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  1. I don't think that Star Wars is going to move back to December. They have left Han Solo in May of 2018 and now Episode 9 in May of 2019. Avatar 2 is officially taking back the December slot starting in 2020 and I think Disney wants to go back to May since The Avengers and Marvel is likely done on some level in 2019.
  2. Lincoln is brilliant in every aspect. Acting, set design, score, etc....
  3. The movie is decent. Nothing great but a fun mindless action in late August. It played well to a big and willing crowd.
  4. Somehow it is still less messy than Transformers, which seems impossible.
  5. I don't mean to be a jerk, but this makes me sad in a number of ways.
  6. The movie is a mess. He tried to mix Dragonheart with Sherlock Holmes and Lord of the Rings and it ended up being way too much.
  7. From that link it appears they have 331 scheduled. I would guess they get near 350 total.
  8. $10m overall would be a win for it.
  9. I also want to say that I simply like The Force Awakens. It does have a bit too much similarity and nostalgia throwback, but at the same time the task to simply relaunch it was enormous. It was similar to Mission Impossible and Star Trek which is exactly why they hired JJ Abrams. It is also the exact reason they immediately got rid of him. He is a mater of rebooting a series good enough to get it going again in a very positive direction. Star Wars had gone through decades of damage by George Lucas and his odd ego trip that he was insistent on taking. Disney wanted their relaunch to be good but familiar and they got exactly that. Now they are going to go a bit rogue. The Last Jedi has a damn interesting writer/director and is going to surprise people with how non-familiar it feels. Yes, that is sort of Empire Strikes Back like, but they aren't going safe on this.
  10. It would be one thing if it was simply financial records it was breaking. Plenty of shit movies set those records and even have great legs, but they are missing the critic component, or audience scores or other elements. Money alone isn't enough, but when you put together literally every metric besides "lonely contrarian internet guys" it adds up for The Force Awakens. This also doesn't mean that if you didn't like the movie that isn't a valid opinion. It completely is and there is a large amount of subjectivity. It is fine to not like the movie, but to not like it AND try and claim the general audience didn't as well is fucking absurd.
  11. I'm not angry, but reading pages of bullshit gets tiresome. Either offer up a single shred of evidence or don't. The Force Awakens doesn't have any outliers and other movies you mentioned do. It wasn't a perfect movie, it wasn't even a great movie, but the general audiences liked it very much. There is no argument about that. None.
  12. You fucking people. There is absolutely no metric or data available that the reaction from the GA is little more than "It's ok". Get off the internet because you have become too jaded and influenced by it. Critics, tracking, post screening surveys, Cinemascore, Comscore, domestic box office, international box office, home video sales all indicate The Force Awakens being a massive critical, financial and general audience hit. There is no evidence to the contrary. None. The only thing is a loud rabble on the internet and a South Park season about member berries. Either offer up evidence or shut the fuck up.
  13. Colossal should end up beating it today it looks like.
  14. Now that we have actually seen footage (other than a 2 second clip they showed at CinemaCon), my early guess on numbers is something like a $220m opening and $815m domestic. If reviews are out of this world and they play up Carrie Fisher in the advertising it wouldn't shock me to see this run to get to $250m opening and $900m+ domestic. The big wild card is Jumanji footage actually looked very crowd pleasing and could steal away families that might find this to be too dark. Pitch Perfect 3 (if the release date doesn't change) could steal away some female fans as well. That is much stronger competition that The Force Awakens had with Daddy's Home and Sisters.
  15. This is the first time in 11 years the calendar sets up in the same way. I think it is the most ideal calendar option by far for a tent pole blockbuster like this. Justice League will be essentially done by the release date, there are currently no wide releases in the two weeks prior to opening and only Jumanji is releasing on the following Wednesday. It will have almost 2 full weekends (Christmas Eve is a Sunday) and then has a giant Monday and Tuesday. Same thing for the following week. The calendar alone should push it higher than it would have in many other years, especially if this is well reviewed. I expect it to be very well reviewed from things I have heard and Disney agains seems very confident in what they have. I would say more confident that how they felt about The Force Awakens.