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  1. I absolutely believe that Dunkirk budget was around $100m total. There aren't many complicated FX shots, basically no battles, mostly practical effects and no huge sets. You have a couple boats tipping over, but that isn't exactly expensive. No big actor salaries or back end deals other than Nolan. It was a efficient shoot that came in on time. My guess is this is going to make a shitload of money for Warner Bros. and Nolan. He already had it for the most part, but this movie done as essentially a favor to him by the studio will get him a blank check forever (or at least until he has a couple straight expensive bombs). Nolan, much like Spielberg, is a respectful and efficient filmmaker that likes to try and show as much respect to the studio as they show him.
  2. Gitesh doesn't have any more accurate numbers and RTH is way more reliable. Go back through Gitesh's twitter and see how off he is on numbers and projections.
  3. Lol at anyone calling this a silent movie or thinking there isn't much dialogue. There is tons of dialogue in this.
  4. This movie is going to draw out the 1 or 2 movies per year older crowd. It will be huge.
  5. Sigh. Wasn't only her face and would say the same thing about any character man or woman in the context of the same role. I said the same thing about Data (Bret Spiner) when he noticeably gained weight during the Star Trek movies.
  6. I would be shocked if this goes below 90% positive on rotten tomatoes.
  7. Lol. This is fun. Here is what started all of this.... Those are your own words. I just proved you terribly wrong in the previous posts. I said it long before any social media embargo was lifted or there was positive response from critics. I even said it before there was solid pre-sales data. I said it a looong time ago. There is someone embarrassing themselves, but it sure isn't me.

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