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2.11 "Destiny"

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Game 2.11

Deadline: Friday, August 24 at 2:00 P.M. Eastern (1:00 P.M. Central)

1. Predict 2016 Obama's America weekend Per Theater Average (PTA)

2. Predict the difference in Hit & Run's Friday and Wednesday grosses (its Wednesday numbers will come in on Thursday)

3. At what percent of "The Expendables" (2010) gross through Day 10 (65.36 million) will "The Expendables 2" (2012) be at by the end of the weekend? In other words, what percent of Expendables 1's 10 day total will Expendables 2 have. (e.g. if you predict Expendables 2 to be at 60 million by Day 10, divide 60 by 65.36 and you will have your answer, in this case 91.80%)

4. The Bourne Legacy has a budget of 125 million. What percent of that budget will Bourne Legacy's 17 day total account for. (e.g. if you predict it to be at 100 million by day 17 (Sunday), then divide 100 by 125 and your answer would be 80%)

5. Predict Premium Rush's weekend gross and its rank

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"Destiny" - Game 2.11

9 players. That's all that's left standing. Two of those players had been eliminated before but now are united on "Team Destiny." Two more players will be eliminated this week in a Double Elimination Challenge, bringing our total down to 7 players, with 4 games left. If you look on the Forum Calendar under the month of September, you will find that the Box Office Alliance Season 2 Finale has received a date of September 24. That means we are quickly approaching the end of the season, so it's time to determine who will receive the top honors, and that decision begins now and has persisted since the first episode of the season.

This week, "Team Destiny" climbed to the top. Alfred and JackO were previously eliminated in weeks 2 and 9, respectively, but now the duo seek vengeance. All other players are eligible for the Double Elimination Challenge. 3 will go in, but only 1 will come out.

Here are the results of the week:


DoctorWho: 73.00% +2 (+2 2nd team)

Fakhir: 73.29% +3 (+2 2nd team, +1 highest Question 3)

Totem: 68.00% +17 (+2 2nd team, +15 won Challenge 10)

XenoZodiac: 73.48% +3 (+1 3rd individual, +2 2nd team))

AVERAGE: 71.94% +24


acsc1312: 64.85% +1 (+1 3rd team)

CEDAR: 70.47% +2 (+1 3rd team, +1 highest Question 4)

Goffe Recall: 66.02% +1 (+1 3rd team)

AVERAGE: 67.11% +4


The Dark Alfred: 85.20% +9 (+5 highest individual, +3 1st team, +1 highest Question 2)

JackO: 84.83% +5 (+2 2nd individual, +3 1st team, +1 highest Question 1, +1 highest Question 5)

AVERAGE: 85.02% +14 (IMMUNE)

Also this week, I will reveal the "deals" that were offered to the two champions on the special questions from last weekend. JackO of "Team Destiny" scored highest on the Sparkle question. His deal was: use the score from his Sparkle question (95.19%) as a substitute score for Question 3 of this week's game. JackO accepted his deal, so a 95.19% score was plugged in for Question 3, regardless of whether he scored higher or lower on the actual question. (He did not answer the question, so we do not know, but most of the averages were higher on that question.)

And CEDAR won the Cosmopolis question, which was harder than the Sparkle question. CEDAR's deal was as follows: on the first week where his team ("The Shadowkillers" presently) does not come in first place overall, CEDAR can move to whatever team did place first that week, thereby saving him from the Challenge for that week at least. If CEDAR accepted this deal, he will now be placed on Team Destiny, as CEDAR had to accept before the revelation of this week's winners. However, CEDAR declined to accept the deal out of loyalty to his partners acsc1312 and Goffe Recall, so CEDAR risks the Challenge along with his two partners and the members of "The Black Stallions"

The price of immunity will remain +15 points this week. If you don't have that much you cannot afford it.

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The Challenge - Week 11

In a shocking blow, three of the four members of previously winning team "The Black Stallions" came precariously close to elimination this week as Xeno, Fakhir, and Doc were all unable to afford immunities. The three members on "The Shadowkillers" were all able to afford immunities, however. But did they all buy one?

Only "Team Destiny" was safe this week from The Challenge. Totem was placed 1st on the list but purchased an immunity for 15 points. Xeno came in second on the list and could not afford an immunity, so he will be enterring The Challenge. Acsc, who placed 3rd on the list, also purchased an immunity for 15 points. DoctorWho came in 4th place on the rankings and will be enterring The Challenge with his partner Xeno because he could not afford immunity. CEDAR, who placed 5th, also purchased an immunity for 15 points. That left the final slot in the Challenge up to either Goffe Recall (6th place, and able to purchase immunity) or Fakhir (7th place, unable to afford immunity). Which one will join Xeno and Doc?

It's Goffe Recall. He did not purchase an immunity. So now we have two Stallions (Xeno and Doc) facing a Shadowkiller (Goffe). Which one of these three players will stay alive, and which two will be going home? Find out this week.

1. Predict The Expendable 2's Tuesday gross

2. Predict Paranorman's Tuesday per theater average

3. Predict The Campaign's Tuesday percent drop from last Tuesday


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The Challenge - Week 11

This week's Challenge was a Double Elimination Challenge. Three players were chosen to compete against each other in a Challenge to determine which one player would move on, and which two would be eliminated. Those players were DoctorWho (of "The Black Stallions"), his partner XenoZodiac (also of "The Black Stallions"), and one of their competitors, Goffe Recall (of "The Shadowkillers"). All three are very strong players, but only one of the three could move on.

Firstly, one player did not predict in this Challenge. That means this player is the first to be eliminated and will exit the season in 9th place. Which player was that? It was

XenoZodiac. Xeno, you put up a great run as always, and I'm certain you could have made it to the Final Five, but you didn't predict in this Challenge due to your absence, which unfortunately caused your elimination this week. I really hope to see you again next season though because you're always one of the best players, and you will be missed, if by no one else, then at least by me. Kudos to another great season.

That left two players to vie for staying alive this season. Let's see their scores on an individual question-by-question basis, because this is a really close Challenge, almost too close to call.

Question 1: Predict The Expendable 2's Tuesday gross

DoctorWho: 94.51%

Goffe Recall: 96.95%

Goffe is currently in the lead.

Question 2: Predict Paranorman's Tuesday per theater average

DoctorWho: 99.67% (97.09% average currently)

Goffe Recall: 97.01% (96.98% average currently)

Oooh, very, very close right now. Question 3 will be the nailbiter.

Question 3: Predict The Campaign's Tuesday drop from last Tuesday

DoctorWho: 99.58% (97.92% average overall on the Challenge 11)

A good average. Does his competitor have what it takes to beat that? Let's take a look

Goffe Recall: 98.31% (97.42% average overall on the Challenge 11)

A really close Challenge. Goffe, congratulations on a well performed season. Like Xeno, I would love to see you back next season. You've been one of the most amazing new players (and overall players) this season with some stellar averages and at times some impressive victories. I know your partners acsc and CEDAR will miss you since you proved to be a valuable asset to their team. And to DoctorWho, congratulations on making it this far, and you will have at least one more week to prove yourself. You don't have Xeno any more, but you still have Totem and Fakhir as partners, so you can still avenge Xeno's defeat this weekend, and maybe make it to the Final Five yourself. Good luck, and good luck to all current players.


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