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CAYOM: Year 4 (Part 1)

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The Last Six

Writer-Director: Brad Bird

Genre: Fantasy Action

Date: July 18

Studio: Blankments Productions

Cast: Jeremy Renner as the Boss, James McAvoy as Afterlife, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Dionysus, Armie Hammer as Ares, Andrew Garfield as Loki, AnnaSophia Robb as Freyja, Olivia Wilde as Isis, Chris Pine as Osiris, Krysta Rodriguez as Female Loki, Mark Ruffalo as Ra, and Jeff Bridges as Odin.

Music by: Michael Giacchino.

Runtime: 142 min

Format: Filmed entirely in IMAX

Tagline: Four Worlds, Three Mythologies, Two Gods, One Movie.

Plot Summary: After Afterlife escapes his possession, the Boss recruits Greek, Norse, and Egyptian gods to help save all four worlds from the chaos of Afterlife.


Blankments Logo appears.

Blankments Productions Proudly Presents. A Brad Bird Film. The film begins on a mountain. At the top of the mountain are two people, the Boss and Afterlife. They are locked in a huge fight between the two of them, using their omnipotence to predict blows and deflect them on time. The fight lasts for two minutes with amazing stunts and awe-inspiring magic when suddenly, Afterlife gives himself up. The Boss says he will be banished to the Burning Place for ten millenniums for his crimes against the four worlds, and then he may be able to return the Great Domain. Afterlife smiles and tells the Boss that he has found a way to make a better place than the Great Domain. He then suddenly jumps up, and pushes the Boss down the mountain. Afterlife quickly then teleports away. The Boss flies back up to the top of the mountain, and, realizing what is about to happen, frowns and quickly teleports away, saying that he hopes he won’t be too late.


Cut to the town of Sparta, Olympus where we see Ares hosting guests. God King of this city-state, he is hosting his annual feast before his yearly pilgrimage to the Mount, the capital of the realm. The pilgrimage is for the twelve Olympians annual council. Dionysus is there, complaining that he has to be here for the feast, and that he never throws a feast for himself in his homecity-state. Ares replied why anyone would give him a feast when he lives in the Mount himself. Ares tells Dionysus just to enjoy the party, and that he’ll only be needed to make wine. The party continues with the two of them being the only major Gods there, although Nemesis, Bia, and other minor Gods constitute the guests. The party then ends, with everyone cheering for them as they both leave Sparta in Ares’ battle chariot; with of course, Ares driving as Dionysus is not sober at all.

However, as soon as they leave, Afterlife arrives at the party, believing Ares and Dionysus to still be there. He then tells everyone at the party to say good-bye to Sparta. Afterlife then teleports away and the city explodes immediately, starting a shockwave around the entire realm of Olympus. Ares and Dionysus are already far away from the city and don’t realize this until suddenly, the Boss lands on their chariot. The Boss tells the two that they need to leave now, and he’ll explain as soon as possible. Ares doesn’t believe him and Dionysus is passed out so they tell him to get off their chariot. The Boss, however, won’t take no for an answer and teleports the three of them away just before the shockwave hits the chariot.

The two land in a forest, where Dionysus wakes up and Ares is ticked off. Dionysus has a major hangover though, and complains about while Ares asks the Boss what he did. The Boss explains what is going on: his arch nemesis known as Afterlife is enacting his master plan. Afterlife wishes to destroy all three mythological worlds, Olympus, Asgard, and Maat, which will greatly weaken the core planet holding the mythological worlds, Earth, which Afterlife wishes to destroy and remake in glory to himself and chaos. The Boss then tells Dionysus and Ares that they are the last two members of Olympus alive, including Zeus. They might be able to rebuild their world eventually, but for now, they need to help the Boss stop Afterlife from destroying the last two mythological worlds. Ares is apprehensive, but Dionysus is completely on board, mostly because he believes it will help him get rid of his hangover. Ares agrees, believing the last Olympians need to stick together.

The Boss informs the Olympians that they are in a forest outside of Asgard, where they need to warn Odin and help him stop Afterlife from destroying the realm. The Boss says that only the leader of the realm can stop Afterlife, and as none of the three are the leaders of the realm, they need to find Odin. Ares asks if he had gotten to Zeus, would Olympus have been saved. The Boss sadly answers yes, but then he tells them that if they save Asgard, then it’s likely they will be able to restore Olympus. The three of them then begin traveling towards Asgard, as the Boss’s teleporting abilities must be saved for if they wish to restore Olympus.

However, the three do not travel far, until a large wild boar attacks them. Ares and Dionysus fight it into submission and is about to kill the boar until the Boss says to stop. The Boss then walks up to the boar and concentrates, restoring the boar to a God, Loki. Loki is shocked and thanks the Boss for lifting his curse. Suddenly though, Freyja appears, sensing Loki being freed from his punishment. Freyja explains Loki has acted up, capturing her boar, Hidisvini, to try to make a great feast, and as punishment, Freyja turned him into a boar. Loki says that Freyja was being ridiculous and that he was just trying to give the boar a huge hug. Freyja is unconvinced, and then asks Ares, Dionysus, and the Boss why they are here, as they are clearly not Asgardians.

The Boss starts to explain, but then Dionysus volunteers just to give them the information through a special form of wine he can develop. Dionysus materializes the wine and gives it to the two, instantly giving them knowledge of the situation. Loki remarks that a world of chaos sounds fun, but the Boss rebukes by saying Loki would have no controlled chaos in that world, just chaotic chaos. Freyja agrees and then takes the group onto her chariot to fly towards Asgard.

Meanwhile, in Asgard, Odin is looking out the window of his bedroom when Afterlife comes in, saying hello kindly to the old god. Odin turns seeing Afterlife, and perceiving him correctly as a threat. Odin asks why he is here, and Afterlife says he is here to destroy and rebuild the worlds in glorious chaos in a lecture to Odin. Odin is annoyed and throws his spear, Gungnir, at Afterlife. It stabs Afterlife through the heart, but he just takes it out easily and laughs at how pathetic it is. He then throws Gungnir at Odin, which weakens Odin greatly. Odin bitterly laughs, saying that he is the most immortal of the Asgardians, and it is impossible to kill him. Afterlife just smiles and teleports away as Gungnir explodes, killing Odin and sending a shockwave of destruction out to engulf Asgard.

The Boss feels this, says it is too late for them, and teleports them away. They land in the Desert Sea of Maat. Freya and Loki look at each other in realization of what has just occurred. Dionysus asks in desperation if there is any chance for Olympus to be saved, and Loki asks the same of Asgard. The Boss sadly replies he fears not, but they still need to stop Afterlife. The Boss deduces he’ll be headed toward Heliopolis, where Ra lives. Ares uses his inner sense of direction to lead the way to Heliopolis, when after a few minutes of traveling, the ground gives way and the group falls down a seemingly bottomless chasm.

Nevertheless, they do land in the Underworld, in the court of Osiris. Isis is next to Osiris, who asks who are they and where did they come from. Isis senses that they are invaders, except for the Boss, which she oddly feels like belongs. Osiris is calmer, saying that they should welcome them. Isis relents, and then creates a feast out of thin air for then. Dionysus steps up and asks if he could supply the wine, winking at the Boss. Isis is suspicious, but Osiris says he’s happy to try foreign wine. Dionysus creates some of the memory-inducing wine, and then Isis and Osiris drink it, allowing them to realize what is happening. Osiris’s eyes widen, and he says they need to go warn Ra. Osiris then teleports all seven of them to Heliopolis

In Heliopolis, Afterlife has just arrived, sighing. It’s clear the constant transporting between realms is tiring him. Nevertheless, he continues on, finding Ra landing from raising the moon. Afterlife smiles, when suddenly, the seven appear in front of him. Loki sneers at him and throws a dagger right into Afterlife’s eye. Afterlife smiles, takes out the knife with the eye still on it, and sets the knife on purple fire in his hand as he grows the eye back. Ra looks on in confusion asking what’s going on. Osiris says that Afterlife is going to destroy their world. Ra turns to Afterlife, who throws the flaming knife at the head of Ra, setting him on fire and disintegrating him. Afterlife teleports away and the shockwave is seen beginning in slow motion, as the Boss teleports himself and the six gods away as well.

They land in The Mall in Washington D.C. in the middle of the day. Seeing a crowd of people not far away, Loki sets a field of illusion, allowing the six gods and the Boss to stay there for the time being, and making them invisible and silent to any pedestrian. Osiris and Isis realize what just happened, and the Boss sadly says that all is lost for the three realms of mythology. The Boss says they should attempt to stop Afterlife on Earth, since no matter what happens, the seven will remain immortal to live through suffering at the hands of Afterlife. After some considerable debate on if they should stick together, the six gods decide to try to save the Earth.

The Boss explains that in order to rebuild the Earth, he’ll need to destroy it first. Freyja asks why Afterlife can’t use a shockwave here to instantly destroy the planet. The Boss explains that the shockwave only works with the mythological worlds. Afterlife must take another route, one that is natural. Ares realizes that an act of war must be done by a leader, thus, Afterlife must be going after the White House for the Football. Once he has possession of the Football, he will launch all of the United States nuclear missiles to destroy the planet. The Boss nods, saying that Afterlife is resting now and will attack in a few hours, with an army. The gods must spread and be ready for Afterlife’s attack.

They reveal themselves to the people in the Mall, and, deciding they should get the city to evacuate, Loki shapeshifts into a huge griffin with the head of a dragon to scare the people and get the city to go inside their houses outside of the battlefield. Then, they run to their battle stations. Dionysus and Osiris decide to take the perimeter of the city, Osiris for offense and Dionysus to create a vine wall of defense. Loki and Ares go just outside the city, to fight Afterlife’s forces before they make it into the city. Freyja and Isis protect the White House, in case some forces attack them both. Finally, the Boss watches over everything from the top of the Washington Monument, saying that he must save his now-limited energy to defeat Afterlife.

Meanwhile, Afterlife is Arlington. He mutters to himself that he is going to need an army to take the city, but then he looks around and smiles. Suddenly, the dead start rising around him, but not as zombies. As they come to life, still decaying, Afterlife fixes them so they have no damage on them at all. One of the soldiers thanks Afterlife, and then they all thank him. They ask if they can go back to their families, and Afterlife responds by saying after they take Washington D.C. The soldiers, their minds wiped of their allegiance, swear their new allegiance to Afterlife, and begin marching towards the city.

The army of 200,000 arrives at Ares and Loki’s doorstep. Ares attempts to control the dead soldiers but soon realizes they aren’t undead. The two then look at each other, and begin fighting, Ares by using his brute strength and unleashing dogs and boars upon the army and Loki by duplicating himself and shapeshifting into unimaginable beasts to fight. Nevertheless, a number make it past them to Dionysus and Osiris to fight. Dionysus sends leopards after them, and traps a number of the army in vines. Osiris tries to control the army, since he realizes they were raised from dead, but he finds that Afterlife was able to completely restore them from the dead. He then takes out his crook, using it to easily dispatch several members of the army.

Ares and Loki are still battling right outside the perimeter, when Loki sees Afterlife. Loki charges, but then suddenly finds in himself in the throne room of Asgard. Afterlife is sitting on the throne, smiling. Loki looks at him, and sees through the illusion, telling Afterlife to face him like a man. Afterlife smiles, and says that of course, he’ll treat Loki like a man. After all, his brother and his father died because of his slowness, and that’s what Loki always wanted. Loki shouts no and then charges his staff toward Afterlife. Afterlife freezes Loki, scolding him and telling him he of all people should know that the one controlling the illusion cannot be killed. Loki says Afterlife wouldn’t dare waste his energy on killing him. Afterlife says that’s true, and then extends Loki an offer to join him. They both would thrive in the chaos and Loki would be the crown prince, able to torment and trick as many people as he can. Loki tells him he will never serve under a man as sinister as Afterlife, and that even himself has standards. Afterlife frowns briefly but then returns to his permanent sneer. He says that as Loki refused to be a man and join up, so it shall be. Loki then blackouts to hearing Afterlife laugh.

Meanwhile, Isis and Freyja see the fight and feel the need to join in. They ignore what they’ve been told to do and run off from the White House to join Dionysus and Osiris. However, they see a flash above the Lincoln Memorial and fly there. A woman has just fallen from the sky: Loki. Loki looks at her new body and sighs, remarking not again. Loki attempts to shapeshift but finds that she cannot. Freyja and Isis try to reverse the spell but can’t, as it is tethered to Afterlife’s power. Loki says she’ll be able to shapeshift and become a man again as soon they defeat Afterlife. She then goes with Freyja and Isis to join Dionysus and Osiris.

Meanwhile, Ares is fighting alone, but actually doing a good job. We get a minute long take of Ares fighting the army without cutting away until one of them gets a good hit on him. Ares falls to the ground, and the army tramples over him, making him unable to move. However, a huge vine comes in and knocks all of the army around Ares away. Ares grabs on and the vine takes him to the five other gods, who are locked in combat. Ares joins them, and they manage to stave off the attack.

However, they do not notice a small serpent passing the battleground heading towards the White House. Far from the battle, the serpent transforms and reveals himself as Afterlife, who starts walking toward the White House. The Boss sees him and jumps down from the Washington Monument. Afterlife smiles, saying it’s time for their final battle, and it’s sad, since they need each other to survive. The Boss corrects him, saying Afterlife needs the Boss alive for his purpose, but the Boss’s purpose has nothing to do with the survival of Afterlife. Afterlife snarls and the two engage in an epic fight.

Cut to the six gods fighting. Loki and Osiris team-up using crook and staff to take down the army. This begins a five-minute long take with no cuts of the six gods fighting the army. There are shots of them back-to-back, using tag-team techniques to take down as much of the army as they can. In the middle of the long take, they all split taking them on alone each of them until the final thirty seconds where the six of them do a huge tag team where each of them contribute to defeating the last of the army. They look at each other and smile, but then look at Loki, realizing they haven’t taken down Afterlife yet. They then look to the Washington Monument and see that the Boss is not there. They deduce what must’ve happen and then start running towards the White House.

Meanwhile, Afterlife and the Boss are still within an epic fist fight when Afterlife stops and remarks why they should fist fight when they are gods. He then grabs the Washington Monument and swings it around, knocking down every building within 600 feet and hitting the Boss. The Boss holds on so he is not thrown away from Afterlife. He then climbs onto the side sticking up, runs down it towards Afterlife, and kicks Afterlife in the face, knocking him down and throwing the Washington Monument up high in the sky. The six gods arrive just in time for Dionysus to use his powers to have vines trap Afterlife to the ground, who is now too weak to get out of them. The Boss flies up into the air to grab the Washington Monument before it hits the ground, leveling the Mall, and then moves it over to drop it back in its proper position.

Loki then confronts Afterlife telling him to lift the curse. Afterlife says he will never do such a thing unless Loki releases him from the vines, freezing everyone around them except Loki. Loki glares and says she will never betray the last of her kind. Afterlife’s eyes widen in terror as Loki was his last chance. Everyone unfreezes and the Boss comes up to Loki, and puts a hand on her shoulder, turning Loki back to a man. The Boss then stares at Afterlife, offering him redemption. The other gods gasp, as none of them would ever offer Afterlife such an opportunity. Afterlife just laughs, saying that he will never be redeemed. The Boss frowns and then teleports Afterlife away. The other gods ask what the Boss has done to Afterlife. He answers by saying that Afterlife will spend eternity in the Burning Place in terrible agony everlasting.

Ares and Dionysus then ask if there will be a way at all to restore Olympus. The other gods join in on the requests, for restoration of Asgard and Maat. The Boss sadly says that none of the world’s can be restored and the six gods are just that: the last six gods with immortality. The Boss then says he must return to the Great Domain to observe the Earth from there. The six gods ask if they can come with, and the Boss says no. They must stay on the Earth, and live on as the known guardians of the planet. They are THE LAST SIX.

Theaters: 4,402

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for intense fantasy violence, language, some sensuality, and drinking

Budget: $200 million

Edited by Blankments
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Citizen Hughes

Writer-Director: Christopher Nolan

Genre: Drama/Biopic

Date: November 26

Studio: Blankments Productions

Cast: Jim Carrey as Howard Hughes, Matthew Modine as Robert Maheu, Michael Caine as Howard Hughes’ lawyer, Cillian Murphy as Moe Dalitz, Joshua Harto as Martin Nosseck, Marion Cotillard as Jean Peters, and Christian Bale as Michael Drosnin.

Music by: Hans Zimmer

Format: Filmed partially in IMAX. (80 min)

Runtime: 144 min

Tagline: The Power, the Money, and the Madness

Plot Summary: A biopic of Howard Hughes based off the novel Citizen Hughes.


1976. Howard Hughes has just died. After the funeral, Michael Drosnin goes to look at his gravestone, and is inspired to try to research the man behind the legend. The film uses Michael Drosnin’s searches as a framing device as we see certain aspects of Howard Hughes’ life. Drosnin then finds an anonymous tip from a middle-aged man living in Houston. The man, Robert Maheu, begins telling the story of when the time he was the only correspondent with Howard Hughes.

1954. Private-eye Maheu gets a phone call from a local lawyer who has a job for Maheu. The lawyer’s client wants all the dirt on Stuart Cramer, who just married a Hollywood star, Jean Peters. Mostly if Cramer has had any encounters with any intelligence agencies. Maheu tells him he doesn’t do matrimonial work often, but he’d do it. Maheu finds that Cramer was tied to the CIA, and Peters divorces Cramer and marries Howard Hughes. Maheu deduces he was working for Hughes.

Hughes then invites Maheu down to Massau. In the lobby, Maheu (and the audience) sees Howard Hughes for the first time. He is yelling at his aides to open the elevator quicker next time. He runs to talk to Hughes, but he is in the elevator before Maheu gets the chance to see him. We then jump ahead to 1959. Maheu gets a call from Hughes, who says that Maheu needs to prevent Miss Norway from leaving Beverly Hills. Maheu leads the operation to stop her flight back to Norway and succeeds. Maheu then tries to go back to Washington D.C., as his fourth child has been born. Hughes demands over the phone that Maheu stays, saying babies don’t matter.

Maheu leaves and then returns with his family, moving permanently to Los Angeles. We then cut to Hughes. He is walking around Hollywood and then turns to his aides, to confide something. Hughes says his wife has been watching Porgy and Bess in his screening room, contaminating it. Some of the aides don’t understand, but Hughes insists he must go hide. It cuts to Hughes in his screening room asking the projectionist, Martin Nosseck to screen all the movies he has. There is a time lapse to two months later. Hughes is still in the same clothes, in his chair, watching a film. He is surrounded by perfect stacks of Kleenex boxes, along with chocolate bar wrappers, chicken bones, and milk cartons. There is also milk gallons now filled with urine. His head aide walks in and Hughes tells him not to look at him and only to speak when spoken to. He then takes off his clothes and throws them to his aides. Two months later, he leaves the screening room with terrible hygiene, as he had not bathed or cut his nails and hair for the four months.

1966. Hughes goes to Las Vegas, being carried on a stretcher to his van. Arriving at the Desert Inn, he goes upstairs with his aides carrying him to the top floor to live. He begins stacking and restacking thousands of post-it notes. He has Maheu move into the hotel. Moe Dalitz, owner of the Desert Inn, demands Hughes out by Christmas and tells Maheu this. Maheu calls Hughes, who decides to buy the hotel through Maheu. Maheu is forced to go through a long negotiation with the owners. After a long negotiation, Hughes buys the hotel, but then freaks out that he has lost $1500 more dollars than he wished to. Maheu threatens to resign and Hughes backs off.

The next day at 8 AM, Maheu is called by Hughes, who begs him never to threaten to leave again, and to become his right-hand man forever. They exchange vows in what is basically a marriage ceremony. Hughes then becomes aware suddenly of the underground nuclear tests going on at the Nevada Test Site. Hughes is vocal about stopping the tests and releases several statements disapproving it. However, the tests begin, powerful enough to send trembling shockwaves through the hotel. Hughes loses it and tells Maheu to bribe the president with million-dollar bribes to stop the tests. Maheu does not go through with it, instead telling Hughes the president declined the offer.

Hughes starts to love Baskin-Robbins’ Banana Ripple ice cream, and orders Maheu to get a bulk shipment of it delivered to the Desert Inn. Maheu calls the president of Baskin-Robbins to discover the flavor has been discontinued. Maheu begs the president and he relents allowing Hughes to purchase a two-hundred gallon order shipped from Los Angeles. After it arrives, Hughes enjoys it for a few days but then demands only Chocolate Marshmallow ice cream. The rest of the Banana Ripple is distributed to casino customers for free.

