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2.6 "Black Sensation"

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Game 2.6

Deadline: Friday, July 13 at 2:00 P.M. Eastern (1:00 P.M. Central)

1. Predict Ice Age: Continental Drift's Friday share of its weekend gross (e.g. if you predict 20m Friday and 60m total, you answer would be 33.3% or 33.33%)

2. Predict the difference in opening weekends between Ice Age: Continental Drift and Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (41.69 million)

3. Predict The Amazing Spider-Man's gross through Saturday (SATURDAY! Do not include its total gross through Sunday, just its total gross through Saturday)

4. Predict Ted's percent drop on Sunday from last Sunday (its Sunday-to-Sunday percent drop)

5. Predict Savage's Friday gross

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*Let me start by saying that I was considering dropping Question 2 given that the majority scored 0% on it, but it wouldn't be fair to the player who scored nearly 100% on it, and with last week's bonuses, a couple other players did well on the question. Also, my decision to not drop Question 2 is justified because it wouldn't affect the rankings this week.

"Black Sensation" - Game 2.6

This week produced a most interesting turn of events. A new team emerged at the top, and the two frontrunner teams wound up at the bottom. What a hectic twist.

Sweeping in at number one, "The Black Stallions" dominated with a 90.60% score. Xeno and Doc benefited from their bonus prizes, as did the members on second place "Epic Sensation". Also coming in the top 3 was "Team Incredibles." This week, "The Stallions" hold the reigns, so it's their call, but as far as The Challenge goes, those three teams are safe...unless another Challenge option is chosen.

But what is startling is the placement of "The Shadowkillers" and season frontrunners "The Crimson Knights." The two teams spent a turn outside the top 3. In fact, this was the first time "The Knights" fell so far, as they had spent all but last week at number 1 and then number 2 last week. And "The Shadowkillers" have shot up as one of the most prominent teams of the season. The placement of these two teams is highly alarming, but everyone has a slip up every now and then.

Now let's move on to the results:


DoctorWho: 90.79% +7 (+2 2nd individual, +3 1st team, +2 90%+)

XenoZodiac: 90.41% +6 (+1 3rd individual, +3 1st team, +2 90%+)

AVG: 90.60% +13 (IMMUNE)


riczhang: 62.47%

Totem: 67.10%

AVG: 64.79%


Fakhir: 83.80% +5 (+2 2nd team, +1 80%+, +1 highest Question 1, +1 highest Question 4)

Schumacher FTW: 91.11% +9 (+5 highest individual, +2 2nd team, +2 90%+)

AVG: 87.46% +14 (IMMUNE)


acsc1312: 70.13%

CEDAR: 69.01%

Goffe Rises: 69.01%

AVG: 69.38%


Avatarfan: 75.87% +4 (+1 3rd team, +1 highest Question 3, +1 highest Question 4, +1 highest Question 5)

JackO: 87.89% +3 (+1 3rd team, +1 80%+, +1 highest Question 2)

Sims: 72.02% +1 (+1 3rd team)

AVG: 78.59% +8 (IMMUNE)

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The Crimson Knights






Epic Sensation




Schumacher FTW


The Black Stallions






The Shadowkillers






Goffe Rises


Team Incredibles








Updated as of Game 6

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"The Black Stallions" won this week. This means it is their decision as to whether a Challenge will be held at all. They have three choices:

1. The Challenge (send two members against each other into a competition whereby one will be eliminated)*

2. The Creator Challenge (Challenge The Creator (me) - If you win, you can double your point total. If you lose, you forfeit all your points.)

3. NEW The Assimilation and Elimination Challenge (The objective here is for the winning team to choose someone(s) they wish to see on their team, usually a high scoring player. The winning team selects a player they wish to have join them. However, that player may wish to stay on his team. In this case, the winning team will Challenge that player. The winning team establishes the benchmark for that player to pass on the Challenge (for example, the player must score 85%+ or 90%+ or something). If the player beats that benchmark, he can stay on his original team. If he does not, he will be assimilated onto the winning team

NEW: Now this Challenge also features a second selection. The winning team chooses one member from any given team to join them. The other member of that team will go into a Sudden Death Challenge. He must score above the benchmark established by the winning team to stay alive (the benchmark cannot be higher than 90%))

*In The Challenge (option 1) the top 3 teams are immune and people can buy immunity. All bets are off for the other two Challenges.

Immune players (from The Challenge Option 1): Avatarfan, Fakhir, JackO, Schumacher FTW, and Sims

Immunty cost: +8 points

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Everyone has a bad week now and then. It's really just surprising that it happened to the two strongest (so far) teams of the season in the same week. And even though Goffe was a black horse on "The Shadowkillers", he did manage to perform consistently with both of the teams star players.

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And "The Black Stallions" have spoken...

The Assimilation Challenge - Week 6

Finally someone has set their eyes on targetting "The Crimson Knights." We had to know this was coming sooner or later, and here it is at last. "The Black Stallions" have selected Totem for assimilation. Xeno has decided to enter into The Challenge himself, and these are the stakes: Totem must score at least 0.01% higher than Xeno to remain on "The Crimson Knights." If he scores lower than Xeno, he will be reassigned to "The Black Stallions".

Now the second half of this Challenge is an Elimination Challenge, reserved for the other member of the team. Riczhang has been selected for the Elimination Challenge. However, in light of recent events, an immunity purchase has been permitted for this Challenge, so riczhang has purchased an immunity for 8 points to abstain from this Challenge.

So, to Xeno and Totem, here is your Challenge:

1. Predict Ice Age: Continental Drift's Wednesday gross

2. Predict The Amazing Spider-Man's Wednesday per theater average

3. Predict Ted's Wednesday percent drop (from Tuesday)


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And the results are in.

The Assimilation Challenge

Did Totem have what it takes to keep "The Crimson Knights" alive, or has Xeno found away to break up the star team? Find out now:



Impressive, but is it enough?



Indeed it was. Xeno was in the lead but his answer to the third question dragged his score down a hearty amount. This means that Totem has certainly surpassed his goal of scoring 0.01% higher than Xeno and will remain on "The Crimson Knights" with partner riczhang.

We've had some impressive Challenge scores this season, but we have not yet had a player perform like Fake because no one player has been selected for The Challenge so many times.

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