and tells her that she possesses something that can defeat IT. Confronting IT, Meg realizes that the evil IT is unable to stand the emotion love, and by focusing all her love at Charles Wallace she is able to free him from IT's control. Mrs. Whatsit tessers the Murrys and Calvin back to Earth, where they are reunited with Mrs. Murry and the twins. The three Mrs. Ws appear for a moment to say goodbye to the family, but before they can reveal what they are going to do, they disappear forever.

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The Haunting in Wisconsin

Date- Wednesday, February 13th

Genre- Supernatural Horror

Rating- R- horror violence, terror and disturbing images, language, drug use, and some sexuality

Theaters- 2,567 on Wednesday and Thursday and then expanding to 3,205 theaters on Friday.

Budget- 18 million

Running Time- 100 minutes or 1 hour and 40 minutes

Studio- Mystic Entertainment

Director- Gore Verbinski and Sami Rami

Actors and Actress-

Ethan-------Dave Franco

Joseph-----Josh Hutcherson

Pamela------Kirby Bliss Blanton

Frank-------Anton Yelchin

Susanna-----Alexis Knapp

Plot: The movie begins in Wisconsin in 1957 were we see several adult people sacrificing a child to the devil. The young child screams in pain and fear as he is burned to death. The people then thank the devil.

Then movie moves to present day. We follow high school senior, Frank. Frank lives in a huge Victorian house. We learn that strange things have happened in the house and Frank believes it is haunted however his parents dismiss it with passion. Frank at school has a crush on Pamela. He is struggling to ask her out because he has a great friendship and is afraid of spoiling it. We learn more about Frank and his friends Ethan who is into theatre, Joseph who is a baseball player, and Susanna who is the school head cheerleader. We see several days in there lives. On day, we see Frank talking to his friends. He ask them if they what to come over to his house tonight to party since his parents are going out of town of the weekend. They all agree. When the evening comes they arrive at Frank’s house and begin to party. The party includes smoking drugs, drinking alcohol, and Susanna has a strip dance. Frank asks Pamela out. She accepts and they both lose their virginity. They all soon get tired and go to sleep. Several hours later Ethan hears a door slam downstairs. He gets out of bed and walks down stairs he finds the back door locked shut. The lights begin to flicker off and on and the TV and radio begin to buzz strangely. Ethan nervously begins to walk up stairs. Out of the basement comes an invisible force that grabs Ethan around the leg. Ethan tries to escape but cannot. Ethan screaming is dragged down into the basement. Joseph hears Ethan’s screams for help. Joseph wakes Frank and the two rush downstairs. They see Ethan being pulled do the basement stairs. Joseph grabs a knife. Another invisible force throws Frank and Joseph across the room and then rushes around the room throwing furniture and other thing around. Suddenly the force disappears into the TV. Meanwhile Ethan is dragged to the bottom the stairs where he is thrown against a wall. Ethan screams at the top of his lungs and then falls limply to the floor. Pamela runs down the stairs and asks what happened; Joseph and Frank tell her everything. Frank asks where Susanna is. They hear a scream. Running up stairs they find Susanna lying in bed yelling to wake up. Suddenly her body is lifted into the air; Joseph grabs a crucifix and begins to tell the spirit to leave. The crucifix melts to hot metal. Joseph drops the crucifix. Susanna suddenly screams in full force and then her body goes limp as her spine is cracked and she falls to the ground. The invisible force grabs the burning crucifix and brands Susanna’s died body with it. The force then shattered the windows in the room and vanishes. After turning on the lights, Pamela says that they have to know what’s going on here. Joseph calls the police but the police refuse to come thinking it is some prank. Frank meanwhile grabs his parent’s old family history book. Looking through it they see a picture of their grandparents sacrificing bodies to the devil. Joseph says that the spirits are seeking revenge on them by killing them. Pamela asks Joseph and Frank how that can stop this spirits. Frank says that they will call on the spirits via a séance to tell the spirits that they mean no harm. They walk down into the basement to do the séance. They are horrified by Ethan’s distorted body. As they do the séance the spirits arrives and tells them to stop. Joseph answers by saying no. The lights flicked and go out. Suddenly they turn on with intense brightness. Pamela falls to the ground. Her jaw extends full length and her teeth bend forward as she leaps at Joseph. Joseph dodges her and shouts to Frank that Pamela has been possessed. Pamela roars in anger and tells Frank and Joseph that she will not be satisfied until she has killed them. Pamela then begins to counts, “1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, ect.” She begins to speak in various languages. Frank tries to persuade the spirits to leave them along. Pamela screams, “WE ARE MANY! WE THIRST FOR VEGENCE! WE WILL NOT LEAVE YOU UNTIL WE BRING YOU ALL TO HELL TO SUFFER WITH US!!! ” Frank grabs a wooden cross and shouts for the spirits to get out of Pamela in the name of Jesus. Pamela laughs hysterically. Frank puts the cross on Pamela. Pamela roars in anger when the cross touches her. Black smoke comes out of Pamela’s mouth as the spirits leaves. Pamela falls into a chair. Frank runs over and asks if she is ok. Pamela suffers from a mental break down and begins to sob but she is shocking physically fine. Frank comforts her. Suddenly a strong wind blows out the candles. The lights turn off. A fiery hole appears in the ground. Joseph whispers that it is the gateway to hell. Hundreds of bats, flies, and crows fly out of the hole, Pamela screams and runs up the stair. Demonic hands with writing engraved in them emerge from the hole. They grab Joseph around the waist and begin to pull him toward the hole. The demons and spirits howl in delight. Frank grabs Joseph’s hand to try to pull him away from the hole but the demons are too strong. Joseph screams as he is dragged to hell. Frank turns in terror and rushes up the stairs. Frank grabs Pamela and runs to the door to leave the house. Pamela manages to make it outside. Frank is just about to come out when suddenly the door slams shut. Pamela tries to open the door but in vain. She hears Frank telling her to run and get out of here to get help. Pamela turns and leaps into her car. The car doesn’t start. She looks up and sees two little children with masks on staring in the window at her. She screams to terror and panics. The children break the glass and try to grab Pamela. Pamela fights them off with an umbrella. Pamela gets outside of the car and runs. The children collapse and a black smoke leaves their mouth showing that they were possessed. Inside Frank shouts at the spirit to get out of his home. The spirit grabs Frank and tosses him around the room. Frank lays on the floor with both legs broken and completely helpless against the spirit. The spirit starts the house on fire. Frank screams in pain as he is burned to death. The house then explodes and debris falls all over the road. The neighbors run outside and call the police. Meanwhile Pamela is running down the street. The runs up to a house and bangs on the door. The door opens and she sees a man clearly possessed. Pamela screams as the man stabs her. The spirits scream in delight at her death. Suddenly, Joseph bolts up in his bed. He suddenly hears Ethan’s screams down stairs. His TV acts up and suddenly a face of a dead girl pops up and screams for Joseph. Joseph yells in fright. Knowing that he just had a vision of his and his friend’s death and beginning to go insane with fright. Joseph opens the window to his room and leaps out and is impaled by a fence post near the house.

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