1971. Hughes’ wife, Jean Peters files for divorce. Hughes tries to convince her against it over the phone, but she won’t budge. Hughes offers her a settlement of over a million dollars, but Peters declines it, and then leaves him for another man. Hughes is very upset and vents it at Maheu. However, Hughes does not miss his wife, as they have only dealt with each other over the phone for the past seven years.

Hughes then decides to leave Las Vegas without telling Maheu. He travels back to Beverly Hills, and ponders. He begins watching films nude in his room. All the while, Maheu waits for a call. Hughes continues watching films in his hotel room repeatedly. We move forward six months later, when Hughes finally calls Maheu and fires him. Maheu is furious, but Hughes won’t tell why he was fired. Maheu then moves back to Washington D.C.

We then see the older Maheu, who says last year he moved to Texas. He is about to move to Las Vegas for old times’ sake, but encourages Drosnin to reveal the truth of Hughes to the world. In 1985, the book Citizen Hughes is released, and we see Maheu reading it, smiling.

Theaters: 3,603

MPAA Rating: R for nudity and language.

Budget: $40 million

Edited by Blankments
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The 39 Steps

Co-Writer and Director: Simon Pegg (Co-written with Patrick Barlow)

Genre: Comedy Thriller

Date: March 7

Studio: Blankments Productions

Cast: Simon Pegg as Richard Hannay, Cate Blanchett as Annebella Schmidt, Emily Blunt as Pamela, Kelly Macdonald as Margaret, Craig Ferguson as the Crofter, Christoph Waltz as the Professor, Patrick Barlow as Mr. Memory, and Nick Frost as the Compere.

Music by: Michael Giacchino.

Runtime: 93 min

Tagline: An Innocent Man in a Not Innocent Situation

Plot Summary: An adaptation of the Tony-award-winning play.


1935. Richard Hannay is at a London theatre, attending a demonstration of the remarkable powers of Mr. Memory, a man with a photographic memory, when a fight breaks out and shots are fired. In the ensuing panic, he finds himself holding the hand of the frightened Annabella Schmidt, who talks him into taking her back to his flat. There, she tells him that she is a spy, being chased by assassins out to kill her. She says that she has uncovered a plot to steal vital British military secrets, implemented by a man with the top joint missing from one of his fingers, who is the head of an espionage organization called the 39 Steps.

The next day, Hannay wakes up to find her dead, stabbed with his bread knife. He sneaks out of the flat disguised as a milkman and takes a train to Scotland, where she had told him she was going to find the man. On the train, he sees the police on his trail. In desperation, he enters a compartment and kisses the sole occupant, the attractive Pamela, in an attempt to escape detection. She, however manages to free herself from his unwanted embrace and betrays him to the law. He jumps from the train onto the Forth Rail Bridge and escapes.

He stays the night with a poor older farmer and his younger wife who flirts with Hannay. The next morning, he leaves in the farmer's Sunday coat, and calls at the house the woman had told him of. There he finds the man with the missing finger-joint, the seemingly respectable Professor Jordan, who shoots him after a brief conversation and leaves him for dead. Fortunately for Hannay, the bullet is unable to pierce the farmer's prayer-book, left in a coat pocket, and Hannay flees once more.

He goes to the police, but they refuse to accept his story, since they know Jordan well. Hannay jumps through a window and escapes into the crowd. He tries to hide himself in a political meeting where he is mistaken for the keynote speaker. He subsequently gives a rather rousing impromptu speech without knowing a single thing about the candidate he is introducing, but then he is recognized by Pamela, who gives him up once more. They are handcuffed together and taken away by "policemen". Hannay eventually realizes they are agents of the conspiracy when they bypass the nearest police station. When the car is forced to stop, he escapes, dragging an unwilling Pamela along.

They travel cross country, and stay the night at an inn. The girl still not believing Hannay's story. While he sleeps, she slips out of the handcuffs, but then eavesdrops on one of the fake policemen on the telephone downstairs; the conversation confirms Hannay's assertions. She returns to the room and sleeps on a sofa. Next morning, she tells him what she heard, and is sent to London to pass it on to the police. No secrets have been reported missing however, so they do nothing to help. Instead, they follow her to get to Hannay.

She leads them to Mr. Memory's show at the London Palladium, where the police close in on the fugitive. When the performer is introduced, Hannay recognizes his theme music - it is the annoyingly catchy tune he has not been able to forget for days. Hannay puts two and two together and realizes that Mr. Memory is how the spies are smuggling the secrets out: he has them memorized. As the police take him into custody, he shouts out a question about the 39 Steps. When Mr. Memory compulsively begins to answer, Jordan shoots him and tries to flee, but is shot as well. The dying Mr. Memory recites the information stored in his brain, a design for silent aircraft, and Hannay and Pamela stroll off, hand in hand.

Theaters: 3,328

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for intense action, sensuality, and drinking

Budget: $30 million

Edited by Blankments
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Chuck Norris and Liam Neeson vs. the Abominable Snowman

Director: Clark Gregg

Genre: Action Satire

Date: November 7

Studio: Blankments Productions

Cast: Chuck Norris as Chuck Norris, Liam Neeson as Liam Neeson, Samuel L. Jackson as Samuel L. Jackson, Clark Gregg as Clark Gregg, Salma Hayek as Salma Hayek, Jackie Chan as Jackie Chan, and Christopher Lee as the Abominable Snowman.

Music by: Rush.

Format: Filmed in 3D.

Runtime: 95 min

Tagline: The Badasses Are Back.

Plot Summary: A sequel to last summer's sleeper hit. This is filmed back-to-back with Chuck Norris and Liam Neeson vs. Bigfoot.


Following the events of the previous film, Clark Gregg moves production of the drama to the Himalayas, saying it will add family audiences around Thanksgiving and Christmas, and Samuel L. Jackson tags along in hopes of making it back to the states eventually. Liam Neeson and Chuck Norris begin to question finishing the movie, when they crash land on the side of Mount Everest. No one dies, but Neeson and Norris are knocked unconscious and then captured by Jackie Chan, who is another brainwashed action star.

Clark Gregg, Salma Hayek, and Samuel L. Jackson slide down the Mount away from Jackie Chan, with Samuel L. Jackson remarking that that he can’t believe this happening again. Clark Gregg and Salma Hayek look at each other and nod. The three arrive at a lodge at the bottom of the Mountain where they talk to the innkeeper who says Chuck Norris and Liam Neeson were probably taken by the Abominable Snowman, who has just resurfaced after decades of being urban legend. They find out that the lair of the Abominable Snowman is at the very peak of Mount Everest. Samuel L. Jackson takes it upon himself to climb Mount Everest alone and have Clark Gregg and Salma Hayek help him via earpiece from the lodge.

Meanwhile, Chuck Norris and Liam Neeson wake up, finding themselves in a cell. The fifty-foot-tall Abominable Snowman tells them they are in an invisible building at the top of Mount Everest, and that they will never escape, as he has an army of demonic snowpeople lead by Jackie Chan going down the mountain to retrieve Samuel L. Jackson, Clark Gregg, and Salma Hayek. The Abominable Snowman leaves and then Chuck Norris and Liam Neeson begin strategizing how to break out of the cell.

Samuel L. Jackson is still climbing up the mountain when the first wave of snowpeople attack. Samuel L. Jackson quickly disposes of them after a huge fight, and continues climbing. Clark Gregg tells him that he thinks Samuel L. Jackson should rest for a bit. Samuel L. Jackson tells him there’s no way he is going to rest until he frees Chuck Norris and Liam Neeson. He says they both saved him a while ago and he will be forever grateful for that. Clark Gregg tells Samuel L. Jackson to free Jackie Chan then as well, since if he joins the drama, it’ll do huge in China.

Chuck Norris and Liam Neeson break out of the cell easily, beating up their forty snowpeople guards easily with a few punches. They then find some pot that the Abominable Snowman has stored. The door locks behind them, forcing them in this new prison. They decide to pass the time by smoking pot, remarking that if this were a movie, that’s a comedic montage must follow with the two acting high. A comedic montage of the two acting high follows.

Samuel L. Jackson continues climbing Mount Everest when a snowperson sneaks up behind him and tears off all of his clothes. Nude, Samuel L. Jackson points out that this is just becoming ridiculous. He then beats up the snowperson while nude and retrieves his clothing. In the lodge, the two get news of what just happened to Samuel L. Jackson and Salma Hayek says she wants to be helpful, so Clark Gregg tells her to get naked. She slaps him, saying Samuel L. Jackson will be the only person nude in the Himalayas.

The door opens with the two of them smoking pot and they see snowpeople coming into retrieve them. Liam Neeson and Chuck Norris beat up the snowpeople and escape into the hallways of the Abominable Snowman’s lair. The Abominable Snowman sends Jackie Chan after them to capture them again. Jackie Chan follows the orders and runs out of the Abominable Snowman’s secret lair.

Samuel L. Jackson has reached the top of Mount Everest and sees nothing. He asks Clark Gregg if he is hallucinating, but Clark Gregg says the building is invisible. Samuel L. Jackson begins kicking around and eventually hits the door, which is oddly unlocked. Samuel L. Jackson sneaks in, saying he is about to rescue Liam Neeson and Chuck Norris.

Jackie Chan has found Liam Neeson and Chuck Norris first though, and begins a fight with them. Although Liam Neeson and Chuck Norris should be easily be beating Jackie Chan, the pot has affected their reflexes for the worse. However, the fight lasts for a good five minutes until Samuel L. Jackson arrives. The fight then takes a turn in favor of Samuel L. Jackson, as he defeats Jackie Chan on his own within a minute. He then slaps Jackie Chan, freeing him from his brainwashing.

Jackie Chan then tells the three where the Abominable Snowman is and the four head that way, beating up the rest of the snowpeople army on the way there. They arrive in a wide field to see the Abominable Snowman standing tall. He yells at them to dare challenge him. The four split up, each taking a limb of his body. They fight for eight minutes, eventually defeating the Abominable Snowman. Jackie Chan thanks Samuel L. Jackson for saving his life, and Chuck Norris and Liam Neeson do too.

They go down the mountain to the lodge, where Clark Gregg announces he’s moving production to the Rocky Mountains. The crew and now Jackie Chan load into a new plane to fly there, and then Chuck Norris and Liam Neeson discuss the monsters they’ve been facing. They bring up there must be a reason their voices sounded like Christopher Lee and Morgan Freeman. They shrug and the film ends with the plane taking off.

After the credits, we see Morgan Freeman and Christopher Lee frozen in capsules and we hear someone laugh.

Theaters: 3,132

MPAA Rating: R for strong scenes of action violence, drug use, strong language, nudity, and smoking.

Budget: $25 million ($50M for both films)

Previous Film Gross: 29/77/127 (OW/DOM/WW)

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A Series of Unfortunate Events

Director: Rupert Sanders

Genre: Dark Family Comedy

Date: December 19

Studio: Blankments Productions

Cast: Hailee Steinfeld as Violet, Asa Butterfield as Klaus, Gary Oldman as Count Olaf, Melissa Leo as Justice Strauss, Robin Williams as Montgomery Montgomery, and Paul Bettany as Mr. Poe.

Music by: Danny Elfman.

Format: IMAX

Runtime: 100 min

Tagline: If you were looking for a hunky-dory Christmas movie, look elsewhere.

Plot Summary: An adaptation following the first two books of A Series of Unfortunate Events.


The Baudelaire children have left the unspecified city in which they live to spend the day at the lonely Briny Beach. While enjoying the solitude, their parents' inept banker, Arthur Poe, arrives to inform them that their mother and father have both died in a fire which has destroyed their mansion and all of their possessions leaving him as executor of the Baudelaire estate.

The Baudelaires briefly live with Mr. Poe and his wife, Polly, sharing a room with their ill-behaved children Edgar and Albert. All three Baudelaires are miserable and dislike their situation, but Mr. Poe soon informs them that, in accordance with their parent's will, he has located a distant uncle, Count Olaf, who lives within the city limits and is willing to become the children's legal guardian.

On the car ride to Olaf's house, Mr. Poe explains to the Baudelaires that while Olaf is titularly a count, he is also a professional stage actor. When the car arrives in Olaf's neighborhood, the chits are greeted by the kindly Justice Strauss, a judge on the High Court. When Violet mistakes her for Olaf's wife, however, Strauss hastily explains that she is only a neighbor, and directs the children and Mr. Poe to the squalid and betowered house that is Olaf's; carved on the front door is the image of a glaring eye.

The children soon learn that Olaf has only accepted their guardianship under the mistaken belief that he will receive their vast inheritance (which has been set aside until Violet turns 18). Olaf is sinister, self-absorbed, and unhygienic; he bears a tattoo of the glaring eye on his left ankle and a distinctive unibrow. When the count learns that he will not receive the Baudelaire fortune, he immediately drops all pretenses of friendliness toward the children. Every day Count Olaf leaves to work with his theater troupe, posting a list of often demeaning chores which the children must perform before his return home. Although the house is spacious, the orphans are given only one room and one bed. They are strictly forbidden to enter Olaf's tower study, and are provided with no belongings.

Eventually Olaf informs the children by way of the chore list that his 10-man theater troupe will be coming over in the evening, when the Baudelaires must serve dinner. Having no suitable supplies to make a meal for ten, the children spend the day with Justice Strauss shopping for ingredients to make spaghetti alla puttanesca and chocolate pudding. That evening Olaf arrives with his theater troupe, a motley crew which includes a man with hooks for hands, a bald man with a long nose, two women with white-powdered faces, and one who is so obese as to resemble neither a man nor a woman. The count and his troupe openly discuss his intentions to embezzle the children's inheritance, and Olaf becomes outraged when he learns the children have not prepared roast beef. When Klaus protests, Olaf slaps him and grabs Sunny, but calms down and allows the children to serve the puttanesca.

The next day the Baudelaires set out to find Mr. Poe, who works at Mulctuary Money Management, and report Olaf's abuse. Poe explains that Olaf is acting in loco parentis, and can raise them as he sees fit. The next morning, Olaf stays late to speak with the Baudelaires. He explains that Mr. Poe called him to address the children's concerns, and that as a first-time parent, he has been uncertain how to connect with them. Olaf informs the children, to their dismay, that they will be performing with his theater troupe in their upcoming production The Marvelous Marriage.

Convinced that the performance is a scheme to steal their fortune, Klaus spends the day researching inheritance law in Justice Strauss's personal library. His research is interrupted by the hook-handed man, however, who takes him back to Olaf's house. Klaus manages to grab a book on marriage law before he is taken away. During the night he discovers that a 14-year-old may get married with guardian consent, and realizes that Olaf plans to legally marry Violet in The Marvelous Marriage and in so doing form a concurrent estate, giving him unlimited access to their fortune. The next morning Klaus heads out early to confront Olaf with the evidence; the count confirms Klaus's theory and informs him that Sunny has been kidnapped on his behest and is being hung in a birdcage from the tower study window, to be dropped the moment he or his sister does not comply.

That day Violet attempts to visit Sunny, but finds the door to the tower guarded by the associate who looks like neither a man nor a woman. During the night she builds a grappling hook to scale the tower. When she reaches the top, however, she is met by the hook-handed man, who locks her in the uppermost room of the tower and brings Klaus to join her. Together the three children wait out the night in anticipation of the Marvelous Marriage performance.

The Marvelous Marriage itself serves little other purpose than as a vehicle for the wedding which is part Olaf's little scheme that he is planning which had been planned by him to write the play under the name Al Funcoot which is Olaf's anagram. Justice Strauss is procured for the role of the officiator (hence ensuring it is a legal ceremony), and Violet plays the role of the bride. Klaus is given a role with no lines, while Sunny remains locked in the birdcage under the hook-handed man's supervision. Every attempt the children make to speak to Strauss or Mr. Poe (who has come to see the performance) is interrupted by Olaf. When the time comes for Violet to sign the wedding contract, she makes a final effort to annul the marriage by signing the document with her left hand rather than her right.

As soon as the contract has been signed, Olaf announces that the performance is over, and that Violet is now legally his wife. Mr. Poe, Justice Strauss, and many audience members object, but finally Strauss concludes that the ceremony has been legal. To Olaf's dismay, however, Violet informs Strauss that she has signed the document with the wrong hand, and the judge agrees that this is not in compliance with the law, rendering the ceremony annulled. Olaf orders the hook-handed man to drop their infant sister, but Sunny and the assistant have already arrived onstage. Mr. Poe attempts to arrest Olaf, but one of the assistants turns the house lights off. In the darkness and ensuing confusion, only Violet in her white wedding gown is readily visible. Before he and his troupe escapes, Olaf finds Violet in the dark and promises her that he will get their fortune if it's the last thing he does.

Once order is restored, Mr. Poe calls the police, but only Olaf's getaway car is found. Justice Strauss offers to adopt the Baudelaires, but Poe objects, observing that their parents' will instructs the children be raised by a relative. In compliance with the law, Strauss bids the children goodbye and leaves them in the care of Mr. Poe.

Then, the three Baudelaire children are taken by Mr. Poe to their new guardian, Dr. Montgomery Montgomery, who lives on Lousy Lane, which smells like horseradish. According to Mr. Poe, Dr. Montgomery is the Baudelaire's late father's cousin's wife's brother.

Dr. Montgomery, or Uncle Monty as he prefers to be called, is a short, chubby man with a round red face. He invites the children in for coconut cream cake. He is much friendlier than Count Olaf, and gives the children free rein in the house. Each of the children can have their own room. Monty tells the children that they will be going on an expedition to Peru, once his new assistant, Stephano, arrives. He says that his old assistant, Gustav, had quite suddenly resigned.

The children are fascinated by the many snakes in the Reptile Room, a giant hall in which Monty's reptile collection is stored. They meet The Incredibly Deadly Viper, which Monty has only recently discovered. The snake's name is a misnomer since it is harmless; Monty intends to use it to play a practical joke on the Herpetologist Society in revenge for their ridiculing his name, Montgomery Montgomery. The three children are each given jobs in the Reptile Room: Violet is given the job of inventing traps for new snakes found in Peru, Klaus is told to read books on snakes to help advise Uncle Monty and Sunny's job is to bite ropes into usable pieces. She also befriends the Incredibly Deadly Viper.

When Stephano the new assistant arrives, the children realize that he is Count Olaf in disguise. They try to warn Monty, but Stephano foils these attempts. Eventually, Monty does realize Stephano is evil, but believes Stephano to be an impostor sent to steal the Incredibly Deadly Viper. Monty explains this all to the astonished orphans and tears Stephano's ticket to Peru up, saying that Stephano will not be going on the trip with them. Stephano threatens the children privately later, hinting at a plot he has for them when they reach Peru. They tell him that Monty won't let him go with them and Stephano becomes furious. On the day they are to leave for Peru, they discover Monty's dead body in the Reptile Room. He has two tiny puncture holes under his left eye, and Stephano claims that he has been bitten by a snake.

Stephano still intends to take the children to Peru, where he will more easily find a way to get his hands on their fortune. However, as they are leaving the estate, Stephano's car crashes into that of Mr. Poe. They return to the house, where Poe and Stephano discuss what to do with the children. The Baudelaires try to prove that it was Stephano who killed Monty.

Meanwhile, the children realize that they'll need evidence to expose Stephano's scheme. Klaus and Sunny stage a diversion in which the Incredibly Deadly Viper pretends to attack Sunny to allow Violet time to find and open Stephano's suitcase. Stephano blows his cover when he informs Mr. Poe that Sunny is not in danger as the viper is harmless; he had previously claimed he knew nothing about snakes. Violet shows up and presents Mr. Poe with the evidence (among other things, a powder puff and the syringe used to inject snake venom into Monty). Mr. Poe asks Stephano to display his ankle, where the tattoo of an eye should be. However, the eye is not there. The Baudelaires insist that he has covered it with makeup. Mr. Poe wipes the ankle with a handkerchief, revealing the eye. However, Olaf gets away before he is arrested.

Soon, the Baudelaires will be assigned to yet another guardian. They watch as Monty's reptile collection is taken away by Bruce. They watch as the car containing the Incredibly Deadly Viper drives off into the night, and they hope to have a good guardian soon.

Theaters: 3,834

MPAA Rating: PG for some terror, drinking, and brief language

Budget: $60 million

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Weird Al Yankovic: Insert Title Here in 2-D

Director: Weird Al Yankovic

Genre: Concert Film/Spoof

Date: April 4

Studio: Blankments Productions

Cast: Weird Al Yankovic as Weird Al Yankovic.

Runtime: 85 min

Tagline: He performs this way.

Plot: The film follows the typical structure of a concert film, but parodies it. There are also some of Weird Al’s music videos shown in it.

Theaters: 2,758

MPAA Rating: PG for brief language, and crude humor

Budget: $8 million

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Our City

Genre: CGI Animation (3-D sometimes when in the fictional city)

Stars: Anna Faris (Ms. Dobson) Seth Rogen (Mr. Dobson), TBD Child Actors (2 Kids, Mark and Mike) Steve Carrell (Chief of Police in kids city) Meryl Streep (The Old Woman) Paul Walker (The Inventor)

Release Date: 5/30

Theater Count: 3785

Budget: $150 million (includes marketing budget)

Running Time: 109 minutes (1 hr 49 minutes)

MPAA Rating: PG for thematic elements, mild cartoon violence

Plot Summary: Two boys build a city out of various toys and objects and it comes to life. Set in the early 1990s.


The film starts with a beautiful shot, 2-D animation to start. We see a pleasant suburb, and the camera brings us inside one particular house. Everything seems normal here... the kids are playing with toys, while the mother cooks dinner, the father reading the paper (but only the business and sports sections.) We now focus on the two boys.

The older one, Mark, is directing the play more, as they race cars down a little race track. Then he comes up with an idea... let's build a CITY! The younger brother Mike, cheerfully agrees. They have an assortment of brand-name and generic toys that are used for different things. We see them use Lego people with Hot Wheels tracks and Knex pieces, as they quickly build a city. A "3-D glasses icon" will flash in the upper right of the screen to indicate when to put them on (same place where the reel change dot shows up.) It does so now.

We see an actual city developing, now in 3-D. The lego person is now a real police chief, as he walks down the street with a smile on his face. We see a woman walking her dog. An old woman stares at the sky and shouts about how two giant children are watching her... everyone else in the town seems to think she's crazy.

But then we switch back to 2-D, and to the house. The two boys are hovering over the city which has grown and taken up most of the carpet. Their mom is proud to see them working together... and to hope they continue to do so, we see her baking them cookies. She also takes a picture of them with the city. When it comes time to clean up, they are a little disappointed, but Mark tells Mike they can do it again tomorrow and make it even better. But even though the actual toys and gadgets have been cleaned up... the city is still there, as we return to 3-D.

The city has grown even further, despite the boys cleaning up their toys. There are now more police officers, more cars on the road, generally more of everything. We see the Police Chief letting off loitering teenagers with a stern warning, and a threat to give them a citation if they do it again. The schoolteacher is discussing algebra with her class.

We return to the real world, and back to 2-D as well. The next day, Saturday, the two kids build their city... they seem to do it on autopilot, as if they know how they city would have developed even though they had just randomly pieced together their toys the evening before. They are so immersed in this city-building game that time passes quickly. The older one gets on the computer and begins typing out "news" for the city, including teenagers being caught loitering, students getting better math scores on tests, and an old woman shouting about two boys watching her.

We now flash back to 3-D, and into their virtual city. The old woman is shouting again about the two boys. Since no one belives her, she begins to try bizarre rituals to bring the boys to her. At first, nothing happens. Then she ends up bringing them tow her.. though very indirectly. An eccentric inventor/travelling salesman comes to her door and offers to sell her a device that can bring back the dead. She begins to tell him about the boys... he says he has something for that, too!

He shows a strange device with tubes and chemicals. He presses a button, and at first... nothing. Then a loud noise. Then, smoke. Then, the two boys appear, in their pajamas. The old woman begins to shout at them, and it seems like she's speaking in a different language. But then Mark is able to figure it out, and she tells them that the town they built is real. The two boys are confused by all this, but they do recognize (mostly) the city they had built over the past two days.

Then it flashes back, but not quite to 2-D. There's no instruction to take off the 3-D glasses here, but we're back in the boys house. We see things in 3-D a bit, but it's not quite the same 3-D as it was in the city... but not strictly 2-D, either. Mike begins to tell Mark about his dreams. Dreams have always intrigued 5-year-old Mike, even since he first started talking. At first, Mark isn't quite following his brother's dreams, but for the first time, they realize this is pretty much the same dream. They both agree that it's possible the city is real, somewhere, somehow.

Mike wants to tell his parents, but Mark says not to, because they will not believe it. They agree to take a break from the city that day. Perhaps they've done it too much. They play video games (Super Mario World, F-Zero, Final Fantasy II) and go on the swings in the park.

But even though they took the day off from building their city, the city continues to develop. As they are in the park, we see scenes as the city suffers from their neglect. The police chief and his crew can't stop robbers, test scores are down, and the city overall is not quite as nice as it was before. That night, the boys have the same dream, and the next morning, they try to write it off, but they both know it was more than a dream. Now it's back in 2-D completely.

School breezes by for the two kids, as they sit at their desks and wonder about the city and its existence. After school, they rush through their homework, faster than even before, to develop the city again. They speak to each other of building a new police station, more parks for kids to play in, and we see these things take place in the city (in 3-D when in their virtual city.)

The scenes speed up here, as the two boys go through their days, building their city, taking it down, but it evolving even when it is not existent in their physical realm. Then one day, they vanish from the park. No one else seems to notice they "vanished" so it's not really vanishing, but they are both put into the virtual city. The old woman is there with the inventor. The inventor claims he was once a kid who built a toy town, mixing his sister's dollhouses with his train sets and toy roads, and he ended up getting so stuck in this virtual world that he could not get out. He told them that as long as they can imagine the city, it will grow, and that he, the inventor, promises he will take care of the city for them. Mark asks the inventor who he is, in real life.

We see it is someone familliar to them, though they do not see this. We see their Uncle Jeff, on their mom's side. He sits in an office cubicle, daydreaming as a screensaver appears on his computer. The two boys promise The Inventor they'll never forget about the city they built. The Inventor explains that there are many cities and other creations living in an alternate dimension, based solely on imagination. Some of them are beautiful, while others lay dormant and in decay from lack of interest.

The final scene of this film shows the two boys, playing around with others in the park. It's now in full 3-D, just like their city.

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Rivals: The Abyss

Genre: Fantasy/Action

Cast: Michael Anagarano (Thomas), Danielle Panabaker (Felicia) , Kat Dennings (Princess Hannah), Rachel McAdams (Princess Amanda), Paul Walker (Hartland), Steven Strait (Calvin), Cillian Murphy (Darren the Dastardly) King Alric Wisenthal (Kurt Russell) Michelle Pfeiffer (Queen Abagail Wisenthal)

Directed By: Chris Columbus

Release Date: 6/27

Theater Count: 3581

Budget: $130 million

Running Time: TBD

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for violence, action, language, and mild sexuality

The beginning of the second Rivals films begins with a recap of the cliffhanger from the prior film, where the king's scream and his subsequent death by the blade of Darren. We see their kingdom quickly fall to hell, and only a couple of years have passed in the film, but the amount of desolation surrounding the land seems like it should have taken generations. Darren's influence over Calvin has become complete, as Calvin has become king, yet he hardly seems to be aware of his own actions. It is almost as if Darren is truly living through Calvin at this point.

Thomas lives in this new world, trying to make do best he can. He uses his wits to make ends meet, doing odd jobs that he finds around various towns . But he knows that this isn't how it's supposed to be, yet at the same time he seems to have become resigned to this situation. He's aged ten years in the two that he's lived, and it's clear that he's lost the youthful energy he had in the first Rivals film.

Darren appears randomly... it seems without cause, he will go around doing things. Sometimes he helps a person, sometimes he hinders them. It is as though he is just doing something for the sake of doing something, now that his dark vision is complete. Princess Hannah continues to protest to her sister and has for the past two years, but while at first Amanda laughed it off as jealousy, she now suspects Hannah is a traitor to her husband, Calvin, and their glorious Kingdom.

The Kingdom itself stands it stark contrast to the desolate ruins. Of course, kingdoms always outshine the lands surrounding them, but this kingdom seems like it has been cut out of a storybook and placed in a madman's nightmare. The movie focuses on Hannah as she is taken away by Calvin (and Amanda's) orders. If she had not been the queen's sister, she would have been killed, but she is exiled to Nordaln'th. As she is being exiled, we see Felicia in Nordaln'th. It is not as desolate as Sundstram, where all the desolation had begun, but it is worse than it was a couple years before. But clearly, it is worse than it was before, with snow melting and animals suffering the new environment.

Hannah is forced to lose her identity as a princess, but she seems to adapt quickly. She knew Amanda was always the favored child, and she learned to fend for herself. She ends up finding Felicia as they speak to each other. She has not told anyone she was a princess, but she ends up telling Felicia. She tells Felicia of a legendary drink that can be mixed in the mountains up here... that it allows the imbiber to disconnect from their body and impact the world as a spirit, more powerfully than before. Felicia is skeptical, but Hannah is determined to do it.

All this time, we see Thomas further suffering, The number of jobs he can find are dwindling, and he fears he must resort to crime. But then Darren appears once again, telling Thomas not to give up. Thomas attacks what he thinks is an apparition, but he actually strikes Darren. Darren bleeds but quickly heals. Darren says he has become bored with the current situation, and sees Calvin truly has no desires in life but to be married to the queen . Thomas refuses Darren's "help" and Darren says that he will make Thomas suffer for his choices.

Thomas is unimpressed, but still a bit fearful. Later that night, he sees a mysterious glass of liquid by his bed. His thirst causes him to drink it, and he falls to the ground. We see him enter the spiritual world, but Darren is there, with him, trying to restrain him. Thomas realizes this world is controlled more by mind than body, but as he begins to move around, Darren still does not stop haunting him.

We see now, Hannah and Felicia procuring the ingredients to make Hannah's drink. She does so, and drinks it herself... she has enough for two drinks, but Felicia decline the offer... she feels certain she made the right choice as Hannah falls to the ground, much as Thomas did. She sees different visions/worlds than Thomas did, but it is still similar, as she realizes her mind controls her movements.

Felicia feels a sense that Thomas is there and can help her, as she suddenly drinks her drink and falls to the ground as well.

We see Felicia, Hannah, and Thomas all converge in this spiritual world. It seems to be beyond time and space, as they see events happening, some that already happened, some that have not, and some that never could. They all come to see Darren, who seems to be making plans to invade Nordaln'th with Calvin's permission as king, or perhaps without. The vision becomes less foggy as all four of them are now in hell. Darren is bringing up the dead, zombies, whatever else he can find, to create some sort of army. Hannah, Felicia, and Thomas try to stop him, but they are no match... he is a master of the spiritual realm. We see, in clear, real vision, as this evil army comes from the earth to destroy the world. Darren's vision is truly complete.

But it is not... all of them wake up, and not that much time has passed. Yet the earth rumbles beneath them, and two Darrens appear, attacking both Thomas and Felicia/Hannah. Undead come up to battle. Calvin suddenly wakes up from his stupor and realizes none of this is right... that Darren has been using him all this time. He orders everyone to clean up the land, but Darren quickly appears at his side as well, ready to attack. But the "Darren" by Thomas has become weak, and Thomas is able to defeat that one Darren. All three Darrens suffer from this, and they are all overpowered. The real Darren is the one by Calvin, and as Calvin kills Darren, the world trembles... trees begin to bloom. Within weeks, it is just like it was before the King's death. Calvin apologizes for everything, and stays with Amanda. Everyone believes him, as they've all had senses of Darren.

Felicia and Thomas are able to reconnect, and Thomas ends up as a royal guard again, serving also as an adviser to the throme, as both Thomas and Calvin work to make the world better than it ever had been .The final shot is aerial of several kingdoms, showing the beautiful land and the humans that peacefully reside upon it. [/spoiler]

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The Suicide King

Genre: Comedy/Farce/Thriller

Director: Judd Apatow

Stars: Seth Rogen (Steve, The Suicide King) Matt Damon (Alexander), Brad Pitt (David), Kate Beckinsale (The "Queen", Melissa), Paul Rudd (Aaron, the Self Appointed Court Jester)

Release Date: 7/11

Theater Count: 3024

Budget: $60 mil

Running Time: 122 min (2hr 2 min)

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for language, violence, mild sexuality

Plot Summary: The king commits suicide. But why?

Original Song: "The Suicide King"


Steve, Steve! The suicide king. When he dies, we laugh and sing. Oh, Steve! The suicide king, your death has saved us from tyranny!


The film begins with a shot of King Steve atop his tower, looking over his many people in the courtyard. Most of them pay him no mind... they have no interest in the rantings of this buffoon. But something about today, his voice, as he shouts "My people, Cheers!" causes them to turn around and pay attention to him. We see a close up shot of King Steve now, as he drinks from a goblet of wine just after shouting those words. He begins to laugh, at first quietly, then louder and loduer, until even the hard of hearing are aware their king is going quite mad.

Suddenly, when his laugh has becomes as loud as humanly possible, he collapses onto the small table. The people look shocked for a second, but then begin to sing the song, "The Suicide King." Musical instruments are played, people are playing. The world seems happier... more peaceful than ever before. As the song continues, we see a note in Steve's robe. However, no one else seems to notice it.

The scene cuts to two knights (Alexander and David) travelling through down a path. At first glance, one might think they are protectors of the King, or some other honorable and just characters. But there is just something a bit off about them. The way their armor looks... even the temperament of their horses, leads us to believe they are mercenaries, not honorable knights of a kingdom. The ominous music that quietly plays confirms our suspicions.

We see a scene in the past , with Alexander and David meeting with Queen Melissa. Allured by her beauty, David is hardly able to control his thoughts and seems ready to do anything she says. Fortunately, Alexander is the wiser of the two and keeps his emotions in check. The Queen is not interested in the king or his well-being whatsoever... she intends to take the kingdom for herself. We return to the present, as the two mercenaries ride through a back path, up to an unprotected and open gate that leads to the late Steve's kingdom.

Alexander nods at David. David looks confused for a second, then remembers... the open gate was their signal. It is time to take the kingdom. However, Alexander looks suspicious. He knows there could be a trap, but he goes against his judgment and the two go forth.

Aaron "putters around," as he describes it. Now is not a time for jokes, is it? The king died... yet everyone else is cheering. But for some reason, the man that calls himself the "court jester" has nary a joke to say. And his mood becomes even more sobered as he sees a letter still in the king's pocket. He takes it out. He thinks he can hear the king breathing, but he suspects that it was all his imagination.

We hear The King's voice narrate as Aaron observes the letter. "It is with much regret that I must abdicate the throne. For years I am aware the queen has worked against me, and I would rather die peacefully in my kingdom than to be tormented by the queen and her two mercenaries. I hope that in death I can be a better king than I was in life. I know I was not the king the people deserved, but that was not for lack of trying."

We see some scenes in the past now, with the King (Steve) and Queen's (Melissa's )marriage. It is always apparent that the queen is more interested in the status and prestige than caring about the people. We see that King Steve was a just ruler before his marriage to Melissa... he spoke with the peasants often, and honestly cared about their troubles, and even if he could not do anything to help a bad harvest, just having them know he cared helped them make it through a winter. And the yearly Christmas feast did not hurt.

But over the past few years, Melissa corrupted Steve. She demanded everything... sending the knights on pointless quests, as if they were miniatures on a board game rather than actual people. But in public, we see her always smiling, and talking with people in the towns and farms... as the king did years before. The King isolated himself more, and the people blamed him for all their problems.

Aaron appears in some of these past scenes... always with a joke or an overly-candid observation that's rarely appropriate (and rarely funny, and never both appropriate AND funny.) We return to the night of the King's death... Aaron tosses and turns in his sleep, haunted by what he had learned. No one would take him seriously... as he had claimed himself a jester, that was all the others saw in him.

He drifts into a restless sleep, strange dreams clouding his mind. A few days pass, and we see the people, some still celebrating in the town square. The two mercenaries are lurking around the unguarded castle. David looks ready to steal paintings, but Alexander keeps him in check yet again.

We turn to the King's chamber. He remains in the same position... yet we see him breathing, ever so slightly. His hands are bound, as are his feet... this was not the case before! The queen walks in, with a dagger, concealed. We can see Aaron hiding (poorly) in the shadows. Melissa brings the dagger up as she is about to stab Steve. "That poison you took never could have killed you... or even an infant! It simply knocked you out for a few days. I wanted the last thing for you to see, to be me, as I kill you, punishment for your foolish behavior and worthless life!"

King Steve snorts a bit . With Melissa ready to strike, Aaron steps out from his terrible hiding spot. Melissa was so obsessed with her speech that she didn't noticed the poorly-concealed man. "No! Not you. Not to MY KING!" He lunges for Melissa, who tries to strike Aaron but only grazes his shoulder. The two mercenaries, thinking this is their cue, head to the tower where the others are fighting.

Alexander, upon entering the scene, ignores all the warnings he's given David about speaking without thinking, and starts doing so himself. "You told us you had everything taken care of ,woman! Now I see you, fighting with a JESTER!"

The Queen uses all her strength to push Aaron off. She probably used more strength than she needed to... he is not strong. She tries to offer Alexander riches and he laughs her off. She broke the deal.

We now see the scene of the "deal", where the Queen says Alexander and David can have the kingdom... that the king will be gone ,and that everything will be theirs for the taking.

Alexander says, the deal is off. And as he's observed the kingdom, it's not very impressive. David is just laughing at this point, more amused and not quite realizing what has been going on. Alexander thinks about smacking him, but realizes hurting his hand on David's helmet won't help anyone.

The queen says that the deal had changed, she tries to protest, but Alexander holds his blade up to her. No one stops to protect her. "You will either die, or be mine." He's doing this for fun at this point. She says she will become his. He said... "My wife would not be happy to hear this." He stabs Melissa, but her quick reactions with the dagger allow her to stab him as well. They both are injured on the ground. David simply wanders off, not wanting to be a part of this.

King Steve wakes up, yelling incoherently. Aaron helps him out of his bindings and they agree to walk away as David did. Aaron tells Steve he should be more serious, but Steve says that his humor is good in times like these ,and says he could use an adviser like Aaron, who saw the truth in things.

The movie ends as the two of them drink non-poisoned wine, and speak of the past, before the queen, when things were good. Aaron says they can find those times again.

Steve smiles and nods. He's known about all of this for years.

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Summer Jobs

Genre: Teen Comedy

Stars: Four Unknowns (Teens) Other Unknowns (Parents)

Release Date: 8/8

Theater Count: 2642

Budget: $20 mil

Running Time: 95 min (1 hr 35)

MPAA Rating: R for extreme language, moderate sexuality, drug references, mild comic/slapstick violence

Plot Summary: Four teens get summer jobs. Hilarity allegedly ensues.

Plot: Four teenagers are hoping for a summer of relaxation and letting their eyes glaze over through watching various forums of electronic media. But their parents all have different ideas. One mother says that because she is afraid she'll lose her job, she wants her son to get a job himself, just in case. Another, richer, family, insists that they don't want their daughter to expect everything to be handed to her, so she needs to get a summer job if she wants to buy all the expensive things she wants. She realizes she wants a car, so she decides to look for a job. The other two teens are more "background characters" and are more neutral regarding the decision to get a job.

The four jobs they get: Janitor, Movie Theater Usher, Target Cashier, and Fast Food Clerk. The film switches between their four jobs and the awkward problems they have with various customers and fellow employees. Some scenes in the movie are with the four kids separate, and they have some scenes together where they try to one-up each other with horror stories about the job. The janitor (the rich girl!) almost always wins, but she is making almost twice as much money as the other kids.

In the end, it works out. It's gross and humiliating sometimes. The guy's mom doesn't even lose her job, so he ends up agreeing to put the money he earned into a college fund. The girl gets a decent car (with her parents agreeing to pay for half of it because of how hard she worked.) All in all, classic mirthmaking.

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Genre: Drama/Comedy

Stars: Topher Grace (Jack), Kristen Bell (Jenny), Keira Knightley (Meredith/Amy), Channing Tatum (Nick) , Jay Baruchel (Tyler) 3 Young (Unknown) Teen Actors for 90's scenes

Release Date: 9/26

Theater Count: 2801

Budget: $50 mil

Running Time: 129 min (2hr 9 min)

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for sexuality, drinking

Plot Summary: Boy meets girl online. Girl gets heart broken, takes other girls online pictures and reinvents herself, what happens? Set in 1996.


We hear the old-school dial-up modem sound as a teenager connects to AOL. The screen shows "October, 1996." This 14-year-old boy (Jack) is getting onto a generic AOL Teen Chat program. We see the same on another end, with a girl (Meredith) . She has a bit of acne, but less than most her age, same for the boy as well. The words fly by. It starts with the generic a/s/l and them both living near each other, about an hour away, both near Denver.

The chat room turns to emails, where they tell each other random things that they wouldn't feel comfortable telling their friends or even their family. Young Jack sends Meredith his picture, a generic school picture, and hopes for one in return. Meredith is nervous at first but sends a picture back. They each think the other is "cute."

But we now begin to see Jack talking to a girl in his Algebra class... she is real, and Meredith is just someone from AOL. Jack and Meredith begin to talk less often, the emails becoming less and less frequent. But for some reason, Jack doesn't tell Meredith about his girlfriend... and around all his friends at school, that is all he can talk about. Meredith senses that something is off however, and her suspicions are that Jack found her unattractive and was no longer interested in talking to her.

Depressed about losing what she considered her "best friend" she decides to reinvent herself online. She sees another girl with tons of pictures on her gaudy 90's style website (flashing HTML text, animated gifs, and lots of pictures of her.) This other girl , Jenny, is unaware as Meredith tries to become her online. They've both been in the same chats and webrings and whatever else ,but they didn't really know each other.

We see the two of them grow up a little faster now... Jack only ended up dating his girlfriend for five months (long-term by 14 year old standards) and somehow finds himself writing an email to Meredith, out of curiosity. But the email goes unanswered... it's not that she read it and didn't reply, she simply stopped logging into that AOL account after she thought Jack lost any interest in her. We see Meredith now, on the computer, talking to random people, showing pictures of "Jenny" and claiming they are her own. Jenny has so many pictures that she can pick a few and invent stories based around them.

She stops telling people she is Meredith as well, the disconnect from her real self is becoming more noticable. She changes her name to Amy Smyly as she uses these pictures of Jenny to talk to random people. The strangest part is not all of the conversations are romantic... she's basically just talking to guys, being herself, but using Jenny's pictures.

We see some scenes of Jenny now. She's not as active in the online scene. She posts a lot of pictures and puts them up ,but to her, it's mostly to share photos with others, not to try to meet someone online with them. She seems happy as she takes a picture of her brother on a hike.

We see a snapshot of Jenny's brother come from the real scene... and the scene shifts to Meredith ("Amy Smyly") showing a guy that picture and telling him stories about her brother and the hike they went on in Tacoma by the Puget Sound. It's almost disturbing and a bit amusing how Meredith's written description of the hike seems to match closely to the actual scene we saw of Jenny and her brother.

Time shifts much faster now, years pass, and the young teenager actors (for Jenny, Meredith, and Jack) are now adults. Jack is working in a retail job as he helps to pay for college. Jenny is living with her family and going to school, yet Meredith is stuck at home, taking care of her sick mother. Time shifts back a bit ,to show some scenes of Meredith's mother and her illness, and how her daughter helped her through it. The year is now 2004.

Meredith (as Amy) is on the phone talking to Nick. Nick is going to college in Alabama, but he seems sophisticated and witty, not at all a "southern stereotype." We see scenes of both of them on the phone. Nick just seems like he's talking to a good friend, but Meredith seems to have more of an interest than that. She keeps asking Nick to come visit her in Colorado Springs, but he says he doesn't have time to do that, with all of his classes. She is disappointed, but she accepts his answer, knowing him to be honest.

We see Meredith become even more isolated from the real world. Her main source of communication are guys from the internet. She continues to see pictures of Jenny. The random webpages from the 90s became Xanga and Livejournal, and now we are looking at the Myspace page of a 21-year-old Jenny from Tacoma, WA. There are so many pictures to choose from, so many stories to tell, and Meredith's "Amy Smyly" has become a part of her at this point. Outside of helping her sick mother and taking occasional classes at a community college, the "Amy Smyly" character is all Meredith does to socialize.

We flash forward a couple years later (2006)... she is now on the phone with Tyler. Unlike Nick, Tyler accepts her offer of meeting. Perhaps he was more interested in her than Nick was, but he also lived a bit closer, being from Tucson rather than Alabama. We see them talking on the phone a lot, both interested in the other .But she also talks to Nick occasionally, and Nick seems to regard her as just a platonic friend, and she seems to have accepted that is all he will be , though in texts/calls she is still trying to get Nick to meet her, and he keeps insisting he is too busy, and she is too far.

We see Tyler in an airport, taking a flight to Denver. We see him on the plane... he has a vision of meeting Amy Smyly, and in that vision, he of course sees Jenny, as all the pictures Amy/Meredith sent him were of Jenny. As he gets off the plane and meets at the baggage claim where they agreed to meet

The Box office editing feature is horrible.

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Illusiono 2 (3D)

Date- March 28th, 4

Genre- Superhero

Rating- R- strong graphic violence, sexual content, nudity, and strong language

Theaters- 3,623 theaters

Budget- 120 million

Running Time- 145 minutes or 2 hours and 25 minutes

Studio- Number 2 Productions

Director- Zack Snyder

Actors and Actress-

Jack Holmes/Illusiono- Ryan McPartlin

Ashley Holmes- Milla Jovovich

Marwick- Colin Farrell

Sheriff Anderson- Terrence Howard

Previous Film- 38.5M/46.7M/140.2M

(The film resembles that of Sucker Punch and 300 in visual style)

Plot: The film takes off where the first film left off with Jack Holmes/Illusiono reading the note left by Marwick the ruler of the entire drug empire in the city of Lexington. Illusiono joins up with Sheriff Anderson to fight Marwick who controls Illusiono's wife Ashley. Ilusiono discovers that his wife has a computer chip in the back of neck which Marwick is using to control her. Ashley is turned into a powerful ninja assassin who begins to kill of political leaders in Lexington. After weeks of finding this stuff out and fighting Marwick's forces, Sheriff Anderson discovers that Marwick is going to take control of the city and create a new nation out of it. Sheriff Anderson and Illusiono battle Marwick and his army in the streets as Marwicks battles for control of the city. Ilusiono battles his wife and manages to rip the computer chip out but his wife doesn't change back to how she once was. Sheriff Anderson is killed and Marwick's forces are taking control. All seems lost. Suddenly the citizens of the city join the police for and fight against Marwick. Marwick's forces begin to fall back in defeat. Marwick shoots at Ashley but Illusiono dives and takes the bullet. Illusiono dies. Ashley in the shock of grief becomes herself again and she kisses Illusiono. After Illusiono dies, she turns and attakcs Marwick and kills him. Seeing that Marwick is dead, his forces surrender and are rounded up to prison. The film ends with Illusiono's funeral. After the funeral Ashley is sitting by Illusiono's grave. The camera zooms up to her eyes and we see a blue light flicker. The screen goes black.

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Call Me Maybe

Director: Matt Reeves

Genre: Dark Comedy/Horror

Date: January 3

Studio: Blankments Productions

Cast: Abigail Breslin as Carly, David Henrie as Joe, and Jessie Eisenberg as Newton.

Music by: David Sardy.

Format: Converted into 3-D.

Runtime: 83 min

Tagline: This is Crazy

Plot: Carly has a crush on her next door neighbor, Joe. For half of the film, she tries to get Joe to notice her and to call her. Then, Newton walks up to Joe and then they make out in front of Carly. Carly is enraged that Joe didn't tell her he was gay, and then goes on a massive killing spree, killing everyone in the town, except Joe and Newton. Newton saves Joe from Carly's wrath and then shoots Carly, killing her.

Theaters: 3,187

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for some violence, scary images, drinking, and language

Budget: $20 million

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The Road Home

Genre: Drama

Cast: John C. Reilly (Daniel), Ellen Burstyn (Anne), Julianne Moore (Julia), Logan Lerman (James), Elizabeth Gillies (Amy), Danny Nucci (Berkley), Sam Elliot (Peter), Leon Thomas III (Jamal), Jordan Francis (Malcolm), Elle Fanning (Linda), Slade Pearce (Brian)

Director: Gus Van Sant

Composer: Jon Brion

Rating: R

Running Time: 97 minutes (1 hour, 37 minutes)

Budget: 25 million

Date: December 5

Theaters: 1 (12/5), 18 (12/12), 255 (12/19), 987 (12/25)

Note: The whole movie takes place between 1:00-2:00 A.M. However, the separate stories overlap each other so the running time is longer than 1 hour, but each story happens in the span of the hour.

Plot sypnosis:

Four interlapping stories take place between 1:00 and 2:00 A.M. One story follows an incompetent police officer (John C. Reilly) who is dealing with personal issues with his wife and allows those feelings to cloud his judgement on the job, causing him to compromise his actions during a tragic Friday night road kill. A second story concerns a concerned grandmother whose son has passed away and who must look for her missing granddaughter in a quiet suburbia in the wake of her son's death. The third story chronicles around a woman who is dealing with an impending divorce and takes out her emotions on alcohol, then tries to rekindle her relationship with her husband in her drunken stupor. The fourth and final story chronicles two teens who are looking for an escape from the chaos in their dysfunctional lives, but they find a lot more than they bargained for when they hit a stranger on the road.

1:00 A.M.

A phone rings, and an old woman turns on the light, looks at the clock, puts on her glasses, and answers. “Hello? Who is this?” There's some murmuring on the other end. “Are you sure it's him?” she asks, and then listens some more, then says, “Thank you for telling me.” She hangs up and stares intently at the clock, which now reads 1:01 A.M. She sighs and climbs out of bed and goes to put on some clothes.

A middle-aged woman named Julia is sitting on the foot of her bed crying. The TV is on, a static screen. The clock behind Julia reads 1:00 A.M. There's a knock on the door, and she says, “Just a minute.” Wiping away tears and checking herself in the mirror, a disheveled Julia goes to open the door. Her girlfriend Rachel is there and asks if she can come in, and Julia says it's not a good time, but Rachel insists and Julia lets her in. They sit on the foot of the bed together, and Rachel comforts Julia and asks what's wrong. Julia says, “He just walked out. We got into a big fight again, and he left.” She breaks down sobbing, asking what she did wrong, and Rachel says it's not her fault, but Julia says they never used to fight like this. They were always so close. Rachel asks Julia what they fought about, and Julia says it was dumb. They were trying to discuss their upcoming living arrangements, and they mentioned Jerry (whom we can infer is a dog), and he (just he, no name given) insisted that Jerry stay with him. Julia just wanted to corner him and tried opting for the dog, saying he would just neglect it, and they got into a fight over custody of a dog. She breaks down some more and Rachel tells her that she could kick him in the balls for her if she wanted, trying to cheer her up. It does get a slight laugh from Julia, but she wipes more tears and says that she'll be fine. Rachel doesn't think so and pours two glasses of wine. She says, “Let's talk some more.” The clock reads 1:03 A.M.

1:02 A.M.

A teenage boy, James, pulls up to a house, his car riding on a gravelly driveway, and he cuts the lights. He's smoking a cigarette and waits for the signal; a light flashes on and off in an upstairs room. James sits around waiting a few seconds and then the screen door opens and a teenage girl rushes down but goes back to re-lock the door. She gets in the car in the passenger seat and James offers her a cigarette. She says not here. “Just go,” she says, and he pulls out of the driveway and through some trees until he reaches the main road, where he cuts his lights back on. The girl takes the cigarette and smokes, and she rolls the window down, her hair whipping about. James asks her if she's alright, calling her Amy. Amy says it's her dad. He was drunk again and he and her mom got in a big fight, and he hit her again. James asks if he hit her also, but Amy says she locked herself in her room. James puts on some music, saying it will keep her mind off it, and he promises everything would be alright. “Just don't think about it tonight,” he says. “Yeah, I guess.” “It will be fun, I promise.” “So where's this party at anyways, James?” “At Dale's.” The radio's clock reads 1:05 A.M.

1:05 A.M.

A police officer, Daniel, is in his car mulling over things. He slams his hands down on the wheel. “Damnit!” Suddenly there's communication through the radio; something about a chase in pursuit. Daniel realizes he is nearby and can hear the sirens not too far off. He turns his own on and starts out into the country road as a car and a police car race by. He follows chase but a few miles down the road his tire spontaneously blows out and his car swerves. He crashes into the ditch and his airbags explode. The watch on his wrist reads 1:07 A.M.

The old lady, Anne, is fixing her hair while looking in a mirror. She stops as she notices a photo in the corner, and she looks at it long and hard. She picks it up and touches the image of a grown man in his 30s. It brings a tear to her eye, but she wipes it away with her hand. She reaches for her phone and calls someone. She says she's coming over to look after Linda. Then she asks how the other woman is doing, and she's crying a bit through the phone (the other woman), saying she can't believe he's gone. Anne asks if Linda knows yet, and the other woman (Linda's mom) says she's asleep and she didn't want to wake her. Anne tells her that she'll watch over Linda so that she could go out to...and she can't bring herself to finish saying it, but the woman on the other end does, “Identify his body.” The clock reads 1:08 A.M.

1:09 A.M.

Daniel is getting out of his car. Smoke issues from the hood. He curses and walks up to the road. Another police car arrives and the officer gets out. When he recognizes Daniel, he bursts out laughing. He says he should have known it was him; always the screw-up. “Shove it up your ass Berkley,” Daniel says. Berkley teases him about being the only cop dumb enough to blow out a tire in a chase. Daniel tries to ignore him but Berkley's taunts get more aggressive until finally he says, “How does that bitch wife of yours feel being married to the dumbest cop on the force.” At that, Daniel shoves Berkley against his car and raises his gun to him. Berkley gulps, and Daniel says nothing would please him more than blowing his brains out. Berkley says he wouldn't do it, but Daniel warns him to test him. They were in the middle of nowhere; he could dump his body and they would never find it before it decomposed. Berkley is silent but shivering with fear, and Daniel withdraws his grip and tucks his gun away. At this, Berkley starts spewing profanity and it's noticeable that he pissed his pants. Daniel says he may want to clean that up, and he tells Berkley to get in the car (Berkley's car, that is). Berkley says he's driving, but Daniel says that he's driving, and that settles it somehow. They both get in the car and Daniel drives off. His watch reads 1:12 A.M.

1:10 A.M.

Julia is just finishing up some story about “him” with Rachel. At this point Julia isn't crying, but her eyes are red. She seems more annoyed/angry with “him” now, as her words convey feelings of hostility, and at last she succumbs to admitting that maybe leaving “the jackass” was good for her. He was too focused on his job, which God knows he wasn't good at, to pay her any attention. She tells Rachel that he wasn't even that good in bed. The last few times he would poke her awake with his thing and then they'd “do it” for like 3 minutes and she was lucky to feel any pleasure. Rachel pours two more glasses of wine, but Julia says, “Fuck it, give me the whole bottle.” She starts drinking straight from the bottle and then says she has to piss like a race horse and sways into the bathroom. She does her business then stares at herself in the mirror. She tells herself she looks ugly, hideous. She mucks up her hair and then puts lipstick on the mirror to slash across her reflection, telling it she's an ugly bitch. Rachel knocks on the door and asks if she's alright, and Julia comes out. She puts on her coat and says she was going to go out. Rachel says she doesn't think that's a good idea, but Julia tells her to chill; she'd be fine. And she exits the apartment. Rachel glances over at the clock, which reads 1:12 A.M.

1:12 A.M.

James turns his car down a gravelly driveway through a wooded area. As they go down it, the sounds of partying permeate the air, and there are cars parked along the driveway's banks. A couple drunks roam about in the yard. James and Amy get out, and Amy looks nervous. “Come on, relax a little,” James says. Amy says she's not certain about Dale, but James tells her it will be alright. They go inside; Amy seems distant and antisocial but James makes up for it, greeting and bro-hugging his bros. They meet Dale at the beer pong table, and he hands them both a beer. Amy turns hers down, but James ignores her and goes off to talk with Dale and some of the bros. This leaves Amy to wander around on her own, and a couple girls approach. They ask her if she wants to get high. Amy says she's not certain, and they say to come on anyways, and they lead her by her wrists to a backroom where a couple are making out on the couch. They light a joint and start passing it around. Amy coughs on her first hit and passes it, still coughing. The others start gossiping. Amy looks away from them, but they ask her opinion on “that fat whore Jessica” and Amy says she doesn't know her. They continue on like she's not there, talking bad about people, digging up dirt, laughing and joking around. Amy leaves the room and bumps into a guy, who turns around. “Amy...I didn't think you'd come,” he says. “Brian,” is all she says. Brian starts reminiscing about the last time he saw her. He asks how she's doing and offers her a beer. She takes one sip then puts it down on a table. Brian asks if she'd like to have a little “alone time”, and she asks what that means. He says they'll just talk; catch up. Amy tries to say no, but then she gives in and agrees, so he leads her upstairs. James is standing in the hall and can't find Amy. He looks around but runs into more of his bros, and they lead him over to a group of girls and start introducing him. The clock over the mantelpiece reads 1:16 A.M.

“Fuck man! Fuck!” Berkley screams. Daniel is racing down the road in Berkley's cars, sirens blaring. The speed climbs...70, 80, 85, 90mph. And finally, as Berkley looks like he's about to shit his pants, Daniel slows down. Lights are flashing ahead, and Daniel pulls the car to a stop. There are other police cars around. Daniel looks at his wrist watch, which reads 1:13 A.M. In the ditch, the car they were chasing has flipped over. Two other police cars are there with some officers on the scene. Berkley stays in the car because Daniel recommends it. He gets out and approaches the other officers. They tell him that the driver took a sharp turn and flipped a few times. He's unconscious; the passenger's dead. Daniel asks who they were, and the other officer says they were just a couple of drunk kids having a fun Friday. He tells Daniel they were pretty good here; they didn't need anything from him. “You sure?” Daniel asks, and the officer nods and says that it would be best if a rookie like him just kept somewhere on the road watching traffic. Maybe then something like this wouldn't happen. Daniel says it wasn't his fault, but the officer reminds him of his duty and tells him to go stake out again and wait for another incident, although he says he doesn't trust him with it, but it's the best they could do. Daniel heads back over to Berkley's car and gets in. Berkley asks what's up, and Daniel says it was just some drunk kids and he stares intently at the car. “Well why we just waiting here?” Berkley asks, and Daniel turns the car back onto the road and heads back in the opposite direction. His wrist watch reads 1:15 A.M.

1:16 A.M.

Anne pulls up to a suburban house and sits in her car for a few seconds with the lights cut. Then she gets out and approaches the door. The woman she was talking to on the phone opens it and lets her in. In whispers, they convey what's going on. The woman, Parker, has obviously been crying. She hugs Anne tightly and says she can't believe “he's” gone. Anne says she knows. Then Parker tells Anne that Linda should sleep through the rest of the night, and hopefully Parker could be the one to tell her. She didn't want to put Anne in a position like that. “It's bad enough you lost a son already,” she says, then starts crying. Anne pours her a glass of water but Parker says she must be going and she thanks Anne then tearfully hugs her again and promises she'll be back as soon as she can. She heads out the door. Anne looks around the living room. There are pictures lining the walls of the family: Parker, Linda, and the father (Anne's son). Anne suddenly hears a door clicking shut upstairs. “Linda?” she whispers, then more loudly, but gets no response. She climbs the stairs and finds Linda's door, and she creaks it open. Linda was on the bed, seemingly asleep. Anne stares at her sleeping form for a few seconds then moves to close the door, but suddenly a soft sad voice says, “Grandma, don't.” Anne sighs, but she pushes the door open and steps into the room. Linda is curled up on the bed, a young girl of perhaps 13 or 14. Anne asks why she's not asleep, and Linda says she couldn't sleep. She heard her mom crying. Anne tells her that her mom was alright. Linda is crying, and Anne asks her why she's crying. Linda says she's scared, and Anne, lying on the bed with her granddaughter, embraces her in a teddy-bear hug and promises that she'll keep her safe. Linda asks why her mom was crying and where she went. Anne sighs but doesn't say anything until Linda croakily asks, “Grandma?” “Linda, sweetie, you know your mom and your dad love you very, very much,” Anne starts, waiting for Linda's confirmation. “And you know they'll always love you and they'll try to always be there for you.” “Yes.” “Well sometimes...things happen that we don't expect to happen.” Anne tries breaking it in easily. She lets on that people are meant to be here permanently; they're meant to go on. Sometimes they go on when they're old and grey and walking on three legs, but sometimes God takes them earlier because he needs them in Heaven. Those are the saddest times, but God works in mysterious ways. By this point Linda is crying more loudly, and Anne pauses. Linda says, “Dad isn't coming home, is he?” “No, sweetie. I'm sorry,” Anne says, and she holds her granddaughter tightly. The clock reads 1:21 A.M.

1:17 A.M.

Julia walks into a bar and approaches the bartender. She orders a drink and as she's drinking it, the bartender says he's surprised to see a woman like her here at this time of night. Julia tells him to mind his business, coldly shutting him away. An old man approaches and sits down next to Julia, ordering a drink. He asks Julia what her name is, and she says she'd rather not talk right now. “Fine, fine, I understand,” he says, and he goes on drinking. “Well, then do you mind if I talk a little?” he asks after a few seconds of silence. Julia takes a long sip and sits in silence, then says she's okay with that. The old man introduces himself as Peter. He starts off by saying what kind of family roots he comes from; dad was an oil digger back in the 20s and got rich striking oil, but he lost it all in the Depression and he died in the war; mom was a housewife and a lonely widow. Peter sold cars. “Thirty-three years I sold cars,” he proclaims, and he starts telling her interesting facts about automobiles, until finally she says she's not interested in them. “Fine, fine, well let me tell you some other things,” Peter says, and he goes on to start talking about his wife Abigail. He says she was the prettiest woman you'd ever met, and he goes on to describe her features. He talks about how they met on his car lot and about how they were young and dumb and foolish and wouldn't you know, she got pregnant young. “what'd you do?” Julia asks, now kind of interested, and Peter says they got an abortion. They didn't want anyone to know she was pregnant because they were just too young and naïve. Julia seems shocked by this, not expecting it of a nice, comely old man like Peter, but Peter says he was much different and more troublesome in his youth. He goes on to say that the abortion was probably the biggest mistake of his life. He and Abigail went on to get married and they had a happy few years, but they tried having a kid; they never could. Abigail miscarried 3 times before they finally gave up. The infertility drove Abigail into a depression. By this point, the story becomes grim. Peter talks of how he would try to please his wife, take her places, reminisce about old times, try new hobbies, even getting her a puppy to raise. But Abigail was never happy, and she started taking antidepressants and talking to a shrink, shutting Peter out. A few years of this, and finally Peter wanted to break his wife out of her shell, but the effort cost him dearly. Abigail finally realized she was making him unhappy, although Peter tried to refute this, and so she overdosed on medication while Peter was out at the car lot. He came home and found her drowned in the bathtub. Now Julia is apologizing, completely wrapped in his somber tale, but Peter says there was more. Abigail left him a letter, telling him that she was truly sorry for the pain she caused him and for being unable to give him any kids. Peter says the letter was a lie; he was never pained by her; he loved her every second of every day. After her death, he retired from the lot, deciding he would never sell another car again. Julia asks why he's told her all this. “Because I can see you are running from something...or someone,” Peter says. “Maybe it's best to let that person find you, rather than hiding.” The clock above the bar reads 1:23 A.M.

1:21 A.M.

Amy is sitting on a bed with Brian. He's talking but she's not really talking back, just agreeing here or there. His words become more sexual, and the looks on her face suggest she's nervous. Brian begins touching her hair, then he kisses her cheek, then her lips. “No,” Amy says finally, and Brian looks at her for a second, then goes on, kissing. He starts sucking on her neck, and Amy starts crying in frustration. She tells him no repetitively but he's aggressive and forces her down onto the bed, then undoes her button down shirt and begins groping her breasts. “Get off me!” she shouts, but he places a hand over her mouth and continues, now sucking on her nipple. His legs are spread and she knees him in the groin. He keels over in pain, and she hurries from the room. He starts to pursue, shouting her name, and she rushes downstairs, some people staring at her like she's crazy while she's rebuttoning her shirt. James is out on the porch, beer in hand, talking to two chicks when Amy approaches. She tells him they need to go, and James says not yet and forgives the other two for her intrusion. “Let's go. Now.” Amy says forcefully, jerking James aside, and he asks her what's wrong. She says it's Brian, and James puts down his beer and cusses, saying he didn't think that asshole would be here. He moves toward the door but Amy tries pulling him to the cars. He says he'll handle this, and he goes inside and moves through crowds of people until he finds Brian laughing with some of his bros. “...and she had my dick all in her mouth and was all like, 'Oh Brian, it's so big,'” Brian was saying, when James taps him on the shoulder and he turns around mid-conversation. “James?” Brian says, and James sucker-punches him in the nose. Brian stumbles over a table and James tells him to fuck off. By now everyone is watching them, and James flips Brian off and does a threatening kick motion before going back to Amy and saying, “C'mon, let's go.” The clock reads 1:24 A.M.

1:24 A.M.

Anne turns on the kitchen light and leads Linda in by her hand. Linda sits down at the kitchen counter and Anne pours her a glass of milk, which Linda just looks at. Anne says she knows what would help, and she goes to the freezer and comes out with some Rocky Road ice cream. “Your favorite...our favorite,” Anne says, and puts two scoopers in it and sits down next to her granddaughter. She nudges Linda, and takes a bite herself and says, “Mmmm, delicious.” Linda says she's not hungry, so Anne sets the ice cream aside and asks Linda if there's anything she wants. Linda asks when her mom's coming back, and Anne says she'll be back soon, probably by morning or noon. She brushes Linda's hair out of her face and asks to see those pretty rosy cheeks, and she smiles at her. She tells her that her dad was very proud of her. Linda looks into her grandmother's eyes and says she wants to go back to bed now, so Anne tucks her in upstairs and watches her until it seems she's fallen asleep. Then Anne heads back downstairs and sits down on a chair, staring out the window. Tears are leaking from her eyes and she holds a pillow to her for comfort. The clock above the mantel reads 1:26 A.M.

Daniel has the car resting in a clearing near the country road. Berkley is in the passenger seat, and Daniel lights a cigarette. After a few moments of silence, Berkley says, “Look man, I'm sorry what I said about your wife earlier. I didn't mean it, y'know.” Daniel blows a puff of cigarette smoke in the man's face, making him cough, and says, “I know...but it's true.” Berkley asks what he means, but Daniel doesn't want to talk about it. Berkley pushes the subject, asking if things were alright with him and the misses. Daniel says things weren't so smooth, and with more pushing by Berkley, he finally reveals that he and his wife were separated, and Daniel was living in a motel right now, a really shitty place where scumbags come to fuck whores and the walls are so thin. Daniel says he and his wife hadn't been doing so well recently, and lately it was like everything he would do, she would snap at him. He works so long that he barely gets to see her, and whenever he does she's asleep or annoyed. They were talking about maybe having a kid, but “she” claimed she didn't want a kid whose father wouldn't be there for him because he was always working. And to complicate matters, “she” never seemed into the sex anymore. Berkley says that sucks, and Daniel says it does then goes on smoking his cigarette in silence until Berkley asks if he was going to try fixing things with “her”, and Daniel says that it was pointless. It was like pouring gas on a fire every time he tried. Everything they talked about led into an argument. He tells Berkley they had an argument about paper towels. “Paper towels?” Berkley says, and laughs, but Daniel says it's not funny. Apparently she thinks the paper towels he gets aren't good enough; they're not the right kind, so she gets pissed and goes out to buy her own paper towels. Daniel then laughs, and says that maybe his marriage was like those paper towels; maybe it was the wrong type...or the wrong person. He asks Berkley if he'd like a cigarette, and he hands one to Berkley. His watch reads 1:27 A.M.

1:27 A.M.

A thud sounds from upstairs, and then another like something being dropped. “Linda?” Anne asks worriedly, and she gets out of the chair and goes upstairs. She pushes open her granddaughter's door and finds no one in the bed. The window is open, and Anne goes to it. She looks out, but she cannot see Linda. “Linda? Linda, where are you!” She goes hurriedly downstairs and out onto the front lawn, but there's no sign of Linda, and Anne stares down the dark street-light lit street. A look of horror crosses her face.

“Excuse me, I have to make a phone call,” Julia says, and she walks away from Peter at the bar. When she's in a private corner in the room, she calls a number.

Daniel and Berkley are smoking, when suddenly Daniel's phone starts ringing. Daniel takes it out of his pocket and looks at it for a moment. The name on the I.D. reads Julia. “Aren't you going to answer it?” Berkley asks. For a response, Daniel sets it down on the dashboard and lets it continue ringing.

“Come on. Pick up, Daniel,” Julia keeps saying, but the voice message comes back telling her to leave her name and number, and Daniel will get back to her. She tries again, and again, but keeps going to voice mail. She gives up and strolls back to the bar. Peter looks at her and asks if everything was alright, and Julia says she doesn't know. “You were trying to call him, weren't you, Julia?” Peter asks, and Julia nods and asks how he knows. He says he can see it in her eyes. She loves him, and was willing to accept his mistakes. And that's a good quality to have in a spouse, because everyone has mistakes, and you must learn to love a man for his mistakes as much as his successes. Julia says she doesn't know if she can keep trying, though; she does love Daniel, but now again she's thinking he may not love her back. “Give him time. He'll come around, I promise. A man needs his space,” Peter says, and he tells her that a woman's sphere is love. She wants to be loved and cherished and goes out of her way to make a man see her as important as his life. A man's sphere is pride. He wants to be recognized and appreciated. A man may sacrifice those he loves because to save his pride. It's a terrible trait, sometimes, but if a woman can truly love a man, she must also love his pride. Julia tells him he is a very wise man, but she doesn't know if she can love Daniel's pride. He seemed too prideful. As she starts to go on, Peter interrupts her and tells her that she must accept Daniel as a flawed man, because he is a man. If he knows Daniel like he thinks he does based on Julia's conversation, then Daniel will stop being so prideful when he realizes what's really important to him. “Why don't you try calling him again in five minutes?” Peter suggests. The clock above the bar reads 1:29.

1:29 A.M.

James is speeding down a deserted road. “Slow down,” Amy tells him. James says he can't believe that asshole was there, then he asks if he hurt her, if he touched her. Amy looks away out the window, and James stops the car and grabs her by her arm to make her face him. “Ow! Let go,” she says, and James asks harshly if he touched her. “He...may have,” she says. James says he's going to go back and cut his balls off, but Amy grabs him by the arm and tells him to stop. James says he's not going to let some old flame come back into his girlfriend's life and try to take her from him, but Amy says Brian would never have her. He threw himself on her, anyways, and she tried telling him to get off but he wouldn't listen. She makes James promise not to hurt Brian though, and James reluctantly does. After a few moments of silence, James starts the car back up and heads back at normal speed up the road. Amy asks where they're going now, and James says his place. Amy just looks at him as he drives, and he offers her a cigarette which she takes. The car's radio clock reads 1:31 A.M.

1:30 A.M.

Anne is driving her car down the street, looking both ways into people's lawns. “Linda?” she asks every now and then. Suddenly she sees movement up ahead and starts driving toward it. As she gets closer, though, she realizes it was a couple of black teens. They look at her then keep walking, but she gets out of her car and approaches, and now they look at her like she's crazy and try walking faster. She grabs one of them by the arm, and he pushes her toward the curb and tells her to get back cracker lady. “No, wait, please!” She begs them to stay, and they look at her and asks what her business is. She asks them if they've seen a little girl, and starts describing Linda to them. They say they ain't seen nothin or no one. She thanks them and gets back in her car. Suddenly, one of the black kids taps on her window while she has her head against the steering wheel. She jolts up, then rolls down the window. He tells her he may know a place “she” may be at. “Where?” Anne asks, and the black kid says he'll have to show her. Anne hesitates a moment, then unlocks the doors. The black kid gets in, and his friend looks at him with a crazed look on his face. “C'mon, Jamal!” the one in the passenger seat says, and Jamal comes over and gets in the car. “Thank you for helping me,” Anne says, and she introduces herself as she starts driving. The two kids are Jamal and Malcolm. Malcolm does most of the talking; Jamal seems nervous. “Hey lady, I ain't ever see you around here before,” Malcolm says as they're riding up the road, and Anne says she doesn't live around here; she's here with her granddaughter. In the back seat, Jamal is slowly pulling a knife from his coat sleeve, and Malcolm gives him a look in the mirror that makes Jamal tuck it back up his sleeve. Malcolm starts pointing out the directions, and then he asks Anne what her problem is, cause she looks sad. Anne says she just wants to find her granddaughter and bring her home safe, but Malcolm says that ain't it. “If you must know...I lost my son today,” Anne says, and that silences Malcolm. “How old was he?” Jamal finally asks from the back, and Anne says he was going to be 38 next month. “How'd he die?” Malcolm asks, but Anne asks if they can talk about something else, and she asks them their ages and finds out they're 16 and 17 but they don't go to school. She asks if they live around here, and they say no, but she asks why they were here then. “Just cause,” Jamal says, and Anne repeats that questioningly. “Look lady, we ain't thieves if that's what you think,” Jamal says, and Anne says that she wasn't thinking that. She puts on the radio; old timey music plays, and Malcolm says this shit's ancient. “Well what would you like to listen to Malcolm?” she asks, and he turns the station to a rap station. Anne stares at him, and then she actually laughs, and he asks what's so funny. She says it was nothing. It's the lyrics, but all the while she's laughing, and it's quite sad honestly because her laugh sounds kind of forced, but it's natural really. Malcolm and Jamal exchange glances. The car's radio clock reads 1:34 A.M.

1:34 A.M.

Daniel is sitting in his car still. Berkley looks out the window and says there's a lot of stars out tonight. Daniel shrugs. The phone starts ringing on the dashboard, and Berkley stares at it intently. “Maybe you should answer it this time,” he suggests. Daniel says he doesn't want to talk to her, but Berkley suggests he see what she wants. Daniel just looks at the phone, and he reaches for it, holding it in his hand as it rings and Julia's name flashes on the I.D. He takes a deep breath, then flips it open right as the cell phone's clock reads 1:35 A.M.

Julia's eyes widen. She hears breathing on the other end, then, “Julia?” / “Daniel,” Julia says through his phone. Daniel looks at the dashboard, then asks what she wants. / In the bar, Julia says she thinks they need to talk. / “Over the phone?” / “In person,” Julia replies, looking hopeful, and behind her Peter nods in agreement. / Daniel says he doesn't think that's a good idea, and Julia asks why not. He says he was on duty; he wouldn't get off until 2:00. / “Do you love your job more than you love me?” Julia asks, and Peter whispers that it wasn't here place to ask that, but Julia walks away from him. “Answer me Daniel.” / Daniel sighs, but he admits he doesn't. He says he does love her, but he couldn't handle this right now. He was on duty. Julia replies that if he really loves her he'd come see her. Daniel is silent for a long time. / “Daniel?” / “Yes?” He sighs, and he tells her he'll come. / “Let's meet up, where we first met,” Julia says. / “I remember,” Daniel replies. He and Julia both agree they'll see each other soon. / “I love you,” Julia says. There's silence on the other end, then, “I'll see you soon, Julia.” The phone call ends, and Julia looks over her shoulder at Peter. She thanks him, and he says the gift was his; he appreciated her company, and he reminds her that if she ever needs advice from an old fart like him, she could find him here, or contact him. And he hands her a piece of paper with his number scribbled on it. She hugs him and goes for the door while he drinks in solitude and the clock reads 1:36 A.M.

Daniel starts up the car, and Berkley asks what he's doing. Daniel says he's going to visit Julia, but Berkley reminds him he's still on duty until 2:00. Daniel says nothing's going to happen in the next 25 minutes. They'll be good, and this was important. He could sense it in her voice. They take off out of the clearing and onto the road. His wrist watch reads 1:36.

1:35 A.M.

James is driving up the road and he keeps glancing over at Amy. She can't help but laugh when he does it after a few times, and he laughs too. She asks why he keeps looking at her, and he says because he can't keep his eyes off. She smiles, but tries to hide it. He brushes a lock of hair away so he can see her and tells her she has the prettiest eyes. All the while, he's clearly not focusing on the road, and she reminds him to. He does for a little bit, then looks back at her and tells her that he's glad she doesn't have any feelings for Brian. The smile goes away, and he asks what's wrong. “Was it something I said?” and she tells him to just drive and not worry about it. He is still looking at her, uncertain, when suddenly...thump! The car jolts and swerves as James clamps the wheel and starts spinning, then comes to a stop. “What was that?” Amy asks, scared. James doesn't know, and he seems afraid to get out, but Amy says they may have hit something. James says he doesn't want to know, but Amy says they have to see. It may be a baby deer and they owed it enough respect to clear it from the road. James hesitantly gets out of the car and Amy follows. They cautiously walk back down the road until a shape comes into sight, and as they get nearer it becomes clearer. “Oh my God,” James says, and Amy covers her mouth to stiffle a scream. The shape becomes a man's body, and James leans down next to it and checks his pulse. He's lying face down on the road, blood congealing around him. “He's dead,” James says, and he gulps. Amy looks at him in horror, and she starts crying in panic and runs back to the car. James shouts after her, looks at the body, and then runs to her, grabbing her as they approach the car. He shakes her, trying to knock sense into her. He says it was just some hobo, but she says his clothes were too nice for that. James says it doesn't matter; no one knew they were here, and probably no one knew he was. They could hie the body or something. Amy looks at him then slaps him. He rubs his wound then stares at her intently and coldly. He says they have to get rid of the body. If someone found it... Amy says no, but James insists. It would be easy; they could dump it somewhere out here. Amy says he may be someone's father, someone's husband. They would want to know what happened to him. But James says that doesn't matter now; he's dead. Now James is having a bit of a nervous break down, proclaiming with shock and horror that he killed someone, and his voice becomes watery because he can't believe he did it. Amy suggests calling the police, but James shouts out that he had alcohol on his breath. He'd be arrested. Amy is crying now, asking what they're going to do, and James paces up and down the street and then grabs Amy again and asks her to trust him. He says he doesn't want to go to prison; he begs her to help him and to keep this secret. Amy is tearing up again, but she asks what he wants her to do. James says he needs help loading the body into the trunk, and Amy shrieks in emotional agony, but James calms her down and says they have to do this. They head back over to the body, and Amy asks who he is. She goes for his wallet, but James stops her and says he doesn't want to know the man's name because then it would be worse. Amy agrees. Her watch reads 1:39 A.M.

1:38 A.M.

Anne pulls up to the community center and cuts the engine off. “This the place?” she asks, and Malcolm says it is. Anne thanks him and opens her door, and Jamal offers to accompany her. She thanks him but says she will be fine on her own. They ask if she wants them to stay in the car or something, cause they can, but Anne thanks them for their help and says she's sure they have other things to get about since she seemed to be interrupting them from something earlier. “Naw, ma'am, it's good,” Malcolm says and offers to accompany her inside, and Anne just asks them to wait by the car and locks the doors as they stand outside it. She goes up to the community center door, but it's locked. Jamal approaches and startles her, making her catch herself. He says there's a back exit, and if she's in there, that's where she went through. They go around to the back, into the darkness near a dumpster. Anne looks nervous. “No one's gonna hurt you, ma'am,” Malcolm says, and they open the back exit, which has a chain that can easily be unlatched. They go inside and Malcolm picks up a flashlight from a safe box. “Linda!” Anne shouts, breaking the silence. There's a sound of water dripping from a faucet and they enter a bathroom and peer around, then move on to a locker room. When they enter it, Jamal quickly conceals a mattress. Anne looks at him and the mattress, and he looks away. “Linda!” Anne calls again but gets no response, and they look through the community center, all three shouting her name, but she's not here. Malcolm apologizes. Anne tells him not to; she thanks him for his help. Malcolm says they can still help her, if she needs it. Anne says she doesn't think so, and she pulls out some money from her pocket. She says she thinks she should pay them for their help anyways. “Man, I ain't need your money!” Jamal shouts angrily. Anne says she thinks they would be better off than her with it. “Get lost lady! We don't want your charity!” Jamal shouts at her, frightening her. “Please...please take it,” she begs them. They both look mad, but Malcolm calms Jamal down, for now Jamal is threatening her and accusing her of being pretentious and thinking she's better than them or something. Anne insists that's not it. She says she saw the mattress and could tell they knew this place really well. She says she knows they live here, or sleep here at night and when it opens up in the morning, they leave. Jamal and Malcolm quiet down, and Anne goes on to say that that is a really shitty life. She says they're teenagers; they should be in school and have their parents watch out for them. Jamal tells her she doesn't understand, but Anne tells him that he doesn't understand. He was wasting his life; he could go and get an education and live somewhere better than here. She again offers him the money and when he won't take it, she puts it forcefully into his hand and stares him down. He diverts his eyes. Anne studies both of them, then thanks them for their help and walks away. The clock in the community center's main lobby reads 1:42 A.M.

1:40 A.M.

Daniel is driving down an deserted country road, passing woods on both sides. There's silence for a brief while until suddenly Berkley proclaims, “What's that ahead?” Daniel kills the lights and pulls the car to a stop, making a shushing sound. He and Berkley fix their eyes on the road ahead. Two teens were loading...something...into the trunk of a car. “What was that?” Berkley asks, and Daniel doesn't reply. The teens close the truck, and the guy teen looks around to make sure no one's looking, then goes to the driver's seat. “Should we do something?” Berkley asks, and Daniel says he has a funny feeling about this. As the teens take off in their car, Berkley snaps at Daniel to do something. “That was a body they loading in that trunk. It had to be!” Berkley says, sounding panicky. Daniel is panicky too. He says he's never dealt with a situation like this before; he's not certain what to do. Berkley tells him not to be a screw-up. Follow the car and see what they do; pull them over or something. Daniel is panicky, but he starts his car back up and starts following with the lights still off. Berkley asks what he's doing, and Daniel says he's going to follow them and see what they do. His watch reads 1:41 A.M.

James closes the trunk and looks around. He thought he saw something on the road behind him, but he dismisses it when Amy says to hurry up. He goes to the car and gets in, the radio clock reading 1:41 A.M. He takes off down the road, trying to keep calm. Amy refuses to look at him, and he keeps looking at her. His voice is still watery and high-pitched, but he tells her to stop ignoring him. She tells him to fuck off, and James says that this wasn't his fault. She says he should've kept his eyes on the road. James tells her to fuck herself. “Oh, real mature,” she says, and rolls her eyes. James tells her to grow up, and she laughs fakely and tells him he needs to. They get into a profanity-laced shouting match but finally it dies down as they've each insulted each other. There's silence, and Amy lights another cigarette. Finally, James breaks the silence, saying they need to focus. They have to dump the body somewhere. By now they're passing open fields. Amy says they could do it anywhere, but James insists it has to be the right spot, where no one would know to look. He sees a dirt trail cutting through a plain, and he turns down it. Radio clock reads 1:43 A.M.

1:43 A.M.

Julia parks her car by a dock on a river, a boathouse nearby and the moonlight reflecting off the water. She gets out and starts walking down the dock. There's a light at the end with a bench under it, and she approaches. Her breath is visible under the light; it's cold out and she covers herself up with her coat. She looks back the way she came; no one was there. She sighs and sits down on the bench. She peers at her watch: 1:44.

Anne is just climbing into her car. She's sitting there for a moment, hands clutching the steering wheel. Her eyes get watery again and a song is playing on the radio; some old-timey 50s song. Suddenly, there's a tapping on the window, and she rolls it down. Jamal looks in at her. “I'm sorry,” he says. Anne blinks away her tears, and she smiles a pained looking smile and tells him she believes he's a good boy, but he's not a man, not yet. Jamal asks her if she's sure she doesn't want their help. Anne asks if he has any suggestions where Linda might be, and Jamal says he doesn't really know, but he thinks it would be safer if she had company. “We may be in the suburbs, but this is still Chicago,” he says, and Anne smiles painfully again and thanks him. He asks if that's an invitation to help, and Anne tells him to get in. He does, and Malcolm joins him. They drive down the street, and Malcolm says, “This old stuff again?” Anne laughs and says he could put on whatever he wants, but Jamal says, “Man, leave it.” So Malcolm does, and they ride on listening to the 1950s song. Up ahead, Anne spots a diner. “Are you boys hungry?” she asks. They don't reply but look at each other, as if too embarrassed to answer yes. She stops the car anyways and says she'd pay, so they thank her and walk into the diner with her. A clock reads 1:46 A.M.

1:46 A.M.

Daniel pulls his car to a stop on the dirt trail. Up ahead, the teens have come to a stop. Daniel sits behind the wheel, watching them get out. Berkley is muttering under his breath until Daniel tells him to shut up. “Alright you son-of-a-bitch...what do you got in that truck?” Daniel ponders aloud.

Up ahead, James is checking that the coast is clear, then goes and opens the trunk. Amy stands beside him and she says she can't believe they're doing this, but James just tells her to give him a hand. They both grab one end of the wrapped body and start out into the weeds.

Daniel is stepping out of the car. His watch reads 1:47. Berkley steps out too, hand on his gun. They see the two teens moving on through the weeds. Berkley hisses, “It's gotta be a body...look at the shape.” Daniel raises a finger to his lips, then motions to move in. They approach the parked car ahead and look in but can't see anything, until finally Daniel spots some blood in the trunk. He shows it to Berkley, who says he thinks he's going to puke. Daniel tells him to just make sure his gun is loaded, and then proceeds to say that he can't believe he's saying that. He's never had to use his own gun before. They start off into the weeds.

James and Amy have carried the body a good way and Amy asks how much further. Her watch reads 1:48. James says just a few more steps. Amy says they've gone far enough, so James drops the body when she lets go. “Do we bury him?” Amy asks, as they look at the sack on the ground. James says he doesn't think so, but Amy says someone might find him if he's not buried. James says they don't have any shovels, and unless she wants to use her hands, he's done with this mess. No one will find it.

Julia looks at her watch again. 1:48. She sighs in frustration. “Where are you, Daniel?” She looks around. Silence but for crickets and frogs chirping. She waits a few more seconds in silence, then picks up her phone and dials.

1:49 A.M.

James and Amy are walking away from the spot where they placed the body when suddenly...a cell phone starts ringing. “What is that?” Amy asks, and James realizes someone had followed them. “Shit!” he shouts, “Run!” They start running off through the weeds.

Daniel's phone is blaring. He tries silencing it and presses the ignore button. Berkley looks at him, a mad look on his face. “You dumb idiot! Why did you bring your cell phone?” he shouts. Daniel says he doesn't know what he's doing. “I mean...” he stammers, but Berkley says forget about it. They teens are running. Weeds shake ahead of them. Daniel shouts out, “Police! Stop!”

Julia looks down at her phone, which has just went to voice mail. A tear streams down her cheek. She gets up off the bench and heads back to her car.

“Shit! It's the police!” James shout-whispers. He and Amy are running through the weeds. Suddenly Amy trips and sprains her ankle. James steps ahead of her and looks back at her. “Help me James,” she says, lying in agony on the ground. James asks if she's hurt, and she says she sprained her ankle. She can't make it. She needs a hospital. James says they can't give up now. He goes to her and lifts her off the ground. He starts half-dragging her through the weeds but she's slowing him down. “Amy, listen, I'm going to hide you here, and I'll come back for you when it's clear,” he says. “James...No!” He sets her down near the edge of the forest and promises he'll come back for her. Behind them in the weeds, flashlights are shining and shouts of “Police!” echo through the air. Amy grips onto James's arm, being dragged as he starts walking away from her. She begs him not to go, and he says he has to or they'll both get caught. He kisses her on her lips then releases her grip and runs off into the woods. She's crying and hoarsely saying his name. She's very cold and upset, her breath coming out and visible in the night chill. “James...please,” she keeps repeating. Her wrist watch reads 1:51 A.M.

Daniel and Berkley are cutting through the woods, shouting, “Police! Police!” Suddenly they come to the body on the ground in the sack. Daniel looks down at it, and he tells Berkley to go on without him. Berkley says he can't apprehend them himself, but Daniel says to do it. He wants to know who this is. Berkley goes on reluctantly, hoarsely shouting, “Police!” Daniel leans down to the body on the ground and peels back the sheets. He sees a pair of cold dead eyes looking back at him. “Oh my god,” he says. His wrist watch reads 1:50 A.M.

1:51 A.M.

A waitress comes over to the table with some fresh coffee and pours a glass for Anne. She tells them the food will be out shortly. Jamal and Malcolm are silent, and a truck driver at the bar keeps looking over his shoulder in disgust at them. Anne frowns at him then looks back to Jamal and Malcolm and says she was glad she met them. They were refreshing. “We are fresh,” Malcolm says, and the two teen boys laugh. The waitress returns and hands out the food, and she studies Anne. She asks her if she has a son, and Anne pauses before saying, “Yes...yes I do.” “Is his name Louis?” “Yes...do you know him?” “He comes here all the time with Parker and Linda. Oh, I'm so glad to meet you. You must be Anne. He's told me a lot about you.” “Well thank you dear.” “Oh I do so hope he comes back from Connecticut soon. It's been so lonely here without him. He has a charm. But surely you must know about that. Have you heard from him recently? Has he said when he'll be coming home?” Anne pauses, studying Jamal and Malcolm, then says, “He is home.” “Well great! I can't wait to see him, Parker, and Linda her again. You know, he loves that girl so much, and I love her too. He built a tree house for her and every time they would come he would always talk about how much she loved to go in there.” By now Anne has stopped listening. She thanks the waitress and she tells Jamal and Malcolm that she must be going. “Going, but ma'am you ain't even eat your food yet,” Malcolm says. Anne says it's alright; they could have it. They needed it more than her, and she leaves enough money on the table to pay for everything. She hugs both Malcolm and Jamal and tells them that they will see each other again. She doesn't even give them time for goodbyes; she just rushes out the door. The clock reads 1:53 A.M.

1:52 A.M.

Amy is lying on the ground in distress. She clutches her ankle and winces in pain. Suddenly a light bobs nearby and Berkley bursts out of the weeds. He sees her and aims his gun at her. “Don't move. Police! You have the right to remain silent,” he starts. She just squints into the light of his flashlight.

Daniel is looking over the body. It's pale and lifeless, and he's blocking out most of the face from the viewer's sight. Suddenly, Berkley comes rushing through the weeds with Amy in tow. “I've got one!” Then he sees Daniel, looking somber, and he asks what's wrong. Daniel says nothing, and Berkley asks, “Did you know him?” Daniel looks up, his eyes red-rimmed. “It's Julia's brother...he's my brother-in-law.” In the background, Amy lets out a low whining sound, maybe of pity or of pain. Berkley helps Daniel to his feet and asks if he's alright. Daniel says he'll have to make a phone call, let Julia know what was keeping him. Berkley looks down at the body, and we can see the face now. “What's his name?” he asks. “Louis,” Daniel replies, and if you've been paying attention closely, you'd recognize the face as that of the face in the photographs Anne had looked at earlier in the movie. Daniel's watch reads 1:54 A.M.

1:54 A.M.

Julia is driving down a highway that leads off into a wooded area. A sign declares that she's leaving the small town in Connecticut. She's crying and music is blaring. She doesn't even see that her cell phone is ringing in the seat beside her. She starts singing along in a loud cry-shout. She turns down a country road cutting through the woods and starts speeding along, climbing up to 80, 85, 90 mph. She rolls the windows down, crying out to the breeze with the lyrics to the song. Her phone rings again and the I.D. says Daniel. She reaches over to the passenger seat and picks up the bottle of wine she brought with her from her apartment, and she starts drinking as she speeds along the road. Her radio clock reads 1:55 A.M.

James is running through the woods, when he detects the road ahead. He races towards it, his breath chilling. He comes up to the road and as he's on the side of the road, he stops to catch his breath. He looks both ways but can't see any cars, yet in the distance lights are shining brightly. James squints to make it out, pondering if it may be a police car. As it comes closer, he realizes it is not. He decides to try signaling to it. He sticks his thumb up. The car is going really fast. Suddenly, behind him, James hears a crunch and thinks it might be a police officer. He starts running across the road , and suddenly he turns as the lights peer directly onto him. His watch reads 1:56 A.M. The crunching came from a doe standing in the woods, watching as a car slams into James.

1:57 A.M.

“Danger, Keep Away” by Slipknot starts playing. *Note, this is a 3 minute long song, however, it all takes place within the minute 1:57-1:58 because the montage bears scenes in that minute from each character arc.

Anne's car pulls up outside her son's house. She steps out and walks toward the back gate. / Daniel dials Julia again, the phone ringing as he keeps it to his ear, him whispering something over and over again. In the distance, sirens flare. / Anne is walking into the backyard, and she sees a treehouse up ahead. Her mouth forms the word “Linda.” / Amy is being placed into the back of a police car, her hands are cuffed. She looks out the window as the door is closed. There is a look of betrayal on her face, and she's staring to the woods where James vanished. / Daniel is waiting for some response, but he doesn't get any, and he redials as Berkley stands near him, tapping him on the shoulder and motioning that they had to leave to report to the station. / Julia's car is motionless. Julia sits inside, lifting her head off the steering wheel. The bottle of wine has hit the floor. Her cell phone is ringing beside her. She keeps shaking her head, tears surfacing, her mouth open in a soundless wail. / Anne climbs up the treehouse and finds Linda curled up on the floor. Anne gets close to her and places a comforting hand on her shoulder, then tugs her into a comforting embrace. / Peter opens another drink at the bar, and a young man comes and sits down next to him. Peter turns to face him, and he places a hand on his shoulder. / Amy is staring blankly out the window as the police car heads back toward the main road, weeds surrounding it. / Julia stumbles out of her car, still wailing soundlessly, and she collapses onto the ground. A heap lies ahead of the car and Julia crawls toward it, shaking her head in disbelief. / Daniel looks at his phone, having just gone to voice mail, and he sighs and puts it in his pocket. “I'm sorry,” he whispers. / Anne lies down on the floor of the tree house with Linda laying her head on Anne's lap. Anne runs her hand through Linda's hair, curling it around her fingers. / Julia looks up at the body on the ground, a bloodied mass. It is James, his limbs twisted. He is motionless and bloody. Julia sobs, but no sound comes out. / A line of police cars drive down the country road heading toward the field. / Daniel gets into the driver's seat of Berkley's car and starts the engine. His sirens blare, but no sound is heard over the lyrics of the song dying down. He pulls off down the dirt lane toward the main road, and the last shot as the song ends is of his car joining the procession of police cars.

Amy is staring at her watch. It reads 1:58. The police officer in the front looks over his shoulder at her. He asks if she's hurt, staring at her ankle. She says she's fine but winces. The officer says it's not his place to say it, but he has a feeling they'll let her off easily. “You say there was a guy driving the car?” he inquires, and Amy stares out the window. “Yes,” she says.

1:59 A.M.

Julia is wailing, and now sound starts to issue out. She is curled up on the ground next to James' mangled corpse, and then she rolls onto her back staring up at the sky. She sobs. There's a sound of sirens up ahead, and the camera pans up to show the cop cars are heading down the road toward her.

“What's going on?” Berkley asks as the procession slows down. Daniel looks out the window, then opens his door and steps out of the car. He starts walking up the line until he can see his wife's car on the street, and then he sees her lying next to a body. “Julia! JULIA!” He races to her and pushes aside a police officer. She looks up at him and he helps her into his arms. She starts crying and she says she's done something terrible, absolutely terrible. Daniel looks her in the eyes and he says he should have been there for her. He asks her to forgive him. Julia is crying, and Daniel says he needs to make a phone call. He releases Julia for a second, and he steps next to a cop car and dials a number.

Amy peers out the window of the car she's in. She asks the officer what's happening. “Some boy's been hit,” he replies, “just up the road.” Amy grows deathly silent as she leans back against the chair, raising her legs to her chest in a fetal position, and the officer drones on in the background, saying something about how this was a crazy night.

Daniel is waiting for the phone to pick up, when suddenly there's a click just as his watch turns to 2:00. “Hello,” a familiar woman's voice says.

1:00 A.M.

Anne holds the phone to her ear as she turns on the light next to her bed and sits up. “Hello, who is this?” And she sits up listening while we can hear Daniel's voice murmuring and the screen fades to black.

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Reserved. TRH may have to extend here, not because it is excessively long but because I cannot put it into that post above so far because it won't load for me, so I may cut it between these two.

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Death of a Salesman

Director: John Wells

Studio: Arcturus Films

Format: 65mm Film

Genre: Tragedy


Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Willy Loman

Meryl Streep as Linda Loman

Andrew Garfield as Biff Loman

Logan Lerman as Happy Loman

Robert Carlyle as Charley

Tom Hiddleston as Bernard

John Glover as Uncle Ben

John C. Reily as Howard Wagner

Andrea Riseborough as The Woman

Score: Howard Shore

Budget: $40 million

Languages: English

Theater Count: 5 December: 2; 12 December: 59; 19 December: 599; 25 December: 2145.

Rating: PG-13

Release Date: 5 December

Running Time: 2hrs 15mins


A Flute motif is heard, and we see Willy Loman return home to Brooklyn from one of his many failed sales trips. His wife, Linda, comforts him, and persuades him to go to his boss, Howard Wagner, and ask him if he can work in New York, so that he wouldn't have to travel very much. Eventually Willy gives in, and says that he will talk to Howard tomorrow. The conversation eventually turns to Biff, the older son, and Willy complains that he hasn't made himself out to be someone big, or successful yet. Linda is upset, and snaps at WIlly, telling him that he's too critical. Willy then excuses himself to the kitchen, and gets something to eat.

In the Kitchen, Willy talks to himself, as Biff and Happy (the second son) reminisce about their youth, and hearing Willy talking to himself again, they turn to discuss their father's rants, which often include the topic of Biff not living up to his expectations. Then the conversation turns their lives, and how they dare dissatisfied, and they dream about buying a ranch out west.

Meanwhile, Willy daydreams, and he praises his sons in his dream; they're younger, and are washing his car. He sees a young Biff, the high school American football star, and a young, and happy Happy.

They interact affectionately with their father, who has just returned from a business trip. Willy confides in Biff and Happy that he is going to open his own business one day, bigger than that owned by his neighbor, Charley. Charley’s son, Bernard, enters looking for Biff, who must study for math class in order to avoid failing. Willy points out to his sons that although Bernard is smart, he is not “well liked,” which will hurt him in the long run.

A younger Linda enters, and the boys leave to do some chores. Willy boasts of a phenomenally successful sales trip, but Linda coaxes him into revealing that his trip was actually only meagerly successful. Willy complains that he soon won’t be able to make all of the payments on their appliances and car. He complains that people don’t like him and that he’s not good at his job. As Linda consoles him, he hears the laughter of his mistress. He approaches The Woman, who is still laughing, and engages in another reminiscent daydream. Willy and The Woman flirt, and she thanks him for giving her stockings.

The Woman disappears, and Willy fades back into his prior daydream, in the kitchen. Linda, now mending stockings, reassures him. He scolds her mending and orders her to throw the stockings out. Bernard bursts in, again looking for Biff. Linda reminds Willy that Biff has to return a football that he stole, and she adds that Biff is too rough with the neighborhood girls. Willy hears The Woman laugh and explodes at Bernard and Linda. Both leave, and though the daydream ends, Willy continues to mutter to himself. The older Happy comes downstairs and tries to quiet Willy. Agitated, Willy shouts his regret about not going to Alaska with his brother, Ben, who eventually found a diamond mine in Africa and became rich. Charley, having heard the commotion, enters. Happy goes off to bed, and Willy and Charley begin to play cards. Charley offers Willy a job, but Willy, insulted, refuses it. As they argue, Willy imagines that Ben enters. Willy accidentally calls Charley Ben. Ben inspects Willy’s house and tells him that he has to catch a train soon to look at properties in Alaska. As Willy talks to Ben about the prospect of going to Alaska, Charley, seeing no one there, gets confused and questions Willy. Willy yells at Charley, who leaves. The younger Linda enters and Ben meets her. Willy asks Ben impatiently about his life. Ben recounts his travels and talks about their father. As Ben is about to leave, Willy daydreams further, and Charley and Bernard rush in to tell him that Biff and Happy are stealing lumber. Although Ben eventually leaves, Willy continues to talk to him.

Back in the present, the older Linda enters to find Willy outside. Biff and Happy come downstairs and discuss Willy’s condition with their mother. Linda scolds Biff for judging Willy harshly. Biff tells her that he knows Willy is a fake, but he refuses to elaborate. Linda mentions that Willy has tried to commit suicide. Happy grows angry and rebukes Biff for his failure in the business world. Willy enters and yells at Biff. Happy intervenes and eventually proposes that he and Biff go into the sporting goods business together. Willy immediately brightens and gives Biff a host of tips about asking for a loan from one of Biff’s old employers, Bill Oliver. After more arguing and reconciliation, everyone finally goes to bed. The camera takes one last shot of Willy sleeping, fitfully, before brightening to white, and we cut to:

Willy enjoying the breakfast that Linda has made for him the next day. Willy ponders the bright-seeming future before getting angry again about his expensive appliances. Linda informs Willy that Biff and Happy are taking him out to dinner that night. Excited, Willy announces that he is going to make Howard Wagner give him a New York job. The phone rings, and Linda chats with Biff, reminding him to be nice to his father at the restaurant that night.

As the lights fade on Linda, they come up on Howard playing with a wire recorder in his office. Willy tries to broach the subject of working in New York, but Howard interrupts him and makes him listen to his kids and wife on the wire recorder. When Willy finally gets a word in, Howard rejects his plea. Willy launches into a lengthy recalling of how a legendary salesman named Dave Singleman inspired him to go into sales. Howard leaves and Willy gets angry. Howard soon re-enters and tells Willy to take some time off. Howard leaves and Ben enters, inviting Willy to join him in Alaska. The younger Linda enters and reminds Willy of his sons and job. The young Biff enters, and Willy praises Biff’s prospects and the fact that he is well liked.

Ben leaves and Bernard rushes in, eagerly awaiting Biff’s big football game. Willy speaks optimistically to Biff about the game. Charley enters and teases Willy about the game. As Willy chases Charley off, the lights rise on a different part of the stage. Willy continues yelling from offstage, and Jenny, Charley’s secretary, asks a grown-up Bernard to quiet him down. Willy enters and prattles on about a “very big deal” that Biff is working on. Daunted by Bernard’s success (he mentions to Willy that he is going to Washington to fight a case), Willy asks Bernard why Biff turned out to be such a failure. Bernard asks Willy what happened in Boston that made Biff decide not to go to summer school. Willy defensively tells Bernard not to blame him.

Charley enters and sees Bernard off. When Willy asks for more money than Charley usually loans him, Charley again offers Willy a job. Willy again refuses and eventually tells Charley that he was fired. Charley scolds Willy for always needing to be liked and angrily gives him the money. Calling Charley his only friend, Willy exits on the verge of tears.

At Frank’s Chop House, Happy helps Stanley, a waiter, prepare a table. They ogle and chat up a girl, Miss Forsythe, who enters the restaurant. Biff enters, and Happy introduces him to Miss Forsythe, continuing to flirt with her. Miss Forsythe, a call girl, leaves to telephone another call girl (at Happy’s request), and Biff spills out that he waited six hours for Bill Oliver and Oliver didn’t even recognize him. Upset at his father’s unrelenting misconception that he, Biff, was a salesman for Oliver, Biff plans to relieve Willy of his illusions. Willy enters, and Biff tries gently, at first, to tell him what happened at Oliver’s office. Willy blurts out that he was fired. Stunned, Biff again tries to let Willy down easily. Happy cuts in with remarks suggesting Biff’s success, and Willy eagerly awaits the good news.

Biff finally explodes at Willy for being unwilling to listen. The young Bernard runs in shouting for Linda, and Biff, Happy, and Willy start to argue. As Biff explains what happened, their conversation recedes into the background. The young Bernard tells Linda that Biff failed math. The restaurant conversation comes back into focus and Willy criticizes Biff for failing math. Willy then hears the voice of the hotel operator in Boston and shouts that he is not in his room. Biff scrambles to quiet Willy and claims that Oliver is talking to his partner about giving Biff the money. Willy’s renewed interest and probing questions irk Biff more, and he screams at Willy. Willy hears The Woman laugh and he shouts back at Biff, hitting him and staggering. Miss Forsythe enters with another call girl, Letta. Biff helps Willy to the washroom and, finding Happy flirting with the girls, argues with him about Willy. Biff storms out, and Happy follows with the girls.

Willy and The Woman enter, dressing themselves and flirting. The door knocks and Willy hurries The Woman into the bathroom. Willy answers the door; the young Biff enters and tells Willy that he failed math. Willy tries to usher him out of the room, but Biff imitates his math teacher’s lisp, which elicits laughter from Willy and The Woman. Willy tries to cover up his indiscretion, but Biff refuses to believe his stories and storms out, dejected, calling Willy a “phony little fake.” Back in the restaurant, Stanley helps Willy up. Willy asks him where he can find a seed store. Stanley gives him directions to one, and Willy hurries off.

The light comes up on the Loman kitchen, where Happy enters looking for Willy. He moves into the living room and sees Linda. Biff comes inside and Linda scolds the boys and slaps away the flowers in Happy’s hand. She yells at them for abandoning Willy. Happy attempts to appease her, but Biff goes in search of Willy. He finds Willy planting seeds in the garden with a flashlight. Willy is consulting Ben about a $20,000 proposition. Biff approaches him to say goodbye and tries to bring him inside. Willy moves into the house, followed by Biff, and becomes angry again about Biff’s failure. Happy tries to calm Biff, but Biff and Willy erupt in fury at each other. Biff starts to sob, which touches Willy. Everyone goes to bed except Willy, who renews his conversation with Ben, elated at how great Biff will be with $20,000 of insurance money. Linda soon calls out for Willy but gets no response. Biff and Happy listen as well. They hear Willy’s car speed away.

In the requiem, Linda and Happy stand in shock after Willy’s poorly attended funeral. Biff states that Willy had the wrong dreams. Charley defends Willy as a victim of his profession. Ready to leave, Biff invites Happy to go back out West with him. Happy declares that he will stick it out in New York to validate Willy’s death. Linda asks Willy for forgiveness for being unable to cry. She begins to sob, repeating “We’re free. . . .” All exit, and the flute motif is heard as the curtain falls.

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Director: Lee Unkrich

Studio: Arcturus Animation

Format: 3D CGI

Genre: CGI Animation/Action-Adventure/Comedy

Voice Cast:

To Be Announced

Budget: $140 million

Languages: English

Theater Count: 3849

Rating: PG

Release Date: 27 June

Running Time: 1hrs 41mins


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FINAL FANTASY : Dawn Of Souls - Reissue (3D)

Director: Chris Columbus

Studios: Perseus Films

Genre: Fantasy

Cast: Orlando Bloom (Firion), Oilivia Wilde (Maria), Freddie Stroma (Guy), Dev Patel (Minwu), Anne Hathaway (Princess Hilda), Ralph Fiennes (The Emperor)

Budget: $12 million (conversion into 3D)

Theater Count: 3500

Rating: PG-13

Release Date: February 7th

Running Time: 2 hours

**Main difference is the 3D and slightly extended ending**

**Original movie did... $60 Million 3 Day OW/$120 Million 6 Day...

Total -- $251 Million Domestic/$615 Million Worldwide


A Town is destroyed, left flaming. Menacing soldiers in dark armor seen leaving it as white doves fly off into the starry sky leaving the town they once called home. Three bodies lie towards the outside of the town, white magic is cast upon all four and the bodies that were close to death are healed. From the direction that the magic is cast a beautiful women appears on a horse with soldiers in white armor beside her. She directs the soldiers to carry the four bodies back to base. Introductions of cast members take place; the beautiful woman introduces herself as the Hilda, Princess Of Fynn while the three bodies are Firion, Guy & Maria. The Princess explains who the Emperor of Palamecia is and what he did to their town, survivors are unlikely to be there. They are in town of Altair. Firion, Guy & Maria want to help in some way as they have no home anymore, princess says this is their home and sends them on an easy errand. They are to go to Prince Scott, her fiancee, to ask him if he has any more information on the Empires movements.

Firion, Guy & Maria travel by horse to Fynn, the Grand capital shining in the light in all its splendor. There they find that the town is unusually quiet...there is a main event going on in the public square. They hear a speech being said by a soldier in a dark knight.

Fynn was now a part of the Palamecian Empire. Firion, Guy & maria are shocked and retreat to the nearest pub. Their frantic talk is overheard by the bar keeper, he command them to stay silent at once. He takes them into the kitchen of the pub and shows them to a secret staircase, the remnants of the royal house of Fynn had escaped there. Firion, Guy & Maria know that this is where Prince Scott must be, they rush to the sewers below only to find the royal family in great worry. Prince Scott had gone to fight the Martidor, a beast set off into the sewers by the Palamecian Empire, he hadn’t returned yet. Firion, Guy & maria ran see if prince Scott was safe. They found him dying, prince scott quickly tells them that the Empire had built and airship called the Dreadnought capable of destroying cities easily. In his last words he gave his ring to Firion, Guy & maria, saying the monster was weak, the power of the ring would help them defeat it. Firion, Guy & maria find it hard to beat the great Martidor, a beast similar to a horse but double in size. At their great difficulty the ring shines white and out of it comes a mythical warrior of old, Shiva. A water princess that aids the youngster in battle and vanquishes the martidor and returns to the ring thereafter. Firion, Guy & maria give the bad news to the royal family and sneak out of the city via an exit through the sewers and reach Altair.

As soon as Princess Hilda sees the ring she knows that Prince Scott no longer lives. The news Firion, Guy & maria give her about the airship dreadnought was of great concern. She tells Firion, Guy & maria they have deserved a break after their frantic adventure. She says they should keep the ring as it may aid them at their most neediest in the future.

The Princess receives information that the Dreadnought was built by the villagers in Mysidia, the entire village had been enslaved to build the ship. The Princess decides that the first priority was to free the village from the Empire and to get information about how to destroy the Dreadnought directly from from the hands that built the ship. Firion and Guy are sent on this important mission but also along with the Queen’s close aide; Minwu. A counter mission was also decided upon, legend has it that a great magical tomb called the Ultima lies at the far end of the continent. Josef is sent to retrieve this, Maria also decides to go with him. Firion, Guy & Maria have an emotional farewell before they part ways.

The Emperor is seen on the dreadnought which lies docked in Mysidia. He says if the cannons of the ship are ready to be tested yet? He is told that it will still take a few hours and that the ship is ready for normal flying. The Emperor says their first target spot isn’t that far so there’s no need to start flying the ship yet.

Firion, Guy & Minwu reach the cliff that overlooks the town of Mysidia; the whole town is almost dwarfed by the massive airship. The ship looked like it had come out of hell itself, colours black and red, it didn’t look like any of the airships in the sky at the moment; it was more of a demonic monster. The three sneak into town during midnight and get to the inn, the Princess said an informant will be there to help them. The informant tells them that the only way to destroy the ship is to use Egil’s Bow on its engines. An ancient bow hidden deep within the Dreadnought itself. Just then everyone feels vibrations; the dreadnought has started its engines. They go outside to see the colossal ship awake from slumber and go into the skies, its moving away from the town. Firion & Guy run toward the ship, they have to track it down in order to get into the ship. Minwu is told to stay and free the townspeople once the ship has gone out of sight. The ship moves towards the cliffs, it’s getting out of Firion & Guys reach; just then they see the cannons of the ship come out.

On the ship the Emperor says that the first target is in sight. The commanders of the ship are confused; the Empire tells them to destroy Mysidia; the hands that made the ship must be destroyed. Such a ship can never be made again. No-one even doubts carrying our the Emperors command and the order is given swiftly.

Firion & Guy realise the the target is Mysidia but its to late. Blasts going out of the ship hit the unsuspecting town and in two minutes flat the town lies in flames. They go through the town and find no soul alive, Minwu is dead too.

Meanwhile Maria & Josef get to the magical tomb and retrieve the Ultima weapon without much difficulty, just as they leave the tomb speaks. “Thou mortals art pitiful. You dare take the power which lay in slumber since before you walked upon the Earth? You must learn your place! The first soul who touched the power will perish. The other soul? Well know this young one, the cost of using this weapon won’t only be counted in gold”. Just as the tomb spoke Josef collapsed and said his last words, “Protect the Princess at all costs”.

The humble Palace of town Altair is where everyone is gathered yet again. The death of Josef and the tragedy at Mysidia is known to all. The princess says it’s time for a final attack, one where they will lose men for sure. But they will come out of it with the Palamecian Emperor defeated. Not even one soul in the after life should be able to say that their death was unnecessary!

The Princess proclaims that she will surrender to the Emperor along with two others, be taken aboard Palamecia and destroy the Emperor. In the meanwhile an assault must be launched against the dreadnought, an air battle. The Fleet Of Fynn resides in Altair, not in the capital; they will assault the dreadnought. Firion & Maria convince the Princess to take her with them on the dreadnought, she’ll need their help. Firion & Maria will help create a diversion while the Princess confronts the Emperor. Minwu will do what he’s always enjoyed doing, flying! He’ll be the right hand man of the commander of the Fleet Of Fynn.

A fierce battle begins between the fleet and the dreadnought who is a day away from help from the capital of Palamecia. In the pure struggle a small airship flies close to Dreadnought and sends the Princess, Maria & Firion into it. The Princess surrenders herself and demands to be brought in front of the Emperor. Once in front of the Emperor the Princess signals to Maria. Maria uses Ultima and with its power kills any soul in the room, but the power reflects off the Emperor and hits Maria.

Maria collapses onto the floor. Firion calls the Emperor a monster and charges towards him and thus begins a duel. The Princess tries to heal Maria but nothing happens, she smiles to herself. She wonders why the Ultima power reflected off the Emperor.

The airship battle is waging on. Many small airships litter the sky with one massive airship (the dreadnought) in the middle, nothing seems to be hurting it. Minwu reminds the fleet that they must target the engines shields so that when Egil’s bow is retrieved they can destroy the dreadnought easily.

Firion is tired as the Emperor laughs and dodges each of his attacks easily. Finally the Emperor kicks Firion forward and just as he does this the Princess comes into the fight with her own double edged sword. Firion runs out of the room, he has to find the bow while the Princess fights the Emperor. Just as he tries to leave the Emperor shuts the door and proclaims that what they seek is in this very room; it can only be received if the Emperor were to die.

Minwu’s ships successfully dodge the cannon fires from the dreadnought and break the shields of the dreadnought engines.

The emperor, Princess & Firion continue fighting till the Emperor kocks Firion and the Princess onto the floor. He is clearly tired himself, it’s clear the Emperor hasn’t fought anyone in a long time. The Emperor moves in for a killin blow to Firion, just then the Princess gets up and tries to stab the Emperor from the back, her sword doesn’t pierce his shield but it does shatter it. And then Maria stands up and uses Ultima once again with as much power as she can muster. This time the spell hits the Emperor and kills him, but the power refuses to leave without devouring one last soul. The life is sucked out of Maria just as she realises whats about to happen and tries to give Firion a final smile. The Princess tells him that the Ultima must kill two souls at once and that the Devil Armor the emperor worse could repel any spell at all. The two search the room for the bow, they finally find it behind the throne room chair.

With the Emperors death the dreadnought goes into disarray, it’s easy for the Princess & Firion to escape. Firion carries maria’s body to where they are picked up by a Fynn Airship. The bow is used by Firion and destroys the dreadnought.

Minwu, Firion & the Princess return to Altair while the fleet decides to take care of the few reinforcements that were sent by the Empire. It would still take a year or so to free all the cities the Empire had conquered but the main foe had been destroyed.

A funeral is held for Maria. Minwu & Firione leave flowers on her grave. The Princess gives both of them awards for helping and asks them what they would want to do next. Minwu says he wants to continue to help free the cities; Firione says that he is sick of the war and wants to go to the Easter continent, the land of Elves. He wants to journey there and see if he can make sense of all that has happened. The two friends say their farewells and set off the find their own FINAL FANTASY.

Thunder is shown striking at night. Princess Hilda is worried that a storm is brewing. The head mage of the castle says even though evil has been vanquished from this world, she shouldn't underestimate powers such an evil soul may have once it's left this world.

*end screen & flashes* To Be Continued in DAWN OF SOULS II : Rebirth

---- THE END ----

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|| DAWN OF SOULS II : Rebirth ||

**Sequel to FINAL FANTASY : Dawn Of Souls....it is not branded as FINAL FANTASY in posters...but in the adverts & in general people know it's the direct sequel to the first movie, especially made for the fans worldwide**

Director: Chris Columbus

Studios: Perseus Films

Genre: Fantasy/Action

Cast: Oilivia Wilde (Maria), Jason Momoa (Josef), James Marsden (Prince Scott), Ralph Fiennes (The Emperor), Ben Kingsley (Cid).

Special Thanks To: Orlando Bloom (Firion), Anne Hathaway (Princess Hilda)

Music: Elliot Goldenthal

Budget: $120 million

Theater Count: 4200

Rating: PG-13

Release Date: March 14th, 4

Running Time: 110 Min

Previous Movies Performance:

**First movie (FF Dawn Of Souls) did... $60 Million 3 Day OW/$120 Million 6 Day...

Total -- $251 Million Domestic/$615 Million Worldwide


Josef (Jason Momoa) wakes up to find himself in a mysterious cave and tries to figure out where he is. In his hand lies a weapon, a sword made of emerald. He feels like he remembers the sword from a long lost dream. He moves towards the exit of the cave when a bear tries to attack him, the bear looks visibly weak. Josef dodges the bears attacks, jumps onto its back & beheads it. Fighting the beast suddenly brings Josefs memory back. Princess Hilda (Anne Hathaway) had sent him and a girl named Maria (Olivia Wilde) to a tomb to retrieve the Ultima weapon, it was the only hope of defeating the Emperor and stopping his domination with the use of the great airship Dreadnought. He couldn’t remember anything after they found the ultima weapon which Maria was left to carry.

Josef is just about to leave the cave when another giant bear comes running towards him, it comes too fast and Josef doesn’t manage to doge it. Just as the bears about to run into Josef it roars in pain and collapses. It falls down and has a Bow stuck behind where its heart would be. A lone girl is seen wielding a bow who suddenly collapses to the floor in shock. Josef shouts out, “Maria”, & runs to her side. Maria tells Josef that she’s shocked by her suddenly remembering everything, it’s as if she remembers her dream. She tells him that they went to a cave to get the Ultima weapon, but then the cave collapsed, killing Josef. But she went on with it and even got to a point where her, Princess Hilda & Firion were fighting the Emperor. The last thing Maria remembers is using the ultima weapon on the Emperor.

Both Josef & Maria come to the conclusion that they never got to the Ultima weapon, they are being tricked by magic in the cave. It’s best they leave it and come back again stronger. Once they leave the cave they can’t recognise the gloomy place they are in. It is nighttime & there are just rocks all around them. Suddenly they see a flame.

Happy that there might be a settlement nearby they run towards the flame, but it goes out. Josef & Maria both start to panic as the flame come back on, their spirits are uplifted and they run towards it. Just then Josef says, “The flame is appearing irregularly, this means its not a settlment, its a...” before he can finish his words Josef is scooped up into the sky by a giant flying flaming bird. Maria launches arrows at the bird but they all miss as the birds dodges them.

Josef tries to jump onto the birds back but in turn ends up falling to the ground. Then suddenly a gust stops his falling speed so that he only lightly fall to the ground. Then clouds start to crackle and rainfall takes aim at the flying flaming bird, driving it away.

Maria & Josef see that the person who drove away the flaming bird is Prince Scott (James Marsden), they recognise him instantly, but they both remember him being dead. They both say it can’t be you to him. Prince Scott responds by saying that’s a nice thank you for saving them. He tells them they’ll talk, but they need to get to a safe place first.

They all end up at a settlement nearby, it’s just a 20 tents surrounding one tent in the middle. Prince Scott leads them to the giant tent. Here he tells them that this is the afterlife. He has died & come here, but something great, something powerful is stopping him from going to either heaven or hell. Souls here can stay stuck for centuries on end and become senile, forgetting who they are. He must find out why he is stuck here & solve the issue! He tells them that they discovered it was the afterlife after more people started coming and their memories seemed similar but ended at one point, which was their “death” in the real world. Cid (Ben Kingsley) was one such soul who came, his last memory was seeing his own creation, the Dreadnought firing at him and his town who helped build it.

Cid comes into the tent and tells them that they should rest for a few days. A few days pass as a montage where Josef, Prince Scott & Maria talk about how they have to escape this limbo, what could be holding them back and what was the fate of the real world. A few days later Cid tells them that no new soul has come into the realm, he can only imagine that the evil that was holding souls in limbo had been defeated. Maria’s last memory of her using the ultima weapon on the emperor was more proof of this. Cid did however say he detected an anomaly nearby, thunder is striking the spot more than 15 times a day.

Prince Scott, Maria & Josef head towards this spot. Once they get there they find a massive palace standing with its doors open for them. They enter and find a most familiar figure at the foot of the stairs. It’s the Emperor, but he looks more serene and calm than his self in the real world. The Emperor asks them to call him the Light Emperor. He asks for forgiveness for his dark side's actions. The Light Emperor tells them he split into two entities when he was originally defeated, and that Firion and the party defeated the dark half on board the Dreadnought, saving the world in the process. He tells the others that his good soul is trapped here in limbo for all of eternity in order to pay for the sins of the Dark Emperor. He begs them to go to the cave where they woke up from to collect the hammer of light to free him from the prisoned palace he lies in. He goes on to tell them that this is the only way to break the limbo, as his soul is keeping all other souls from moving on now due to the imprisonment as his prison prevents any door to heaven from opening.

Prince Scott, Maria & Josef head towards the cave. On the way there Maria tells them that her voice in her head keeps telling her that they’re doing something wrong. That this isn’t right. Her gut instinct say they should run away, far away. Just then fire is blown on Maria, she screams.

Before much damage is done Prince Scott uses magic to make water flow from the river on to Maria, the flames die off but Maria seems hurt & in pain. Meanwhile Josef runs with his sword towards flaming bird. It’s the same one that attacked them a few days ago. He doesn’t jump on to it as it’s still flaming. Prince Scott uses more water to make the flames on the bird go off, this is when Josef jumps on to it. The bird takes off, taking Josef with it. Josef quickly uses his sword to try to cut one of the wings off. But it’s difficult to do this, in a last attempt he throws the sword on to the wing, cutting it off, but the sword also falls down. It’s drop is slowed by Prince Scotss magic. Josef shouts at Maria & Prince Scott and tells them that the bird is heating up, it’ll be on fire again, they have to do something. Maria has recovered slightly & unsheaths her bow. She gives a nod to Prince Scott & shoots and arrow at the bird which is being wrestled in the air by Josef. Prince Scott speeds up the arrow using wind and uses thunder to charge it...meanwhile Josef is shouting about how hot the bird is getting. Then the arrow hits the bird in the head and it quickens it’s starts to fall down. Josef jumps off it just before it lands. He thanks them for killing it in the nick of time.

The three go into the cave and search it from end to end for the hammer of light. But they don’t find it. Once out of the cave the three look at the fallen bird. Prince Scott says they must take the meat from it for the town, in the afterlife no-one feels hungry, but if you don’t eat after a certain point you suddenly become incredibly weak. He says they can look for the hammer of light the next day. They can bring Cid along, he is more familiar with the save. The three bind the bird and carry it to the town with them.

Prince Scott goes and tells Cid about the Light Emperor and his confessions about the Dark Emperors defeat in the real world & how his prison trap prevents anyone from moving on. In celebration of the Dark Emperors defeat & due to the amount of meat the bird was providing the town decided to make a banquet out of it. There was an atmosphere of celebration as everyone knew evil had been defeated in the real world.

Maria leaves the celebration and goes to the end of town, Josef follows her. The two talk about who they cared about the most back in the real world. Maria says she loved Firion & is glad that he has survived the great war. She tells Josef that in all the struggle they have gone through so far in the afterlife they completely forgot about how it feels to be dead, to not know what’s really happening in the real world. To never see loved ones again. They both agree that they never thought it would feel so real. Prince Scott joins them and says he feels only the limbo part of afterlife feels real. Once they are freed from this realm thing should be different. They should be free of their bodies. Prince Scott goes on to say he wished he could give Princess Hilda a sign to say that she should move on in life, marry again and so on. Knowing her she’ll forever stay unwed because of her commitment to him. Maria says that won’t be the only reason Princess Hilda won’t marry, another will be that she’s carrying Prince Scott’s child. Maria says Princess Hilda asked her to swear she wouldn’t tell anyone, but it can’t do harm in the afterlife. Prince Scott is both overjoyed & sad, he’s happy a part of him will live on with her, but sad he’ll never see his own child. With this the three decide to go back to the banquet celebrations.

Back at the Banquet celebrations the people seem to be throwing something around, it glimmers. The cook says they found it in the great birds belly. It comes flying towards Josef now, he catches it and his hands hold a hammer that glimmers naturally. The hammer of light shouts Maria. They realise the bird probably ate it at some point in the cave. They decide to go to the Light Emperor first thing in the morning.

The three free the Light Emperor from his prison. He tells them that at the far end of the prison is a cliff where the gate to heaven lies. As they go there Maria, Josef & Prince Scott all three of them feel uneasy for some reason. As they reach the cliff the Light Emperor says they are in fragile space, between the dimensions of the worlds. With a touch of his hand he opens the Gate to heaven. He says now souls will fly into it in the order they came to this world. As soon as the gate opens Maria hears Firions voice, “Don’t listen to him, it’s a trap Maria...stop him”. Maria tells the others what she just hear, the Light Emperor asks them to please trust him for just another moment. That’s when Cid is shown flying into the gate, he thanks them for freedom at last. As soon as he touches the gate it goes red and the three see lava & fire beyond the gate. It’s Hell, not heaven.

“Traitor”, screams Prince Scott & rushes towards the Light Emperor who very easily dodges Prince Scotts punch & says, “Simple minded fools, there is no Light Emperor or Dark Emperor...there is just the one Emperor and I am his soul! My power is beyond the reach of simply one world!”. Thus begins a fight between the three & the Light Emperor. It ends in Josef standing in front of the gate to hell baiting in the Emperor who goes to strike at him, then Prince Scott uses his magic to push the Emperor into the gate of hell, unfortunately the push is so powerful that Josef doesn’t have enough time to dodge the emperor & he along with the emperor fall in. Maria & Prince Scott look for Josef after the Emperor goes in, the bitter truth slowly dawns on them. Just then it seems Hell explodes due to the Emperor entering & the gate closes.

With the great evil vanquished from the limbo realm of the afterlife the skies open up finally. Sunlight shines upon the cliff, Prince Scott & Maria finally see the land in daylight. Now they see souls going into the sky, towards true heaven.

Maria says as they were between the boundaries of dimensions Firione’s love for her is what brought his voice to her warning her of the imminent betrayal. And maybe it was Princess Hilda who warned her at the cave before the flaming bird attacked, after all they all arrived at the cave so it must also be near the edge of the worlds dimensions. The two hope one day Josef will find a way out of the hell he has gone into, they hope he will make the impossible possible. Just as they finish this conversation Prince Scott feels himself lifting up. He hold Maria’s hand one last time and thanks her, he says hopefully they’ll meet again. Maria sees Prince Scott going up into the sky & soon feels herself lifting up too.

They are both shown going into the sun in the sky.

REBIRTH (the word flashes on the screen)

---- The End ----

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Director: Matthew Vaughn

Studios: Perseus Films & DC Entertainment (in collaboration with Blankments Studios)

Genre: Superhero

Cast: Channing Tatum (J’onn/John Jones/Martian Manhunter), Elijah Wood (Dr Erdel), Cobie Smulders (Mrs Erdel), Nicholas Cage (Michael Miller/The Human Flame), Halle Berry (Inspector Faye), Octavia Spencer (Amanda Waller)

Music: Danny Elfman

Budget: $150 million

Theater Count: 4,344 ...in 3D IMAX & Real 3D

Rating: PG-13

Release Date: August 15th

Running Time: 122 Min


Screen shows Perseus Films logo & then DC Entertainment logo.

A Perseus Films & DC Entertainment Present is written in space as the camera moves through an asteroid field

The asteroid field rearranges to form the name


Opening credits with camera zooming through space & asteroid fields...a burning planet is always in the distance during the credits and as the credits continue the camera moves ever closer to it until only the burning planet is in view.

A quick flash occurs and the planet is seen on a tv screen with a news report talking of the shock scientists are having over Mars burning. The reporter continues talking and says speaking of fire, Midtown has seen its 3rd fire of the month occur today. The police force is in shock over how a 15 year long streak of no fire in the city has been broken this month and then occurred two more times. Dr Erdel (Elijah Wood) is seen turning off the TV and getting back to work on his project, a massive tube is seen around which Dr Erdel is moving about, trying to inspect everything. He decides to finally test it out & turns it on. The power meter on the control panel turns on and gets to 70%, the tubes top is seen glowing blue but then fizzles out. The power meter goes back to 0%. Dr Erdel tries again, at that very moment lightning strikes his lab & the power surges to 200% and the tube explodes.

Once the smoke clears he sees a green alien body lying on the ground, Dr Erdel is shocked but not completely surprised, the body looks very bony and in bad shape...the specimen was clearly in a state of starvation. The alien is shown waking up in the morning and screams out, I must save them..I must find someone. Dr Erdel increases the sedative dose. The next time the alien wakes up he seems to be more in his senses. Dr Erdel asks him if he can understand him, surprisingly the alien answers with a yes. The alien goes on to tell him his name is J’onn (Channing Tatum) & that he is the last of his kind from Mars. A huge apocalypse took place a week ago which killed his entire family & from what he could tell his race. He search far & wide on Mars trying to find life, trying to find someone but couldn’t. Dr Erdel tells him there may still be life, he couldn’t have searched all of it. That’s when he tells Dr Erdel about abilities like being able to fly & superhuman strength. He tells Dr Erdel that he wanted to find out what caused the apocalypse on Mars, but couldn’t find any answers.

Dr Erdel tells J’onn about his research and how he’s building a new type of transporter for the world, he wants his invention to change the way people travel forever. Dr Erdel then tells his wife about J’onn, swearing her into secrecy. A montage is shown of J’onn, Dr Erdel & his wife getting to know each other & all becoming great friends. One day J’onn is seen having a heated argument with Dr Erdel about letting everyone know of his existence. J’onn tells Dr Erdel how frustrating its becoming having to stay hidden in his house, not being able to enjoy the world or anything. As the argument gets more heated J’onn simply leaves the house in a rush, Dr Erdel is unable to stop him. Dr Erdel goes out to find him with his wife. J’onn is seen high in the sky just floating next to a cloud thinking about everything. He decides to just lie there for the whole night.

Cut to the next day, J’onn returns to Dr Erdels house as stealthily as he can, but he sees 2 police cars there upon his return, he quickly jumps straight into the garden and enters the house from the back. He overhears the conversation in the living room. The police were saying that they were very sorry Dr Erdels wife died in the street ambush they faced last night, he could see Dr Erdel crying. Once the police leave J’onn goes & comforts Dr Erdel. Inside J’onn feels guilty for leaving them as he knows he could have stopped that from happening had he been with them. He remembers how it felt to lose his family. He tells Dr Erdel that he doesn’t want anyone to go through what they’ve been through. A montage is shown of them creating a suit for him & also a human mask, the montage continues to show an office under the name Detective John Jones, J’onn will now be known as John in the human world. By day he’ll be a detective, by night a superhero. Dr Erdel tells J’onn tha tunlike other superheroes his mask is real, while his human form will be the true mask.

The people of Midtown love their new superhero, girls want to be with him & the boys want to be him according to news broadcasts. A montage shows J’onn capturing criminals and throwing them outside of jail gates. After each throw outside a jail gate the camera shows a fan saying something about him. An end to the montage shows the broadcaster calling the Martian Manhunter!

Martian Manhunter is seen spying on a group of drug dealers at night, he makes a note of their names & where they’ll be going. In the morning he phones up the police headquarters and tells them where the drug dealers are going to be. A similar montage shows how his alias Detective John Jones becomes well known.

One day a building is on fire & he wants to save the children...as soon as he goes in his mind becomes traumatized & skin starts steaming...his Martian self has a huge weakness to fire. He runs out the building and drops water onto it from the top...in the delay some of the children got severe burns.

The next day he is called by the police to solve a case...the case talks about the very same fire. It’s the first fire incident in years. The lead of the investigation is a beautiful lady called Inspector Faye (Halle Berry), she tells J’onn that 15 years ago Midtown had a huge fire outbreak...half the city was burning at one point and thousands died. Since then the fire warning and aversion system was made so perfect that Midtown barely saw any fires since that day until a few months ago. So whenever a fire comes up it has to be investigated.

Investigation leads to discovery that the places set on fire used to be fire stations, police stations decades ago. The investigation is interrupted by an urgent news broadcast of a man calling himself The Human Flame (Nicholas Cage) causing havoc in the city fair.

The Human Flame makes his first showing by setting a fair alight. Martian Manhunter gets there to stop the havoc. The Human Flame wears a mask which shines as if it’s been set alight. He has metal hands which have flamethrowers in them & a dark bulletproof vest covering his body. Martian Manhunter once again faces illusions of horror & his skin steams...The Human Flame is almost beating by him in a hand to hand fight, but at the last minute Human Flames hands turn into masses of fire and Martian Manhunter is almost beaten. Luckily Martian Manhunter manages to escape. New broadcasts make a big deal out of Martian Manhunter finally meeting his match.

J’onn knows he has to strengthen his mind in order to not get affected by the fire. He goes to Inspector Faye to see if he can find a way to block these fears & disturbing visions. Being a colleague Inspector Faye is keen to help once he asks her for ways to do this. The two sit down in her office and go through his past. J’onn tell her the honest story...up until the apocalypse on Mars which he instead describes as a savage fire in his home which killed everyone in his family, wife, parents, nieces. With Inspector Fayes help and guidance J’onn is slowly able to face a naked flame without getting too hurt, the latter is shown through a montage.

The two slowly but surely come closer & conversation gets to love. J’onn asks her if she thinks all the girls who claim they love Martian Manhunter really do? How can they love someone in a mask. Inspector Faye says everyone wears masks, most people wear an invisible one. But in the end there is always something that makes us human inside. The conversation hurts J’onn as he realises there is nothing human inside him whatsoever...he leaves in a hurry.

J’onn goes up high into the sky and ponders many questions, from why he feels close to these people here all the way to if he should just leave before he gets hurt. That’s when he hears a cry and rushes down into the forest. It’s just a parrot...he goes back up and remembers a similar night when Erdels family had been killed..he rushes back to Erdels house. He opens up to Erdel and tells him about what happened. Erdel tells him that he must listen to his instincts...he rushed to save someone when he heard the cry...whether he likes it or not he wants to protect people. And he also says what Inspector Faye really meant by humanity was probably a morale compass..one that tells us right from wrong...one that compels us to make sacrifices for love.

The next day J’onn wakes up to a shocking news broadcast. The Human Flame has set the entire forest on the outskirts of Midtown alight. J’onn takes off his human costume and rushes to the forest as Martian Man. He stays away from the flames...the large fire itself makes his mind slightly weaker..but he finds he is able to stay stronger than before. He spots a dam nearby, he rushes to it and destroys it quite easily. The water rushes out and takes out most of the fire in the forest. The rest is dealt with by Midtowns fire department.

The city once again cheers for its savior, Martian Man. Back at the police headquarter, as J’onn Jones, he investigates why Human Flame set the forest alight. Everyone realises that the move makes no sense. The forest wasn’t a previous government fire station, police station or anything. Much of the department just doesn’t pay attention to the disrepancy but Inspector Faye is suspicious, she tells J’onn that her gut instinct tells her that the Human Flame isn’t dumb.

The two decide to investigate the forest...a montage shows them trying to find something out & the chemistry between them sparking yet again. In between this they receive an analysis of the DNA prints from The Human Flame. He is found to be a man named Michael Miller. The database doesn’t have much on him. It says 15 years ago his family all dies in the great Midtown Fire, he was aged 10 at the time. He lost his face in the incident & had no-one to pay for treatment so his face was scarred massively for life. After that they lose trace of him. Inspector Faye says he must have gone manic, but his schemes aren’t silly, he must’ve learnt all this somewhere, his weapons aren’t easily attainable either.

The two find nothing else on the forest and part ways for the night....just before they leave J’onn asks what the dam was for. Inspector Faye says it supplies the water reserves for the underground and Western part of Midtown. That’s when J’onn realises that the forest was a red herring, the true purpose of the human flame was to have the water supply destroyed. The western part of town could face a water shortage. Inspector Faye says something that’s far more worrying, the sprinklers in the subway won’t work in the case of a fire emergency.

J’onn is shown flying through the city towards the subway as Martian Man. The police are evacuating people & blocking off entrances to the subway...Martian Man simply flies into the barrier and goes straight into the subway, destroying the barrier in the process.

As he goes onto the track he sees a slight rainbow reflection on the tracks...he realises they are covered in oil. That’s when a laugh is heard. The human flame is seen on the platform laughing. He tells Martian Man that his men had the trains leak oil out since the morning. The whole subway was full of oil, ready to be set alight.

Martian Man asks Human Flame as to what he’ll achieve by doing this, setting Midtown alight won’t turn back the clock and bring his family back. The human flame answers saying nothing can do that, nothing can make his pain go away apart from destruction and seeing others suffering like him. That’s the satisfaction he craves, it’s the satisfaction he deserves after losing everything from this towns incompetence. There’s nothing like sharing your suffering with others & making it even worse for them, says the human flame.

Inspector Faye contacts Martian Man, telling him to any sort of fire releasing weapons off Human Flame before he even has a chance of doing anything. A fight begins where the human flame & Martian Man are fighting hand to hand. With each strike Martian Man manages to take out to destroy the flame throwing holes in Human Flames hands. Inspector Faye is sitting in the police headquarters when a fellow worker alerts her attention to a moving object in the subway, it’s a train...and it’s increasing in speed.

The human flame catches Martian Man unaware and pushes him on to the tracks & says...”Let the fire begin!”. A wooshing sound is heard as a train comes rushing towards martian man, he quickly flies up to avoid it & the train crashes into the stationary train already placed at the platform; a huge explosion takes place. There is fire seen rushing onto the tracks and moving along them.

Martian Man rushes into Human Flame who is laughing manically and holds him up by the neck & says how he also lost his family in a great fire but he chose to never let anyone else go through that pain, he chose to prevent suffering rather than cause more as such desires can never be fulfilled. Martian Man pushes Human Flames head with great speed into a ticket machine. He tells Inspector Faye that Human Flame is now lying unconscious & that he should be arrested. A police squad is sent to arrest the Human Flame.

Martian Man flies out of the subway and tells Inspector Faye that they don’t have much time, they have to stop the fire somehow as it’s spreading fast. The fire is shown spreading rapidly through the subway. Inspector Faye has a screen of the subway, the part where the fire is is shown as red and it’s increasing fast. She does a search of weak structures in the subway...and finds a viable point underneath the river bed. The subway runs directly beneath the river at the point of the great bridge.

Inspector Faye tells martian man if he breaks through that point water will rush into the subway. The great bridge can be lifted up as it’s in two halves, it was built to be able to let big boats pass through.

Martian Man rushes to the great river and the point that he has been told about. Inspector Faye says he’ll be putting his life in danger by doing that, he tells her that the water should protect him & that even if he doesn’t make it, millions will. Martian Man flies high above the point in the river at the centre of town. People are shown gathering around the bridge. He makes a loop high in the air and rushes down like a bullet towards the centre of the river just as the two halves of the bridge are pulled up.

A sound is heard as he goes into the river and collides into the river bed...he manages to go through right into the subway which is on fire. At once his skin shines & his mind also collapses as there is so much fire...but the water comes rushing in and drowns out the fire which saves him. He goes back up the way he came, scarred but alive to applause from the people surrounding the river.

The next morning news broadcasts all over town are seen telling people about what happened. We see Inspector Faye coming into J’onns office & telling him that it’s way too much of a coincidence between what Martian Man did and what information he had last night. She confronts him about the identity of Martian Man, asking bluntly whether he is martian man or whether he knows who he is.

J’onn tells her that it’s a question he can’t answer for her and that she doesn’t ask him it. It would be in everyones best interests for the question to remain a question for now and for some time to come. Inspector Faye is hurt by this and says she can’t work with him until this question is answered. He tell her that he’s willing to make that sacrifice. Inspector Faye is shown leaving his office in tears. Dr Erdel overhears everything and tells J’onn he did the right thing by not telling her.

Another knock is heard on his office door, both he & Dr Erdel think it’s Inspector Faye...but the person that enters is Amanda Waller. She says that she knows J’onn is Martian Man & that he is from Mars. She tells him that there are far bigger things going on than the human flame or recent issues in Central City or Washington DC. She shocks him by saying that The Human Flame was a mere puppet, he was manipulated by those who are a far bigger threat. She tells him that there may come a day when she calls on him for aid & he should be ready to answer.

Mid Credit Scene: Amanda is seen getting a call from her agents in Greece. They tell her they are getting huge readings near the Mountains. They can’t say what but they ask her if they should investigate...and the scene cuts off

---- THE END ----

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